Cesium-137 found in urine of child near Tokyo, despite mother’s stringent efforts at radiation protection — “Mixture of shock and a feeling that of course this is the case”

Published: September 5th, 2011 at 5:33 am ET


Contamination Outside Fukushima, Asia Pacific Journal by Matthew Penney, September 4, 2011:

The Japanese government has taken the position that no one outside of the vicinity of the Fukushima Daiichi plant is likely to suffer health effects from the radiation that has been released since March. Many Japanese, especially parents of young children, are doubtful.

[The August 22 issue of AERA magazine, published by Asahi Shimbun, ran a feature on contamination in the Kanto region which] begins by reiterating a point that has been made frequently by critics of the Japanese government – that we simply do not know what effects low levels of radiation and the presence of isotopes in the human body will have on long-term health.

The piece tells the story of a mother in Saitama Prefecture who, in the absence of direct government support, arranged to have a sample of her daughter’s urine tested. The test indicated that despite stringent efforts to protect her fifth grader from exposure to contaminated food and airborne radiation, the result was 0.4 Bq of Cesium 137 per kilogram of urine. Cesium 137, with a half-life of just over 30 years, is one of main radioactive isotopes released from the Fukushima Daiichi plant. “I felt a mixture of shock and a feeling that of course this is the case”, laments the girl’s mother.

Measures the mother took to protect daughter from exposure:

  • Bought produce from Kyushu – the southernmost of Japan’s major islands and the furthest from Fukushima
  • Bought 80 eggs at a time from a mail order company in Japan’s far south
  • Used bottled water exclusively
  • Washes clothes, umbrellas, and the walls and floors of her home daily

Published: September 5th, 2011 at 5:33 am ET


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90 comments to Cesium-137 found in urine of child near Tokyo, despite mother’s stringent efforts at radiation protection — “Mixture of shock and a feeling that of course this is the case”


    ‎[Very important material]
    Confidential material submit to the cabinet on 3/11.
    It reads they already assumed meltdown/melt out would happen at 23:50 on 3/11.
    This paper was submit to PM Kan on 22:35 of 3/11.

    They kept stating melt down would never happen but they already know WHEN melt OUT would happen as they were having a press conference.

    This is a very important material.

    I hope someone well experienced will translate the first link. The second link is the source link of the first one.(page 7)



    • Darth

      Like I have noted several times on this forum… GE “supplies” simulation failure software for their nuclear reactors. All large systems have such software products to help diagnose and repair as needed.

      So, yes.. all the insider’s knew this complex was toast on day one.

    • Darth

      Google translate…

      Huc and information site where children to seven generations a healthy planet and
      end header
      start menu

      expected airborne radioactivity
      food safety information < br> Family persuasive article
      Chernobyl Heart
      more nuclei were released
      NEWS Fukushima Daiichi

      end menu

      damage to the fuel at 11 – 22 hours 35 minutes – three scoops, corruption of the pressure vessel was expected to

      tweetmeme_style = ‘compact’; tweetmeme_url = ‘http://nanohana.me/?p=4545’; have a 1 in PDF file here.
      This includes the following contents have been noted.

      Effective fuel reaching the top around 21:40 forecast
      Expected core damage begins around 22:20
      Pre-damaged reactor pressure vessel around 23:50
      That is the core damage begins around 22:20, including the meltdown of fuel cooling system must be recovered intact,
      23:50 is a minute had been expected to damage the reactor pressure vessel.
      If the pressure vessel is damaged, no damage to the outer containment vessel, and yet its thickness is only 3 cm.

