Censored Japan gov’t scientist reveals much more radioactive material is leaking into Pacific from Fukushima than claimed by Tepco — It’s getting released outside of port’s barrier, directly into ocean — Officials refused to allow publication of study on sea contamination (PHOTO)

Published: September 27th, 2013 at 1:54 pm ET


Fukushima Voice, Sept. 27, 2013: […] September 18, 2013, the Japan Meteorological Agency scientist, Michio Aoyama, told the audience at the IAEA 2013 Scientific Forum […] that 60 GBq of Cesium-137 & Strontium-90 directly go out to the ocean outside of the Fukushima Daiichi port daily [900 billion of Cs-137 per month and 900 billion of Sr-90 per month], contradicting the Japanese Prime Minister Abe’s words […] Unit 5 and 6 take up the Fukushima Daiichi port water for cooling and release the contaminated effluent north of the port, directly into the Pacific […] [Aoyama] had his research censored by the government […] his team was deprived of funding to check environmental radioactivity almost immediately after the accident and ordered not to take any measurements. […] Then Aoyama was told not to release […] that the Fukushima oceanic contamination was several orders of magnitude higher than that from the past nuclear testing and at least one order of magnitude higher than the contamination in Black Sea and Baltic Sea due to the 1986 Chernobyl accident. His superior said to take this part out […] Aoyama could not publish this study due to the Meteorological Agency not giving him permission. […]

National Geographic, August 13, 2013: Jota Kanda, an oceanographer at Toyko University of Marine Science and Technology, calculated that the plant is leaking 0.3 terabecquerels [300 billion becquerels] of cesium-137 per month

New Scientist, August 23, 2013: Ken Buesseler of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts says the Kanda estimate [of leakage into the sea from Fukushima Daiichi] is probably the best he is aware of, and closely matches figures released on 21 August by Tepco, of 0.1 to 0.6 TBq [100 billion to 600 billion] per month for caesium-137 and 0.1 to 0.3 [100 billion to 300 billion] for strontium.

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Published: September 27th, 2013 at 1:54 pm ET


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33 comments to Censored Japan gov’t scientist reveals much more radioactive material is leaking into Pacific from Fukushima than claimed by Tepco — It’s getting released outside of port’s barrier, directly into ocean — Officials refused to allow publication of study on sea contamination (PHOTO)

  • bwoodfield bwoodfield

    Does this not break the Japanese 'Basic Environmental Law' and the International 'Environmental Law'?

    • As we keep saying; cover up 99%, admit to 1%.

      Maybe we should switch to cover up 999.9%, and and admit to only .1%?

      Any votes?

      • Or rather, admit to only .0001% of what really is going on.

        That fixes a lot of problems, with no need to spend any money..

        Having a bad day, with an ELE nuclear disaster like FUKU?

        Just make up some phony .00001% radiation release numbers, and when someone complains, change the numbers, say it was a 'mistake' and come back with… oh let's say…..

        .001% of what is going on.. making it look like you are honest and truthful now.

        Now everyone can go quietly back to sleep, knowing all is well with the world, and the politicians, corporations and regulators, plus scientists are making sure we are all 'protected' and safe.

  • soern

    "Unit 5 and 6 take up the Fukushima Daiichi port water for cooling and release the contaminated effluent north of the port, directly into the Pacific"
    Very interesting point.
    Show must go on this seems like.

  • Look a lot of radiation is leaking into the Pacific. Enough people are unaware of the issues, that effective opposition hasn't happened. TepGov has control of media, financial control of Scientists and an Olympic sideshow.
    It is worse then what they say.

  • jec jec

    AH..that explains the French report which talked of the 'broken barrier' at Reactors 5 and 6 that TEPCO was not going to fix due to cyclone approaching(s) and the radiation discovered there at Reactors 5 and 6. Guess the 'weather' did it this time, not TEPCO (sarcasm).

    So the Reactor 1 to 4 discharge water goes into leaking tanks and groundwater, all of which drains to the port(if not directly discharged). Then this contaminated Diiachi port water is used for cooling the other reactors 5 and 6. AND finally dumped directly into the ocean. GADS..talk about cross contamination–did anyone consider this a problem in the design??? HELLO….??!!

    • What's going on with 5 and 6?

      They were supposed to be shut down and cooled off…

      • razzz razzz

        The recent revelation I read that 5&6 also needed to be cooled by seawater renders them useless for the future. Maybe they had a working generator to share during the disaster but lacked fresh makeup water for cores and SFPs. I know they chopped holes in the roofs to release any hydrogen build up but I don't know if it was precautionary or actually necessary.

