CBS Los Angeles: “Dead sea lions everywhere” — Rescuer: I’ve never seen anything like this… we never would have imagined the numbers — Expert: No oceanographic explanation for what we’re seeing (VIDEO)

Published: March 30th, 2013 at 7:52 pm ET


CBS Los Angeles, March 29, 2013: Starving, Dying Sea Lions Washing Up On Southland Beaches […] “I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Jonsie Ross, one of the rescuers from the [California Wildlife Center]. “It just looks like malnutrition to me.” […] “Even if I think people have been prepared, we never would have imagined the numbers that are coming up on the beach,” said Ross. Daniel Russell came from Malibu on Friday to enjoy a walk on the beach, but the sight of dead sea lions everywhere was too much for him. “It kind of ruined our walk around the corner actually. We were going to explore and then I went to take a picture and then there’s two dead lions I almost stepped on,” he told CBS 2. […] And biologists say it is so bad on the beaches that rescuers have had to leave the worst of the pups behind while saving the strongest ones […]

AP, March 29, 2013: […] It’s gotten so bad in the past two weeks that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration declared an “unusual mortality event.” That will allow more scientists to join the search for the cause, [Sharon Melin, a wildlife biologist for the National Marine Fisheries Service based in Seattle] said. […] Routine testing of seafood is being done by state and federal agencies and consumer safety experts are working with NOAA to find the problem. “No link has been established at this time between these sea lion strandings and any potential seafood safety issues,” NOAA said in a statement. […] rescuers have had to leave the worst of them in an effort to save the strongest ones, she said. […]

“We anticipate this will get worse when the pups begin to wean from their mothers and have to forage on their own . It’s going to be a bad year or two for sea lions […] There really isn’t an oceanographic explanation for what we’re seeing. We’re looking at disease as a possibility and also at the food supply, and it could be some combination.”-Sharon Melin, wildlife biologist with the National Marine Fisheries Service, which is part of NOAA

  • March 29, 2013: [intlink id=”tv-spike-in-dolphins-washing-up-in-gulf-of-mexico-mostly-dead-babies-we-have-been-advised-not-to-discuss-our-findings-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]
  • March 29, 2013: [intlink id=”manatees-dying-record-numbers-florida-deaths-pelicans-turtles-dolphins-spiking-scientists-fear-beginning-devastating-ecosystem-collapse-videos” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Watch the CBS broadcast here

Published: March 30th, 2013 at 7:52 pm ET


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146 comments to CBS Los Angeles: “Dead sea lions everywhere” — Rescuer: I’ve never seen anything like this… we never would have imagined the numbers — Expert: No oceanographic explanation for what we’re seeing (VIDEO)

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    Two 'Unusual Mortality Events' at the same time, one on each US coast.

    "An unusual mortality event (UME) is defined under the Marine Mammal Protection Act as:

    "a stranding that is unexpected; involves a significant die-off of any marine mammal population; and demands immediate response.""

    We're next.

  • norbu norbu

    "There really isn’t an oceanographic explanation for what we’re seeing. We’re looking at disease as a possibility and also at the food supply, and it could be some combination.”-Sharon Melin, wildlife biologist" You really do not know? Wake up…Take a look at this it might have something to do with it.

    • We Not They Finally

      Yeah, that too…. The ecology is collapsing while the people in charge of it claim to know nothing?

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        The animals are dying from 'Fukushima AIDS'. AIDS is a wasting disease. It is destroying their immune systems, and allowing everything to go wrong internally.

        The entire world – every living thing – since 3/11 has been exposed to Fukushima AIDS, with the exposure increasing daily, through further bio-accumulation. It is only a matter of time, now. Science will keep us alive as long as the medicines work and the money is provided, but the effectiveness and funding will all cease at some point.

  • RememberThis RememberThis

    It sure would be worthwhile if a member were to take close up geiger counter readings, or even allowed to take one of the bodys for examination.

    But that would harm the economy……
    oh dear….

    • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

      Unless there is a massive amount of radiation contamination externally, internal radiation could not show up on a Geiger Counter. This is true for food, drinks and animals or humans.

      Internal radiation must be measured using a special radiation detector, which is only available via a special laboratory.

      • We Not They Finally

        That for sure. Also, we humans are really low on the "instincts" scale. Animals may not eat contaminated food by instinct. Possibly even mother's milk.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Someone here posted about a year ago a scintillator detector can measure radiation in things like seafood or other organic tissues. I think he said they are available on E-Bay for somewhere between $200 and $500. If I'm not mis-quoting him, I think he said one can get a decent outfit for around $250.

        Am trying to remember the 'Newser's name. Spectrometizing?

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Would like the opinion of others. Do you think if people started independent labs to test food and seafood TPTB would interfere? Why or why not? Someone needs to begin doing this. It apparently isn't too expensive, in terms of being a business startup. Comparatively speaking, that is. I just wonder if we'd get into hot water if we started finding things our respective governments don't want us to find ….

