CBS News: ‘Immense mystery’ as sea stars being wiped out along West Coast, could be gone for generations — Bewildering disease is spreading and “no idea what’s causing it, or how to stop it” — Timelapse shows all legs lost in 7 hours (VIDEOS)

Published: November 17th, 2013 at 4:05 pm ET


Santa Cruz Sentinel, Nov. 16, 2013: […] The stars lose their legs and, essentially, disintegrate into blobs. Researchers have no idea what’s causing it, or how to stop it. The disease, whatever it is, has wiped out sea stars from the local shoreline, with even the pools at Natural Bridges State Beach now empty of stars. Similar die-offs have occurred before, but never this widespread and always during warm-water cycles […] It is afflicting sea stars from Southern California to Alaska, and […] the Pacific Ocean being in a cold-water cycle. “Those are two very bewildering facts,” said Pete Raimondi, who heads UC Santa Cruz’s Ecology and Evolutionary Biology lab. “[…] what we really don’t understand is how [they get infected],” Raimondi said. […] the disease […] is now showing up in subtidal zones. […]

Watch the Sentinel reporter’s video here

CBS News, Nov. 12, 2013: What’s wiping out the starfish in California? […] Scientists on the West Coast are at a loss to explain what’s killing sea stars, also known as starfish. In some places, 95 percent of the starfish population has died. Marine biologist Pete Raimondi showed CBS News the tide pools along California’s Monterey Bay. Thousands of bright sea stars usually line these shores. In less than two months, they’ve vanished. Raimondi said the mystery of what is happening to the sea stars is “immense.” “I mean, that’s probably, from a scientific point of view, one of the most intriguing things,” he said. “We have no obvious culprit.” […] The disease is more widespread than ever, stretching from Alaska to Southern California. […] “We’ve never seen it like this, never,” Raimondi said. […] Scientists say they don’t know how much worse the die off will get, and that it could be generations before these shores are once again painted purple and orange.

Watch the CBS Evening News report here (timelapse footage starts at 1:00 in)

Published: November 17th, 2013 at 4:05 pm ET


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150 comments to CBS News: ‘Immense mystery’ as sea stars being wiped out along West Coast, could be gone for generations — Bewildering disease is spreading and “no idea what’s causing it, or how to stop it” — Timelapse shows all legs lost in 7 hours (VIDEOS)

  • soern

    massive poisioning by flesh eating bacteria which developed by using huge amounts of COREXIT during Deepwater Horizon Desaster.
    Thanks BP.
    It is just the beginning i guess.

  • Canuck1

    Radiation hits the immune system, lowering it. The crustacian or organism or HUMAN is susceptible to disease..It then dies.Thats's the Simple explanation.

    • Homolumina Homolumina

      Sea Stars are bottom feeders, right, they are hit first and hardest, since the ocean floor must be littered with heavy particles, right ?


    Someone else used the acronym "RAID" for "Radiation Acquired Immune Deficiency". This brilliant abbreviation was immediately picked-up by others and is already being used in other rad-related subject matter. Let's just cut to the quick and start calling these devastating reports what they are: RAIDs related deaths…

    • Homolumina Homolumina

      thank you – agreed !

    • tarpus

      …that would be the good doctor Bones.

      -Dammit Jim I'm a doctor not a _____ (fill in the blank) 🙂


        thank you tarpus. I didn't want to attribute the genius that went into that acronym, to the wrong person…

        • Bones Bones

          Not only are Enenewser's intelligent they are very nice and respectful as well! Thanks for being so kind!


            well Bones, you easily earned a gold star for that one…

          • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

            Well done Doctor Bones. Make no bones about it, you are one bright high flight. RAID is a brilliant acronym and will pass into the lexicon. You have to be smiling and happy. Not just any writer achieves that.

      • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

        I agree and repeat , good catch Bones ! 🙂

        Way easier to remember and explain then the official term that has been explained by i think a kind radiologist a few day's ago , wich is also valuable if someone wants to dig deeper…
        For example in future discussion's with shill's or whatever..
        But i already forgot in what thread it bad

        RAIDs ! As a reminder , we will give you increasing memory loss..

    • m a x l i

      RAID…..Great acronym!

      Good counterweight to acronyms like UNSCEAR (which resembles "un-scare".)

  • babbo dorian babbo dorian

    mochimadness …. we need your knowledge here ….. thans in advance….

    • MochiMadness

      Babbo–Old Fool did a spot on assessment of the problem with the starfish here:

      With the combination of ocean acidification (carbonic acid), oxygen depletion, seafloor methane eruptions, generalized pollution—and then add in over 2000 known and unknown daughter isotopes being dumped daily? We are creating isotopes that never existed, have no name, have never been studied (half life? gamma/beta/alpha? concentration?)

      It's a wonder (to me) that they survived this long. I think that the reason we are seeing these stories is that there is not a way to test the immune systems of the seastars after death–they are goo.

      We haven't been hearing about the test results on the starving sealion pups or the dead whales or the squid–no information on the necropsies of any of the intact victims is being released. It doesn't take very long to do blood tests on a recently dead sea lion–there's no decomposition.

      Like I said, we're really not that dumb as a group. I mentioned in a post yesterday that we are basically giving the ocean the marine version of AIDS—and someone ran with that and turned it into RAID–Radiation Acquired Immune Deficiency.

      It's accurate.


        you're right Mochi. I've noticed a complete lack of public disclosure on the sea-lion deaths over the last two years. Someone was also saying that the necropsy samples were farmed-out to innumerable labs for analysis, with no mention of where the samples were from. They likened the test protocol to the Manhattan Project. Not knowing how they were made privy to such insider info, the analogy was still ingenious…

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Yes, the Pacific Ocean food chain collapse has begun/started and these are only a few of the symptoms we see.. 🙁

          The damage to all sea life going on in the deeper sections must be horrific!

          We should build more toxic spewing sitting stars? Where are the wise ones?

          What have we humans done? 🙁

          • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

            Please, Obewan, when you ask, 'what have we humans done?' Please leave me out of the equation. I think I am human, and I am not part of the nuclear problem because I have been against nuclear energy since pretty much the time I became a conscious I AM. I realized very early that nuclear energy tech is dangerous. I saw very clearly what Ayn Rand was talking about; the grey suited men and their 'domes,' in her incredible book, Atlas Shrugged; a story so powerful it has stayed with me all these years later. I read it in 1970.
            The grey suited men; those sociopaths whose sole modus operandi is the acquisition of everything, are behind this nuclear disaster. Now, this many years later, a lot of people are beginning to recognize who those men actually are. Now that the enemy of mankind has been more clearly identified; their days are numbered. The woken people of planet Earth can't take it any longer and are beginning to develop very itchy index fingers and are learning to braid ropes into very effective tools for ridding the planet of those alien sociopaths. Watch for dangling corpses coming to a city near you in the very near future. The revolution is about to begin.


              @Emmanuel Truthseeker: excellent thoughts. In defense of obewanspeaks, he's making a generic reference to the greater body of humanity and not singling out any one individual as being responsible. I feel he's correct in admonishing the species for its lack of foresight; including myself for being too preoccupied with personal issues; as are most. In truth, we have all failed in being good stewards of this planetary body. This oversight was due to an insular mindset that each generation accepted and passed down to their progeny. It's all hindsight and hand-wringing now.