      From beginning to damage the core, the expected time of 1 hour 30 minutes until the pressure vessel is damaged, if he begins to damage containment, such as one hour later than 3 centimeters thick.
      While expecting this, knowing exactly the people continue to deny the meltdown,
      Without mentioning the government kept saying the health of the reactor, what I have to leave you this?
      / PDF Access Analyzer palace article 11 → 3
      <a href = ‘http: / / ac8. I2i. Jp / bin / nojslink? 00713417’ target = ‘_blank’> <img src = ‘http : / / ac8. i2i. jp / bin / nojs. php? 00713417 & guid = ON ‘border =’ ‘/>
      # prtaglink {display: none;} # prtaglink {display: none; position: absolute
      ; Width: 120px; height: 15px; top: 0px; right: 0px; z – index: 58473;} Access Analyzer You might also like:
      East earthquake: the vessel containing the molten 1-3 Unit 1 nuclear power plant accident in Fukushima possibility of holes
      existence of this shared pool of nuclear fuel 6375 語Ranai mainstream press
      decisive mistake was hidden
      TEPCO vent wrong way!

      Malicious concealment of accidents from Japan, China Railway Accident
      “Unexpected” was a lie!

    • 1984

      knowing that it will be a plus to learn japanese soon, i haven’t mastered it this quick.
      i wish they hurry up and move to the bay area so the price of my home goes back up pre-obomba.

  • Steven Steven

    Am I on the wrong thread? Thought the headline here was about a little 5th grade girl with radioactive urine (and presumably many others not yet tested). Let’s hope the Japanese government is right about the effects of low level radiation… that would mean a number of expert physicians and medical associations would have to be wrong.

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      Dear Steve: It’s not like, as you already know, the medical industry doesn’t already have five or six decades of teletherapy misshap data(radiation based “therapies”) and bad practices analyzed up and down by clinicians and lawyers of every sort in endless malpractice suits from which to draw reasonable conclusions about the realities of low-level internalized radiation (sarc., but not at you, at the situation)

      • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

        Isn’t it funny (sad) how long known really rock solid phyics and physiology realities become mysterious and gauzy flimflam in the hands of corporate and state media after a disaster where some liability, or gasp and heaven forbig, revolutionary response might occur upsetting status quo applecarts. I can just see it, we’ll have a new post 311 physiology of dosimetry and internalized ionizing radionuclides!!! Does that remind anyone of the new (revised and quite fanciful) BASIC/fundamental physics the U.S. government hawked around the 911 matter? lol

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    I’m getting worried. The Fukushima Tweet page has really SLOWED way down. Is this a sign of Japan’s Censorship or is there just no news to report? Used to be I’d wake up, open browser and Tweets would start coming in by the 30-40 even 50’s. Now they just dribble in. Anybody else notice that?

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Guess what? 9/5 Rice is being sold in Tokyo and claimed safe. Good grief. How weird is that? Just spread that shit around, make sure everybody gets some Radiation. 🙁

  • mikael

    Christ, this is a childs urin, wather that has been filtred thru a body, and this simply means that this child is completly radiated.
    No healt implications, well, she didnt die right away and that a sign of “no problemas”.
    They are fu.. crazy.

    This is insanity diplayed for everyone to see.
    And for a hundreth time, its internal and the range og Isotops tested gives a fals image.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Saw this a.m. @ Japan Today
    “TV commercial of the week: Milk makes you big”
    Incredible that this commercial is even shown when the whole of Japan is covered in Radiation. Milk is esp contaminated.

  • *Breaking* IAEA confirms core damage at reactors No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 – “Very serious”
    March 16th, 2011

    Reuters, 11:52 am EST:

    Breaking News: IAEA head says core damage at units 1-3 of quake-hit plant confirmed.
    Reuters tweet, 11:53 am EST:

    FLASH: IAEA head says core damage at units 1-3 of Japan’s quake-hit nuclear plant confirmed, situation very serious

    Related Posts:
    AP Breaking News: Nuclear fuel rods appear to be melting in all 3 of most troubled reactors
    NHK: Fuel rods at No. 2 have been melted — Radioactivity detected in atmosphere around plant
    TEPCO: Spent fuel pool is now exposed to outside air at No. 4 reactor
    US Nuclear Regulatory Commission chair: “Extremely high” radiation levels — No. 4 spent fuel rod pool has NO water & may not be able to be corrected
    TEPCO still unable to resume work on cooling reactors due to radiation risk
    Iodine and Cesium detected in Tokyo
    March 15th, 2011

    Radiation near Tokyo 40 times normal levels
    March 14th, 2011

    AP Breaking News: Nuclear fuel rods appear to be melting in all 3 of most troubled reactors
    March 14th, 2011

    We all knew back then !!!

