Sinkhole: “What appears to be liquid hydrocarbon material” shooting up from well — “Not known” if cavern is compromised

10:05a ET: Gas begins surging from salt cavern below sinkhole hours after roof breached

Sinkhole: Workers breach roof of salt cavern — No pressure detected

US Gov’t: If exposed to radioactive fallout watch for unknown bruising, nosebleeds, nausea, sore throat, loss of hair, diarrhea — “Make the best of it… don’t be discouraged” (VIDEO)

Sinkhole expands to 4 acres — 5,000 square feet of land lost since Tuesday (VIDEO)

New sinkhole map shows over 25 bubble sites in area of salt dome (PHOTOS)

Massive blaze burns through former uranium site in US — Idaho Official: There may be ‘minor’ increase in radioactivity levels — No firefighting going on as more contaminated areas threatened (VIDEO)

“Unprecented”: Loudest noise from Three Mile Island in 40 years says neighbor, “First time I ever got scared” — It’s going to take “some time” to see how much radioactivity was actually released (VIDEOS)

CBS: Giant piece of tsunami debris near Hawaii — Fishermen concerned about nuclear contamination (VIDEO)

Sinkhole: Highly toxic hydrogen sulfide gas reached 500 ppb after Hurricane Isaac hit area — Volatile organic compounds exceeded “high action level” twice

Sinkhole: “Gas is coming out of the ground everywhere… a massive amount” — Only 7 seconds of new flyover footage (VIDEO)

Chemist: Dangerously elevated hydrocarbons in sinkhole sludge — Levels may be in flammable range

CBS: Big, loud boom heard then steam vented — “It reminded him of the 1979 Three Mile Island accident” (VIDEO)

Sinkhole: Radioactivity at 5,900 picocuries per kilogram from uranium and thorium floating on surface, about double background — “Much higher levels of radiation” down deeper — Residents’ frustration growing (VIDEO)

TV: Time-lapse footage of steam release at Three Mile Island (VIDEO)

Reactor shutdown at Three Mile Island: Release “sounded like a jet engine” — Official admits steam may be radioactive — NRC inspector inside control room

New Collapse at Sinkhole — 1,000 square feet of earth lost this morning

TV: Officials report more bubbling around sinkhole — Now over 20 sites have appeared (VIDEO)

AP: Officials expecting sinkhole to grow as more land falls in — TV: “I believe they’re hiding a lot of information” (VIDEO)

Sinkhole: Gas pressure coming up from well so strong, new unit was brought in — Concern sharp tremors mean “cycle is repeating itself” — 6 weeks since last public meeting “ridiculous”

Sickened Alaska seals concentrated where Fukushima radioactive plume made landfall after 3/11 (MAPS)

Rain with 20,000,000 particles of radioactive iodine-131 per liter fell on US during post-Fukushima peak (VIDEO)