Fukushima girls have 3 times more thyroid CYSTS over 15 millimeters than boys — Also 79% more medium-sized cysts than boys

Japan Professor: Use of nuclear energy is a crime against humanity — We have to think of this equally as the use of nuclear weapons (VIDEO)

Mayor: “White ashes” began to fall after Fukushima explosion… not black — “I sensed this was lethal” (VIDEO)

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Japan TV: “Oh my… Over 180 microsieverts per hour… can never live here…” (VIDEO)

TV Host: He just said Fukushima blew its containment up after 3/11 — “It exploded people, it exploded — Let’s get our heads around this” (VIDEO)

Crowd Gasps as Mother of Fukushima Worker Speaks: Many young people are passing bloody urine at plant — “I want you to know this truth” (VIDEO)

Nuclear Engineer on Unit 3 Photos: “I hate to say it but there is broken fuel in there some where” — “Tons of steel falling in from a great height” (VIDEOS)

Watch: Fukushima worker films at plant — I was asked to fake documents — Underage people employed (VIDEO)

Tepco Adviser: I pointed out that bottom of containment vessel was possibly damaged (VIDEO)

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New Tepco footage shows debris dangling in Fukushima Unit 3 fuel pool (VIDEO)

Nuclear Advocate: “Within 5 years there will be no nuclear power in U.S. unless something is done” — Fuel pools will fill up without Yucca Mt., “There’s nowhere for old material to go” (VIDEO)

Japan: Fukushima Daiichi No Longer Considered Emergency Work (VIDEO)

Anonymous Fukushima Worker: Nobody will want to come work at plant if there’s no more health checkups – Gov’t does not understand situation here (VIDEO)

Japan Press Conference: People who work for Tepco are not human; They have neither tears nor blood — Gov’t are liars (VIDEO)

Journalist who covered Fukushima Daiichi: I heard stories that tens of people at plant may have died from radiation exposure before 3/11 (VIDEO)

Fukushima Pediatrician Warns: “Clear sign something abnormal is occurring” in young children

Jiji: Many children appear “prone to sickness and weak” after 3/11 — Reuters: Many children with “immune system problems and listlessness” after Chernobyl

43% of kids have thyroid abnormalities in new Fukushima City test results (CHART)

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