Cesium-134 nearly doubles in Fukushima Spent Fuel Pool No. 1 over past two months — Now at 23,000 bq/cm³

Published: August 27th, 2011 at 8:28 am ET


Fukushima I Nuke Plant SFPs with High Level of Radioactive Cesium, EX-SKF, August 26, 2011:

[…] From TEPCO’s handout for the press on August 25:

[…] In Reactor 1 SFP, the amount of radioactive cesium increased in 2 months […]

Spent Fuel Pool 1:

Cesium-134: 12,000 becquerels/cubic centimeters
Cesium-137: 14,000 becquerels/cubic centimeters

Cesium-134: 23,000 becquerels/cubic centimeters
Cesium-137: 18,000 becquerels/cubic centimeters


Published: August 27th, 2011 at 8:28 am ET


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93 comments to Cesium-134 nearly doubles in Fukushima Spent Fuel Pool No. 1 over past two months — Now at 23,000 bq/cm³

  • radegan

    No problem, just dry it out, grind it up and pour it over the rice crop. Then burn the rice crop, sending the bad, unhappy radiation across the Pacific.

    • Fukushima radiation 500 times annual safety level in Evacuation Zone
      08/20/2011 By majiroxnews


      TOKYO (majirox news) — Radiation is at its highest point in the 20-kilometer Evacuation Zone around the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. It is equivalent to 500 years’ worth of the normal annual limit of artificial radiation absorption, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) said Aug. 19.
      Annual radiation absorption in the Koirino district of the Fukushima prefecture town of Okuma was estimated to reach 508.1 millisieverts (mSv) one year after the March 11 meltdowns, the equivalent of more than 500 years of the designated safe absorption level of 20 mSv.
      Thirty-five of the 50 points within the Evacuation Zone at which MEXT took radiation readouts also recorded levels that would exceed the 20 mSv level.
      Measurements were taken from 50 points located in eight of the nine municipalities that fall within the Evacuation Zone. MEXT calculated radiation levels in the area from March 12 to Aug. 11 and made its estimations of annual exposure based on the assumption people were spending 16 hours a day outdoors.
      The Koirino district lies 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) west-southwest of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, which continues oozing radiation more than five months after going into meltdown.
      The figures MEXT released Friday were the first it has disclosed regarding estimated annual radiation absorption levels since the meltdowns following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami that hit the Tohoku Region.

      • Arizonan Arizonan

        Thank you very much for sharing this article. It contains the very important information, now shared with the Japanese people, that the radioactive contamination of half of the country will actually be getting worse over the next year, not better. This is an extremely important truth to share with the humans. It is more respectful to make sure they are aware of these truths, so that they can have a chance at planning a different life. This BS about letting people go back, about cleaning up: none of this will be possible until the out-of-control reactors are no longer emitting any radiation. That will be a very long time hence.

  • bmurr bmurr

    Better Idea! Chewable flinstones radionuclide tablets. Whats the difference?
    They are MURDERING people. Folks, we aren’t talking about some omnipotent entity. We are talking about a god damn power company.

    • “They are MURDERING people. Folks, we aren’t talking about some omnipotent entity. We are talking about a god damn power company.” – bmurr

      I really like how you said that!!!

      I wish some MSM anchor somewhere would have the guts to say something similar on a ‘live’ broadcast. Now that would be ‘fair and balanced’… and the TRUTH!

      I also dream of a candidate who will have the guts to say something like that during a ‘live’ debate or interview. I’d vote for that person, no doubt!

      The topics going to come up soon… you’d think?

      I wonder if there are Vegas odds for who talks about the facts of what’s happening first.

      …And when I say talk about facts I don’t mean the standard NRC ‘talk back manual’ replies. (“no reason for concern”, “airplane ride”, etc…)

      I mean someone who will ‘speak up’ and say “HEY! We Need to PREPARE and TAKE MEASURES regarding THE proven Fukushima Fallout. We already should have. We then need to look at our own Nuclear Plants and systematically turn them off as quickly and safely as possible.”

      That, would make my day. That might give us all a chance at a better life.

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        Hi ChasAha, +1.
        I’m just afraid that to have a candidate proposing to quit nukes, there needs to be a certain percentage of the public who supports this point of view.
        Otherwise, that will be the last interview for that candidate, or not?

        Do you see that public opinion which would welcome green power in the US at the moment? That would be interesting to know, if there are any current surveys about that question.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      bmurr, I totally agree. They are NOT almighty, they are just private companies who haven’t existed 60 years ago and probably will not exist anymore in another 40 years.

      And they will be facing some competition in the future! As soon as the first green energy companies (the independent ones, not the ones founded by the nukers) really expand and folks see that it works – then everyone will buy green energy and the nukers can shut down.

    • Arizonan Arizonan

      I like how you said it as well. I don’t think there are any governments left on the planet who are willing to put the interests of their own people ahead of the interests of corporations.

    • mikey

      Clapps loud n long

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Oh OK!! That’s why the MSM has failed us!
    “journalis­tic red lines” Blackberry spyware cable shows media fear of intelligen­ce agencies http://bit­.ly/pDWlm1 #wlfind
    1 hour ago
    Good god.

  • First time poster…greetings to all.

    Nuclear Reactor Cooling # 101

    ….NR’s are placed on Fault Lines because that is where the water is…including man made lakes (North Anna #1/2) as they are built on expanded River beds…as are big body water Coastlines.

