CBC: Canada secretly shipping bomb-grade uranium to U.S.

Published: December 28th, 2011 at 12:23 am ET


Canada secretly shipping ‘bomb-grade’ uranium to the U.S. | The Raw Story:

According to a confidential Canadian government memo, shipments of “bomb-grade” uranium are being moved secretly from Canada into the United States. The memo was obtained through an “Access to Information Act” filed by the CBC or Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Documents show that one shipment of nuclear material has been moved to the United States as part of a deal signed by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Obama Administration last year. The amount of nuclear material slated to be hauled from a site in Chalk River, Ontario to locations within the U.S. is the equivalent of “several Hiroshima-sized bombs” according the CBC report. […]

Canada quietly shipping bomb-grade uranium to U.S. – CBC News:

Weapons-grade uranium is quietly being transported within Canada, and into the United States, in shipments the country’s nuclear watchdog wants to keep cloaked in secrecy.

A confidential federal memo obtained through the Access to Information Act says at least one payload of spent, U.S.-origin highly enriched uranium fuel has already been moved stateside under a new Canada-U.S. deal. […]

Published: December 28th, 2011 at 12:23 am ET


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19 comments to CBC: Canada secretly shipping bomb-grade uranium to U.S.

  • Ken31ONCA

    The nuclear watchdog wants to keep it a secret. Big surprise, good job to CBC for catching it. What a bunch of dirty politicians and their dirty weapons material. Nuclear war mongers!

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Until some time ago, I had no idea about the dirty deals the Canadian government is making. I thought they were all kind of nature-loving, free-minded, easy-going folks.
    Which I still think many of the civilians are.
    And now their govmt withdraws from the Kyoto protocol, thinks tar sands are “ethical oil”, ships plutonium, takes down the woods,…..

    Hello Canada folks? Time to act, methinks.

  • Ken31ONCA

    Yes it is definately time, you are exactly right unfortunately we are already basically a police state already and lost our voices for protesting. When the G20 came to town it was unbelievavle what was going on, they were taking people away for no reason, beating people up stephen harper unfortunately has turned into a puppet for the new world order, Something has to be done like a occupy the government. They think they are gods or something.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Hi Ken, so you live in Canada? I think they try to take advantage of the fact that the population density is so small – what do you think?
      Canada is rich, isn’t it? Am I right to think that many people are nature-loving, peaceful folks up there?

      • aigeezer aigeezer

        “Canadians” have not changed particularly, in my opinion (I’m Canadian). The Canadian federal government policies changed drastically in recent years though. The present pm once boasted that “you won’t recognize Canada when I’m done with it”.

        He is a masterful politician (that’s not a compliment).

        He has a strong majority government for the next five years, through a bizarre combination of events. The opposition parties are in total disarray. Both the main ones are rudderless, with interim leaders.

        Canada’s election rules are structured to the huge advantage of any party that can generate fierce loyalty in a relatively small group. Harper won a “majority” in government, even though a strong majority of voters voted against his party. He played his hand superbly, and split the opposition by creating bogeyman fears of a “coalition”.

        On and on and on… think of Bush/Cheney, but much much smarter than Bush and absolutely unfettered by the equivalent of Congress. He has what amounts to unilateral power, probably for the next five years – that’s not a figure of speech – it is literal truth.

        I am so ashamed of what “Canada” does now. Knowing I have no say in it but I still have to pay for it (in many senses) is very galling.

        He can run for reelection in about five years. Meanwhile, “Canada” will do what he wants it to do, and Canadians are all along for the ride. It probably won’t be pretty.

        All this stuff (and much much more) is thoroughly documented in Canadian media. Check it out, especially if you’re skeptical of my opinions above.

        Perhaps this will cheer you up if you are an American reader – Canadian aphorism: “There is no question in Washington for which the answer is ‘Canada'”. On the other hand, Canada is a major source of uranium.

