The world can be fully powered by alternative energy in 20-40 years, Stanford researcher says

Human rights group on Fukushima: May have to bring in more doctors, borrow medical equipment — Gov’t not protecting right to health to its people — Mistrust growing -Reuters

Beagles to be injected with radioactive substances during gov’t toxicity experiments?

DC Bureau: Report of “a possibly new and weird kind of spider that thrives in radioactive cooling pools” (PHOTO)

Reporter Appears Suspicious: Isn’t it unusual for fire dept. to be called to Byron nuclear plant for a release of steam? (VIDEO)

Nuke Plant Spokeswoman: “Smoke was seen coming from an auxiliary transformer but the fire department found no fire” -Reuters

*UPDATE* Japan Times: Fukushima Moms & Advocates Remain in Tents Outside METI Building in Tokyo, Defying Orders — Gov’t now hoping they will leave “voluntarily”

Fukushima mothers and advocates living in tents outside METI building in Tokyo face eviction by order of minister Yukio Edano — What you can do to help (via Beyond Nuclear)

NRC on Mar. 15: Leave it to nuclear engineers to catch a pond on fire — Referring to Fukushima Spent Fuel Pool 4 (EMAIL)

Local News: If there are radioactive tissue boxes at Bed, Bath & Beyond what else is taking place? — Cobalt-60 item was available for purchase online (VIDEO)

Japan Times: Key antinuclear conference in Yokohama — Kyodo: Experts to draw up plans to phase out nuclear power

Japan supermarket labels Fukushima-area cabbage as grown 1,000+km from meltdowns (PHOTOS)

Official: Fires showed Los Alamos lab’s exposed nuclear waste poses a “significant risk to the public” — Cleanup being expedited

Nuclear protesters perform street theater production

300 people attended NRC’s meeting on cracks found throughout reactor building at Ohio’s Davis-Besse plant

Alert declared by Minnesota nuke plant after ‘bleach’ leak — Local schools affected

Duluth Newspaper: Maybe Yucca Mountain-type nuclear waste dump should be in Minnesota, Wisconsin or Michigan instead — Sounds scary, but is it?

Leak, 2nd partial shutdown raise concerns about quake damage at North Anna nuke plant

New Year’s Update: Fukushima Timeline website now live — Feedback requested

Japan Times Letter: Spare us the propaganda routine

Japan Times Letter: Gross nuclear misrepresentations

NYT: Former NRC member says ‘nuclear party’ transcends Republican and Democratic parties