    Correct me if I’m wrong please.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      …go to my head
      make me forget…;-)

      Welcome on board!

    • Irritated Kalifornian

      @ red red wine. Good Morning R.R.W. Regarding your post “NR’s are placed on fault lines because that is where the water the water is” Is that to say all nuke plants are built on fault lines because there is always water at the fault lines? Could you , or some one else, please clarify? Thank you in advance for any info. Have a good day. I.K.

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        Wow. You know what IK? That’s a very good question.
        Google brought me this:
        The New Madrid fault line essentially follows the Mississippi River from Illinois to Arkansas.
        So that tells me that water certainly does follow faultlines. At least THERE.

        • Whoopie Whoopie

          I think they might have meant:
          The River follows the faultline though.
          Hell if I know.

          • Whoopie Whoopie

            Well I should have read further:
            “Where quakes along the West Coast of the US cause a jolt in the underlying rock, the area surrounding the New Madrid is essentially mud, soil, wet from the mighty Mississippi and Missouri and Tennessee and Ohio rivers which join near the New Madrid fault line, and liquifaction thus affects a huge area”

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            I myself IMHO suspect that something happening at a nuclear power plant may cause the quake. Also, it seemed somewhat reasonable to me the explanation for the interconnection about excessive ionization above a nuclear power plant, the use of HAARP to change that, and the frozen methane below the surface of the earth. The worst thing is that the infrastructure of older nuclear power plants seems to be corroded too much to stay in service, and much too expensive and dangerous to build new ones without even considering the problem of spent fuel rods. Perhaps the spent fuel rods are partially responsible for all the excessive ionization in the air.
            Fukushima Explained – by Finnish Nuclear Scientist Arto Lauri (HAARP & more)

          • Whoopie Whoopie

            Saw that video and agree with you. (and him) You shoulda seen the Trolls jump all over that at HP.

      • irradiated californian

        nice name 😀

    • Arizonan Arizonan

      Welcome! Sometimes they just use up whatever river happens to be around. I don’t think there is a faultline under Palo Verde nuclear power plant outside of Phoenix, they just suck up all the river water they can and hold it in big evaporating pools. They could get water to boil out here by just putting a bunch a big black tubes coiled up out in the 110 degree heat. I have no idea how much of our Arizona water they use to keep those damn things cool.

      • I’m getting the data on that. Someone who has been researching this subject is sharing his findings and i can tell you that they are not good because radiation is released with the evaporation.

        It is going to take me some time to work through all the data he has sent.

        I will post eventually on my blog

        • Fall out man!

          Hi Majia,

          That is an interesting one. We have heard very little about how much radiation is released from the plants when they are actually working normally. I did pick up that they release enough Krypton 85 to change the conductivity of the atmosphere (making it more conductive)

          It will be interesting to see what you manage to glean from the data.

    • Sickputer

      One of the nuclear plants in America is built where there is no big body of water and uses affluent water: Palo Verde near Phoenix.

      I was interested to see how the Arizona power plant Red Hawk uses water so efficiently and it is a natural gas plant:


      New natural gas plants and new massive discoveries of natural gas in America could be the reason why nuclear plants AND new coal plants will be phased out for economic reasons.

      No need to have a green reason to stop the plants…just convince the financiers…they won’t invest in a dying whale….and the nuclear plants are beginning to stink like a dead whale washed up on the beach.

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Well, why is the cesium amount rising in the SFP? Because they re-use the cooling water (or claim to do so), or not?

    • Steven Steven

      I don’t think they usually lose much water from the SFP’s (under normal conditions). If the SFP at R1 was losing water like R4 is/was(?) there would be little point in even taking this reading let alone mentioning it.

      I’m guessing it’s sitting there holding water as intended, but due to the ‘loud noise and white smoke’ noticed by TEPCO on the 11th March, something is amiss with the spent fuel assemblies. The lid is off that building, and it was raining lumps of MOX fuel on the 14th March… some of it could have plopped in unnoticed maybe. Otherwise the ‘hydrogen explosion’ in R1 might have caused some damage, rearranged things and set something going.

      No doubt Arnie will have a good analysis for us in a few days, I’m just guessing.

    • Arizonan Arizonan

      I am wondering that as well. What are some things that would cause the caesium in the SFP to double like that over time?? If it had been caused by flying fuel pellets coming out of the explosions, I would have thought the increase in radiation would have been noticeable then. In this case, however, June 24 readings are being compared to August 18 readings. It is during this time frame that the readings doubled. What would cause that??

  • StillJill StillJill

    Now, THERE’S the 64 thousand dollar question B&B!

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    INTENSE HAARP RING in Hurricane Irene = weather modification

    • NoNukes NoNukes

      Whoopie, I was just arriving with a link to dutch’s blog.

      What do you think? Are they trying to slow it down or make it worse? Time will tell, I guess. I have friends right there in NC.


      • Whoopie Whoopie

        Hell NoNukes. I dont know but they sure did TAMPER WITH THE EYE.
        HAARP Claims it can weaken Hurricanes
        Is that what we are seeing? I would hope to God that’s what it was. But notice Dutch says: Watch for major activity in a few days.
        So guess we’ll see if they are GOOD OR BAD Manipulations, eh?

  • selfsovereign


    This little hummer causes all pollutants to fall out of the air in your home by neutralizing their positive charge.

    This is the best negative ion device that I HAVE used.