          What do you think?

          • many moons

            I think independent testing in labs that are set up by individuals is the only way we will be able to get to the truth, and yes I believe the united front of nuke pukers will try to block it…but…scientist have to realize that these days there is more to staying alive than just drawing a pay check and they should come over to the side of preserving nature and not preserving industry…..for the sake of survival.

          • We Not They Finally

            Someone who does do at least some small-scale testing of food is Michael Collins of But it's not like send us your groceries to test. It's more like travelling around and getting a pulse on spiking levels of contamination. He and his wife are out in southern Cal. Escalating problems with contaminated food out there, and that is the bread basket for much of the U.S. But if you listen to him, at least you might get some grounding with this.

          • Time Is Short Time Is Short

            "Do you think if people started independent labs to test food and seafood TPTB would interfere?"

            In the months after 3/11, many people were asking radiology labs to test them for radiation exposure. Almost all said they wouldn't do it, and one supposedly said the customer wouldn't get an accurate report even if he did show exposure.

            The government will never allow substantial independent food and body scanning for radiation. Never.

        • PavewayIII PavewayIII

          The government would mostly ignore you, HoTaters. The problem in the U.S. – just like Japan – is that grocery chains and their suppliers get pretty excited when a *business* is testing their food and claiming it has radioactivity.

          If you were to do it as an individual and publishing the results on a donation site, it probably wouldn't be that big of a deal. It would eventually cost more for the food than the meter, though.

          If you were using lab-grade equipment, doing test-for-fee and trying to run it as a business, then you would just have to expect calls from cranky lawyers and furious produce managers.

      • Yes, you need a scintillation counter:

        What is a Scintillation Counter?

        "A scintillation counter is a device used to detect and measure emissions from radioactive elements. Radioactivity is a release of particles or energy from certain elements that contain too many neutrons, and can be hazardous to humans, animals and plants. The scintillation counter combines a chemical that creates light when struck by radioactive emissions, and a detector to sense and count the light pulses.

        Many elements have isotopes, molecules that contain different numbers of neutrons with the same number of protons and electrons. Most isotopes are stable, and nothing will happen to change their chemical makeup over time. A number of radioactive isotopes, however, will not hold the neutrons in place and begin to radioactively decay.

        There are three main types of radioactive decay, and each has different characteristics. Alpha radiation is a particle combining protons and neutrons and has a relatively low energy, allowing it to be stopped by water or thin metal plates. Beta radiation is high-energy electrons released from the element, and can penetrate body tissues and layers of protective shielding. Gamma radiation is not a particle but rather an electromagnetic wave, similar to light, which has a very high energy and can only be shielded by layers of dense lead plate."

  • SEMIjt

    makes you wonder what the 5000 dolphins were running from…

  • She says, "it's fur is coming off…" (@:40)

    That might be a tip. (?)

    Maybe they are our equivalent to *'canaries in a coal mine'?

    "Some speculate that animals could provide early warning of a terrorist attack using biological or chemical agents."

    "…animals could also be at risk from a terrorism attack (maybe ongoing fallout too) and may be first to show signs of illness due to increased exposure or susceptibility."

    Aquatic Animals:
    "By the same token, aquatic animals, or their direct predators, are used as sentinel species to monitor water pollution."
    – wiki

    Also mentions dogs, cats, birds, bats, livestock and bees as 'animal sentinels':

    canaries in a coal mine –

    • norbu norbu

      Thanks ChasAha.

    • ion jean ion jean

      Mmmm, ongoing fallout?? That's our theme for the ANTINUCLEAR AGE
      Ongoing Radioactive Fallout (fallout) (fallout)

      And now even the scientists at NOAA seem to wear blinders when it comes to anything involving "nuclear national security threats" like power plant meltdowns and fires, explosions, steam releases on the order of 500 atmospheric atomic bomb test plumes from little-sister-lying-bling-bitch TEPCO backed by raise the roof new EPA Fkd Up w/internal radiation tolerances

      “No link has been established at this time between these sea lion strandings and any potential seafood safety issues,” NOAA said in a statement. […]

      They are like every other alphabet soup agency, of late more concerned with people continuing to fearlessly consume Seafood…suckers

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      "She says, "it's fur is coming off…""

      It must be the new Alaskan Airlines flight attendant uniforms causing the fur to come off. /sarc

      Boy, that story got buried quickly, faster than the sick animals in Alaska.

    • gnomesang gnomesang

      picked up 11 near death bees today at the southern cali beach and moved them to higher ground, found 2 dead, saw no live healthy ones.

  • pcjensen

    yeah.. everybody that's been eating seafood the past two years will comprise the next/ongoing set of mass die offs next. so sad. I gave up on my family in nor cal. they love fish. Needless to say, my warnings to them, early last year, showed me that even intelligent people will ignore the signs.

