Official Statement: Methane accumulating 20 feet underground near community by giant Louisiana sinkhole — “Immediate actions… to protect public safety” mentioned (AUDIO)

Time: Conditions at 3 US reactors from Hurricane Sandy were similar to what caused Fukushima disaster

NRC: Steam vented into atmosphere through ‘monitored release path’ at Michigan nuclear plant — “No immediate safety concerns… here’s what happened” (VIDEO)

Feds: Release of ‘unknown amount’ of ‘unknown substance’ due to ‘unknown cause’ off Louisiana coast — Helicopter investigating incident

Update: Emergency shutdown after water level inside NY reactor dropped — NRC: Cause unknown; Recovery procedures in effect

TV: Problem during reactor restart process at New York nuclear plant damaged by Sandy

Officials: Severe thunderstorm warning for Louisiana sinkhole — NOAA: This is a dangerous storm; Deadly cloud-to-ground lightning; Winds over 60mph; Destructive hail (MAP)

Blowout in Gulf of Mexico: Wellhead releasing ‘unknown product’ into water off Louisiana coast (MAP)

Coast Guard: Incredible damage from NY/NJ oil spill; ‘Grab bag’ of contaminants also suspected — ABC: Acrid stench of petroleum in air (VIDEO)

Gundersen: Nuclear fuel pool started to heat up at New Jersey plant due to Sandy — They were bringing in fire pumps because of all the problems (AUDIO)

Press Release: Earth below giant Louisiana sinkhole being ‘moved up’

No timeline for restarting New Jersey nuclear reactor after high wave took out 5 of 6 water intake pumps during Sandy

Huffington Post: Incident During Sandy Suggests Nuclear Plants May Not Be Safe in Hurricanes

TV Special: Giant Louisiana sinkhole “a history making event” — Experts have never seen anything like this before — An environmental nightmare (VIDEOS)

Nuclear Engineer: NJ’s Oyster Creek plant was two classification levels from a Fukushima event — People had to be brought in during Sandy to take command of emergency center… That actually happened (AUDIO)

Corporate document shows much larger sinkhole boundary than previously disclosed (PHOTOS)

NRC: Spent fuel pool cooling lost at NJ’s Oyster Creek nuclear plant during Hurricane Sandy

Officials: Flyover confirms massive collapse zone at Louisiana sinkhole (PHOTOS)

Major changes to Louisiana sinkhole seen in latest flyover (VIDEOS)

Gas fires still burning 10 miles from NJ nuclear plant after Sandy — Official: Devastation to system can’t be seen from the air… It’s beyond imagination (PHOTOS)

Expert: “There’s another nuclear disaster” if operators aren’t able to connect temporary equipment in flooding

Report: Wave took out 5 of 6 critical pumps that cool reactor at NJ’s Salem nuke plant — Still operating on emergency cooling — NRC yet to inform public — At 100% power when Sandy hit