              Regarding your commentary on Ayn Rand. I agree that there's much to be learned from her insights into exploitation. She's much maligned by 'collectivists'; which immediately earns my respect. Your personal insights into her work and drawing parallels between the benevolent corporate machine and where we find ourselves today, are worthy of serious consideration…

              • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

                Thank you Aftershock. It always is a good feeling to be taken seriously by serious people.

                Yes, I accept what you say about Obewan, and accept your defense, Aftershock. I have a high regard for him because he, like you and others, take the time to discuss important issues and help achieve a stronger bond amongst those, globally, who seek a like minded community in a world where so many of us are isolated and relegated to the frontiers of our societies. It is important that we, 'conspiracy theorists' connect in order to make it abundantly clear to those wavering in their opinions that you are not alone. Lots of us know stuff now and are sharing it in a manner which truly is a liberation opportunity for humankind. At some point, soon, 'we' will hit critical mass and then watch the explosion. Yeah, we live in interesting times. I just hope it is not a curse.

        • Socrates

          Maybe in part caused by the Manhatten Project. The Powers that Be probably know what's up if they studied the damage they caused already.

          • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

            Again, we have to remember, the Georgia Guide Stones talk about culling back the sheeple in a very great number. I am thinking this Fuk up is one of the ways 'they' are doing it.

      • babbo dorian babbo dorian

        Thank you very much MochiMadness, it's always great to see tour posts.
        For me are really valuable, documented, focused and precise.
        I think all of us need thi kind of contributions.
        Unfortunately, my expertises are related to art and businesses….
        For if someday you need something related.
        Good luck,

      • babbo dorian babbo dorian

        By the way, I have been following this and other two events of our poisoned world forma se eral years and it appears to me that we, as human especie have come to a point of no return., I mean, world is going to be out of living creatures someday, sooner than later hopelessly.
        Also think that in the meantime, es a good thing to devote more time to the most important things in life….. all love related and inner grouth…
        Thanks a lot again and….. keep enriching this site,

  • soern

    radiation is increasing off californian cousline extremly indeed.
    There are some big cities (San Diego) where radiation levels sum up to over 600 Millisievert/Year which is 3 times the maximum for a nuclear worker.
    And there are many other gifts from Industry as frackung fluids which also end in the ocean and and and

    • soern

      typo: coastline

    • We Not They Finally

      I think you meant 30 times max for nuclear worker, not 3. I think it's 20, not 200. Although by now, they have probably arbitrarily raised that yet again.

      That said, it's confusing to calculate. Like here in Albuquerque, it has spiked up to 680 CPM with just beta counts. It zooms up, down, up, down, with not a clue how to compile that into one probably-scary dose.

      • soern

        i meant japanese nuclear workers 🙂
        Has anybody at California a Gamma Scout Geiger counter and maybe could provide readings in Microsievert/hr here?

  • Homolumina Homolumina

    I am sure the nuclear mafia has suppressed the study of the effects of radiation exposure on a grand scale, it causes all kinds of symptoms and fatalities, but now we are left guessing around, hardly any data available – how convenient is that. After dropping the dirty bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki the US established a medical board in Japan to which each medical doctor has to belong to in order to practice medicine. This board then determined the rules of practice, formulated by the US – and one rule was that the effects of radiation where forbidden to study !!! And this is so until this day ! How absolutely disgusting is all that which is done by paternal societies – led by the US empire – the brainwash propaganda that is been inflicted on the populations for centuries, the exploitation of humans and the planet is all typical for this form of society – and also that they all go down in doom. I cannot believe it that scientists are baffled about the dying Pacific Ocean – we are being exposed to radiation spill and fall out since 3/11 probably in horrific amounts, we have been lied to, the media is mum about it all, and the confusing propaganda machinery is still able to fog the obvious. I cannot state how disgusted and mad I am about all that is happening in the "modern world" of paternal capitalism. It might be a good thing when it all goes downhill, humans led by immature, immoral, greedy, power hungry males have become a disease for this planet and better be extinct.

    • soern

      " humans led by immature, immoral, greedy, power hungry males have become a disease for this planet and better be extinct."
      Yes indeed!
      But not males only, also queens, iron ladies and more.

      • Homolumina Homolumina

        I am not trying to go after men, I like men, but we live in societies made by men, and the women in positions of power just have to play their game – but we undoubtedly live in a man's world. It is as it is.

        • soern

          that is true of course and regrettable

        • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

          In an ideal world power is shared equally by the sexes. Conditions on this planet are not normal and geopolitically things are totally screwed up, quite frankly.

          Not all men are dicks. Most men are actually good men, the way men are supposed to be; strong, brave, and honest; with a powerful protective sense for family and friends. The people in charge of things are not men; they are creatures incapable of love. A good man, is a powerful lover.

          As for the women playing the game. I like seeing how some modern women are beginning to play the game. Their warrior instincts are being rekindled. Remember, some of the most feared warriors were the Amazons and the female warriors of the Celts. They did not mess around and fought on equal terms with men. Why not? I have younger girlfriends who are very strong and can out lift me. And they are courageous women, not afraid of an alternative opinion. Sarah Palin knows how to lock and load. So does, Melissa Bachman. Now if women in power positions stop trying to be men and start using their feminine power for peace and nurture; we could, within a few generations, all have house plants and live in happy homes.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Does anyone find it ironic that Man has processed leftover pieces of the Sun, which Earth is from, igniting those pieces here on Earth, which are now blazing out of control, and the canary that is telling us that we fucked up, is a seastar or starfish?
    Oh, how nature works wonders and we haven't got a clue as to why.
    Hello, is there anyone out there? Pick me up if you can hear me…

    • Homolumina Homolumina

      I hear you loud and clearly…and the feel of helplessness, just being doomed to watch it all un folding, drives me up the wall… makes me want to kill. I also refuse to be rounded up under "man" and "we" have done this – NO – I haven't ! I was not asked and had no power to stop it all from happening !!! My heart is bleeding out witnessing the dying of our world, this beautiful garden of Eden, our planet, all life, the precious animals and plants, all of it. I feel I am dying with it – piece by piece.

      • We Not They Finally

        I'm with you, homolumina. Not complicit in this. Just heartbroken.

      • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

        Good reply, Homolumina. We are not the 'man' referred to. 'Man' or 'Mankind' is made up of two factors; like the two sides of a coin. We have the good men and we have the bad men. It is the bad men who have created this Fuk up. Stick to that everyone. WE are not responsible for any of this. It was all done to us. The problem in the past was we did not know WHO was doing it. Now we know and now we can encourage and support the revolution which will overthrow all of this madness on planet Earth and start holding the culprits to account. Once we have rid the planet of those responsible, we can start beating tanks into tractors and military planes into combines.

        It is time to start the grim harvest.


      your genius, Jebus, is shining through…

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

      It seems the way of this world. Deny, deny, deny the obvious and then invent a myth to cloak the truth.

    • Jebus, with your awareness of symbolism so acute, I suspect you are a poet at heart. Yes, it is ironic and terribly fitting that sea stars would warn us of our hubris in appropriating such power to ourselves. I am also reminded of Lucifer, one of the sons of the morning, falling, ever falling…

  • CanaryInACoalMine CanaryInACoalMine

    I previously posted this comment as a response to @Mack sharing info on radionuclide testing results….

    Yikes! That horse mussel radioactivity is through the roof. Gee, I wonder what feeds on horse mussels? Maybe this can shed some light for those stumped & confused "scientists".

    "Some of the various animals that prey on young horse mussels include the common seastar or common starfish (Asterias rubens), crabs and sunflower seastars (Pycnopodia helianthoides). It is not easy for these predators to open up particularly large specimens of the species. The bigger the crab or seastar, the more possible the task usually is, however."

