Top Cancer Doc: Nuclear radiation is the most carcinogenic thing that exists

Scientists: Average person in Seattle breathed in 10 hot radioactive particles a day during April

“IAEA today admitted there is no such thing as ‘safe’ levels of radiation” — Allowable radiation standard based on ‘benefit’, not safety

Hospital: 40% of Fukushima visitors show internal exposure to radiation

Most Japanese worried about radiation poisoning from nuclear meltdown at Fukushima

Residents fear radiation levels higher than reported; Questions about how gov’t is doing measurements — “Anger is barely suppressed”

Gov’t answer to protecting children in Fukushima from radioactive fallout? Wear long-sleeved shirts while at school

Huge Outcry Erupting: Gov’t is leaving Fukushima to suffer and perish — Impossible to evacuate Fukushima City, home to 300,000

Angry Parents in Japan Confront Government Over Radiation Levels, New York Times by Hiroko Tabuchi, May 25, 2011

70,000 more “must evacuate around Fukushima” — Contamination up to several million Bq/m2

UN committee chairman studying Fukushima radiation impact: “We wouldn’t expect to see health effects” in children, workers, or anyone else

Over one thousand nuclear workers have internal radiation of 10,000+ cpm after visiting Fukushima

Nearly 5,000 nuke plant workers suffering internal radiation exposure after ‘visiting’ Fukushima — Local gov’t to consider testing residents

Korean TV news director exposed to 148 milliSieverts — Chromosome analysis shows 7 cells out of 1,000 damaged

High radiation exposure to news directors returning from Fukushima, Yonhap News, May 11, 2011

Fukushima worker’s told his internal radiation level is 30,000 cpm — “That’s never happened before”

Cover-up allegations hurting Japanese gov’t — Only 1% say Prime Minister is exercising sufficient leadership

Medical experts: Japan’s safety standards on radiation levels for children are “unconscionable”

Senior adviser who resigned says Japan gov’t set public’s safe radiation limit 20 times too high

Cesium detected in breast milk

Child’s risk of cancer from radiation is 10-100 times higher than an adult who had same exposure (VIDEO)

Baseball player to retire because of fears over Fukushima nuclear crisis

Disinformation by nuclear proponents tries to confuse public about effects of external and internal radiation

30 Fukushima workers exposed to maximum radiation levels