    Massive negative ion generation WITHOUT ozone production. Ozone combined with our 80% nitrogen atmosphere creates nitric acid, which damages lung tissue. PLEASE, never use an ozone generator!

    Negative ions can relieve depression,headaches, increase thought speed, open up your lungs, deter bacteria/virus/mold/pathogens from multiplying.
    All these effects I have observed over many years.

    When you take a deep breath in your home, your nose and lungs get that wonderful tickling feeling, as you feel when breathing the air right after a thunderstorm. Obviously I highly recommend this device.


    The balancing of the blade DETERMINES the level of performance.
    Balancing the blade CAN take up to an hour (call me slow).
    If the device gets dew/moisture on it, it will burn out.
    Keep device at least four feet from any electronic device that you value!!

    You will probably end up on some watchlist if you purchase any of the unique weapons offered by that web sites mad scientist. Fair notice

  • I’ve written a summary of all the data and reports I’ve acquired concerning what we know about the spent fuel pools that can be found here


    Please, I would be grateful if you would post additional information that you have about the pools in the comments.

    Thank you!

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      I’ll let the Experts weigh in with you Majia.
      Excellent post though! I posted here:

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        Question about Majia’s comments:

        “There are 250 kilograms of Plutonium in each reactor (only 2.5 kilograms needed to make a bomb) and plutonium is escaping into the atmosphere­”

        I thought only one reactor has MOX fuel rods with Plutonium!


        • my understanding is that plutonium is a by-product of the uranium in the fuel rods and therefore is produced even when mox fuel is not being used.

          i wish I could recall the citation for this assertion but we discussed it here at enenews sometime ago

        • Further information on my understanding is that plutonium is a by-product of the uranium fuel fission process.

          check out this post by blogger Ex-SKF

          In this post, Ex-SKF examines Japan’s nuclear agency report on radionuclides released from the report. He links the pdf report.

          here is a summary of Ex-SKF’s reading of the report:

          “More plutonium came out from Reactor 2, 2-digit higher, not from Reactor 3 with MOX-fuel.

          Strontium-89 (in becquerels)
          Reactor 1: 8.2 x 10^13 (or 82 terabecquerels)
          Reactor 2: 6.8 x 10^14 (or 680 terabecquerels)
          Reactor 3: 1.2 x 10 ^15 (or 1,200 terabequerels)
          Total: 2.0 x 10^15 (or 2,000 terabequerels)

          Strontium-90 (in becquerels)
          Reractor 1: 6.1 x 10^12 (or 6.1 terabecquerels)
          Reactor 2: 4.8 x 10^13 (or 48 terabecquerels)
          Reactor 3: 8.5 x 10^13 (or 85 terabecquerels)
          Total: 1.4 x 10^14 (or 140 terabecquerels)

          Plutonium-241 (in becquerels)
          Reactor 1: 3.5 x 10^10 (or 35 billion becquerels)
          Reactor 2: 1.2 x 10^12 (or 1.2 terabequerel)
          Reactor 3: 1.6 x 10^10 (or 16 billion becquerels)
          Total: 1.2 x 10^12 (or 1.2 terabequerel)

          Neptunium-239, which decays to plutonium-239, was estimated at 7.6 x 10^13 becquerels, or 76 terabequerels, adding to 3.2 x 10^9 becquerels of plutonium-239 that came out. Again, most neptunium-239 came out of Reactor 2, whose reactor building is more or less intact and whose Suppression Chamber is said to have been damaged on March 15 morning.

          In the PDF file linked above, NISA estimated 770,000 to 850,000 terabecquerels of radioactive materials have been released into the atmosphere from Fukushima I Nuke Plant (although they are now trying to lower that number), and additional 720,000 terabecquerels of radioactive materials are in the contaminated water at the plant…”

          read the entire post at the link above

          Unless I am mistaken, I think we see in this report that plutonium is a byproduct of the fissioning of fuel that is not mox fuel

          • Sickputer

            It is well known plutonium is a byproduct of a regular uranium-loaded reactor.

            In the Unit 3 MOX reactor there was 982 pounds of plutonium brought over on a ship from France so it did indeed have a headstart over traditional fuel.

  • Irritated Kalifornian

    @ Whoopie. Thank you for acknowledging my post regarding the placement of nuke plants on fault lines. I hope you are out of the way of the hurricane. As you probably know Kalifornia is riddled with faults. It would be difficult to build a nuke plant out here away from a fault. However, having grown up in the Chicago area I have an interest in the midwest also & I took a quick look ,did not research yet, at the immediate Chicago area nuke plants & they appear to use Lake Michigan ( not a manmade lake) as their water source, as opposed to fault line water. Will be looking into this further.

    @ red red wine: Please try not to worry just yet about all nuke plants being on fault lines Will keep you posted. Sincerely I.K.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      IR – i’m safe where I’m at.
      I don’t know much about the Fault/Water subject but sure look forward to hearing what YOU find out. Interesting subject for sure. 🙂

    • lokay5 lokay5

      “As you probably know Kalifornia is riddled with faults.”

      Most of ’em are in Sacramento…….