    • pcjensen

      I;m terrible at calculating time anymore – since 311 , I tried warning my family. more than a year. Though it was not on my mothers medical chart as a possibility, she died from heart attack. She was still eating seafood. I know of others, very healthy people, who have died of heat attacks the past two years.

      When will we see a two year study on deaths with an eye on heart attacks, which, by the way, were in decline prior to 311, per CDC.

      • norbu norbu

        pcjensen, I am sorry for your loss. I stopped eating all ocean products 2 years ago. No milk no cheese no fresh vegies or fruit. Hard life but the only way to live now. Still have pre-fuku food. My family will not listen as well. I must go forward, eat write and clean, make solid choices.

        • We Not They Finally

          Starving your body of vitamins and minerals may not be that helpful to you either. Try to get veggies and fruit imported from South America, like Chile. Likely still less contaminated down there.

        • Time Is Short Time Is Short

          For some, it's all about slowing the inevitable. Nothing else we can do.

          Sometimes I think, in this case, 'ignorance is bliss'.

          Far too late for that for any Enenews reader.

    • We Not They Finally

      It's the old still-tastes-delicious and besides I'm-used-to-it. Radiation is the most "silent" killer there is.

  • m a x l i

    "There really isn’t an oceanographic explanation" means they have an explanation, but it is not "oceanographic".

    And besides: What is the difference between "There isn't…" and "There really isn't…"? The "really" is redundant and mostly used by liars.

  • Au Au

    Seriously, Betty Crocker could have figured this one out. She would not have to have even left her kitchen.

    If it is not oceanic then it has to be atmospheric.

    • We Not They Finally

      But it is oceanic because it's this one species and it's emaciation, so it's a big "duh" that their oceanic FOOD SUPPLY has somehow gone bad. Not that the atmosphere isn't a mess too….

      • Au Au

        Too right WNTF. Betty said that if they think it is atmospheric to trace that contaminant back to the source of origin and then it will be apparent that there continues to be tons and tons of radioactive water being dumped into the ocean.

        • Discordian

          My wife told me yesterday of a recent Coast to Coast AM show she heard about geoengineering. The gist of the show was that TPTB are terrified because they pushed geoengineering too far and have totally fucked up the environment to the point that there is no way to repair it.

          Extinction is one direct result, because of a killing off of the food chain, beginning at the bottom. As if there weren't enough factors causing that anyway.

          One doesn't want to lose all hope, but where may hope be found when the factors portending doom are multiplied beyond comprehension?

          • rachelmouse

            3/31/13 – For me, it has been in last week that enenews has become finally really hard to stomach, though I have read it religiously for a year.The sea lions, manatees, dolphins, bees….but, anyway, Happy Easter from new england! I noticed last spring hormesis in plant life and lack of insects (no ticks on dogs at all!!)After hard winter, a pair of buffleheads and the mallards have come back to nearby pond, I heard the racoons love-scrabbling in the woods last night.Bird feeders have been busy with nuthatches to small woodpeckers; hawk pair is nesting in old nests in the marsh.
            Reading list for fellow Collapsarians: The Snow Leopard by Peter Mathiessen, Speak, Memory, Vladimir Nabokov and Moby Dick, which actually explains why we are in this mess.

            • Discordian

              Happy Easter to you, too, from Georgia. If you can rattle off a reading list that quickly, you have my undivided attention!

              • rachelmouse

                How about my nature list? It will be an interesting spring!

                • rachelmouse

                  also, a right whale named Wart and her calf were swimming around Pilgrim NPS in Cape Cod Bay this early February! see Cape Cod Bay Watch

                • Discordian

                  The nature list is beautiful, too. Rather like what Thoreau might notice on the pond.

                  Ticks, though. Wish I could share your optimism there. This weekend is the first warm days we have really had this spring, yet yesterday afternoon, while putting compost on the compost heap, a tick dropped from the tress onto my wife and freaked her out a bit. Ticks have been bad here for the last two years.

            • Au Au

              @rachelmouse, yeah, it is like getting socked in the gut on a very visceral level. Anybody else, as they come to consciousness every morning, while gathering their thoughts, have this train of thought? "Oh, yeah, I remember the nightmare going on is real. (slug in the gut). The dolphins, Fukushima,the birds, the seals, all children, the food chain for every living thing, everybody's present and future…(slug in the gut) (slug in the gut over and over)

            • gnomesang gnomesang

              the snow leopard, what a great book..

          • Au Au

            @Discordian, that also makes sense. How much aluminum, barium and strontium can be sprayed on all living things before it becomes FUBAR? Looks like we all are finding out. Aluminum sinks in water. They have sprayed mega-grids of that cocktail over the pacific and over the GOM (along with Corexit) and everywhere else.

            • Discordian

              I believe the C2C broadcast mentioned a 90% reduction of aquatic insects, have no idea where the data was taken. But that's definitely ELE territory.