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    I’m sure most of you have seen the video about a fire on 09/02 at Fukushima but just in case some of you missed it. http://youtu.be/nTEIn_sSlCw

  • Inf. that was available from news wires !

    Caesium indicates we have gotten to the point of meltdown says nuclear expert on CNN
    March 12th, 2011

    “It is my opinion that there could be a very large leak” says nuclear analyst — “This has gone beyond Three Mile Island”
    March 12th, 2011
    Cabinet official confirms “radiation leak” at plant — “Explosion blew the roof off the facility”: Reuters @ 6:38 am EST
    March 12th, 2011
    Analyst on CNN: “Going to be very difficult to contain” — “It looks like they lost the race against time”
    March 12th, 2011
    High level official: “Most likely that a partial core meltdown is now underway” — “This is really the worst possible scenario in a reactor” (VIDEO)
    March 12th, 2011

    More from then here !

  • Fukushima Nuclear Accident Update Log

    Updates of 14 March 2011

    Fukushima Nuclear Accident Update (15 March 2011

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Posted at HP you guys will find this very interesting.

  • theypoisonus

    Check out what I just ran across at a web site I had not been to in ages.

    It is far from an accident that this happened. For Decades these Nuclear Cos. have been using day labor for their plants. Here we just thougth it was during this event !! Not TRUE.
    They have been doing this all along and these people are considered “DISPOSIBLE” ! Untrained, no protective gear, etc.

    Headline: Fukushima Blows Lid Off Exploited Labor !


    They should have left. Given all the measures that woman took, and it is still in the urine?

    Some stuff that Tacoma put up the other day really made me sit back and take a look at this
    even deeper than I had done just a few days before, thus meaning that there is no longer any doubt that they will get this thing under control.. this is just a long drawn out , will never end, horror story.

    They have no freakin’ idea what they are doing, they try something, it doesn’t work, they try something else, then that doesn’t work, they they go back to plan A.. it is worse than a horror circus.

    OF COURSE they knew all along !! This isn’t new really, although it is the first time seeing it in print and it is good that Tacoma found that. We can rest the case of ‘fixing ‘ it and move on to what should have been done from square one. DESTROY the Monster by whatever means there is .

    The ‘Denial’ and all the trappings that go with it need to stop. The gig is up, finally, so stop all the damn lying and get down to business !! Kill it or blow it off the globe !

    They should have put the people on ships and gotten them off that island. Let the Nuke guys stay there and die a slow death, but let the real people have their life, just somewhere else. 🙁

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Xdrfox – with your documentation, please DO check this one out. No kidding.
    Ex-vessel explosion on March 14, 2011 in reactor #3 simulated.
    It fits in with everything too. In fact I wonder if Arnie has seen THIS one. Animations show what happened. And QUESTIONS WHY this wasn’t reported right away by the Industry and Gov/Tepco.

  • jec jec

    Examples of cesium-137 exposure, might be good to review the various effects, nausea, skin lesions, castration — cesium-137 is very water soluable and is only created by nuclear events, or MAN-MADE.
    See example cases from official reports:

    • I was speaking with a neighbor here in Fl. Friday, and he had a nose bleed while I was talking with him, he had been out fishing much of the night before, on Sunday I was talking with my youngest Son and he stateted he had a noseblled on Friday also, he also was out in the night air the night for a number of nights, I did not speak to him about the other !?
      What’s up with that ??

    • Bobby1

      Everyone ought to know that there was also a tremendous amount of nonradioactive Cesium-133 released by Fuku. This is due to the decay of Xenon-133. The few studies about health effects of Cs-133 indicate a possibility of heart arrythmias, and hyperactivity. Nobody really knows how dosing the whole globe with this stuff will affect people’s health.

      • Fukushima Radiation Found In Germany and Spain

        September 5th, 2011

        Researchers were able to pinpoint radiation found in both Germany and Spain to fallout from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. The distance covered by the radioactive contamination makes Fukushima a worldwide problem and elaborates that any nuclear disaster is never a local problem. This evidence also raises concerns about the US EPA’s claims that only certain spots received Fukushima fallout and in small amounts.