      • Irritated Kalifornian

        @lokay5: Good evening to you lokay. I hope you are also safe from the hurricane. In your post “most of ’em are in Sacramento” It appears you are referring to the “faults’. Are you speaking of the tectonic plate movement in the Sacramento area, or are you speaking of the political climate?
        Regards, IK

        • lokay5 lokay5

          Yes IK, I’m relatively safe and sound, at least as far as hurricanes are concerned. I’m in the Pacific Northwest. I moved from CA 5 years ago to get as far from a Diablo Canyon as I could. It didn’t work…..obviously. My Spanish wasn’t adequate, either…..

          BTW-I saw a “Jerry Brown for California Governor” bumper sticker today! On a car with Oregon plates, no less!

          No, the faults in Sacramento to which I refer are not seismic. Don Perata was my High School class president. Ring a bell?

          Best of luck to ol’ Moonbeam.

          Linda Ronstadt, indeed! Jerry, you lucky dog!

  • odiez1 odiez1

    Hurricane’s eye right over the NPP right now?!?!

  • A Short History of Measuring Health Effects of Radiation Exposure

    other links
    Excellent summary effects of low-dose ionizing radiation

    Busby cite on alternative model

  • toomyleefukushima2

    have you seen the trees and plants go red near the reactors on live cam? very similar to red forest in chernobyl.

  • Anyone notice that Alexander Higgins webpage, with his great EPA radnet feed, is offline?

    he is not on the east coast. I think he in the Pacific northwest somewhere.

    • Alex lives in portland. I have his telephone number if you would like it…

    • The tops of my trees went red in june???

      • The flowers, mostly beautiful wild poppies, did not appear in the foothills of the central Sierra Nevada Mountains in California this year. (almost none I would say)

        I heard someone else talking about the flowers not coming this year as in years past and they said they thought it was due to the cool wet spring we had. (which was unusual in itself)

        I don’t know. Just a personal observation. ???

        I am not a botanist. But, if the flowers don’t bloom, then it’s got to affect something else. That I am pretty sure of.

        I do know that the Spiderwort plant is sensitive to ionizing radiation so maybe other plants can be too?

        “The cells of the stamen hairs of some Tradescantia (spiderwort)plants are colored blue, but when exposed to sources of ionizing radiation such as gamma rays, the cells mutate and change color to pink; they are one of the few tissues known to serve as an effective bioassay for ambient radiation levels.”

  • SteveMT

    When will the Japanese post this?:


    (evacuate immediately)


    (for the love of God)


  • SteveMT

    All of this radioactive waste will be staying right in Fukushima….if there is sufficient time left to build it.

    Kan: Central storage plant planned in Fukushima
    Sunday, August 28, 2011 02:15 +0900 (JST)

    Prime Minister Naoto Kan has informed the governor of Fukushima Prefecture of a plan to build a central storage plant to temporarily manage nuclear waste, including contaminated soil.

    At a meeting in Fukushima City on Saturday, Governor Yuhei Sato responded that he was troubled to hear about such a plan so suddenly.


  • kirinseti

    Well, I have fought the good fight for several years since I was 17. No one listens to me now and I am 57. Do your best, but you are on your own as am I.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Hi kirinseti. I dont recognize your name HERE but I’m PROUD to see you now. (i dont post much)
      I am 60+ years and only OPENED MY EYES on 3/11. I’m ashamed how much this Nuclear Power was OFF MY RADAR for decades!! Eyes are WIDE OPEN NOW.
      Thank you for FIGHTING so many years!
      I Salute you! WE SHALL OVERCOME!!

  • theypoisonus


    Considering Abortion: Hydrocephalus: 🙁

    Hydrocephalus is a buildup of fluid inside the skull, leading to brain swelling. Hydrocephalus means “water on the brain.” Symptoms: The symptoms depend on the cause of the blockage, the person’s age, and how much brain tissue

    Also form Wikipedia:

    another post: kitten born with no hands (feet). 🙁

    Iodine made it to Romania:

    Report of Dr.Kodama:
    Cesium-137 is already starting to cause cancer

    I cannot translate in Squib/PDF (don’t know how)

    46 Bq/kg cesium found from rice.@Chiba
    The 4th case of cesium rice,so far.


    US DAY OF RAGE (from like fuku-diary)

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Google translation of Dr. Kodama’s report:

      Tatsuhiko Kodama
      Biomedical Laboratory Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology System
      (Concurrent: Radioisotope Research Center, University of Tokyo)
      Vol.41 “Chernobyl cystitis’
      – The risk of long-term exposure to low doses of cesium-137

      ■ worsening pollution of the cesium-137
      Fukushima nuclear power plant accident, is said 20 minutes of the Hiroshima atomic bomb
      Was flying a huge amount of radioactive material file. Yo early
      Following are the most worried about thyroid cancer in children boron 131
      Of which is due to long half-life of cesium-137 in 30 years
      A period of chronic damage.
      The spread of cesium-137 contamination, evacuation
      Village Restaurant 30 km farther than the primary zone that is recommended,
      Date City, the new recommendations, such as some of the evacuated residents Minamisoma
      Warning has been issued. Fukushima, Koriyama, such as Fu Nihonmatsu
      When pollution exceeds 1μ Sv / Island County in the city
      Was discovered that the area in a patchy fashion dyeing, land
      In the area of the car is quite a drive off-road vehicle in Tohoku
      Dose is found. Fukushima hotspots at non-
      Have been found, and in particular oak, including the city of Abiko Dongge 6
      Elementary school, in parks, 0.3 ~ 0.6μ average Siebel
      Contamination have been reported at the time of import /.
      Following the discovery of contamination of food. Of Kanagawa Prefecture
      Tea, Sagamihara Matsuda, exceeded the standard in North dormitory leader,
      Shipments were down 80 percent of tea. Inspection of the Paris airports
      History of Medicine Vol. 238 No. 4 2011. 7. 23

