Officials: Giant sinkhole NOT growing — Only “appearance of growth” (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

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Over 10,000 gallons of crude oil removed from giant sinkhole -Officials

ROV now in vicinity of BP’s oil sheen — Concern seabed in Gulf fractured, causing new leaks

State: Further oil migration possible “based upon assumed instability of collapse zone” related to sinkhole — Emergency is declared due to incidents which occurred “or threaten to occur imminently”

Officials concerned oil may be escaping from locations on sea floor away from BP’s Macondo well in Gulf — CEO pressed for answers

Sinkhole: Napoleonville Salt Dome Project hydrocarbon survey was over 50 square miles — Reported size of 1 mile by 3 miles only includes top of dome (PHOTO)

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10:40a ET: Officials warn sinkhole may be affected by pressure changes

Below Sinkhole: 500 billion cubic feet of gas, 200 million gallons of oil estimated in Napoleonville Salt Dome

Officials admit crude oil and methane are coming from massive underground formation below sinkhole