Strawberries, mushrooms with Cesium-137 found in Northern California; 5 of 6 items in food chain sampling test have radioactive particles

UCB Food Chain Sampling Results, University of California, Berkeley Department of Nuclear Engineering

Cesium-134 and 137 found in US food supply; Organic milk bought in San Francisco Bay Area

UCB Milk Sampling Results, University of California, Berkeley Department of Nuclear Engineering

Radioactive rain causes 130 schools in Korea to close — Yet rain in California had 10 TIMES more radioactivity

Citizens arm themselves with umbrellas, raincoats, boots, Korea Times, April 7, 2011

Tuna swim from Japan to US West Coast and arrive by late summer — “It may well have spent time in some of the most radioactive water on earth” (VIDEO)

Vancouver seaweed 4 times higher than international limit for iodine-131 in food by March 28 — Levels increasing

March 22 it was 310 Bq per kilogram; and by March 28 it was 380 Bq/kg

Fish near Fukushima at 4000% above Codex Alimentarius limit for radioactive I-131 — Yet US says eating it poses NO health risk

The small fish had 4,080 becquerels of iodine 131 per kilogram

Enraged nuclear expert: “I’m personally furious at the government for this misleading information” that downplays ingesting milk with iodine-131

“No mother should ever have to wonder if the milk she feeds her child might be harmful”

Maryland senior scientist: “Very surprised” over radioactive iodine-131 findings — “A fat red bar” on graph never seen before

On the lookout for radiation in Maryland, Baltimore Sun, April 4, 2011

EPA finds DRINKING water with radioactive iodine-131 in Idaho and Washington — Samples collected last week

EPA STATEMENT: Update on Ongoing Monitoring, EPA, April 4, 2011

Volunteers are operating EPA’s radiation monitors — “Helps the federal agency save money”

“A network of individuals work with the EPA under voluntary agreement as RadNet-trained monitor operators”

California nuclear expert criticizes EPA: “We have an emergency network that’s supposed to help us know whether to take emergency action and it’s not working”

Radiation in Bay Area rainwater high, but weakening, San Francisco Examiner, April 4, 2011

Canada suspends mobile radiation measurements around Vancouver, BC “until further notice” as radioactive cloud looms (VIDEO)

Nuclear Emergency Response, Health Canada, March 31, 2011

EPA: Boise rainwater has highest levels of radioactive material in US… 80 times amount of I-131 allowed in drinking water — “Officials had no explanation”

242 pCi/L of I-131 on March 22

Nuclear policy expert: “Striking” that radioactive iodine-131 in California rainwater is so far above level permitted in drinking water

Daniel Hirsch, a nuclear policy lecturer at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Bay Citizen, April 1, 2011

NY Times contributor confirms California rainwater 181 times above drinking water standards for radioactive iodine-131

Government Under Fire as Radiation Is Found in Milk, Rain, Bay Citizen, April 1, 2011

Anaheim, CA has highest amount of radioactive fallout of any EPA air monitoring station in Continental U.S. for iodine-131

1.9 picocuries of radioactivity in each cubic meter of air in Anaheim

Radioactive Iodine-131 in rainwater sample near San Francisco 18,000% above federal drinking water standard

Iodine-131 in rainwater sample taken on the roof of Etcheverry Hall on UC Berkeley campus, March 23, 2011 from 9:06-18:00 PDT

Don’t drink the rainwater says State of Virginia (VIDEO)

Radiation from Japan Found in Milk from Washington — EPA, FDA “stepping up nationwide monitoring”

Bloomberg, March 30, 2011 at 6:04 pm EDT

Radioactive Iodine-131 in Pennsylvania rainwater sample over 3,000% of federal drinking water standard

EPA: Radioactive Iodine-131 levels in PA & MA rainwater “exceed maximum contaminant level permitted in drinking water”

“EPA said it is receiving ‘verbal reports’ of higher levels of radiation in rainwater”

By March 21, 5 nuclear isotopes from Fukushima detected in Seattle: Iodine-131, iodine-132, tellurium-132, cesium-134 and cesium-137