  • Ken31ONCA

    Hey BandB how are ya doing? Thanks for the responce.I like to believe that there are good and bad people everywhere, so ya there are a lot of good canadians but its like anywhere really, you may have half the population of good people but the a lot of the remaining people are all over the place, we got criminals, idiots, lyers and so forth so yeah we are basically just a smaller version of the US. I don’t think our country is rich but I could be wrong the government doesn’t tell me what’s going on :p But I do know we are also billions in debt, witch is not good but it could be a lot worse. I can’t really say If they take advantage of the density of CAN being so small but I do know if the government had a chance to take advantage of its ppl 9 times out of 10 they probably would. But you are probably safe to say Canadians are easy going and peaceful people.I hope everyone waks up, I’m not against governments altogether, just against corrupt ones.

  • Ken31ONCA

    Most Canadians don’t even know about the dirty deals our government does because our PM Harper is all about being sneaky with the media and the people here.They have totally changed the concept of government everywhere, they used to work for the people and now they have it set up so the people work for them. We need to protect the laws and constituion that our ancestors faught and died for. The fact that banks are running the world scares me cause look what they did on 9/11. They will do anything to carry out their agenda. But if u do have some links on the CAN gov and some dirty deals if u can share them it would be great, I try to put the word out on things people should know but the mainstream media won’t talk about on twitter and facebook and at work and on weekends, and sadly most ppl don’t want to hear it, and that’s why we are at the point we are at with everything going on from nuclear coverups to banks and government screwing everyone over.

  • Ken31ONCA

    They could bring in a 16 year old high school graduate and they would probably do a better job running our countries.For some reason we get rid of a lot of our oil to the U for really cheap and then we over pay and get our oil somewhere else and its been going on for years. It sickens me sometimes the things people get away with if they work for or are in bed with the government. We need someone to save the world fast.

  • Ken31ONCA

    I do know something smells fishy like maybe a nuclear war coming up? Anyone else hear the war dums pounding?

  • or-well

    Canadians? Gotta weigh in!
    Think-a province of Imperial Rome (minus the Legions..for now) with lots of nice resources to strip.

    Like most normal humans, want peace, like nature.

    Maple tree tappers and getting fatter, beerbottle uncappers, mosquito slappers, use bug-zappers and outdoor crappers, long winter nappers and warm fur hatters, secret satyrs, democracy in tatters, hockey’s what matters.

    A small population allows “the club” (Elite) to be more cosy.

    Our fair share of stupid and media spin, there’s lot unaware of the trouble we’re in.

    I’ll see your Dalai Lama and 16 year old and raise you a new Mother for a Triumvirate.

  • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

    I’m doing this with multiple posts because it seems like if I spend too long on one, it gets lost. Anyway, I am not sure what to think of B. fulford. in some ways, he seems like kind of a nutcase, but maybe it’s because he knows more about what’s really going on; I don’t know.

    But he brings up a really good point: if the elite are planning on bringing out nuclear weapons to start an extremely dangerous, destructive war on the general population, shouldn’t it be our duty to stop them?

  • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

    It seems to me like something more drastic needs to be done than signing petitions, organizing protests,or even voting. If the elite are in control, they need to be stopped in a major way.

    I of course don’t have a clue how to go about doing this myself, but what if we had a group of people the size of a protest carry out a citizen’s arrest? Is this even possible? All I know is that it is not fair to the world to have a bunch of power-hungry globalists destroy our safety, our security, and our planet.

  • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

    If the news about the tensions between the U.S., Israel, Iran, China and Russia get any more serious, I would be open to any solution to stop them. It does seem like we already are involved in WW3, the beginning of it. The idea that nukes wouldn’t eventually be involved is pretty unlikely…

  • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

    Here is another video, a very balanced one:


    Again, i don’t know what to make of Benjamin Fulford, but I have seen a lot lately about countries all over the world beefing up there military and preparing for war.

    I do belive there is an elitist agenda going on. If it’s leading to this, I am very concerned.