TV: “It appears the worst case scenario has happened” at U.S. nuclear site — Most dangerous material on earth “out of control”? — A whopping 800,000 dpm measured outside tank (VIDEO) #Hanford

Officials: ‘Burp Event’ at giant Louisiana sinkhole — “Additional hydrocarbons are present” — “Seismic activity has been active” (VIDEO)

Emergency declared at U.S. nuclear plant for “release of toxic and flammable gases” #GrandGulf #Mississippi

Expert: UN’s Fukushima study “absolutely ridiculous” — “Absolutely unacceptable” to claim no observable increase in cancer rates is expected — “Dose estimates don’t reflect the real dose of radiation”

TV: Expert believes shut down of Calif. nuke plant is one of most significant events in history of nuclear energy — Industry very concerned about more citizen action to close down reactors (VIDEO)

TV: Leaking tank at U.S. nuclear site may be in far worse condition than previously known — Workers shocked by new findings #Hanford

Kyodo: New radioactive leak at Fukushima nuclear plant

TV: Western U.S. turned into “radiant wasteland” by nuclear-related facilities

CBS News: Worry about explosion of unstable radioactive material at U.S. nuclear site — “We don’t understand the chemical reactions” -Safety Manager (VIDEO) #Hanford

Fairewinds: Thyroid data means much more radiation must have come out of Fukushima reactors than anyone reported — Medical professionals are talking about how many cancers have started showing up (AUDIO)

TV: Tepco could be facing centuries-long crisis at Fukushima plant — Actions show they don’t know what to do long term (VIDEO)

NYTimes: New concerns Fukushima storage tanks are leaking contamination into Pacific Ocean

Watch: Plutonium/MOX fuel ad to air during The Daily Show (VIDEO)

Officials: Giant Louisiana sinkhole now 1,000 feet across — New flyover footage released (VIDEO)

TV: Groundwater shows massive spike in radioactive material at Fukushima plant — Strontium-90 up over 10,000% in past few months — Tepco apologizes (VIDEO)

Reporter: Higher death rate for people around U.S. nuclear plant? — “The kind of news that makes me stand up and take notice” — Makes me wonder if they’ve known all along

Major gas pipeline explodes in Louisiana — Reuters: Mushroom cloud reported, residents evacuated — 3rd blast in 5 days for state

“Emergency Action”: Lawmaker says nuclear waste is under threat from underground landfill fire near St. Louis

Radioactive leak at U.S. nuclear reactor — Reuters: No evacuations around plant

TV: Official to reveal “new concerns” about landfill fire nearby nuclear dump — “Will unveil new information about the radioactive waste” — Erin Brockovich’s group meets with residents

Director of Pro-Nuclear Power Film: No one ever will get sick or die from Fukushima’s radioactive contamination

Another deadly plant explosion in Ascension Parish, Louisiana — “We don’t know exactly what happened” — “Kind of like a balloon popping”