Paper: CNN’s nuclear propaganda film “is dishonest to its core” — It’s “actually an infomercial”

U.S. nuclear plant leaks into control room — Bed of sand that tank was supposedly resting on “did not exist”

Man dies at U.S. nuclear plant during incident with inflatable castle

Report: Hope that Louisiana sinkhole could be contained now gone forever after berm collapse — Sobering comparison photos (VIDEO)

Paper: U.S. nuclear site “a true horror story” — Officials should be screaming at top of their lungs in outrage — “Problems could lead to explosions or nuclear reactions” #Hanford

California’s San Onofre nuclear plant permanently shut down (VIDEO)

Japanese Diplomat: We are facing global catastrophe over next 40-100 years because of Fukushima nuclear disaster (VIDEO)

Officials: Giant sinkhole growing in a way “that could not have been predicted”? — “A lot of heads are being put together as we speak”

Watch: New video shows massive section of levee disappeared after days of tremors at Louisiana sinkhole — “Swallowed fairly quickly” overnight Monday

Officials: Over 400 feet of berm now under water at giant Louisiana sinkhole — Trees sinking up to 10 feet deep (PHOTOS)

Work halted for past week at giant Louisiana sinkhole as tremors increase — Official: “Never before had the level of rock slumped inside the cavern”

Official: Leaking tanks at U.S. nuclear site produce altogether new elements — “They’re just their own reactors… generating their own little world in there”

Professor: Explosion possible near St. Louis-area nuclear site — Official: Steam increasing from underground fire, may be moving closer to radioactive waste

Report: “Fire continues to move toward the radioactive waste” at St. Louis-area landfill — Now 200 feet closer to illegally buried nuclear material — EPA says it’s OK (VIDEO)

U.S. senator reveals “truly shocking” information about California nuclear plant — “Restart of San Onofre reactors is now off the table”

TV: “Unbelievable”… Officials made ‘spoof’ video inside troubled California nuclear plant — “So many safety hazards lieutenants, are you prepared to get us out of our current situation?” (VIDEO)

Expert: “Incipient collapse” of radioactive waste tanks possible at U.S. nuclear site (AUDIO)

‘Amazing’: Plutonium leak at U.S. nuclear site hidden from public — Official: “A very deliberate cover up… I will use the word that we were lied to” (VIDEO)

Kyodo: Highest levels of Fukushima contamination in plankton already east of Hawaii? (MAPS)

Firefighters called in to U.S. nuclear plant after alert — Overheating in turbine room — “Further details not immediately available”

Study: Concentrated Fukushima radioactive plume staying on narrow path toward U.S. — Moving with surface water along 40 N — Same latitude as Northern California (MAP)

‘Significance Level 1′ incident at nuclear reactor — “The highest order” — Public not alerted by officials — Characterized as ‘near miss’