“Unprecented”: Loudest noise from Three Mile Island in 40 years says neighbor, “First time I ever got scared” — It’s going to take “some time” to see how much radioactivity was actually released (VIDEOS)

CBS: Giant piece of tsunami debris near Hawaii — Fishermen concerned about nuclear contamination (VIDEO)

Sinkhole: “Gas is coming out of the ground everywhere… a massive amount” — Only 7 seconds of new flyover footage (VIDEO)

CBS: Big, loud boom heard then steam vented — “It reminded him of the 1979 Three Mile Island accident” (VIDEO)

Sinkhole: Radioactivity at 5,900 picocuries per kilogram from uranium and thorium floating on surface, about double background — “Much higher levels of radiation” down deeper — Residents’ frustration growing (VIDEO)

TV: Time-lapse footage of steam release at Three Mile Island (VIDEO)

TV: Officials report more bubbling around sinkhole — Now over 20 sites have appeared (VIDEO)

Photos: Adults volunteer Japanese students “for decontamination in contaminated area” — Mounds of disaster debris

Officials: 179 microsieverts per hour at elementary school — Hot spots at bus stop, main gate, schoolyard, pool, gym

AP: Officials expecting sinkhole to grow as more land falls in — TV: “I believe they’re hiding a lot of information” (VIDEO)

Video: “Frankly, things like this have never ever happened in Japan before — Ordinary people shouting down leadership of country”

Japan TV: Outbreak of antibiotic-resistant mycoplasma bacteria due to “mutation”, especially in Fukushima, Gunma, Tochigi — 500 cases in a week (VIDEOS)

Rain with 20,000,000 particles of radioactive iodine-131 per liter fell on US during post-Fukushima peak (VIDEO)

Officials: 200-foot stretch of land falls into sinkhole (VIDEO)

“Too Absurd”: Fukushima Nuclear Worker Filmed at Plant for Two Months over Summer (VIDEO)

Harvard-trained Physician: Radioactivity from BP oil spill concentrating in marine life? (VIDEO)

Top Genetics Expert: Japan’s path closely resembles Chernobyl’s — “Very, very major disturbing findings” (VIDEO)

Officials: New footage shows sinkhole has grown (VIDEO)

Part II: Fukushima girls have 3 times more thyroid NODULES over 10 millimeters than boys — Also 56% more medium-sized nodules than boys

Fukushima girls have 3 times more thyroid CYSTS over 15 millimeters than boys — Also 79% more medium-sized cysts than boys

Japan Professor: Use of nuclear energy is a crime against humanity — We have to think of this equally as the use of nuclear weapons (VIDEO)

Mayor: “White ashes” began to fall after Fukushima explosion… not black — “I sensed this was lethal” (VIDEO)