    What Eats Horse Mussels? | Animals – PawNation

  • soern

    seastars eat mussels and mussels filter out everything small out of surrounding water including radio active materials. Since we now about it, we avoid eating mussels too often on order to get not affected by industrial poison.
    Seastars do not know that.
    So now, since almost the entire Pacific Ocean is radiated too, seastars eat most possible contaminated food.
    Dont eat mussels!

    • Homolumina Homolumina

      thank you…. I wonder if I could measure radiation in the muscles with a Geiger meter – any ideas ?

      • soern

        mussels 🙂 not muscles.
        Well with a geiger counter you surely can measure wether collected mussels are radiated at all. But roughly only without exact results.
        I would bring some samples to different laboratories who can analyse it, but it may be expensive. Don't know.
        Officials scientists hardly would submit clear results publicly.
        Maybe you find some friends or a group of environment interested people who can finance an independant examination together.
        You could tell us the results here on enenews if you like.

        • Homolumina Homolumina

          Thank you… will see what I can pull off

          • 16Penny 16Penny

            The starfish are likely to have more easily detectable levels of radiation due to bio-magnification. Might be easier to detect than in the mussels.

          • The radiation will be easier to measure if you dry out the meat, and get enough to accumulate about a pound. Anyone with a pancake Geiger detector should be able to get a rough reading, if the radiation is high.

        • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

          We could have radiation in our muscles, perhaps. I know radiation accumulates in our fats. Anyone with info on this?

          With something like 2000 different isotopes now released by the Fuk up, does anyone have any idea what is going or is already happening to our bodies; muscles, brains, …

  • petfish

    here is a paper describing sea star immune system. very delicate so it seems but im no expert so maybe one of the experts here can elaborate.
    peace and keep your immune system humming

    • Socrates

      Thanks for the article.

      I will postulate that the cumulative effect of radiation, acidification, climate change, and one or more pathogens causes a cascade of chemical signaling in the echinodemata resulting in the perception of damage to the star arms. This triggers a natural defense where the star sheds the arm in preparation of regeneration. The continuation of perceived or actual injury does not let up, however, and the process is terminal.

      The unique immune response is combined with the echinoderm's appendage-shedding mechanism.

  • MochiMadness

    Homolumina, 🙁 The short answer? No, not without spectroscopy.

    Filter feeders–bottom feeders–they're the first to bioaccumulate.

    Personally? What I know is that everything is contaminated. My question to myself is—do I really like milk or mussels or Tbone steak (yuck. I'm vegetarian. but you see my point) that much that I have to consume it every day? Everyone's answer is different.

    For example, The fish are being caught and the radiation levels for just one fish (that could easily be consumed by one person, in one sitting) are double digits percentage higher than even the bogus "safety limits".

    The more you consume items that are known to be highly contaminated **whether or not that one item would harm you in and of itself** you need to think about the 364 other meals you will consume this year, and next year and the year after that. Your odds of consuming far beyond the limit of radioactive isotopes rises significantly. These are internal emitters. 🙁 All bad.

    We all know what's highly contaminated and what isn't (as contaminated). I think planning accordingly, taking care what we consume–is in everyone's best interest.

    • Homolumina Homolumina

      Thank you MochiM. – as always you nail it…being informed and making informed choices… do what you love and watch…

    • We Not They Finally

      mochimadness, thank you SO MUCH for your earlier posts about neutropenia. We're here in what looks like a high rad area compared to many other cities, and have been unusually tired for months. So I thought we should ask the doctor to check our white blood cell counts. More knowledge is always better than less. Much thanks for sharing your expertise!

      • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

        Well said, We Not… 'More knowledge is always better than less.' Amen.

        That is a simple and yet very profound thing to say, especially today when so many prefer to be ignorant and walk around in bliss, like sheep in a field ready to be shorn and stewed, never wondering where mutton comes from.

    • Socrates

      The importance of echinoderms is the phylogenetic position of echinodermata at the base of the deuterostome lineage and as a sister phylum to the chordates, vertebrates and invertebrates.

      These creatures give us insight into our own immune systems.

      I studied this subject matter in 1961. I am a little bit rusty.

  • jk641

    I think you guys are on to something.
    It says in the CBS news video that starfish eat mussels.

    But recently there was a US govt study showing elevated radiation levels in wildlife in two Alaskan islands.
    The mussels, in particular, had very high radiation levels.

    This may very well be playing a part in the starfish apocalypse.

    • jk641

      Mussels have high radiation levels to begin with (since they're always filtering the water they're living in 24/7).
      So by eating mussels, starfish were probably bioaccumulating radiation to begin with.
      But with the increasing radiation levels due to Fukushima, maybe the level of radiation they're taking in is increasing geometrically and they can't take it no more.
      That would be my guess.

      • jk641

        Their immune systems breaking down, which makes them more susceptible to diseases.

      • Starfish also pump lots of water through themselves.. that is used instead of 'blood'. A starfish probably filters water as well.. so if it gets lots of plutonium, cesium, uranium, building up, could that cause it to dissolve?


        Starfish are known to be TOUGH… They can regenerate completely from just one arm, and a small piece of the central disc.

        Now they are dissolving COMPLETELY… nothing is coming back. ZERO.

        That is scary, especially along the whole coastline, Alaska to Mexico and maybe beyond that..

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

      You think?

  • We Not They Finally

    Maybe future historians from space can call it "a bewildering mystery" how a whole planet teeming with life wiped itself out. That they left sublime masterpieces by Beethoven and Bach, but no one left to play them. "Bewildering."

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

      Surely, if there is a Heaven, Bach and Beethoven, Mozart, and Scarlatti et al are played consistently and with amazing orchestral colours, the likes of which will give you shivers up and down your ghostly sheets.

  • 16Penny 16Penny

    Cementing the relationship between starfish immune system (innate only) and the human immune system (innate and adaptive):

    "Links between Innate Immunity and Normal Tissue Radiobiology"
    "… the biology of normal tissue responses to moderate and clinically relevant doses of radiation is inextricably connected to innate immunity."

    There are some claims that exposure to low dose radiation is beneficial and can act to stimulate an adaptive response in animals. Here is an article that supports that view:

    "Health Effects of Low Dose Radiation"

    "The use of the [Linear with No Threashold] LNT model implies dismissing the importance of adaptive defensive response to the low dose radiation. However, many animal studies have shown adaptive response of increased antioxidants, increased immune response, etc when subjected to low dose radiation. How important is it to consider the adaptive responses for human health?"


    "The contrast between these two observations vividly illustrates the importance of considering adaptive response. The use of the LNT model, as it completely ignores adaptive response, is therefore not justifiable."

    I suspect this is for external exposures rather than internal.

    • 16Penny 16Penny

      That would suggest that the starfish melting is a direct effect of the radiation rather than the action of pathogen(s) acting on a weakened immune system. Way to connect the dots obewanspeaks! It also describes and explains the "symptoms" we are seeing. Someone needs to call the baffled scientists now.

      • 16Penny 16Penny

        "Said objects are attained due to the fact that upon decomposing calcium carbonate into calcium oxide and carbon dioxide gas by exposure to an ionizing radiation, according to the invention, decomposition occurs at an absorbed dose power of not less than 0.5 Mrad/s. This enables the process time to be cut down to minutes and-even seconds. Whenever the resulting calcium oxide is intended to be used as a binder and when it necessary that it possess a reasonably high reactivity, the calcium carbonate decomposition process is expediently run at an absorbed dose powers of from 0.5 to 10 Mrad/s."