              So many factors. I avoid pessimism by reading, writing, drinking, and smoking. And being unemployed. 🙂

            • Time Is Short Time Is Short

              And remember, Au, all the hundreds of thousands of tons of aluminum powder being sprayed is now completely radioactive, as every particle is bonding with atmospheric radiation as it falls to the earth.

              The entire world is breathing that in daily. Any test of an automobile air filter will confirm this. Arnie was testing them back in the beginning, but it never stopped falling.

              We are all nothing more than non-replaceable bio-filters with some type of consciousness, who are all slowly reaching our maximum limits of absorption.

          • Anthony Anthony

            **Some are starting to add these things up and look at them and make statements. There are some who would tell you that the Earth is going into a diseased state. They'll tell you that this is what the prophecies always said, and that people are becoming unbalanced. What are you going to say to them? No, it isn't happening? It looks like it is! What's really happening is the old energy is flailing because it can't believe you won! And you have.

            The Old Energy Has Lost the Battle**


          • Time Is Short Time Is Short

            "…where may hope be found when the factors portending doom are multiplied beyond comprehension?"

            I've asked this same question too, Discordian, and found some help reading 'Man's Search For Meaning', by Viktor Frankl:


            He lost everything in a Nazi concentration camp, and found meaning despite what he went through. It's helped me.

  • RememberThis RememberThis

    Actually there is an "Oceanographic Explanation" after all..

    The initial quake that rad poisoned the Pacific with its destruction.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Radiation is widespread from this nuclear disaster, flowing into the ocean, continuously. Sea lions can be diagnosed .. should be obvious what is causing their illness.

    • norbu norbu

      AAAH but this will hurt the economy, if they tell the truth, of course if they do not soon there wont be time to react to the news.

      • saltyfishlvr

        We are screwed: “According to the draft report, “one must realize that there are other important factors besides human health that should be considered in the decision-making process.” It says “public financial burdens, restoring key infrastructures, and resuming normal commercial activities, as well as balancing the roles and interests of affected stakeholders” are also important factors.”

        • Time Is Short Time Is Short

          This pretty much sums up where we're headed.

          The report's bottom line – protect the elite at all costs.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    No link has been established at this time between these sea lion strandings and any potential seafood safety issues,” NOAA said in a statement.

    The only reason there is no link is because they are not testing for radiation, or they are not reporting the radiation.

    Only humans are capable of destroying the environment of their food supply.

    • norbu norbu

      write on Anne, well said.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      "Only humans are capable of destroying the environment of their food supply."

      Well said, anne. That pretty much sums up everything that has ever been said on Enenews.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    These events are not isolated, but hapenning every day:

    Mystery deepens as Chilean beach is covered in dead crustaceans
    22 March 2013
    Fishermen, environmentalists alarmed after thousands of dead shrimp turn beach red in southern Chile.

    Second mass crustacean stranding on Chilean beach
    Friday, March 29, 2013

    Thousands of dead fish wash up on Adelaide’s southern suburb beaches, Australia
    Friday, March 29, 2013
    Coccidioidomycosis Symptoms: Valley Fever Fungus Infection on the Rise in Southwest United States
    Saturday, March 30, 2013
    All but 23 of 10,000 bats in Durham bat mine have died *VIDEO*
    Saturday, March 30, 2013

  • hbjon hbjon

    According to my calculations, those mammals that suck air off the surface of the pacific coast will be getting a pretty nasty whiff of bad gas, smog, and double bubble toilet troubles that are continually pumped into the ocean from sewage treatment centers. Don't be too quick to blame the f word. Let's rule out other possibilities first, because if it turns out to be the f word, eventually the cause will work its way on shore to us. Let's look closer at the red tide.

    • RememberThis RememberThis

      Red Tide in So. Cali is more of a Summer event.

      Jus' sayin


      hear what you're saying hbjon. Problem is, we'd have seen this before and we haven't; at least to this extent. I'm thinking suppressed immunity is coming into play. This can be the result of direct exposure to rad-contaminated foods or indirectly from deficient food stocks. Though it's long been surmised that it can happen, biologists and oceanographers don't have a complete picture to how a complete collapse can occur or how it can be induced. My intuition hints that the millions-of-tons of rad-contaminated water coming from Fukushima may have caused a massive die-off phytoplankton (or related life support creatures) and triggered the fabled worse case scenario. So, I'm advising people, even if it's proven to be of a biological nature, Fukushima still cannot be ruled-out as the originating cause behind these conditions…

      • hbjon hbjon

        I agree that Fuku still needs to be ruled out and I clearly admit that as an impossibility considering the magnitude of the releases and so forth. Chronic asthma and chemical pneumonia remain my top suspects, instead of digestive disorder. Here we have a sea lion with horrible breathing difficulties and has to swim around looking for food to eat. You and I may develop chronic asthma, but we won't have to hold our breath to chase after food. Does a sea lion need lungs that function more efficiently than humans? The little guys get tired faster and can't paddle their little flippers because of malnutrition and weakness.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Yes, and don't forget the Kurushio current circulates water from offshore Japan, northward in an arc toward Alaska. Then the water travels southward along the Canadian and U.S. West Coast.