      / Tatsuhiko KODAMA Tatsuhiko Kodama
      Biomedical Laboratory Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology System
      (Concurrent: Radioisotope Research Center, University of Tokyo)
      Vol.41 “Chernobyl cystitis’
      – The risk of long-term exposure to low doses of cesium-137
      ◎ Fukushima nuclear accident caused a scattering huge amounts of cesium-137. Pollution, 30 km beyond the village, such as Restaurant, Fukushima and Koriyama
      Metropolitan Fukushima, Abiko, including spread to East Kashiwa kudzu: 26. Contamination in food, Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture, North, out of the dormitory superintendent tea 松田
      Will stop the tea produced in Shizuoka Prefecture, has been detected contamination at the airport in Paris. Be concerned about the northeast, the breast milk of 108 people in Kanto
      An analysis is that cesium-137 was detected 2 to 13 Bq / L from the milk of seven of Fukushima Prefecture.
      Cesium-137, a nuclear test did not previously exist on the planet. Γ-ray emitting strong radiation accident in Goiania in 1987
      Also known deaths. In the body is excreted in the urine from the kidneys. Shoji Fukushima, director of the Japan Bioassay Research Center, check
      Runobuiri and local researchers, the incidence of bladder cancer per million people, announced that it has increased from 26 to 43 in 2001 from 1986
      However, a precancerous condition, the proliferative “Chernobyl cystitis” has been reported to have been caused widespread.
      The statue of bladder pathology in 164 resected during surgery on enlarged prostate, high doses of cesium (5 ~ 30 Ci/km2), intermediate dose
      (0.5 ~ 5 Ci/km2), divided into three groups to consider the non-residents of contaminated areas, as its mechanism, p38MAP kinase and NFκB
      Activation, indicating that the increased production through NO. Cesium-137 in these three groups of human urine, respectively, 6.47,
      0.29 Bq / L and 1.23, and the same level above the breast milk of Fukushima Prefecture, a precancerous condition of creating a long-term exposure
      Report is important.
      This cesium-137 contamination are mostly on March 15, is not part of the transient was released in a few days from 21 days, or in the decontamination
      Are characterized by 除Keru be.
      Transient peak in contamination of food. The detection system developed in a hurry to avoid the ingestion of food contaminated with cesium-137
      Has become an urgent issue that. Currently, workers are engaged in or nuclear accident, people continue to live in high pollution areas such as Village Restaurant
      The need to consider, such as pectin prophylaxis adsorbing cesium-137.
      We are obligated to offspring. Ban on nuclear testing through experiments published in the U.S. to detect low-level radioactive nuclear test
      Produced the flow, you need to learn to Dr. Saruhashi Shengzi. Those produced in humans is not human effort can not be removed by a
      Not. The legal system assumes a high dose of a small amount of radioactive material present, Fukushima against nuclear accident was released to huge what low doses
      Able to respond to changing needs can prepare a system to address the medical community of our country like all out. Also falling victim in damages
      Proof is not possible, so to speak, the perpetrator (TEPCO, governments) have shown that full compensation for damage is required.
      Conversely science and systems is it?]
      A single number to evaluate outcomes such as health care systems
      The principle is not catastrophic consequences to health are already in Japan
      File. However, rather than be unnecessarily pessimistic, and Social
      Feet from where the challenges of understanding the whole system
      Considered important to begin the challenge. Inverse system
      School systems and social systems and data from a variety of human
      Understand that scientific challenge from the field to provide guidance
      A methodology.
      In the survey, cesium has been detected in tea from Shizuoka Prefecture
      Of radioactive iodine-131 from the Fukushima nuclear power plant
      Many areas are already below the detection limit in half-life of 8 days
      Sure, long-term cesium remaining in the half-life of 30 years
      Has been the biggest problem is exposure of 137.
      ■ What is the cesium-137?
      Cesium-137, prior to the 1940s on the planet
      Most did not exist. Produced in fission of uranium
      Emitted in large quantities because nuclear and atomic bomb. Recently
      Has become a nuclear accident in the emission source. Since the
      The appraisal is used in ages, was produced in the 19th century
      Jefferson is said to be bottles, 1940
      Bottle after Jefferson’s fake and found
      Level and is famous incident.
      Cesium-137 γ-ray emitting β-rays and a strong food
      Used to treat radiation exposure and cancer. Half-life
      Dangerous because it emits radiation over 30 years and long-term
      Be. In Goikonia Brazil in 1987, closed
      Cesium radiation therapy equipment in medical institutions that are
      137 is taken out, shiny metal contact as interested
      Contact and exposure were 250 people, that killed four rubber
      Ikonia incident has occurred. Enter the body and gastrointestinal
      Is absorbed from the liver, muscle distributed, from 100 days
      Excreted in the urine from the kidney in 200 days. To urinary
      Failures have been noted.
      ■ “Chernobyl cystitis’
      Center to consider the health hazards of chemicals in our country
      Japan Baioatsu institutions established by the government as
      Say Research Center, or inflammation of various substances may evoke
      Being considered carcinogenic. Shoji Fukushima, the Director of the Institute
      Dr. cesium in the vicinity of Chernobyl
      Folded under consideration long-term effects of exposure to 137
      In 2004, Dr. Fukushima is a change in the proliferative atypia
      Featuring “Chernobyl cystitis’ concept
      One advocated). In Ukraine, more than 30 Ci/km2
      Have been forced evacuation area. Less low line
      Damage caused or what the long term exposure of healthy weight
      For many years to analyze the folded. Then bladder cancer
      Is 26.2 per million people in 1986 from 43.3 persons
      (2001) note that the 65% increase, 15
      Years, relatively high doses (5 ~ 30 Ci/km2), intermediate
      Dose (0.5 ~ 5 Ci/km2) For residents living in the area
      You have launched a study of histopathology of the bladder (“Side
      Notes “section).
      Dr. Fukushima is benign prostatic hyperplasia at surgery
      Under consideration of the histopathology of the bladder is partially resected
      Other. As a result, residents of contaminated areas in the bladder of cesium
      , Even at high doses in the intermediate dose, proliferation of atypical
      Found that lesions is happening, “Cheruno
      Buiri cystitis “named.
      Proliferative changes characteristic of dysplasia why such
      What happens? The immunohistochemical study, p38 MAP
      Activation of kinases, p50 and p65 of NFκB cells
      Increase was found in the. This is a low-level ionizing
      Caused by chronic exposure to radioactive materials was
      Believe, pathology residents in the area of exposure of the bladder
      An analysis of dense tissue, thus almost all the cases
      Changes were found in proliferative atypia, non-contaminated areas