        So now we just need to know if their exposure to radiation in their food plus the radiation accumulated in their bodies plus the level of ionizing radiation (Gamma radiation is specifically mentioned in the patent) in their environment is close or exceeds the levels stated in the patent.

    • Socrates

      Good one obewanspeaks!

      My biology professor studied echinoderms because of their sister phyogenic relationship to the chordates. I can still hear the words from his lips from over one-half century ago. He would have said, Laudate Deum and beaute!

      This confirms our worse suspicions except for the fact that there have been many previous die offs of stars and sea urchins previously where no known radiation was involved. Maybe the mafia was dumping in the Caribbean. I would not doubt it one bit.

      • 16Penny 16Penny

        If I am not mistaken the previous die offs were not the same (melting almost instantaneously) and were linked to warm water conditions. Sure some of the dies offs could have been radiation related in the past. Due to the extent and timing and lack of warm water conditions I think it is getting harder to deny the direct connection.

        • Socrates

          Assuming gamma radiation or fluxes of accelerated electrons, the calcium carbonate in the arms would break down. This injury would produce a cascade of immune responses. Perhaps the lectin pathways would be activated resulting in apoptosis. There are also catalytic or enzymatic reactions to heavy metals.

          The biomagnification and bioaccumulation would intensify the doses.

          This is a foreshadowing of what is going to happen to us land creatures. We are sister phylums. Some have theorized a breakdown of collagen also.

          • Socrates

            Check out both beta and alpha radiation, too. Really frightening. Alpha emits electrons (or beta). One emits photons. Causes free radicals and forms peroxide that damages tissues.

            Last summer we saw sick seal pups on the beach dying in the sand. Never saw that is fifty years.

            People are saying tide pools are devoid of life. The bees failed to swarm this year. Much Cs in pollen.

            We have tasted the metallic taste.associated with Fukushima. Many daughter isotopes. The nuclear mental cases will die off with us. Small consolation.

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              I am glad you both liked it and yes if the patent is real then yes all that you have stated would occur in the presence of an invisible, odorless, tasteless radiation signature resulting in all the above. It would occur and could be the reason for such a long span length of noticed die offs in mass along the western coasts.

              Random Radiation Contamination releases have been happening all over the world now and/or from out right dumping and thrown over board today, too releases from 55 gallon drums in already known designated ocean graveyards. These random releases would travel in the passing water columns affecting any shorelines around the world in their random current travels accounting for past sporadic star fish die offs too. 🙁

              Kind of how we find people getting cancers for no reason or explanation… 🙁

              • 16Penny 16Penny

                I think you nailed it. How difficult would it be to collect a few specimens, set up an exposure experiment and run it to see if you get similar results to what we are seeing in nature. Results could be out by noon the same day. Come on scientists, show some backbone.

                • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

                  The scientist's backbones have been RAIDed. Now, thanks to Obewan, we know that radiation can 'kill' your calcium. We are Fuku ed right into our very bones. The disintegration of the starfish is a sign of what is happening to our calcium as well. We also know that there are nearly 2000! different isotopes messing with the equation, we are now living in a very bad Japanese Sci Fi. Godzilla is the nuclear plume. It is going to take a whole lot of 'fire power' to overcome this monster.

                  However, on a bright note. We also know now, more and more, that we share this planet with many 'others,' most of whom do not like what is happening to their planet, either. Some of those residents have very advanced technologies. I have a strong feeling they may decide to help us out; even though they are not supposed to. Not all 'aliens' are disagreeable, evil monsters. Most of them are actually well meaning and have come here for resources or as tourists.

                  This community of readers and writers; ENE News, is a very astute group. I feel very good about reading your insightful comments, now on a daily basis, since discovering this marvelous open minded, truly a free speech zone, site. So, I just want to take a moment to thank the people who have provided us with this forum. You are doing the world a great service and us, as well. By us, I mean, we who contribute to this thread regularly; Obewan, Bones, 16Penny, and good ol' Socrates, and others, you know who you are…

                  • 16Penny 16Penny

                    Something occurred to me when I read this:
                    "Now, thanks to Obewan, we know that radiation can 'kill' your calcium. We are Fuku ed right into our very bones. The disintegration of the starfish is a sign of what is happening to our calcium as well."

                    Someone in my life is battling osteosarcoma. The individual was a heavy milk drinker that spent many years of her early childhood a little west of Seattle. I am suspicious that her cancer (emerged 20 to 25 years later) may be related to radioactive strontium uptake as a child.

                    Back on topic, Your words helped me see a connection. Strontium is incorporated into the bones because it is chemically similar to calcium. Once there it can break down calcium carbonate into CO2 and CaO. This action promotes cancer growth by causing a locally low ph level (CO2 + H2O -> H2CO3)and can dissolve surrounding tissues (CaO aka quicklime). So the body does it's thing, no immediate health risk right? Repairs the damaged genes, removes the carbonic acid (H2C and quicklime replaces it with calcium carbonate and the process repeats again and again. Chronic irritation has been linked to cancer formation as well. No wonder Bone cancer is one of the worst. It's like am endless box of matches (strontium 90) sitting on a woodpile (calcium carbonate). Anyone with more biochemistry background want to add or correct this line of thinking?

                    Many others contribute more than I do but I appreciate the honorable mention. This is a team effort.

                    • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

                      16Penny. Yes, indeed this is a team effort. We are all part of a Cosmic Family. Even though I have not met you on this plane, does not negate the fact that you are my sister. And, since we are a family, not only is this a team effort, it is a family effort. We are fighting for the very survival of our family.

                      As for the internet; it is the physical manifestation of the Cosmic Mind. We can't think everything ourselves. Now that we are all enciruited more directly, we are becoming a collective super computer. Cool, huh? 'They' never counted on this and that is why 'they' are so confused. You know what I mean. Too many of us are beginning to move beyond belief into ' I KNOW.'

                      To prevent cancer, eat the almond like pits of apricots because those pits are the most concentrated source of vit B17; which is illegal in Canada and the USA because that vitamin, known as Laetrile, prevents cancer.

                      Doctor Royal Raymond Rife invented a cure for cancer called the Rife Raytube. His clinics successfully cured patients so riddled with the virus their other doctors had written them off from 1934 to 1938. The AMA quashed the technology in court and had the good doctor in tears wondering why they were persecuting him and his invention when he could save the world.

                    • 16Penny 16Penny

                      Thanks for the tip. We have investigated those and she is following a comprehensive treatment plan which includes B-17 iv. Are you familiar with the more modern versions of the royalrife machine? I have been looking into proton therapy as something we can add to help restore cell health.

                      To bring this back on topic, I wonder if there is some therapy that could be used to help those ocean critters? Of course the scientific community would have to stop doing the three monkey act and take the first step, admit that we have a problem.

    • babbo dorian babbo dorian

      Yes of course obewanspeaks,
      And now it happens that cientists do not have a clue on what's happening to the starfishes…. great …
      Best whishes…

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Concern grows over 'burying' nuclear waste at sea as officials probe Farallon Island site

    “…Recent revelations indicate that past dumping of radioactive wastes at sea by US government agencies and private organizations may have been considerably more extensive than was earlier thought….

    “While the United States halted such ocean dumping 10 years ago, resumption has not been ruled out. Other countries — including Britain, Belgium, Switzerland, and the Netherlands — have continued the practice. And Japan plans to begin dumping radioactive wastes in the northwest Pacific Ocean next year.