  • We thinks that the 'experts' have given up on FUKU, and are just doing window dressing things to make it look like they are busy…

    Coverup and deny… much easier and cheaper than dealing with the mess that the 5 year old made.. No need to change the diapers.

    Just sweep it along with all of the dirty diapers, under the rug.

    What's that funny smell?

    Buy some more air freshener on the next shopping trip, Milda!

  • 5 & 6 are servicable assetts as far as TepGov management see. Love to get them making money again. Irregardless shut down forever they still need to be cooled with the existing cooling system it seems which feeds from the contaminated harbor out to the Pacific. So here again we are being lied to. Containment of harbor waters immpossible and we sure arnt going to upgrade cooling system of 5 & 6. They have pretty much known this from the beginning and coastal fisheries will be wiped out. How to feed Japan without fish. I wonder what else they are not telling us? I imagine at least one blob of corium is being at least partially cooled by underground water. Estimate of radiation released is way way lowballed to the public. Radiation is increasing as we really dont have control of the melted out cores. Obviously. Getting harder and harder to actually do anything so while showing public plans of remediation they are wondering how much longer they have before bailing. Pure conjecture on my part. But nothing particularly concrete from press. Dont buy we dont know where the corium is folks. This is the original "As the stomach turns" never ending soap tragedy. As predicted by many here the truths get worse as time turns tide.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    All countries and governments are keeping news of this disaster to a minimum.

    Nobody can stop the leaking … so, we live with it.

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    hmmm… alarming contamination within the port – even with, what must be a very large amount of, "fresh" ocean water being drawn in for 5 & 6 cooling. I suspect it is much worse than the numbers are suggesting…

  • farawayfan farawayfan

    Deck chairs. Titanic. Rearrange.

  • W8R W8R

    Ok.. There is no way they are using seawater as coolant at 5 and 6.
    I do believe they are using some at 1-4.
    Not cool. Salt plus nuclear equals muy bad mojo.
    (See Uranium Nanotubes)
    5 and 6 are scrammed and probably still stable.
    Their fuel pools may be another story.
    5 and 6 are much bigger, much better built reactors.
    Diiani otoh…..
    But if they still are releasing water outside the port from 5 and 6
    that is yet another piece of the puzzle.
    But I hesitate to accept they are pumping from the bay. Not to 5 and 6. 1-4 sure, they require huge amounts of water.

  • W8R W8R

    Of course, considering they probably dumped enough waste in the bay to fuel a reactor, from the exploded temains of 3, as the "fog" demostrates, the water is actually probably small potatos..
    Mis direction on a grand scale.
    Tell us about the billions of bq/h in the water you are dumping into the bay, probably to cool the bay itself, to draw attention away from the real problems.
    3 cores down, 6 fuel pools in jeopardy, chunks of fuel blows all around. Readings on site of 10-20 Sv??
    4-6 hr exposure limit. Impossible to remediate.
    Fission is occuring all over. Above and under ground.
    Take the worst claimed releases, and consider them the miminum.
    By 1000% or 10,000% or…..

  • razzz razzz

    Fukus' Diary recently noted that TEPCO had a desalting rig set up between Units 5&6 to remove salt from those units (had a picture of it because it was leaking at the time). TEPCO reported saltwater was used for emergency cooling during the blackout. If that is true then the reactors are wasted. I remember 5&6 pools were heating up after 3/11 but even if they had a working generator to run the heat exchanger pumps, they didn't have any fresh makeup water for the reactors or SFPs, had to resort to saltwater.

  • Phil Shiffley Phil Shiffley

    Somewhat OT due to it being related to fracking but there is an attachment at this link which is part of a gag order agreement between Colorado Oil & Gas Assoc and physicians which appears to make its position based on trade secrets. I thought it might be worthy of being posted here to remind us physicians are being silenced. I wonder what would happen to them if they refused to sign.


    • Tom in AZ Tom in AZ

      Thanks for this Phil. One of these days a real judge will shame the Supreme Court into doing its real job. Or put the roadmap to impeach 5 of them into an opinion…

  • Ron

    I don't know. I looked at that photo of the "leaking", which looks more like active pumping, and I am reminded of how much water weighs. If 400 tons of contaminated water per day are flowing in the Pacific thats 95,808 gallons. Sounds like a lot, but that picture just looks like a lot more than that.

    So lets take another example. How much water flows over Niagara Falls? According to wikianswers it's 93,150,000 US gallons per minute!

    Now I know that this is not Niagara Falls but look at that picture, are we really supposed to believe that only 95,808 gallons a day are flowing in the ocean? Note that I am not claiming it's more than that just that, to my eye, it looks like a lot more.