Report: Cesium levels around Chernobyl have not declined as anticipated (VIDEO)

Nuclear expert says Americium has been found in New England — Element even heavier than Uranium (VIDEO)

Nuclear expert: Powerful explosion at reactor No. 3 may have been from “prompt criticality” in spent fuel pool (VIDEO)

“New problem”: TEPCO says No. 4 spent fuel pool may be leaking (VIDEO)

Nuclear expert: “Water is literally pouring out of the side” of reactor containment (VIDEO)

Russian TV Host: There are reports that one of the Fukushima explosions was not actually a gas blast but a “nuclear reaction” (VIDEO)

RT, April 25, 2011

Temperature rising in No. 4 spent fuel pool despite increased water injections (VIDEO)

Flooding No. 1 reactor with water could cause cracks: Experts — Japanese gov’t concerned about structural strength (VIDEO)

Nuclear reactor 150 miles from Atlanta shuts down abruptly and unexpectedly — Triggered if system detects conditions that could be unsafe (VIDEO)

Fairewinds: US news outlets said there’s “no threat to health” from Fukushima… The opposite of what all the studies say about radiation and cancer (VIDEO)

Unpublished radiation forecast showed much larger Cesium-137 cloud over North America (VIDEO)

Enormous amount of high-level radioactive waste coming from Unit No. 2 — Reactor and containment are breached (VIDEO)

“When you see those clouds of smoke coming out of the unit, that’s not steam, that’s radioactive steam”

No. 2 reactor “is not being cooled”… water not getting into core — Containment and reactor do not have integrity, gases being emitted out of top (VIDEO)

TEPCO: Unit 2 containment vessel leaking nuclear radiation (VIDEO)

New TEPCO footage shows smoke/steam rising from reactor buildings — (AERIAL VIDEOS)

Cesium-137 forecast shows ‘near surface’ radiation cloud over Texas, Western US on April 15, 16 (VIDEO)

Potential dispersion of the radioactive cloud after a nuclear accident in Fukushima, EURAD project via Rhenish Institute for Environmental Research at the University of Cologne, April 14, 2011

Fukushima forecast shows large radiation cloud over U.S. West Coast on April 14, 15 (VIDEO)

Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU), April 14, 2011

Nuclear expert: Fukushima about 1,000 times worse than ever anticipated by the nuclear planners (VIDEO)

Japan TV: Temperature in spent fuel pool at No. 4 “much higher than the normal level” — “May be boiling” (VIDEO)

Nuclear engineer: Enormous amount of plutonium at No. 4 spent fuel pool in danger of catching fire; Pool is cracked and leaking (VIDEO)

Cesium-137 forecast shows high altitude radiation cloud concentrating over California, western US on April 12 (VIDEO)

Potential dispersion of the radioactive cloud after a nuclear accident in Fukushima, EURAD project

TEPCO now investigating possible leak from reactor No. 3 — Only one using plutonium (VIDEO)

ITN News, April 9, 2011