    “The Farallon Island dump site near here has been the focus of the controversy in recent years. It encompasses an area of at least 300 square miles located in a major shipping lane and commercial fishing area some 50 miles off San Francisco. Between 1946 and 1970, tens of thousands of barrels of "low-level" radioactive waste were dumped there as well as in other locations off the coasts of California, New Jersey, and Massachusetts….”

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Thanks anne 🙂

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

      Given the criminal nature of governments in general and the nuclear power industry, I am not surprised to read your news, Anne. And, given what I just said, the figures of the amount of dumped waste are likely much, much higher because everything governments do is covered with lies, lies, and more lies. Now the lies have piled up so high, they can't cover them any longer and more and more of us know what they're up to and we are not amused. In fact, we are righteously indignant over the fact that we are being murdered. Albeit, it is politically incorrect nowadays to display passion, but, darn it all, I just can't help it. I keep looking at Obewan's light sabre and wish we could all have a functioning one to cut out the horrible cancer eating away at the global body politic; the nuclear cancer industry being a primary virus to be excised immediately.

      Now, if someone would be willing to enlighten me how to post an avatar, then I can add a more personal note to my posts. I sure like seeing Bones and Obewan everyday. Great, great fictional characters; a very significant part of our western popular culture. Star Trek and Star Wars are major literary, cinematographic achievements and are significant chapters in the history of the 20th century. I will never forget that first time, in a galaxy far away, when John William's incredible theme, DA, DA, DA, DA,… and those rolling horizontal titles came on screen I knew I was in for an historic event.


        @Emmanuel Truthseeker: avatar is uploaded to your ENENEWS account folder, using the MY PROFILE option at the top-right of the page. You'll then have to scroll-down to where you'll be uploading the avatar graphic. The avatar graphic is one-inch-square, in size, and should have a resolution of 55-pixels per inch. It should be JPEG formatted. I recommend using images/objects that aren't too 'busy', as it's often difficult to discern detailed images that feature low resolution graphics…

        • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

          Thank you my friend. I shall endeavor to procure a suitable image. Yours appears to be very soulful. I shall try and toe the line with an uncluttered image and nail it properly, lest I be thought a heel for not trying.

          : ) Please excuse me for that, Aftershock. I hope I didn't put a foot in my mouth.


            @Emmanuel Truthseeker: you're more than welcome to the assist. And yes, I was impressed with the puns…

            • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

              Seeing as you are on line, how do you like the avatar I just posted? It is an image I produced some years ago as a poster called, Black Hole. Thanks again for the information.


                @Emmanuel Truthseeker: bit on the gloomy side. Don't misunderstand as I'm aware of their significance and purpose. But in truth, the term black-hole is a misnomer and difficult to represent in a graphic. They are imperceptible pinholes that are surrounded by fluorescing energy that has yet to be absorbed within that infinitesimally small point in space. From an observers (safe) perspective, they are far from gloomy or 'dark'…

                • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

                  Thanks for replying, Aftershock.

                  The image was part of a series of pieces I did in Photoshop exploring abstract visual concepts pertaining to celestial ideas. Anyway, this little version of a much larger expression, served as a button on a website I had for the marketing of a massive quantity of paintings, some of which are still available.

                  As for the gloomy side of the black hole, I do not see it quite as you do. It is a hole, not a pit. A hole comes out on another side. That is what I like about the idea of a black hole. It is so mysterious, it is an adventure waiting… What is on the other side?

                  It is an apt description for me because I never know from day to day what my schedule is and how I will come out on the other end of it. Everyday for me is an adventure of one kind of another. You, and everyone else on this thread are providing a thought adventure today. This is a marvelous thread. I am learning so much. When I come through this particular 'black hole' I will come out more enlightened about a subject we should all, the world over, be taking note of. I thank you, Aftershock, and everyone else here for your thoughts and generous donation of your precious time to help me understand something which is really foreign to all of us. We have never faced anything like this before. It is all new and you all are helping to bring light to what would otherwise be a very dark hole, indeed, or most likely, a pit of no return, ie: severe depression.

                  • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                    @Emmanuel Truthseeker: thanks for the kind words. And I agree that this site includes many brilliant people. I wish there was adequate time in the day to explore the many thoughts that are put to pen, out here.

                    And I do agree that black holes are phenomenal. Do so wish we were exploring the topic in closed session, as there's much about them that must remain unsaid here.

                    Have fun and stay aware…

                    • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

                      Now you really piqued my interest, Aftershock. If you would like to correspond and discuss black holes with me, that intrigues me. I will set up a special email account and will post it for you here soon. Like you, I too am busy and don't have tons of time to devote to these threads. This thread, since I found it on; my first source for NEWS, has kept me focused because of the people on it. Yesterday I spent the entire day here; from early in the morning until about nine at night.

                      Well, just like you all here, I think this is extremely important and we all need to focus on this Fuk up. Here is a big turning point in world history and we are in the middle of it.

                      May Our Father in Heaven Bless Each and Everyone of You on This Thread. Be not fearful. Verily I say that out of evil also can come good. It is never the other way around. This 'event' is a wake up for the world and she is waking up. So, remain positive. Enjoy your days in sun, if there is any through the chem trails, be good to your families and friends. This too will pass. Amen.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Met for truthseeker.. Mr. jumbles is awake again. Anne is already a very powerful Jedi! 🙂
        "You are certainly a powerful Jedi and a seeker of the truth! "

        • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

          Dear Obewan. I'm not very bright. I don't understand what you are saying. Who is Mr. Jumbles? I know Anne is a powerful Jedi. And then you repeat the powerful Jedi etc in quote marks. It's a little bit confusing for me; English being my second language and I have only three brain cells working intermittently. : )

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Truthseeker, Mr. jumbles is what happens when you hit the reply button thinking your comment will be directly below the button/reply and it somehow jumps down somewhere else. Its a problematic situation sometimes for comments meant for the specific post via the reply button.

            I was paying you a compliment and it landed under anne.. so I had to repost and included your name…so yes there are now many Jedi gracing these pages. 🙂

            • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

              Thank you Obewan. I feel honoured and priviledged to be regarded a powerful Jedi and Truth warrior.

              Thanks for clearing up Mr. Jumbles. LOL I actually went into Google to see if I could find a reference to him. Hahaha. Yeah that is a problem, sometimes. I now make sure to include the name of the threader.

              This thread is mostly warriors for truth. How totally refreshing this is. It would be awesome if everyone would add the name of their state, province, country, just se we can see our mini united nations unfolding here. A new united nations of individual truth warriors; the Jedi Brother/Sisterhood. What do you think?

              I will start out. I am located in Alberta and came to Canada in 1960 from the southern Netherlands. I speak fluent Dutch, am getting better at English; but given we have a million words in the English lexicon, it is a lifelong pursuit. I also speak some French and Spanish and can make myself understood in German. My city is Red Deer.

  • Jebus Jebus

    What's causing sea stars to waste away?–232121291.html

    As I watched the second video I couldn't help but think that Mother Nature's shining stars of the sea have fallen and may never shine again…

    Grown men are not supposed to cry…

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

      It really is tough not to cry. I am convinced that many of you reading these words have already done so. You are obviously sensitive, learned, understanding people. I wish I could embrace you all and spend time with you, my dear brothers and sisters; but, believe it; I am with you in spirit. Now more than ever.

