San Francisco Bay Area milk sample has highest amount of Cesium-137 since last June — Almost double EPA’s maximum contaminant level

Highest level of radioactive cesium in San Francisco-area milk since September 2011 — Now at 150% of EPA’s maximum contaminant limit (CHART)

Over EPA limit: Cesium levels in San Francisco area milk now higher than 6 months ago

Radiation levels spike in Miyagi milk — Highest since March

Local gov’t tests kids’ lunches: Tokyo nursery school serving milk with 18 Bq/kg of cesium — Over 160 times EPA limit — Milk industry protested testing

220 days later: Radiation levels in San Francisco-area milk remain above EPA’s Max Contaminant Level — Cesium-137 continues steady increase that began in August

Cesium nearly doubles over past month in Bay Area milk — Now well above EPA’s maximum contaminant level

Both cesium-134 and cesium-137 increase in latest San Francisco Bay Area milk sample (CHART)

Radioactive cesium in San Francisco Bay Area milk close to exceeding EPA’s Maximum Contaminant Level

Member of Parliament: Health Canada “negligent” on Fukushima radiation threats

Radiation fallout poses growing threat: 2,600+ cattle contaminated; More vegetables at unsafe levels — No centralized system, only voluntary tests

Cesium-134 reappears in test results of Bay Area milk

Hawaii dairy farmers fight radiation by feeding boron to cows, goats

Highest Cesium-137 level in nearly a month for N. California raw milk

Highest Yet: State of California finds Iodine-131 in milk sample for first time since March

Watchdog: Inexplicable that EPA shut down Fukushima radiation monitoring after finding high levels of radiation in drinking water

Physician: US should continue monitoring milk, rain because of Fukushima — It “always” turns out that radiation is higher than first thought

Canada and U.S. cut back radiation reporting, CBC News, May 9, 2011

Nuclear expert: “I really am horrified” that Feds abandoned Fukushima radiation monitoring

Cesium detected in breast milk

Raw milk near San Francisco shows 150+ pCi/l of Iodine-132 — UC Berkeley says result is due to background interference

Radioactive Strontium Found in Hawaii Milk

State of Arizona found I-131 in Phoenix milk at levels 500% higher than EPA’s top reading for anywhere in continental US