        Where did the first group of sick seals (sea mammals) show up?


        • HoTaters HoTaters

          The phytoplankton and zooplankton are likely being affected by the high levels of radiation in the Pacific along with a host of other factors.

          We're dumping a lot of crap into the ocean, and have damaged the phytoplankton for decades with CFC's and holes in the ozone.

          At some point, something has to give. At some point, the ocean's carrying capacity for pollution is reached. The Pacific is vast, but we've likely reached the point where sea life can no longer tolerate any additional toxic burdens.

          My opinion, FWIW.

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            Oh, forgot to mention. Phytoplankton feed zooplankton, zooplankton feed krill. And so on, up the oceanic food chain.

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              (For those of you who might not be familiar with the oceanic food web discussion, that is.)

              • Time Is Short Time Is Short

                Sea lions and larger fish are just below us on the food chain. The problem here is radiation bio-magnification.

                After the sea lions, there's nothing left but us and sharks.

            • Herring are herbivores and eat algae, plankton, kelp and phytoplankton.

              Both grey and common seals eat a variety of prey – fish, shellfish, squid and octopus. They are opportunistic feeders, and will eat whatever is available, including cod, herring, flounder, sculpin, salmon, mackerel, krill, sandeel, shrimp, whelk, penguins and other seals.

              [07 APR 2011: REPORT]

              "Buessler and other experts say this much is clear: Both short-lived radioactive elements, such as iodine-131, and longer-lived elements — such as cesium-137, with a half-life of 30 years — can be absorbed by phytoplankton, zooplankton, kelp, and other marine life and then be transmitted up the food chain, to fish, marine mammals, and humans.

              Other radioactive elements — including plutonium, which has been detected outside the Fukushima plant — also pose a threat to marine life.

              A key question is how concentrated will the radioactive contamination be. [..]"

              "Studies from previous releases of nuclear material in the Irish, Kara and Barents Seas, as well as in the Pacific Ocean, show that such radioactive material does travel with ocean currents, is deposited in marine sediment, and does climb the marine food web."


    • Anthony Anthony

      You raise a good point because I think we need remember malnutrition does not exclusively suggest it is from a lack of food. They may be too ill to eat or have some extreme digestive ailment in play. Following that, pups are nursing and if they are dying off and malnourished, it is in the milk or the environment. If non nursing animals are also presenting same syndrome, it is in the environment and-or the food.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Was wondering if the females are concentrating radioactive substances in their milk. Might that be a cause of the wasting?

        • We Not They Finally

          You would think that they would test that FIRST. Instead, we get reports about "experts are baffled."

          • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


            Why would we presume that we are being told the truth? There seems nothing to justify this belief. Rather, it seems to me most governmental agencies report to and for the benefit of the “federal family” and no longer report to and for the people.

            As an example, take the MSM. They report only falsehoods, partial falsehoods, propaganda (what the government wants you to believe) and trivia. If they report what is known to be an actual fact, it is never reported in its entirety but only a part of the truth: a limited hangout, if you will. Just compare in your mind Edward R. Murrow and Diane Sawyer. :>) It is true. That is now what we get as a replacement for what we actually need: Facts. I’m not picking on ABC, they are all horrible.

            I no longer expect the truth from anyone in a position of authority, only from the people. Even if they determined the truth about the sea lions, it would be sent up the pipeline, not down.

            • many moons

              I agree. People lie more than they tell the truth these days and it's everywhere….Then when you call them out on it someone will say " we are sorry you were misinformed…when 3 employees say the same thing it's lying….It's rampant especially in institutions like hospitals. Is there anyone left who has the balls to tell the truth?????
              I associate lies with cowardice. Where is our cultural sense of having character????

        • Time Is Short Time Is Short

          "Was wondering if the females are concentrating radioactive substances in their milk. Might that be a cause of the wasting?"

          Yes, through bio-magnification. Now imagine the same process occurring in human mothers. Every time you see a baby, know that its' mother is poisoning it with radioactive breast milk. As the child grows, it will be drinking milk with higher and higher levels of radioactivity.

          As the levels of radiation increase, the world's governments will all raise the acceptable levels of radiation, and tell us it's good for us.

          That isn't our future. That is today. Every day.

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    70% Of All Sea Lions Dying In California; Fukushima Radiation The Cause? via @AGreenRoad

    Seals, Walruses, Polar Bears And Fish Suffering From Fukushima Radiation Caused Effects? @AGreenRoad

  • We Not They Finally

    NOAA sees "no potential seafood safety issues"? Surely they don't need poor little me to point out the obvious: cesium in the fish, 30% of the sardine population (= food for the sea lions) wiped out in the last year or so, radiation everywhere that they SHOULD be measuring…. I'm sure that 15 minutes of research will turn up yet more.

