New official map of giant sinkhole dimensions shows significant growth (PHOTO)

Flyover: Crude oil now covers much of giant sinkhole — Flowing into surrounding area (PHOTO)

After Sinkhole Flyover: Strongest odor I have ever experienced in all my time in Louisiana — Intense petroleum fumes hovering directly over community

Chemist: Residents in area of giant sinkhole experiencing health symptoms

Washington Post: Persistent rumors on ‘blogs’ that BP’s oil continues to spew into Gulf — FSU Expert: May be freshly released from Macondo reservoir

“Emergency response mechanism” for butane cavern nearest giant sinkhole — 40-foot high flames seen during flaring — Officials don’t know what happened

TV: Giant sinkhole now significantly larger — Crews trying to better understand what’s causing it to get bigger (VIDEO)

Local media theorizes oil dispersed with Corexit is surfacing in Gulf near BP’s wellhead

Watch: Pilot films “substantial amounts of fresh-looking oil” in Gulf around BP’s Macondo reservoir (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Latest flyover shows new area over pipeline breaking up into giant sinkhole (PHOTO & VIDEO)

Newspaper: Concern that BP’s fresh oil is coming from fractures in floor of Gulf

Gas pipeline found floating in giant sinkhole (PHOTO)

*Confirmed* Gov’t: Oil reported in Gulf matches BP’s Macondo Well

Sinkhole Meeting: We don’t know how we’re going to stop crude oil from coming to surface — Turning to international experts for help (VIDEO)

State Scientists: Crude oil may be penetrating aquifer around giant sinkhole — Contamination of aquifer is certainly being looked at… that’s all I can say (VIDEO)

Oil ‘covering’ sinkhole area? (PHOTO)

Gov’t experts now admitting “crude oil” is what’s in giant sinkhole, not diesel — Oil likely coming up side of salt dome

“Second Coming of Macondo Oil”: Beach closures still in effect since Isaac — Orange-yellow sand — Expert says this is ‘new normal’ for Gulf

State Officials: ‘Elevated’ hydrocarbon readings on residential street 1,000s of feet from sinkhole — Levels previously so high, sheriff threatened public with arrest for tampering with monitors

Officials: “Deep natural formation” may be source of gas around giant sinkhole — Fears it could reach surface at explosive levels

Officials: 500 square feet falls into giant sinkhole — Towards pipeline on SW side — Clean up halted

KATC: “Sinkhole Concerns Surface at Lake Peigneur” 50 miles away — “There’s bubbling on the south side… white foam” — Scientists yet to determine cause (VIDEOS)