  • Ken31ONCA

    hey everyone read this story about the nevada test site where they testing the nuclear bombs, it tells about how many ppl got sick and how they compensated the people. the cheap basterds acted like tepco when it came giving people money for damage costs, its a sad story but the people should be remembered not forgotten. but they have done enough testing in the states they know how dangerous the stuff is they still dont warn anybody. id be interested to hear peoples opionions on it.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Trolls have arrived right on schedule.
    Wanna join in?
    God, I wish ALL OF YOU would ADD YOUR VOICES there…but understand. Enenews is a great place to STICK TO. Still…hope to see you there. I’m in and out TODAY=purdy much all week. Visitors coming on Friday.

  • Haunting Short Film Takes On Radiation Exposure
    September 5th, 2011


  • bleep_hits_blades

    I apologize for the repetition in the Moret interview notes! Did not see it when I re-read prior to posting. Took this from saved email, and did re-read and add some caps, etc. prior to posting here – the copying is some sort of glitch.

    I do think the info is very important and it is interesting to see how the subsequent failure to protect the people, lying and obfuscation of tptb, govts, nuk. industry, etc. has been very much in line with what Moret is saying in this interview dating from late March, 2011.

    One thing to keep in mind is that info re the ‘grand plan’ of global population reduction is not available to all govt. and industry functionaries and spokespeople – it is revealed on a ‘need to know’ basis, as is usual in intel ops. And govt. these days – alas – seems to one big intel op.

  • Nukeholio

    Do you think they should just give up and cover the whole Fukushima Daichii plants with tons of boron?

    • Ya… but some how me thinks this would be to ‘them’ some admission of guilt.. better and cheaper for ‘them’ to continue to let this sucker blow since most still have no clue. I forget…is nuking this nuke mess also a viable solution this?

  • Fresh Air

    Along with the United States, Argentina, Morocco, and Romania, Japan may sign a treaty that limits compensation due to a nuclear accident.


    (The treaty would not cover the “Fukushima crisis.”)

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

      @Fresh Air:

      Yes! They know. I consider this an open admission that nuclear power plants are prone to serious accidents. These countries don’t want to be liable, and they won’t close them. Just look at the cockroaches scurrying to cover their a**es.

      If I sound bitter, why wouldn’t I be?

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Aren’t the elites also being affected/nuked? It seems crazy. It seems that greed has trumped common sense.

    From what I’ve read, there is no solution to this situation – Pandora’s nuclear box is wide open. (PLEASE! correct me if I am wrong.)

    At this point in my struggle to understand it all, it seems that the road to Armageddon – massive poisoning of the biosphere and mass death of plant, animal, and human life (if not total extinction) – has been paved “one good ol’ boy deal at a time.”

    Now that the Corium is on the ground and in contact with the groundwater, it seems that the problem is completely out of control and beyond remedy. As others have said, if it is too toxic to be near it, how can you fix it?

    And Japan now INCINERATING nuclear contaminated material is really the icing on the cake of death. And eerily, not a peep of protest from ‘our'(sic) governments.

    Just consider Plutonium, which remains so lethal that a speck can kill, and tons of it have been created and it will remain lethal for a quarter of a million years, if I remember correctly.

    How can this situation NOT end in global tragedy?

    I live in Hawaii – beautiful Hawaii, where I am now afraid to eat the food, drink the water, breath the air, or swim in the ocean. Months ago, Arnie Gunderson said that those in Hawaii and the West Coast have breathed in 5-10 ‘hot particles’ a day. I calculated I’d probably breathed in about 150 or so. Now, weeks, months later, the count is probably – where? – 300, 500, 1000 hot particles? – some of them probably the deadly Plutonium, and all the rest of the ‘off the charts’ toxic soup.

    • Yes this is a mad tiger in their bed in the middle of the night as well but they are more prepared and never let a good disaster go to waste !
      They have bunkers/and food put back for years and soon all of Libya’s pristine water !

