CBS: Radiation leak “getting worse” at nuclear plant near NYC — Levels increase over 120,000%, almost 15 million pCi/L — Governor: “Extremely disconcerting” — Expert: I don’t think they know where it’s coming from — Radioactive Antimony now being detected (VIDEO)

Published: February 12th, 2016 at 4:45 pm ET


NY Daily News, Feb 11, 2016 (emphasis added): Cuomo to launch probe into troubled Indian Point power plant as radioactive leak gets worse — The amount of radioactive tritium leaking from the Indian Point nuclear power plant is growing, officials said… New samples from groundwater monitoring wells show 80% higher concentrations of tritium compared with when the leak was first reported Saturday… Wednesday, [Cuomo] ordered a more sweeping investigation… “Last week the company reported alarming levels of radioactivity at three monitoring wells, with one well’s radioactivity increasing nearly 65,000%,” Cuomo said… “The news just keeps getting worse,” said Paul Gallay, president of the watchdog group Riverkeeper.

AP, Feb. 10, 2016: New testing has shown that the amount of tritium in the groundwater below the Indian Point power plant in Buchanan, New York, is about 740 times the amount allowed in drinking water… Entergy Corp., which operates the plant at the edge of the Hudson River, said Wednesday that the latest samples from monitoring wells found tritium at a level of 14.8 million picocuries per liter [up from 12,300 pCi/L, a 120,000% increase]. The [EPA] has set a limit of no more than 20,000 picocuries per liter in drinking water… [C]ritics of nuclear plants said the mere fact of the leak’s occurrence is cause for concern, partly because investigators had yet to pinpoint how it happened. “There a leak somewhere, and I don’t think they know where it is,” said Arnold Gundersen, a nuclear engineer and former industry executive… Gundersen said he was concerned that other, potentially more problematic elements could also have leaked out… [Indian Point spokesman Jerry Nappi] said testing had also found elevated levels of antimony, at about 5,500 picocuries per liter… “It’s like an old car ready to fall apart“… said Assemblyman Tom Abinanti…

Reuters, Feb 10, 2016: Entergy said it continues to look for the source of the tritium leak

CBSNY/AP, Feb 10, 2016: The radioactive water leak at the Indian Point Nuclear power plant is getting worse. Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in a statement Wednesday that the level of radioactive tritium-contaminated water that leaked into the groundwater at the nuclear facility has increased by 80 percent since last week’s initial report… Cuomo called it “extremely disconcerting.” “Today, I have further directed that the three agencies integrate their investigations to thoroughly explore whether the operational problems that are suspected to have caused the uptick in unexpected outages of the plant may also be causing the leak of radioactive water into the environment”… the New York governor said.

WAMC, Feb 10, 2016: Additional testing has turned up even higher levels of radioactive tritium than what was reported last week…

The Journal News, Feb 11, 2016: Tritium levels reported last week were the ‘highest that they’ve seen to date‘ at the plant

WAMC, Feb 11, 2016: Tritium Levels Spike In Groundwater… Additional testing has turned up higher levels of radioactive tritium in groundwater than what was reported last week at the Indian Point nuclear power plant… One reading showed an 80 percent increase in tritium levels over the 65,000 percent increase initially reported… [An NRC spokesman said] “So given the migration of that water, we would expect those to continue to go up for a period of time… Our specialist inspector will be there… tasked with trying to better understand exactly what happened”…

Watch FOX 5 NY’s broadcast here

Published: February 12th, 2016 at 4:45 pm ET


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695 comments to CBS: Radiation leak “getting worse” at nuclear plant near NYC — Levels increase over 120,000%, almost 15 million pCi/L — Governor: “Extremely disconcerting” — Expert: I don’t think they know where it’s coming from — Radioactive Antimony now being detected (VIDEO)

    • SadieDog

      "In January, another piece of radioactively contaminated respiratory equipment was sent from the plant to a Hanford fire station. Four pieces of contaminated equipment had been sent there earlier this winter.

      In another incident in late December, workers discovered radioactive contamination had spread into a control room. A bioassay of one of the employees who had been in the control room was positive, indicating a very small amount of radioactive contamination in his body, according to CH2M Hill Plateau Remediation Co.

      The recent incidents were in addition to at least seven incidents of skin or clothing contamination recorded at the plant between summer and November. It was subsequently discovered that contaminated equipment had been sent from the plant not only to a Hanford fire station, but off Hanford to locations in three states."

  • nyc

    "According to Joseph Mangano, executive director of the Radiation and Public Health Project, the area around Indian Point is a 'cancer cluster,' with the local rate of thyroid cancer 66 percent higher than the national average.

    "RPHP researchers compared the state and national cancer data from 1988-92 with three other five-year periods (1993-97, 1998-02, and 2003-07). The results, published in 2009, show the cancer rates going from 11 percent below the national average to 7 percent above in that timespan. Unexpected increases were detected in 19 out of 20 major types of cancer. Thyroid cancer registered the biggest increase, going from 13 percent below the national average to 51 percent above."

  • Sol Man

    So the approx. 440 of these are just rust buckets on their way to becoming dissolved into the air and water.

    Follow the money to see our demise.

    Oh, how great we might have been!

