Gundersen: It’s almost “unimaginably unimaginable” how close we came to losing 14 nuclear reactors after 3/11 (AUDIO)

Radio: Nuclear test site in danger of collapsing — Could create 15 meter tsunami — 193 explosions conducted in little area (AUDIO)

Tepco Manager: “I thought situation could end up ruining the whole country” — I thought my heart was going to stop beating… Reactor 2 would start burning inside if no way to cool it (VIDEO)

NHK: “The unimaginable was happening” — Workers say part of Reactor 2 containment vessel destroyed — After alarming pressure readings, “we heard a loud bang… pressure is now zero” (VIDEO)

Sheriff: “So where do we go next?”; Salt cavern could have totally failed, but not be source of gas — Official: “There is a risk here, heed those warnings” (VIDEO)

NHK: US halts shipments of Japanese beef due to concerns of radioactive contamination from Fukushima disaster (VIDEO)

Sinkhole grows another 20 feet — New footage from inside at ground level (MAP & VIDEO)

General Honore: Right now ‘red zone’ established around sinkhole after concerns about quality of air coming out — Sensors placed nearby (VIDEO)

NHK Special: Reactors could break like glass during accident — Neutrons change properties of steel (VIDEO)

TV: Officials say Louisiana sinkhole has grown — Now 476 feet by 640 feet (VIDEO)

Gundersen: At this point my mind is changing — Perhaps best to entomb reactors and come back in 300 years (AUDIO)

Local TV: Concern over potential for additional collapse around Louisiana sinkhole — “More than 50 caverns underground” (VIDEO)

Watch: More bubble sites keep appearing at sinkhole — “Something state emergency leaders are keeping a very close eye on” (VIDEO)

Gundersen: Japan gov’t attempting to cover up health effects — A lot of deformities and cancers will be identified by citizens in next couple of years (AUDIO)

Professor who met with Fukushima physicians: Thyroid diseases already apparent — Diseased newborns and Down’s syndrome still kept secret

Photo after 3/11: “What looked like molten fuel leaking out of a gap at top of Reactor No. 1″ (VIDEO)

Gundersen: We’ve got some never-before-seen video related to Unit 4 coming out — “My conclusion is it’s really serious” (AUDIO)

Report: Some investigators concluded sabotage probably triggered Three Mile Island disaster (AUDIO)

Fukushima ranked Level 8 on newly proposed nuclear scale, above Chernobyl (VIDEO)

Fukushima Mom: “Strange”… Gov’t found something on son’s thyroid, but they’re not going to do anything about it — NHK: Family “has no choice” but to accept gov’t policy (VIDEO)

NHK Documentary: “The worse-case scenario was unfolding” as Unit 3′s pressure reached its limit on March 14 (VIDEO)

NHK Special: ‘Unexpected finding’ revealed in Tochigi Prefecture — 17 times radiation limit in front of school (VIDEO)