    • alasanon

      I would head for New Caledonia? It seems like another beautiful island, although better-positioned. I think if you can live in Hawaii, you should be able to afford to emigrate? I hope it’s not affecting your health. I just had friends return from a trip to HI and now one is ill–hard on the immune system?
      I find it so eerie that most everyone carries on as if there is nothing to see here…
      With three uncontained nuclear meltdowns?! Wow.
      It is Sci-Fi at its WORST!.

    • nohobear nohobear

      Aloha, Bleep hits Blades, I lived in Hawaii for 6 happy years. It is indeed one of the most beautiful places on earth, and sickens me to think that it is being poisoned, yet everyone is carrying on as if nothing is happening. It’s painful to think that the rains that make the islands so green and lush, bring a little more contamination, a little death with it each time.

      I’ve always felt the people of Hawaii were a step above in intelligence from mainlanders because of a better educational system there. Talk to your neighbors, make noise, get everyone riled up, and demand that the state government start testing and publishing radiation results, so the people of Hawaii can make informed decisions on how to protect themselves.

      Of course, the cynical side of me says that’s exactly what the state government won’t do, because if the truth is found out about the levels of contamination in the islands, it would kill tourism, which, let’s face it, is the economic lifeblood of the islands.

      This is indeed a pandora’s box of nuclear death that has been opened up, and there are no clear fixes. But there’s bad and worse. Pressure needs to be put on Japan to stop incinerating nuclear waste because it’s just spreading more contamination via the atmosphere. Hawaii might have more influence with Japan because of the strong Japanese American community there, with strong cultural ties to Japan. It would also be wise for Japan, because the day may be coming very soon when Hawaii might be one of the places to offer refuge to some of the many Japanese that will be displaced by Fukushima.

      I now live on the west coast, and the beautiful morning coastal fog that I used to love now scares me when it rolls in, wondering what it’s carrying.

      I’ve made the decision, having just turned 54, that when the winter rains come, I will go out and enjoy the rain, as I always have. I will tend my garden, because it will ease my soul to know that I am trying in my small way to give back to the Earth.

      Best of luck to you in Hawaii Nei.

  • pure water

    I agree with you, but do not go so serious. Listen to George Carlin! I love this guy and especially this video

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Watching SILKWOOD now. Very good movie. Talks about Plutonium, MOX fuel, power of nuke industry in their state, corruption, careless practices in the facility. I recommend it highly. Based on a real person working in a nuke plant, Karen Silkwood (Meryl Streep).

    Guess what? We ALL have ‘internal contamination’! Hundreds of hot particles, incl. Plutonium.

    A few weeks ago I watched THE CHINA SYNDROME. Also very good.

    Do they still make movies like this? I don’t think so. Controls have been getting progressively tighter.

    Thanks for kind words, but as the Indians used to say, ‘My heart is on the ground.’

    I have been learning about corruption in govt and big business/banking for years, have spent a lot of time, read a lot of books and online info on the growing corruption and take-over of government by big banking/big business. I kept ‘trying to make a difference.’ (Mainly sending people emails/forwarding articles — that they probably never read…)

    This has been just ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’ for me.

    Anyway, I sure do appreciate this website and the peoople who read and comment here. It is ‘da bes.’

  • moonkai

    Today there was a report in one of the evacuate fukushima group on the net that reported a sad story. Her and her 3rd grade son lives in Shinjuku (central tokyo right where I actually live). They went to vacation in Italy in August. She found out that in Italy they can do full body counter checks for free. So out of curiousity she brought her son there. Turned out they found radioactive cesium in his body. The doctor told the mother he could not return to Japan for now to prevent accumulated exposure. So she went back to Tokyo alone and picked up her belongings.

    So to all doubtes and nay sayers that tell everyone that all is safe; simply put — screw you and go swim in some spent fuel pool in reactor 4 for a couPle rounds.

  • Nuclear expert says Fukushima radiation coming to USA, massive cover-up under way

    Impact of low dose radiation on pregnancy
    Posted by admin on September 5th, 2011