      The death of those marvelously strange creatures, whose dried, smelly skeletons we collected as children, is a portent, most certainly, but not necessarily totally because of the Fuku disaster. Fukushima is the last straw and the starfish are the 'canaries'. I am sad that the starfish are leaving us; for who knows how long; maybe forever. I have always thought that a trip to the beach meant an opportunity to explore and watch life in tide pools. Now those pools will soon be completely devoid of those incredibly slow moving, star creatures; who like the sea horse, are living symbols for the Oceans and Seas. Truly, we are living in a tragedy.

      The elite responsible for this radioactive poisoning of the planet are moving deep into the crust. Unlike the movie, 2012, which attempted to present the idea of massive arks on which the elite could save their miserable lives for a billion dollars a berth, the truth of the matter is the fact that massive cavern systems exist in a crust which on the surface is like pastry dough; ie tectonic plates, but underneath, is a 'Swiss cheese' crust averaging a thickness of 1000 miles. There are caves the size of countries.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    So sad and what our manmade false radiation signature isotopes can and apparently are doing to these poor suffering animals.. 🙁

    We humans are a very sick species..indeed!

    • Jebus Jebus

      It's not just the corium water plume Obe.
      You have to add in the chemical soup from the tsunami washout.
      From one of the most industrialized nations in the world.
      Again, the result always equals the sum of the parts…

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

      Some of us are 'a sick species' Obewan. You aren't. I'm not. Jebus isn't, neither are Bones, or Anne…

      We have to stop including ourselves with those who seek to kill us. I do not identify with my killers. In fact, I don't even think of them as human beings. Hence, it makes it all the easier to hang those murdering minions of Satan. They are not human! More and more researchers are saying so, also. Many of us, from years of research into the question of who is killing us, have come to the same conclusions. 'They' who are behind the curtain are not us. They are not human and in their eyes, the rest of us are animals.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        Well, I don't agree with everything you say. So you better take me off your "list". Because, I don't agree with everything you say, I suppose you will hang me.

        Instead of hanging everyone [I don't believe in capital punishment or killing any person, which includes all humans], I am calling for all nuclear power plants to be shut down forever. Japan was making nuclear weapons. They weren't making them for Israel. So I don't agree with suing Israel. I am in favor of trying TEPCO in the criminal court at the Hague for crimes against humanity.

        Why is TEPCO allowed to make huge profits decommissioning Fukushima? Why is TEPCO allowed to consider restarting any nuclear reactor which they have already show their incompetence over the last 40 years?

        I don't believe anyone in the world is a sub species and I don't have the right to make that judgment against anyone. But I do have the right to disagree with the opinions expressed by anyone, and I disagree with you.

        I am too busy today to blog.

        Peace, and shut them all down. \

        Also the MOX fuel Japan used came from the UK and France. So why not sue the nuclear industry in those countries.

        Please sue the IAEA and don't make the ordinary taxpayers of any country pay for the mistakes of corporations belonging to the nuclear industry.

        • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

          I understand that STUXNET is the computer virus which compromised the computer systems at the Dai-ichi plant. Stuxnet was invented in Israel. This is well documented. That is why I request that Israel pay for the harm it has caused at Fukushima.

          As for hanging people; I know that is so politically incorrect. However, our jails are full of petty criminals and drug cases, we have no room for the true criminals; the murderers we are all talking about. So, I don't know. Someone tries to kill me; I tend to react with deadly force. But that is just my nature. I am a man who does not condone killing but am completely at peace with killing someone intent on doing that to me. I never bought into the 'other cheek' sophistry. That idea has resulted in people becoming spineless jellyfish who espouse political correctness and wonder why the world is falling apart. Sorry Anne. I am not trying to be mean spirited. You have valid points and I respect that. I just come at the equation from a slightly different angle, is all. Please do not write me off therefore.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            The Japanese have already stated categorically that STUNET was not on any of the computers at Fukushima Daiichi. Falsifying previous safety records by TEPCO is why we have the disaster. These nuclear power plants should never have been built in the first place and should have been decommissioned years ago. They the earthquake broke the pipes of the cooling system. There was no way to save the plant after the earthquake. Although, again mismanagement on the part of TEPCO welded all the vents closed and they couldn't open the vents to let out all the hydrogen gas and radionuclides to prevent the explosions. If they haded destroyed the natural tsunami barrier and lowered the plant 80 fett the tsunami would never have hit the plant.

            Building a nuclear power plant on landfill, and clay on a millions-years-old alluvial river is the criminality here. Ir the IAEA were a watchdog organization instead of an agency promoting nuclear energy, Fukushima would have never have been allowed to be built ever.\

            Why is the IAEA allowing Japan to build a nuclear reactor in Turkey which is another country where earthquakes kill 100,000 people at a time? This is the question that should be asked instead of dreaming up conspiracy theories.

            The computers used at Fukushima Daiichi weren't sophisticated enough to accept the STUXNET virus.

            Please work to shut down and ban all nuclear reactors, all uranium and thorium mining, all uses of DU as a weapons of mass destruction.


        @Emmanuel Truthseeker" such statements as "They are not human! More and more researchers are saying so, also. Many of us, from years of research into the question of who is killing us, have come to the same conclusions. 'They' who are behind the curtain are not us." smacks of elitism. Sadly, "they" are us. Thinking that retribution will somehow return the universe back to its natural balance is naive and dangerous. We've already spent several thousand years burning and hacking our collective way towards this sorry state of militarism. What makes you think that excluding the misdirected and ignorant from the future dream of life will guarantee a successful resolution towards that end? Are you in need of more time to integrate this quandary into your world view, or, are you offering us more of what we can no longer afford…endless conflict…

        • Thanks Anne for bringing up the imported plutonium issue. Japan spent 12 billion US$ building Rokkasho spent fuel processing plant. Plutonium from dismantled A bombs from Europe and USA and spent fuel from local plants is stored on site also on a fault line. Is a International solution for waste nuclear product from both civilian and military sources. Now because of poor regulatory enforcement and poor disaster forcast and preparedness, this accident is making it difficult to continue this madness. Tidal wave and earthquake not a computer virus. Nuclear industry incompitence not an Israeli conspiracy theory.

        • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

          I was kind of hoping we could maybe finally stop it. I take some inspiration from the idea the Archangel Michael is depicted with a sword in his hand. it is not for trimming nails. The minions of Lucifer are not very nice and they do kill with pleasure and immunity from prosecution. I was hoping perhaps we could start bringing them finally to account. I think that is what this so called final conflict is supposed to be about; the end of Satan's evil and a heralding in of the new paradigm; Peace on Earth.

          You see, I do a lot of reading in history and have come to the conclusion, like you, a lot of blood has been spilled through the ages; which is most unfortunate. Before, we did not have such a clear idea who was behind all of that spilling of blood. Now we know, so we can take the final step. I do believe that is God's plan. His plans are not always a bowl of cherries. This planet is not at light and life yet. It is up to the sons of God to effect the plan.

          I hate killing. I don't even like eating meat, all that much; but do. Killing is a bad thing. I admit that. We will, someday, in our future, reach that state of harmony when no killing takes place any more and all the tanks are beaten into tractors. I pray for that. But, like I said, we're not there yet.


            @Emmanuel Truthseeker: couple things. You are advised to insert the name of the party you're addressing. None should assume that this is a personal message board.

            Moving on. While I can respect your take on these issues, neither of us should assume there's any reality behind our personal judgment. Knowing humans are susceptible to bad judgment (aka conclusions) I like to measure my reality against a cosmic scale. Concepts like evil and good don't survive such measurement.