  • Lion76 Lion76

    it is way easier to do proper testing and "find out" rather than speculating to the press (or in public opinion forums)

    they know already, let's be honest. Playing dumb to deflect liability is big business 101

  • irhologram

    With reference to HoTater's question RE: private testing of seafood… Can you imagine how far down the rabbit hole our freedom has sunk to think we'd get in trouble or need permission to test? Anyway, there IS some current information out there. On this link, if you read between the lines you can see what's not safe in Lousiana… Because if it isn't safe for pregnant women or children under 7… It's just not safe. With almost EVERY variety of fish…you can only have one serving per month, if pregnant, and make that one serving only of any seafood…all month, and many fish are unsafe, period… Don't eat them, ever, period.

    • We Not They Finally

      It's a whole WAY OF LIFE going down the tubes there. We also have a friend who has friends who are salmon fishermen in Alaska. She wanted us to sign a petition preventing mining near fishing grounds because her friends' livelihood would be "ruined." Wrote back as gently as I could that it was ALREADY ruined because the fish itself is unsafe to eat. But what do people do then?

    • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad


      It would help if the state would agree to test fish as they are brought in for radiation and heavy metals right on the spot.

      They could do what the Europeans did; pay for those that were not fit to eat, and certify those that did pass the test.

      Right now, huge corporations are getting a free pass. They are NOT paying for all of the pollution they generate, but consumers end up with all of the risk and pay for the consequences to health as well, with no ability to sue or become whole again…

    • whereslora

      Never fear! Monsanto to the rescue with farm Frankenfish! Yes, Monsanto has permission to sell GMO fish in the US.

  • haizedustrium-1234 haizedustrium-1234

    Patients are advised as follows: Ingestion might cause dizziness, nausea, rashes, nose bleeding, hepatitis, irritation, sensitivity, pneumonia, leukemia, ulcers, fatigue, insomnia,
    auto immune malfunction, contra indications for pregnant and breastfeeding women, long term side effects for passive exposits, please contact a physician immediately.
    Soon you become a sick tree hugger hugging a sick tree while the birds, animals, fish and crustaceans die unnoticed by the illuminati making us mechanisms to their device of self interest and persuasive cunning.

  • I re-read a link to the 2yr old French warning for pregnant mums, it hi-lited goats cheese being 4× as bad as normal cheese – the smaller the animal, the more the radiation is in them as a percentage of the whole. Sea-Lions are a similar size….
    If the mums milk is bad – mum is on a death sentence herself. .. I think the Pacific will be devoid of life shortly.
    The Native American choice of reservations up in the mountains is looking more and more insightful..

  • ftlt

    Business as usual…. I listened to NPR a couple weeks ago to a number of economists and so called scientists discuss mining in the deep oceans (polar regions too) and space…

    Nary a word about cutting back or not growing or living with …
    in our means… It was all onwards and upwards…


    Capitalism is a disease…

  • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


    "Can you imagine how far down the rabbit hole our freedom has sunk to think we'd get in trouble or need permission to test?" It's always far easier to get forgiveness than permission. Actually I wouldn't seek either one, having grown up in a "backward" place.

  • markww markww



  • Half of SoCal sea lion pups have died this winter
    "NOAA has declared the death of half of the California sea lions born in rookeries of the Southern California coast this winter "an unusual mortality event." The number of starving sea lions washing up on LA County beaches is up more than 1,000 percent from 2012."

  • irhologram

    @Pu. That explains what a scintillation counter is…where can I get one? What is the best choice for product? The links to the explanation don't seem to offer these meters for purchase….

  • norbu norbu

    Pu239, I like your idea about having a sweat lodge in the desert.

    • Thanks norbu,

      My first sweatlodge and smudging was with William Commanda (November 11, 1913 – August 3, 2011):

      Algonquin elder, spiritual leader, and promoter of environmental stewardship

      Much written on him. Learned a lot about respect for Mother Earth, myself, and others.

      The topic of "interconnectedness" interests me, from both the indigenous viewpoint and as being 'discovered' by contemporary scientists (phycisists). A white fellow who worked with David Bohm (who seems to have strongly hypothesized instantaneous interconnectedness) – named David Peatt writes about the convergence of modern science and ancient native thought, the crisis in modern physics, and so on.

      • "It is proposed that the widespread and pervasive distinctions between people (race, nation, family, profession, etc., etc.) which are now preventing mankind from working together for the common good, and indeed, even for survival, have one of the key factors of their origin in a kind of thought that treats things as inherently divided, disconnected, and "broken up" into yet smaller constituent parts. Each part is considered to be essentially independent and self-existent.
        (David Bohm, Wholeness and the Implicate Order)"

        • "The notion that all these fragments is separately existent is evidently an illusion, and this illusion cannot do other than lead to endless conflict and confusion. Indeed, the attempt to live according to the notion that the fragments are really separate is, in essence, what has led to the growing series of extremely urgent crises that is confronting us today.

