Japan Nuclear Experts: Fears corium not totally covered in water at Reactor No. 1 — May only be 15 inches deep, even lower than No. 2

ABC: Prime Minister Kan still worries about what would happen if area where people couldn’t live spread to 200 or 300 km — Leaked memo shows fears of radioactive cloud reaching Tokyo (AUDIO)

Report: Gov’t hid radiation simulation because it was “very, very bad” -Japan professor — Showed serious contamination over wide area

Kyodo: Radiation forecast can “by no means” be released to public decided gov’t on Mar. 15 — Showed radioactive cloud could spread over Tokyo area

ABC: Official says Japan betrayed its own people over radiation dangers — Gov’t actions akin to murder — “We didn’t think of that” says Science Ministry (AUDIO)

Bloomberg: US got SPEEDI radiation forecasts 10 days before Japan public — “Stop these word games” lawyer tells official — Gov’t had first claimed projections not accurate

NHK: Japan gov’t gave SPEEDI radiation forecasts to US military, NOT own citizens

Radiation forecasts withheld by gov’t: Releasing it “would cause unnecessary panic” — “Ministry DECIDED such data would be unavailable due to loss of power”

Gov’t projections assumed ONE becquerel per hour was leaking from Fukushima — Actual rate reached at least 10 Quadrillion times higher

Xenon known to cause dramatic increase in lung cancer — Bombards humans with very powerful x-rays — Turns into cesium — Xenon from Fukushima most ever, 2.5 times Chernobyl (VIDEO)

Atmc.jp now posting Fukushima radiation forecast maps from Swiss Meteorological Bureau — Latest shows particles traveling across Pacific (VIDEOS)

NYT: Authorities hid radioactive plume forecasts to avoid evacuations, officials reveal — Mayor says akin to “murder”

Germany discontinuing forecast of radioactive plume on July 29 — Final animation shows it heading south over Tokyo (MAP)

IAEA closed door session: Group was unable to obtain necessary information from Japan about Fukushima — Led to difficulties projecting how radioactive materials would spread around world

Carnegie experts: Real possibility of additional “significant” radioactive releases from Fukushima

NILU ends public forecasts as map shows large radiation clouds now over US, Canada (VIDEOS)

Fukushima, Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU), May 11, 2011

Email from Japanese gov’t officials says high density radiation will be released May 8 if situation continues

Website of Taro Kono, member of Japan’s House of Representatives, May 5, 2011

Fukushima forecast shows Cesium-137 and Iodine-131 over Northwestern US on May 5 (VIDEOS)

New type of Fukushima forecast shows radioactive Cesium, Iodine over large sections of U.S. and Canada (VIDEOS)

Fukushima Forecast: Radiation cloud to approach US West Coast starting April 24 (VIDEO)

Unpublished radiation forecast showed much larger Cesium-137 cloud over North America (VIDEO)

Fukushima Forecast: Uninterrupted line of radiation stretches across Pacific, tracking towards West Coast of U.S., Canada (VIDEO)