            Regarding 'evil doers', I'd submit that the criminal and misguided are more likely suffering from confused values, than some deep seduction by malignant forces. Do some humans purposely emulate what they perceive to be "evil"? Obviously, they do. But such behavior is due more than anything to a retarded vision of the cosmos. They're simply integrating a collection of symbolism that evolved on a lonely planet…

            Finally. You should be made aware that such discourse as you've posited in the above, is reserved for the OT forum. So let's honor the posting protocol and do our best to avoid anything dealing with religion, within these article threads. Admin doesn't care (if it's kept reasonable) if we talk on OT subjects within the OT forum…


        • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

          Dear Aftershock. No, I don't mean elitism when I talk about non humans. I mean it literally. There are numerous alien races at work on this planet; either resource gathering, or touristing, or observing us; like our biologists study life in a petri dish. Some of these alien presences are not well intentioned. Some of those beings can live quite well in irradiated environments.

          It is my contention, from years of research into esoteric subjects; including alternative views of accepted main stream history, I have come to some conclusions regarding the various DNA expressions we see in the 'human' species, for example. One present day 'human' group, have ancestors who hail from a Medieval land which no longer exists on the map; it now having been chopped up into Ukraine, Uzebekistan, Khazakstan, and SW Russia. In that land the following sanguine DNA coagulated to produce a hybrid human. The DNA I am referring to is: Hun, Mongol, Tartar, Turk, other very barbaric Asian tribes, and with the added alien ingredient; Draconian, and/or Archon. However, I think the latter may not be a DNA transfer issue; Archons being more like a sentient, amoral viral infection.

          Yeah, I know it all sounds strange; but then, so is the world we live in. It's not at all like what I was taught in high school, that's for sure. As for 'aliens', believe it, some of them have been here a lot longer than 'we' have. There are all kinds of sentient expressions out there, just not in…

      • crystalwind crystalwind


  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes, of course you are correct as usual. 🙂 The patent used ionizing radiation and I am pretty sure we have a great deal of false signature manmade ionizing radiation flying around these days.. 🙁

    • Jebus Jebus

      I agree with that. That pdf is pretty damning evidence towards the isotopes ability to turn a calcium dependent creature to mush…

      I see no positive outcome for decades…

      • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

        Osteoporosis is going to go through the roof, I would suspect. Probably a good idea to top up on calcium with vit D as well as iodine.

        Does anyone else have more suggestions? I read about boron being an effective guard against radiation. Can anyone fill me in here. Is it something we can ingest also? And would that be beneficial? Or is it best that we petition our governments; those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, to sue Israel, Japan, and TEPCO for all costs incurred to move to South America? I read that Chile is a really nice place to live. Uruguay also.

    • maybesomeday

      Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) is an essential building block for all shelled marine invertebrates. These include all clams, crabs, snails and the reef-building hard corals. Soft corals and sponges utilize spicules of calcium carbonate to stiffen their soft bodies. Coralline algae (the beautiful purple and pink coatings on rocks), and calcareous algae. Starfish and sea urchins (their covering plates and spines are CaCO3). Even octopus and squid (their beaks are CaCO3). Ocean acidification has been the main concern previously. Now ionizing radiation as well? I have added various supplements to my reef tank over the years, but haven't (knowingly) added radiation. Should I drop a radium watch dial into my tank to see what happens? I don't think so.

  • Horse Horse

    "tritium produced measureable, dose dependent, and irreversible suppression of immune capacity in affected fish."

    "It appeared that there was no threshold or significant dose-rate effect for either beta or gamma rays on germ cell survival, and that tritium beta rays were more effective than cesium-137 gamma rays in germ cell killing."

    "For scientific purposes, the generally accepted value for the half-life of tritium, as measured by Mound Laboratories, is 12.323+/-0.004 years (4500.88+/-1.46 days)."


    "(TEPCO) also admits that as much as 40 trillion becquerels of radioactive tritium have been released into the Pacific since the disaster began."

    "This is evidence that tritium levels in the upper atmosphere exceed those caused by the atmospheric bomb tests of the 1950′s and 1960′s."

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Horse very ugly indeed.. 🙁

  • HEAD South now!!
    I left and live in Chile. The collapse has begun. Add 30 years to your life south of the equator.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Actually I do not fear for my life as it is all the other biological life that I worry and care about..

      We humans have no right to harm those other life forms that share this planet willingly with each of us…

      WE were suppose to be the shepherds of the gift of all life we have been given/received and not the slayers of what we now see and touch! 🙁

      • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

        You are so right, Obewan. We are meant to be stewards, not slayers. We know what is happening, the animals don't and are totally defenseless. I can just imagine how you would react to seeing that sorry whale with the tumor; as was reported by the sailor who saw 3000 miles of nothing, while crossing the Pacific recently. I would lend you my handkerchief.

        I celebrate all creatures. I get a great kick out of watching that little living speck, what I thought was a comma or a period, marching across the page of some tome I am perusing and wiggling his little antennae at me to say hello. Or watching some amazing chameleon slowly stalking a wary beetle and, within a flash, make that hapless creature a food thing stuck to his tongue. It is all so miraculous. It is all so holy and precious that its loss is beyond comprehension. To think I might never see another butterfly, or perhaps a chirping frog will no longer mark my evenings by the pond, is very, very sad. I love frogs! Doesn't everybody? Why does everyone love Kermit? Because he is a frog. Ribbett, ribbett.

        Man, oh man, it surely is a tragic business; this bizness (sic) of nuclear fission, especially since many of us know that alternative, life enhancing energy technologies have been quashed and we never needed to go nuclear in the first place. It truly is time to hold 'them' to account and 'redo' our electricity production technologies instead of spending billions on aircraft carriers and bombs.

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

      I was just saying that above. Chile is the place you ought to be. So we loaded up the truck and headed to Punta Arenas. If it were only so easy.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    L I E S . L I E S . L I E S

    Scientist, researchers, experts, media, it's all lies anymore.

  • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

    Truth is a lie and a lie is the truth. War is Peace. Ignorance is Bliss. Myth is Reality. Good is Bad. Excellent is Wicked. War Criminals are Peace Prize Recipients. Fiat Money is Real Money. Nuclear Power is Clean Energy. The sad thing about it all is; a lot of people have bought into the lies and now can no longer recognize the Truth, even if it was written all over grandpa's photograph and in his precious Bible.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      .. 🙂 You are very wise..

      • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

        Dear Obewan,
        It takes a wise guy to recognize another wise guy. I am reflecting your complement back at you my dear friend. As I have already said, somewhere in this thread, I was almost writing, threat, I am a fan of yours and appreciate your words. You encourage and compliment. You speak with knowledge and conviction. Yeah, Obewan; you chose your monniker and avatar well. They suit you because you are a class act as is Obewan in his story. (History).

  • bwoodfield bwoodfield

    So, the comment about the Gulf spill and the COREXIT made me think. So we're talking about the radioactive particles that are on the way over on the current, but what about all the other crap that got dumped into the ocean with the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. I know that there were a few oil rigs that were severely damaged, not to mention how many other chemicals and toxins were washed back out into the ocean as the waters receded. In the toxic stew of chemicals, debris, oil and radiation (not to mention the bodies of people and animals in the beginning), who knows what kind of new viral and bacterial agents are floating around. We could be seeing the first wave of a mutant disease.