  • Sol Man

    Check out Rad Chick's vids on YT for the Wigner Effect.
    Here is a short one

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Railing against corporate power – precedents.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Separation of powers. Do we need a fourth branch of government established? Officially creating the corporate branch of government, in addition to the legislative, executive, and judicial branches, we would admit the beast exists.

    How can a private company poison the people with impunity?

  • nyc

    Here's a page with Indian Point tritium monitoring data up thru 2014 …

    Looking at the 2014 Radioactive Effluent Report, there are some significant readings from the monitoring wells, e.g. in pCi/L:

    MW-30-69 — 9/10/14 – 566,000 [5.66E+05]
    MW-31-63 – 10/20/14 – 304,000 [3.04E+05]
    MW-32-59 — 3/28/14 – 672,000 [6.72E+05]

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      NYC, the folks preparing the reports at NRC for Indian Point are oh so accurate in their scientific measurements for their statistics. 1.8E-01 (example for one cumulative release type). With a margin of error of + or – 25. Now that's accuracy!

      E+01 Factor of ten times greater
      E-01 Factor of ten times less
      E-02 Factor of 100 times less (Ten times ten)

      Can one see how a margin of error of plus or minus 25 becomes problematic? Why even bother measuring if you can be off by such a huge factor?

      Just my semi-educated opinion. Correct me if I am wrong, please.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        The E+01, etc., are describing measurements by orders of magnitude of tens, or ten to the plus or minus power (the +03, -02, etc. Sometimes you'll see the decimal places carried out, with exponents showing if the number is particularly large or small).

        Is the manner in which this was reported for Indian Point an industry standard? If one compares these numbers, for example, to what the UC Berkely BRAWN (nuclear physics) lab measured for radionuclides measured in water, milk, soils, etc. in 2011, the methodology isn't at all the same.

        Can we safely conclude the plant operators are allowed a LOT of leeway in reporting effluents from their plants? If we're talking about curies of radiation released from a point source, then a factor of + or – 25 is a huge "margin of error."

        One curie of radiation is a very large number and amount.

        stock, Michael VB, Vital1, can one of you address the issue of this margin of error? Is my perception accurate for this report, and am I interpreting this correctly?

        To me, it looks like sloppy scientific method and testing methods, methodology are employed here. "We found nothing, plus or minus 25 of whatever we are measuring." IMO that's significant if you're talking about curies of some radionuclide found in a particular area.

        Please correct me if I'm wrong in my interpretation here. I have trouble describing the math without the ability to use scientific notation.

      • Hotaters, the accuracy is 25% plus or minus, not 25 curies.

      • nyc

        HoT, I couldn't find the 1.8E-01 entry you mentioned, but the column headings for the columns with +/-25 say e.g. "Est. Total % Error", so I would agree with stock that these are +/- 25 percent. On other tables farther down, I see column headings of "% Error (Ci)", which is confusing since percent is just percent and doesn't need units, but the entries do explicitly say +/-25% here. So I would interpret 1.8E-01 +/-25% as 0.18 units plus or minus 0.045 units.

      • nyc

        Further down still, the groundwater monitoring results put the margins of error in columns titled "3 σ" which means (and I'm just impersonating a statistician here) three standard deviations. This is essentially saying there is 99.5% probability (roughly, depending on the modeling assumptions) that the actual value will be within these bounds.

  • freebywill

    65,000% Spike in Radiation Outside New York Nuclear Plant is Likely Worse than Fukushima |

    "U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer has rejected calls for the immediate closure of the nuclear power plant by Cuomo and environmental groups, saying they should first demonstrate how to replace the energy produced at the power plant, which supplies 25 percent of the power to the New York City area."

    [ how much electricity is consumed by electronic billboards in Time square ? ]

    [ not to mention all the Coke vending machines ]

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Obviously New York is being governed by morons! 🙁

      Did anyone in the government ever pick up an operations manual on Nuclear Power when the thing was built?

      They just dreamed of the massive amount of money that the power of the plant generated from all the human livestock's productivity taxation when the switch was turned on.

      A sick and dying population/pool of human livestock are not going to be very productive or taxable in the near future.

      Just how does one tax a robot? 🙂

  • Silverlok Silverlok

    And idiot shill of the day award goes to John J Kelly for this gem:

    "…Entergy states that this leak will not harm local inhabitants, as the groundwater is located on their property. John J. Kelly, former director of licensing for Indian Point and a certified healthy physicist, said that

    tritium is a radioactive form of hydrogen that is found naturally. “It’s more of a regulatory problem than an environmental problem,”

    said Kelly…"

    you see this is what happens when real humans believe that hogwarts is real and Jawboning magical words will delineate realities boundaries or even basic existence.

    I am sure that changing the regulations ( words) about out of containment tritium will alter it's effect on the environment and/or that 'it'(tritium) being (momentarily contained) on private property changes the afore mentioned fact.

    That fact is Indian point is leaking radioactive material ( as has been already admitted )so can they contain it on site indefinitely in open places it was never meant to be?

  • Silverlok Silverlok

    “It’s more of a regulatory problem than an environmental problem”

    In other words, it's just a question of positioning the goal posts appropriately …

    Yes, since this is and has been the business model for this (and almost all other like it ) plant (indian point ) for a long time.

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