      History of Medicine Vol. 238 No. 4 2011. 7. 23
      Soil pollution, the Chernobyl Curie (Ci) /
      Square kilometers, Fukushima Becquerel (Bq) equivalent / kg, is as follows:
      Fold. Rice specific gravity of 1.6 per square standard method is to dig 2 inches
      If you calculate that with 80 kg, 1 Ci/km2 is there at 4,625 Bq / kg
      1 Ci 37 Gigabit Bq (= 3.7 × 1010 Bq) is. Chell
      In Nobuiri the prohibited area inhabited by more than 30 Ci/km2, 5 Ci /
      restricted area is inhabited by more than km2. Fukushima mentioned in the text
      This paper is divided into areas, 8,750 Bq / 3,125 20,000 130,000 from
      high-dose region to kg, 20,000 2,312.5 3,125 middle
      That the occupation area (Table 1).
      At the town high Namie is also Bq / kg 140,000, can
      Square kilometers which is more than 30 Ci /.
      Village Restaurant, a 58,000 Bq / kg from 3,300, a high area,
      The area is mostly intermediate.
      Fukushima, in the intermediate area in the 15,000 Bq / kg from 4,900
      Minamisoma Also, an intermediate zone in 12,000 Bq / kg from 3000
      Chernobyl and the contaminated soil
      Compare Fukushima
      Community patients were seen in the bladder.
      Fukushima and colleagues, patients exposed to these areas, 2009
      2 reported that the increase in bladder cancer), and other
      Are summarized in Figure 1 as a mechanism.
      Of breast milk and urine Seshiumure ■ Fukushima Chernobyl
      Compare Bell
      Argument that long term exposure to low doses of cesium in the bladder
      Causes chronic inflammation of the bladder come, the question is a precancerous condition
      Dr. Fukushima is reported to have significant sales.
      For thyroid cancer in children of Chernobyl, Yo
      How easy to gather the thyroid characterized boron 131
      In spite of these had been suspected from the beginning, widely recognized
      Takes 10 years even though it is recognized, nearly ceased after 20 years
      The concept that there is a causal relationship, such as the WHO
      That the Nsasu. 18 years after the first report of bladder cancer
      And, 23 years later revealed the carcinogenic mechanism
      It has become the proof of the low level of radiation damage
      Together to reaffirm how difficult it is, only
      Steady measurements then indicate the importance of the study.
      Already Fukushima, Nihonmatsu, Soma, Iwaki Women Hidden
      Cesium from 2 to 13 Bq / kg of milk
      Survey research group reported that the ministry is detected 137
      Have been reported. This concentration of Dr. Kjell Fukushima
      Roughing The cesium-137 in the urine of residents Nobuiri
      Suitable. Dr. Fukushima reported that, as in Table 1, 6
      Level 2, the same as Becquerel / L).
      Then, so far, “immediately dangerous to health
      History of Medicine Vol. 238 No. 4 2011. 7. 23