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

      Here is something, which you all know, I'm sure, but it is always good to see it written down; for confirmation. Hollywood is a gigantic propaganda production facility. Note how the film makers put out sci fi movies and other celluloid marvels depicting what is coming. Lately we see a proliferation of zombie films; and stories involving mutants. H.G. Wells spoke of Morlochs. We saw the China Syndrome and the Philadelphia Experiment. We've been duped into believing that it is all make believe; when in fact, some of the 'fantasy' is not fantasy at all. Recently I read that Japan has produced another Godzilla movie. Guess what; Godzilla, I thought was Fuku; but, given Anne's link above, regarding Japan's total nuclear foot print, maybe Godzilla is all of Japan; not just Fukushima.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    It's all a pretty sick brew and yes look around we have covered the entire planet with it, with or without any tsunami. The tsunami just illuminated the/this madness for all of us to see… 🙁

    It's called mankind's "Progress" and its now growing everywhere around you/the rest of the world!

    WE should all/need/want to go shopping.. 🙁

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

      Just in case you missed my reference to a marvelous book, I am including it here. This book is a real eye opener and if you have the good fortune of reading it, you will quickly understand that the entire nuclear industry is founded on a big lie; a veRY, VERY, BIG LIE.

      Gerry Vassialatos, Lost Science, Earth Pulse Press, Anchorage, AK.

      When you read this well written, quite dense book, supported with a ream of evidence from the public record, you will see how sad and totally unnecessary is this Fuk up. The earth generates electricity for us. All we have to do is tap into the ground. Every household could have its own, unending source of power, totally free, provided by OUR MOTHER, Gaia. Well, not totally free; you would have to buy some copper electrodes and a capacitor and so forth. But, that cost is not very high. Nathan Stubblefield is credited with that one. Did you ever hear of Nathan? Or how he lit up entire fields with multiple 400 watt bulbs in the late 19th century?

      Have you been following the information regarding revelations regarding the true purpose of pyramids; and about the one in Bosnia that is one fifth of a mile high? They were energy collectors; like giant capacitors.

      What about the discoveries of the GREAT unsung inventor, Nikola Tesla. Alva Edison couldn't hold a light bulb to illuminate that incredible man's shadow. Had Edison and J.P Morgan not burned down Tesla's lab and destroyed a good part of his research notes…nuke;…

      • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

        …nuke, nada.

        Nuclear fission is for the sun to perform; if in fact that is how it is powered. Some think the sun is an electromagnetic phenomenon. I am not well versed in astronomy or astrophysics. I look up, I watch the sky; but not so much the outer sky; other than marvel at what is out there and who is looking back? on a clear night. I tend to watch the day skies and hence, immediately, when chem trails first appeared, 20 years ago, in some places, I immediately identified them as NOT con trails, but something else. Believe it or not, I have looked up into an evolving tornado; the one which took out a good chunk of Edmonton. I saw that cloud evolve just off the number one fairway on a golf course on the south east edge of Alberta's capital that dark day. I am a sky watcher and I have seen some weird things up there.

        Anyway, I digressed. Getting back to the topic. It is imperative that we, who are conscious, force our politicians to read excerpts from Gerry's book, you select, or send them the entire book with command to read it; after all those creatures are 'public servants.' They are SERVANTS. So, tell them they can serve you by informing themselves about the total insanity of the nuclear power industry and alternative energy. Indeed, demand the dismantling of all power companies and have them pay for the installation of the free energy tech; after all, those companies have been ripping off the people and planet for much too long now, it has to…

        • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

          Just to rephrase that; …insanity of the nuclear power industry and the reality of alternative, free energy sources. Indeed, demand…

          …It has to stop.

          I apologize for that. My fingers got ahead of my thoughts at that moment. You know how that is.

          It is the very best thing I learned in high school was how to type. A lot of the rest of it was just a lot of boring tedium and of little practical value because so much of the lessons, we now know, were made up nonsense about some mythological planet that was not Earth and a history that was not really ours. Having spent 20 years teaching in the public fool system, I now know it is the very last place I would send my children today. Fortunately, I was able to save them to some extent by example as I woke up into the truth and then realized, back in 2001, 'hmm, this is b…s… and quit. I tossed, what is now a good six figure income, because I could not stomach the b s any longer and set off to write some books. I am now at work on number 18. A guy's got to do something.

          The public school system supports the sophistry of globalism and is not much of an advocate for alternative energy research, but rather a staunch supporter of the status quo. And, the system makes your children stupid and obedient little slaves to be exploited by the corporation; their heads filled with lies and nonsense. Many kids graduate high school in NORAM and are functionally illiterate. Now they are being RAIDED, as well.

  • Socrates

    Einstein thought it was stupid to heat water with fission. Yet it was he who thought we could defeat Germany with Nuclear weapons. How was that to be accomplished? Nuke Europe?

    I suppose dropping nuclear weapons in Europe would have defeated Hitler but France, Spain, England would have been destroyed.

    The entire idea is absurd.

    Thank the Soviets for doing the heavy lifting there. But Hiltler rose in reaction to communism. Japan was our ally in WW I.

    Does any of this make sense?

    Cheap electricity in exchange for endangering the planet?

    Only bankers profit. They replaced the Devine right of Kings. They wanted the nuclear weapons to rule the planet. That is why Einstein sent a banker to FDR to carry the message. Now we have debt bondage rubber-stamped by Parliaments and Congress because those kings would not pay their debts.

    Uranium is the new gold. Power is vested in s small elite who want to rule the world.

    Read "Europe, The struggle for Supremacy From 1453 to the Present." 650 pages, by Brendan Simms from Cambridge.

    We cannot ever extract ourselves from the cycle of insanity. Violence and weapons never solved anything, just shuffled the deck.

    We do not have to explain this with aliens. It is ourselves we should blame. Follow the money. Examine power.

    These risks were taken for those reasons.

    Let's have another war or two if we get past this crisis. A war to end all wars, if that slogan has not been used already.

    The "worthy" battle…

  • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

    Yeah, Socrates, a final battle; that is what is unfolding here on tempest tossed Mother Earth. It is the final solution in a very ancient battle and it so happens the final conflagration is here, on this planet. Several important teachers have been here to try and put the brakes on this event; Machiventa Melchizedek, Jesus of Nazareth, Adolf Hitler, just to name three, but too few listened and heeded the teachings. Lucifer taught Satan well; and he's been a very busy little dark angel stirring up a whole pile of odiferous slime for his boss. Now that slime has covered the planet; and, it being 'flammable' is about to be ignited. Watch out! Things are about to get very spooky for a while. However, take heart; there is nothing to fear. F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing Real. Please, my dear brothers and sisters reading these many excellent thoughts on this thread, do not despair. You are a member of a Cosmic Family; you are not alone. Always remember that; You Are Not Alone. Not in any of this.

    Throughout history people have succumbed to unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances; sometimes painful, sometimes not. Such is life. Someone suffers when we are born and sometimes we suffer when we die. What matters is how do we face that end? Again, remember, you are not your body; it is merely your vehicle whilst here on Mother Earth. It may pain you for a time, as you let go of the material realm; but that pain will pass; as it has for billions of others…

  • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

    …throughout our long history. And, now having recently read Cremo and Thompson's amazing book, The Hidden History of the Human Race, I realize that our history is really ancient. The copy I read was from Bhakitvedanta Book Publishing, Los Angeles, 2nd printing, 1996.

    If you Google, 'ancient vase' check out the odd silver unit with the vines and flowers. That thing came out of a 500 MILLION year old chunk of coal. The vase was deposited at the time the coal was formed. Five hundred million years old. Wow, that is a long time ago. Dinosaurs walked around back then, if I remember correctly. I can't remember what I named mine….