‘Unbelievable!’: Scientists stunned as 3 rare giant oarfish found dead off Los Angeles in recent weeks — Flesh falling apart while still alive, body parts missing — Biologist: “Of course I’m very concerned… for some reason they’re dying… it’s very strange” — Being tested for toxins (VIDEO)

Radiation level hits record high at Fukushima plant well — Tepco: New leak “has not been confirmed”

Physician: AMA meeting is “encouraging monitoring of radiation levels in ocean species” in response to Fukushima

“Like I’m watching a horror movie”: Menacing crows all over Fukushima town — “I didn’t know a place would become like this”

Fukushima Film: It’s murder not allowing children to escape — It will be too late when we are the 2nd Chernobyl -Local Japanese Official (VIDEO)

Source: “Real” mystery black substance NOT yet measured — Possibly 20,000,000 Bq/kg of cesium — Many times more radioactive than local official’s sample — “It is too dangerous and must be analyzed by public institutions” (PHOTOS)

CNN on Fukushima’s constant threat: Plant Chief reveals biggest risk is if something goes wrong with reactors — No more stable now than in April says defender of nuclear power (VIDEO)

US Agency: ‘Serious, long-term health effects’ posed by 10 milliSv/yr of ionizing radiation — Greatly increased chance of leukemia, organ damage, cancers when adding ingestion of radionuclides

Shock? Major US paper runs pro-nuke editorial claiming Fukushima survived earthquake… AND tsunami! — Says US should not close ‘reliable’ US nuclear plants

Gundersen: Biggest fear remains very precarious Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 collapsing in quake (VIDEO)

Asahi: Almost 1,000,000 times more radioactive fallout in Ibaraki soil than in 2009 — Low estimate?

Gov’t Survey: Shinjuku, Tokyo has third highest cesium levels of all testing locations throughout Japan — “Large amounts of radioactive dust fell in Tokyo”

“It’s like Russian roulette”: Only 10 percent of school lunches in Fukushima tested for radiation — Officials didn’t even know testing equipment was available

Busby: We are going to take some kind of libel action against George Monbiot’s advisers and Imperial College (VIDEO)

Asahi: Gov’t survey shows Fukushima fallout has spread throughout Japan — Now confirmed at Okinawa 1,700 km away

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Expert on Fukushima radiation in US: “We know its going to impact public health” (VIDEO)

Major TV Host: Someday this nuclear stuff is going to drive me nuts enough that I’m going to send cocaine-laden divorce papers to nuke plant in hopes of provoking outrage (VIDEO)

‘Daiichi’ Elementary: 4 million Bq/m² of cesium in soil sample from school in Chiba, 20 km from Tokyo — 10.1 µSv/hr at another elementary school nearby

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BBC reporter measures up to 30 microsieverts/hour just inside exclusion zone– “I refuse to think about it” says local farmer

*After Cleanup* High school: 7.9 microsieverts/hour — Day care center: 7.1 microsieverts/hour