Press Conference: Cavern below sinkhole has failed… and collapsed — Collapse may be ongoing (VIDEO)

New Collapse at Sinkhole: 1,500 square feet lost — “Took many trees and part of road” (VIDEO)

TV: “Smell of gas and soot” covers area by sinkhole — Officials furious over communication breakdown (VIDEO)

Report of new sinkhole causes officials to release more footage (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

TV: ‘Unidentfied’ and ‘dense’ material in cavern below sinkhole — Not like material normally found there -Officials (VIDEO)

CONFIRMED: Salt cavern below sinkhole has failed

Company Officials: Tremors have damaged salt cavern below sinkhole — 1,300 ft shallower than expected — ‘Dense material’ has fallen to bottom

New flyover footage of sinkhole shows changes (VIDEO)

Sinkhole: “Oily fluid” began coming up drill hole — Gas at 900 psi “had been expected”

Gundersen: “We know scientific journals have stopped publication of some of the data” about contamination from Fukushima disaster — A lot of resistance to releasing this information (VIDEO)

Hawaii TV: There was a radiation person out here checking debris from Fukushima — Officials buy ‘state of the art’ detectors — “Will be with us for a number of years” (VIDEO)

Sinkhole: “What appears to be liquid hydrocarbon material” shooting up from well — “Not known” if cavern is compromised

10:05a ET: Gas begins surging from salt cavern below sinkhole hours after roof breached

Sinkhole: Workers breach roof of salt cavern — No pressure detected

US Gov’t: If exposed to radioactive fallout watch for unknown bruising, nosebleeds, nausea, sore throat, loss of hair, diarrhea — “Make the best of it… don’t be discouraged” (VIDEO)

Sinkhole expands to 4 acres — 5,000 square feet of land lost since Tuesday (VIDEO)

New sinkhole map shows over 25 bubble sites in area of salt dome (PHOTOS)

Massive blaze burns through former uranium site in US — Idaho Official: There may be ‘minor’ increase in radioactivity levels — No firefighting going on as more contaminated areas threatened (VIDEO)

“Unprecented”: Loudest noise from Three Mile Island in 40 years says neighbor, “First time I ever got scared” — It’s going to take “some time” to see how much radioactivity was actually released (VIDEOS)

CBS: Giant piece of tsunami debris near Hawaii — Fishermen concerned about nuclear contamination (VIDEO)

Sinkhole: Highly toxic hydrogen sulfide gas reached 500 ppb after Hurricane Isaac hit area — Volatile organic compounds exceeded “high action level” twice

Sinkhole: “Gas is coming out of the ground everywhere… a massive amount” — Only 7 seconds of new flyover footage (VIDEO)