NHK: The Ill Effects of Fukushima Daiichi — Mothers, children face danger — Constant worries over radiation (VIDEO)

TV: “Smell of gas and soot” covers area by sinkhole — Officials furious over communication breakdown (VIDEO)

Report of new sinkhole causes officials to release more footage (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Japan TV: Steel beam found next to fuel rod assemblies in Fukushima fuel pool — Tepco raises possibility of damage (VIDEO)

Tepco says fuel assemblies could be damaged if hit by heavy object — Unable to locate beam in pool? (VIDEO)

TV: ‘Unidentfied’ and ‘dense’ material in cavern below sinkhole — Not like material normally found there -Officials (VIDEO)

Former Japanese Ambassador: No single weapon competes with potential damage from Fukushima Unit 4 — Nuclear reactors potential ‘super bombs’ (VIDEO)

New underwater footage inside Unit 3 pool shows fuel rack covered in rubble (VIDEO)

New flyover footage of sinkhole shows changes (VIDEO)

Gundersen: “We’re finding now that girls are having as much as twice as many thyroid lumps as boys” — “Moms had a real legitimate reason to get their families out of there” (VIDEO)

Watch: Clear footage of crane pushing half-ton steel beam into Fukushima No. 3 Spent Fuel Pool (VIDEO)

Gundersen: “We know scientific journals have stopped publication of some of the data” about contamination from Fukushima disaster — A lot of resistance to releasing this information (VIDEO)

Hawaii TV: There was a radiation person out here checking debris from Fukushima — Officials buy ‘state of the art’ detectors — “Will be with us for a number of years” (VIDEO)

Gundersen: Airplane air filters coming back from Australia were contaminated with Fukushima radioactivity in months after 3/11 (VIDEO)

Tepco Presentation to Officials: “Crowd went nuts… they started screaming… they were flat, then the loudest crowd I’ve ever heard” — “Enormous amount of distrust in Japan” (VIDEO)

Gundersen: Tepco photoshopped Fukushima Unit 4 image to hide crack (VIDEO)

Many children playing sports on field with radiation dose over 5 millisieverts per year (PHOTO)

US Gov’t: If exposed to radioactive fallout watch for unknown bruising, nosebleeds, nausea, sore throat, loss of hair, diarrhea — “Make the best of it… don’t be discouraged” (VIDEO)

Japan TV: “Grave mistake” that crane knocked beam into No. 3 fuel pool — Checking for fuel damage with camera soon (VIDEO)

Sinkhole expands to 4 acres — 5,000 square feet of land lost since Tuesday (VIDEO)

Massive blaze burns through former uranium site in US — Idaho Official: There may be ‘minor’ increase in radioactivity levels — No firefighting going on as more contaminated areas threatened (VIDEO)

“Unprecented”: Loudest noise from Three Mile Island in 40 years says neighbor, “First time I ever got scared” — It’s going to take “some time” to see how much radioactivity was actually released (VIDEOS)