      1 “Chernobyl bladder cancer,” Mechanisms of onset 2)
      Chronic exposure to low-dose ionizing radiation (137Cs)
      Urinary bladder urothelium, lamina propria
      DNA damage
      by-and IR
      Inefficient DNA
      instability Initiation
      (Macrophages, endothelial cells, leukocytes)
      ROS and RNS formation DNA methylation
      NO, O2-, Peroxinitrite
      Oxidative DNA damage (8-OHdG) Inefficient
      DNA repair
      p53 mutations
      signaling cascades
      “Landscaping tumor promoter” (Kinzher et al., 1998)
      Raf1 MAPK
      protein degradation
      (P53, p27kip1)
      Unscheduled regulation of cell cycle transition
      Induction of cell proliferation
      Inhibition of apoptosis
      TGFβ1, FGFR3, EGFR1, 2
      Unscheduled ubiquitination,
      sumoylation processes
      ECM, stroma remodelling
      Urothelial carcinoma
      atypical cysitis
      (Paracrine fashion)
      -Oncogene activation
      Inhibition of tumor
      suppressor genes
      Chronic inflammation
      γ β
      p38 MAPK, NF-κB
      There is no “level instead of, for bladder cancer is already
      Stage is likely to increase the risk of any
      That is that. First of all, tax on milk
      思Wanaku abnormalities that can be detected 137 um
      Authorities have been encourage the serious soul-searching to determine the research
      ■ decontamination is urgent
      Cesium scattering due to this transient nuclear accident
      Is. Space radiation dose records in Figure 2 Mito
      Exhibits, there is a big peak on March 15, March
      There was a sustained release for a while from 21, this
      Since the release of two big shows a lack of
      This trend is a common accidental contamination of this
      You can play with. Radioactive contamination of a significant portion of today,
      Attached to the particles emitted from nuclear power plants in clay soil
      According to the radiation from cesium-137 was attached to the minutes
      The thought, decontamination of the soil is the key.
      Cesium-137 contamination of the soil, yet these features like
      Yes, highly contaminated areas are called hot spots
      Decontamination is important. A look at nuclear power plants north of the regional
      Restaurant on the west from the village Nihonmatsu, Koriyama, Fukushima, etc. People
      Seen a lot of areas of high population density scattering (“Side
      Notes “section).
      March 21 while scattering is also seen to the southwest,
      Kashiwa, Abiko City, including six Nagareyama TOKATSU, even God Nana
      River North County, dormitory leader Matsuda, Shizuoka Prefecture, etc. Further to Fly
      Have been distributed. Soil either before hitting the mountains
      And land, those who fly high density of fine particles were observed in the basin
      Reflect the specificity, indicating a more complex distribution.
      Furthermore, we (Radioisotope Research Center, University of Tokyo
      Center) have been in kindergarten Minamisoma, the decontamination of the nursery
      So in kindergarten when 0.5μ Sv / average gutter
      5 ~ 10μ Sieverts per hour, such as under, under the slide
      5 to 10 times of such Minihottosu Sv 2.5μ
      Pots have been found. Easy to measure radioactivity
      Because of the characteristics, from high neonatal and decontamination
      By and can be an effective decontamination.
      Radiation damage, children prosperous of cell growth, immune
      Prone to be sick from failing, preschool,
      Kindergarten, elementary, and high school and younger children
      Contact, where there is an urgent need of decontamination may be inhaled.

      History of Medicine Vol. 238 No. 4 2011. 7. 23
      Level 2 of the cesium-137 in the urine of patients with enlarged prostate surgery in the vicinity of Chernobyl in Table 1).
      Group 3
      0.29 ± 0.03
      Group 2
      0.5 to 5
      1.23 ± 1.01
      Group 1
      6.47 ± 14.30
      No. Of patients
      Contamination levels in soils (Ci/km2)
      137Cs levels in urine (Bq / L)
      Mito, Ibaraki Environmental Radiation Level 2
      ΜSv / h dose (micro Sievert per hour)
      3 / 16
      4 / 1
      4 / 16
      5 / 1
      5 / 16
      6 / 1
      Not satisfied with current law ■ – Improvement of the legal system is an urgent
      However, now when you start the decontamination of these
      Disaster Prevention Act of radioactive isotopes of the line (so-called
      Ru-proof method failure) is not compatible with the situation. The current “failure-proof method”
      Assumes that there is a small amount of highly radioactive material, “high
      Dose, “” containment, “” restricted area “Handling the basic
      That you are.
      However, the following Becquerel / kg handling 10,000
      Have not been regulated. So, “ask once diluted
      No problem “responses that are easily taken. In fact, small amounts
      Release of radioactive material is diluted, diluted sewage that is disposed of
      Essential that I have become. This small amount of whole
      Can not be assumed. But this time it Fukushima nuclear power plant
      The accident, which released huge low dose of radioactive material
      Has become a problem that others. For example, around the sewage
      In the processing plant, 500 tons of sludge and 8,000 Bq / kg
      The unexpected scale and accumulate. Tohoku University
      In the analysis of isotope Center, cesium in soils
      System is attached to the clay layer. This clay layer of sludge
      Used for making cement, the potential for enrichment
      Greater attention should be paid. Extensive removal of contaminated
      And if you use a lot of cleaning products, detergents containing
      And that a large amount of sewage flowing into the radioactive material
      File. The amount of detergent is used with caution.
      In this case, there impossible to contain spatially
      File. In some prefectures of radiation controlled area to the sewage treatment plant
      If you have been, the current law to handle controlled area
      There are strict criteria and specifying the radionuclide. For example,
      The University of Tokyo, but there is a controlled area network of more than 20 months, Fukushima
      Cesium has been flying in, facilities such as tellurium treated
      There are only four places. Under current law, also to the waste
      Has laid stringent standards, a large debris, sludge
      That is about to be treated in the extralegal. In fact,
      Because weak radiation damage to some extent if you put a distance
      Can be less likely. Rather scattered and are not inhaled
      It is important to be sold. Etc. So Minamisoma
      Are thinking short term, studies in the same local area
      School and district to fill the basement of the hospital away from
      Be. The uniform removal of lower doses even higher doses
      Le addition, high doses of those children as possible,
      The policy of removing the patient from touching sensitive area
      To promote faster Fukushima nuclear power plant decontamination, about the country
      Should make the system go all out for stakeholders.
      ■ Evidence of victims is impossible – TEPCO, the government’s responsibility
      Former president of TEPCO and Shimizu, 海江田 Minister of METI,
      In the Diet, “proof of damage, such as forced evacuation by the government
      What compensation is available “as is also demonstrated that the
      Stated policy of not only the damages. Only
      The forced evacuation was very strange things have been produced
      File. Minamisoma in which the author is involved in the decontamination of the sea
      The low dose of 0.2 mSv per hour and 0.3μ
      But, in the mountain is also beyond 30 km per hour Shibe 0.6μ
      Some schools of default. A real school of 0.6μ Sv
      In the hot spot out of Sv about 6μ
      Sister, it has been decontaminated. Now, 20 ~ 30 km zone
      Have been forced closed by the government in the school. South
      Soma 70,000 residents, temporary emergency shelter to 10,000
      Has decreased, along with the composure of the current 30,000 nuclear accident
      People have come back over. But 70 percent of the city
      In the region accounts for 20 ~ 30 km from the primary, the school is closed
      Beyond 30 km to the city for children at school bus
      Shi transportation, and not costing a million yen per day
      Restaurant lines are more close to the village beyond 30 km, however
      The amount is higher. About 20 ~ 30 km school zone
      The decision of the municipal government to stop letting uniform regulations
      As high priorities. And forced the evacuation of linking compensation
      Stop, all costs are paid by the government evacuation of residents and the Electric Power
      Is coming. Even now, only children in Fukushima, Koriyama City
      Some Fukushima family evacuated to the relatives of
      Times more space than the higher dose is more Minamisoma
      Many. But to protect the lives and health of children, the best
      Needs to be raised.
      By combining the best of our country’s science and technology ■
      – Learning achievement of Dr. Saruhashi
      Cesium 137 is excluded if the clay layer was deposited on
      What is sure, that the biggest challenge for the future. It
      Cesium is an alkali metal were scattered from the primary
      That need to analyze what is chemical
      Be. Cesium complex reacts with Lewis bases
      Formed. This is similar to potassium and, more coordination number
      History of Medicine Vol. 238 No. 4 2011. 7. 23

