Workers rescued after collapse at Louisiana sinkhole — Boat swallowed by the muck — “Natural growth” expected to continue — Cleanup operations suspended

Lousiana TV: “Growth of the sinkhole was expected and could continue”

TV: Officials say Louisiana sinkhole has grown — Now 476 feet by 640 feet (VIDEO)

Gov’t engineers now monitoring highway’s elevation levels in 4 areas near Louisiana sinkhole

Local Homeland Security Director: Officials concerned cap of giant Napoleonville Dome may ‘shift’ and release butane from cavern

Paper: Giant propane cavern also in vacinity of sinkhole — Capacity over 3 million barrels when added to butane cavern — Officials: “A lot of dynamic things” happening nearby

Official: Reports that butane release from salt cavern could be like H-bomb explosion are “a little bit over the top” — Company Plan: Butane could damage out two-thirds of a mile… Update due by end of day

Local TV: Concern over potential for additional collapse around Louisiana sinkhole — “More than 50 caverns underground” (VIDEO)

Watch: More bubble sites keep appearing at sinkhole — “Something state emergency leaders are keeping a very close eye on” (VIDEO)

Louisiana officials request ‘worst-case analysis’ of risk to cavern with almost a million barrels of butane — Concerned about ‘possible release’ — Pipeline was ‘bent’ when massive sinkhole expanded

ABC: “Evacuation order… for fear of potential radiation” in Louisiana parish — Company Official: Sinkhole ‘could still grow’

Sheriff “particularly irritated” he had deputies work at sinkhole while not knowing of possible radiation risk

Details of sinkhole’s dimensions emerge: 250% size of earlier reports — One area so deep it exceeded length of measuring rope, nearby ‘bubbling’ — Official: May be ‘rabbit holes’ or cracks in earth

Federal Lawsuit: Giant Sinkhole May Be Radioactive — Failed salt cavern “may have breached Napoleonville Dome’s outer wall”

Report: Some investigators concluded sabotage probably triggered Three Mile Island disaster (AUDIO)

US Gov’t: EPA specifically allows radioactive waste to be dumped in salt caverns — Exempted from hazardous waste requirements

Analyst: They are worried about a breach of the salt dome — Chevron emptying billions of cubic feet of gas from cavern after Louisiana gov’t issues warning

TV: Official warns Louisiana sinkhole at risk of enlarging — Other wells in area could become destabilized (VIDEO)

Louisiana Sinkhole: Radioactive waste in cavern may have exceeded radiation limits — Up to 20 cubic feet pumped inside

Louisiana Test Results: Radioactive thorium, lead, and more detected in sinkhole samples (VIDEO)

TV: Concerns about integrity of top of giant Louisiana salt dome — Measures 1-by-3 miles (DIAGRAM & VIDEO)

ABC: Louisiana Gov. declares emergency, allows Homeland Security to assist — Spokeswoman: “This is extremely serious” — Report: Multiple caverns have radioactive materials