Officials: Sharp tremor reported under giant Louisiana sinkhole — Centered near collapsed cavern

More US tuna contaminated — Study: Entire food web “including humans” may be affected as Fukushima radionuclides spread to West Coast

Sinkhole Geologist: The outer edge of the salt dome, best we can tell it’s gone… at the location of the cavern (VIDEO)

TV: Giant Louisiana sinkhole now 5.5 acres in size — “I didn’t think it had gotten that big” (VIDEO)

Fukushima Radiation Concerns in Alaska: No clams found in area — Salmon season canceled, population too low — Large mammals with huge sores (VIDEO)

Gov’t Expert: Louisiana sinkhole disaster unprecedented anywhere in world — Nobody’s ever dealt with this before — Not even any decent case studies that tell us how to proceed (VIDEO)

New gap developing far from sinkhole? Officials appear focused on area in most of today’s hi-res images (VIDEO & PHOTOS)

Today’s flyover footage shows oil covering giant sinkhole (VIDEO & PHOTO)

Leak at Shut Down California Nuke Plant: “Likely to persist for some days” — Officials “must immediately say if leak is radioactive” (VIDEO)

Officials: Worries about more subsidence in area will be revealed at today’s public meeting on giant sinkhole — Possible ‘gaps’ underground

First Ever: US nuclear plant permanently shutting down for economic reasons — More may be at risk of closing — Possible “Domino Effect” discussed (VIDEO)

Officials: Giant sinkhole measures 550,000 cubic yards — Much more room to grow underground

Louisiana Newspaper: Officials now worried about more sinkholes appearing

Official: Fracking OK 500 feet from nuclear plants (VIDEO)

Tree trunks in giant sinkhole covered with over a foot of black oil (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

New footage from inside giant sinkhole shows surface bubbling (VIDEO)

Fracking permit given just 1 mile from US nuclear plant — “Whether that is cause for alarm, experts can’t say”

20,000 gallons of crude oil removed from surface of giant Louisiana sinkhole — Now averaging 5,000 gallons a day

Officials: Giant sinkhole NOT growing — Only “appearance of growth” (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

Workers measuring how deep down liquid oil extends from surface of giant sinkhole

Signs of ground breaking up in areas far outside giant sinkhole’s official border (PHOTOS)

Latest flyover footage shows giant Louisiana sinkhole taking on new appearance (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)