          Thus, as is now well known, this way of life has brought about pollution, destruction of the balance of nature, over-population, world-wide economic and political disorder and the creation of an overall environment that is neither physically nor mentally healthy for most of the people who live in it. Individually there has developed a widespread feeling of helplessness and despair, in the face of what seems to be an overwhelming mass of disparate social forces, going beyond the control and even the comprehension of the human beings who are caught up in it. (David Bohm, Wholeness and the Implicate Order, 1980)"

      • norbu norbu

        I have been in and out of the lodge for 20 years . In northern Mexico, to Northern California. Great grandmother is Apache Indian.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Fukushima Radiation is only one ingredient to this event on 3/11/11 and thereafter.
    Japan is(was) one of the most technologicaly advanced countries in the world. That tsunami was not like the sumatra one that washed huts into the sea. This tsunami washed chemicals and toxins from every garage and factory, every bucket and storage tank, into the sea.
    How much?
    I think that we will be seeing how much as the months, and the sea, rolls on…

  • irhologram

    RE: Sweatlodge. I would much prefer the setting to be at a lake in the mountain pines or at the ocean. A Sweatlodge is easily constructed. I'm an adopted Ojibwa, and did research on this. A desert offers too many problems…even if its in April and the outdoor temp is in the high 70s….like where do you go when you need to cool off suddenly for unpredicted health reasons? Remember this? No thank you on that risk for any of us…even though it was said he wouldn't let them out to breathe…still it would be nice to totally splash off.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Everything works in synergy. The whole is greater than the parts. But because it is so much worse than previous years, it has to be the radiation from Fukushima that is making it so much worse. Radiation weakens all the muscles, including the heart muscle, and it weakens the thyroid. We depend on the sea for life, for iodine and other minerals in seaweed, etc. If the sea lions can't survive in the ocean, we will be next. It is only a matter of time. You don't need open sores to be dying of radiation poisoning. Look at all the excess deaths of infants across the US since 3/11. Look at all the deaths and genetic mutations from Chernobyl. Look at Chernobyl heart.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      I'm sorry, irhologram, these comments were in answer to Gabe.

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


      Hmmm, don't ever move to Florida! No need for me to go to a sweatlodge since I already live in one for about eight months out of the year. :>)

  • Gabe Gabe

    I can't help but wonder WHY, if radiation is the problem causing these animals to die, are we NOT seeing their bodies full of open oozing sores or seeing bleeding issues etc?
    If the issue is clearly malnutrition we need to consider what it is that could cause this.
    I did watch a video several weeks ago on BEFORE ITS NEWS, in which a woman talked about the HUGE TTA
    Array in the Antarctic. She stated that based upon the appearance of the cloud cover as well as the some other things it was VERY clear that the TTA array has been in full operation, with the energy being directed northwards to the west coast of the USA. In this video she reported how island inhabitants in the path of these TTA energies have complained of severe headaches, profound nausea, as well as deep vibration sensations in their bodies.
    Apparently, based upon the cloud cover, it is stated that these directed energies are being focused at a very low level in the sky, thus causing these profound symptoms in people.
    My question is this……..if these TTA devices, used for weather modification etc, are causing this horrific symptom picture in people, why would we not expect the marine life to be impacted just as profoundly, or worse. We know that the military "radars" in the ocean cause marine animals to suffer horribly, to become disoriented, etc.
    Given the lack of obvious lesions on the sea lions, and given the profound number impacted along the west coast, my bet is that we are experiencing TTA…

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    I wonder how sea life at Sea World and such facilities are fairing on the West Coast and East for that matter (BP oil) as they must be eating fish from the Pacific but do receive vitamins thus I would think we would also be seeing the effects from Fuku if it is indeed related to contamination of the food supply. Just thinking thoughts.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    The effects of radiation from Fukushima is being covered up.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      The symptoms of Valley Fever also mimic radiation sickness.

      The easiest way to find out any relationship is graph the increases of patients/symptoms the researchers are seeing, on a timeline.

      When it goes sharply up after 3/11/11, there's your answer.

      Many ongoing stories of increases of sickness among many species, including us, but no timeline charts. I wonder why.

      Well, we'd never get honest charts anyway . . .

  • On the sea lion die off current events

    Indeed if you think of it, besides the tens of tons of uranium and plutonium that was detected in published EPA air samples, a vast amount settled out of the air into the Pacific. Of course, cesium and strontium accompany the overall mess.

    The sea critters have been directly and daily exposed to the toxic and radioactive heavy metals and body invaders.

    Strontium, Uranium, and Plutonium stick around in your body, basically forever.

