Cesium-134 in Northern California topsoil more than double previous test

Published: April 20th, 2011 at 5:25 pm ET


UCB Food Chain Sampling Results, University of California, Berkeley Department of Nuclear Engineering:

Published: April 20th, 2011 at 5:25 pm ET


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18 comments to Cesium-134 in Northern California topsoil more than double previous test

  • Noah

    Stages of Acceptance

    A civilization altering event, with world wide scope has occurred. For the majority it’s reach, duration, danger came as a surprise. Those who were partially prepared, were actually preparing for another anticipated event, namely nuclear war and economic meltdown. Not an event which touches every living thing on the planet with the danger of internal emissions of radiation through bio-accumulation for centuries.

    When the concept of bio-accumulation is grasped and understood by the individual, and they see the sheer magnitude of it’s implications (Mrs. Noah refers to 311 as the party pooper.) The shock of it, amazes and dazes, denial at first, then anger sets in, gradually acceptance.

    I think that what all of us here share in common, these stages of acceptance. And come to this site in varied stages. Some take longer than others to pass through the stages, some get stuck. But, it’s OK to be frightened, this is scary to be on the receiving end of a ticking time b&%b

    After every loss, we all pass through stages, leading to acceptance. I do not condemn those who come here with denial, or those who come with anger.

    It’s like what occurs when our children die, or our beloved spouse passes, we mourn the loss and go through these very stages.

    For those of us who comprehend what has happened, we here are collectively mourning the loss of a wonderful world, full of life. We want to deny its severity, we don’t want to believe this is happening. We have angry thoughts, we are pissed. To have that wonderful world irreversibly marred is like losing someone, something you love wholly and totally.

    How do I love the planet I live upon?

    “Let me count the ways…”

    • (:-DeeZe

      True words, my friend. True words.
      Thank you for sharing them.
      May peace be with you in these times.



  • roundabout

    Noah, you could not have said it better. Seems like the majority are in the denial stage. They are going about their business as usual. It will be after massive disease and disability occurs on a scale such as never has been seen before that the anger will set it. That will take time, unless God intervenes. And I am praying for Gods mercy to us all… Thank you for your post. It sums up my feelings, and I feel validated.

    • Mothra

      I think they’re just going to stay silent about it. Not acknowledged. As long as infrastructure stays in tact, what would incentivize government or corporations and corporate media to acknowledge it? It’s not their risk or expense. It seems the decision has been made that 5% population fatality and related debilitating ailments is acceptable to them? It actually solves their dilemma: unemployment and long term benefit payments. The stock market won’t be affected except positively and there’s money in illness and revenue in death and asset reallocation. The economy will not suffer from decreased workers since productivity is an all time high. If labor is a problem, they can relax immigration. It can be denied. Deaths obfuscated. Just like Chernobyl. The numbers are refuted still today. It’s the usual MO. It’s disgusting.

  • Bruce Hayden

    Next up is the New Madrid fault. If you google
    FEMA + New Madrid fault or FEMA plus ready to eat meals or coffins etc. you can plainly see what the next HAARP target will be. Until one is able to wrap their head around the fact that the beings doing this are not fully human
    one will remain confused. The idiots who predicted good things for 2012 are not realists. I am. Anyone who thinks I am a fearmonger just doesn’t have enough information. Don’t worry, you only have a very short time before it starts really rockin’.

  • Sadly the cesium will accumulate. We are going to have to learn how to clean water and soil…there are methods that are quite effective for certain isotopes but not all of them.

    Life as we knew it is over. But that doesn’t mean life is over or that many must get sick, it just means we will have to take our technology up a notch and learn how to deal with this new situation.

    Perhaps this generation will put a stop to the nuclear as green energy nonsense. Perhaps not. Pause and reflect on the fact that the reason we use the current technology instead of Thorium is because the military industrial complex that Eisenhower tried to warn us about wanted the plutonium and uranium to make weapons. And we let them.

    And now they want us to let them build more nuclear power plants because they think it’s the best way to heat water. Ever hear of hemp? How about hydrogen? The Germans are way ahead of us in terms of solar energy. Alternatives are going to get a serious boost as we come to terms with the fact that nuclear power is NOT the answer we were looking for…

    That industry as a whole is still in denial…I see them pointing out that coal and oil also kill people and pollute, however we have figured out many ways to clean those messes up. So far with radiation we only know how to store it but not render it inert…necessity is the mother of invention. We know have necessity and I have faith in American ingenuity. This situation SUCKS but in every crisis there is opportunity.

    It’s hard to see right now but a lot of good is coming out of this disaster…meantime we must deal with the bad. And that starts with free flow of honest information and ideas on how to deal with a very real problem not denial and cover up of the danger and severity of the radiation that is now a part of our lives.

  • summer

    The media has been gaged by the feds. So now we are all on our own. There more to all this then just a power plant accident. Why was MOV in one of them? That is not normal for the plant. What were they really doing? and why is there a band on any outside investigation? Something smells here and believe me when it finally comes to the surface we will all be beyond angry and probably too sick to do anything about it. Everyone do your homework and don’t take anything at face value. Think outside the box.

  • Regulus

    Shiver me timbers
    Rattle me bones

  • Regulus

    Do tell me again who is terrorizing this country?
    Whisper it soft and slow.

  • Regulus

    Sometimes I like you to watch me do bad things, sometimes I don’t.

  • Nahart

    So, what do you want me to do about it?

  • Regulus

    Read ’em and weep.

  • Regulus

    And the “slumpen” shoulders of the “earth lice” shook.

  • Northern Exposure

    I’m still waiting to see when someone in the MSM finally starts to discuss bioaccumulation.

    I’m guessing it’ll be at least another 3-6 months before that happens. By then it’ll be too late for some areas across the globe that are being inundated with cesium-137 and strontium-90 on a daily basis by way of jetstream flows and precipitation.

    Is it any surprise that cs 137 has doubled in Northern California ? Give it another month and will double again. What doubles in the soil, will double in the food chain.

    Eventually these so-called “below EPA safe levels” will no longer be so… (unless, of course, the EPA keeps moving the goal posts).