      Tends to be, have been developed using the same separation method
      In the soil of our country, the amount of the 1960 nuclear test
      Cesium was deposited. By the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
      The lose of residual radioactive material is decontaminated
      Rather than from that, then the radioactivity of the atomic bomb a thousand times
      U.S. H-bomb test and release the Soviet Union, China,
      The results in France, a large amount of cesium scattering
      By that (3) 3).
      In Agriculture and Forestry Experiment Station of the country, since the 1950 tax
      Determination of lithium in 137 records. According to the Japan
      Replaced in 40 years on the land is 50% of the soil. Tax
      30-year half-life of 137 um, 17 years together this
      Of half the radioactivity.
      Have tried to clarify the situation in this country women
      Scientists is Dr. Shengzi Saruhashi 4). In 1962, Hiroshi Saruhashi
      City efforts to detect traces of radioactivity, the American right
      Perform experiments with Dr. Folsom’s public threats detected traces of
      Window. Six months later, Dr. Folsom experiments of Dr. Saruhashi
      A tribute to the precision, the U.S. government in the stratosphere following year
      Announcing the suspension of nuclear testing.
      Twenty years later, to commemorate his achievements, “Saruhashi Award” ceremony
      Dr. said, “that pure research will change the world
      Heart is born, “he said.
      Cesium decontamination 進Meyo bear in mind these words
      Window. Decontamination is not possible for a person who produced the goods
      Not. Cesium decontamination in Fukushima, the next generation
      Japan is the responsibility of scientists.
      Acknowledgements by Japan for providing valuable information
      Shoji Fukushima extremely grateful to the Director of the lower dead Oassei Research Center
      The. The author analyzes the text in to say, however,
      / Web Document
      1) Morimura K, Romanenko A, Min W, Salim EI,
      Kinoshita A, Wanibuchi H, Vozianov A, Fukushima
      S.: Possible distinct molecular carcinogenic pathways
      for bladder cancer in Ukraine, before and
      after the Chernobyl disaster. Oncol. Rep., 11:881 –
      886, 2004.
      2) Romanenko A, Kakehashi A, Morimura K, Wanibuchi
      H, Wei M, Vozianov A, Fukushima S.: Urinary
      bladder carcinogenesis induced by chronic exposure
      to persistent low-dose ionizing radiation after
      Chernobyl accident. Carcinogenesis, 30:1821 –
      1831, 2009.
      3) http://www.mri-jma.go.jp/Dep/ge/2009Artifi_
      Radio_report / index.html
      4) http://nosumi.exblog.jp/9594331/
      (The next theme is “biological treatment of arthritis,” scheduled for

      History of Medicine Vol. 238 No. 4 2011. 7. 23
      Cesium-137 in the 1957 figure since 1991 (137Cs) and Strontium 90 (90Sr) 3 monthly amount of descent).
      (Geochemical Research Department Meteorological Research Institute 2009 “Study of artificial radioactivity in the environment” than)
      Radioactivity deposition (mBq/m2)
      1955 1960 1965 1970 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000
      Nuclear tests by
      former USSR, USA, etc.
      Koenji, Tokyo
      Chinese nuclear tests
      Chernobyl accident
      : 137Cs
      : 90Sr
      2005 2010
      * * *

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