    Cesium has about a 80 day biological half life. It goes into your muscles and heart, but some of it is excreted. However, if you are continually exposed to cesium, that doesn't help, you reach an equilibrium point and stay there.

    Here is the data on tens of tons detected in the air. My research. EPA data.

  • gnomesang gnomesang

    we went for a walk on the beach today, easter sunday. north county san diego. absolutely beautiful, but… i couldnt believe the amount of children being sprayed in sun screen before being allowed to play in the ocean. this story about the dead and dying sea lions has been all over the news here, and even without the link to fukushima, i mean, what mother would put her kid into a body of water that is killing sea lion pups in record numbers. i wanted to cry. i am torn between telling the mother of the danger and letting them enjoy the beautiful day since we are already screwed anyway. i just don't know anymore.

    • whereslora

      Breaks my heart.

      • Au Au

        Yeah, I hear both of you. I have a bro who puts his kids in Little Guard and Jr. Life Guard classes on the west coast. The oldest is in surf competitions, too. Obviously, the links I've sent have not put a dent in his thought processing or his wife's.

        Reminds me of a local mother Canadian goose, here, that lays her eggs on the pondless, waterless, sun exposed concrete wall of Office Max (year after year) with a black parking lot reflecting on her and her nest.

        Who knows how that whole thing goes. If they do live, how many get squashed on the road on the quest to take them to water?

        Parenting does not come with a handbook of common sense and that is scary.

  • homeenergyexpert homeenergyexpert

    Having started in Radiation Health Technology, I was interested in testing food. I contacted the large manufacturers of high end commercial testers. They told me an accurate food tester started at around $18,100, with between $500-$1000 for a lead lined box to shield the test subject from outside interference.

    As for these seals dying, I went to the Sept 19-20, 2013 GE Mark I & II Congressional Briefing and talked to Arnie Gunderson of & have talked several times to the attorney for the crew of the Ronald Reagan Task Force, we have radioactive debris polluting our West Coast!

    First the kelp was polluted with fallout from Daiichi GE Mark I reactors 1,2,3,& 4 fallout of many isotopes including Cesium 137, Uranium 238, Strontium 90 and more. Just check out what was recorded in Anaheim, San Francisco & San Diego.

    What eats it is eaten by bigger fish & the seals eat fish. Second the debris field was right in the middle of the fallout as it was all around the USS Ronald Reagan Task Force when the Fukushima reactors went up and melted down. If you go to the news page of you will read 7 articles on Buckeyball fallout coming ashore in AK,WA,OR, HA, & CA. If that was not enough the fish eat this debris and the seals eat the fish. We are all eating some form of radioactive food especially if you eat California food. It will only get worse when the two new incinerators start up burning the blast zone debris in unfiltered units.

  • gnomesang gnomesang

    off topic, i would love for all the enenewers to meet at burning man this summer for one last hurrah!

  • AB AB

    We need to create a FUBAR Map.. F^$$%KED UP BEYOND ALL RECOGNITION.

    FUKUSHIMA is a FUBAR zone for sure.

    And imagine all the Mexican tourists swimming in the Baja California coastline this Spring Break.

    Mexican fish sales have dropped dramatically for unknown reasons is what is being reported in the local papers of Ensenada Mexico.

    I have a reason… CESIUM 134/137…

  • whereslora

    The level of ignorance in this news report is stunning. Even the guy they interviewed, "…it kinda ruined our walk" to see dead sea lion pups on the beach. ?!?!? And woven throughout . . "Nobody knows what's causing this." Here's a hint. Starts with "F".

  • Greyfox01 Greyfox01

    With the growing number of squid moving north because of warmer water I would add squid to the list of possibilities. Also having lived in Malibu some years ago, and seeing oil on the beaches at Point Doom, I would also suggest checking for oil leaks from oil rigs off the coast of Santa Barbara.

  • Wolf

    Leuren Moret – Nuclear Whistleblower tells all.

    I have embraced the horror – Learn all that you can and share.

    Nuked Radio Special: Nuked in the skies w/ Leuren Moret part 2
    10 celebrities displaying symptoms of possible radiation sickness after excessive flying. Historically, some famous actors and actresses have been nuked before…so it wouldn't be the first time.

    Part 1: Kim Kardashian, Lil Wayne, Kelly Osbourne

    A more detailed look at our current situation can be found here:

    2 years of Fukushima Part 1:Current status of Fukushima & comparisons to Chernobyl

    2 years of Fukushima Part 2: Excess Mortality & Fallout Avoidance

    2 years of Fukushima Part 3: Synergistic Relationships between Chemicals & Radiation: Multiplier Effect

    2 years of Fukushima Part 4: Mutations in Plants, Animals & Humans: Chernobyl, Three Mile Island & Fukushima

    2 years of Fukushima Part 5: What we learned from Atmospheric Testing

    2 years of Fukushima Part 6: How do we fix it?