Cesium-137 hotspot detected in Seoul, South Korea — Emitting 1,000% normal background radiation — 1,200 km from Fukushima

Published: November 3rd, 2011 at 5:36 pm ET


Nov. 3 — “South Korea’s Institute of Nuclear Safety says it has discovered a patch of pavement in Seoul is emitting radiation at levels 10 times higher than normal,” according to Voice of America News.

“The institute says the pavement is emitting radiation from cesium-137 at 10 times the normal background level,” said the report.  […]

Other Facts:

  • Found on Wednesday
  • Located in Seoul’s Wolgye-dong neighborhood.
  • Researchers say they are not yet able to determine why a significantly higher level of radioactive cesium has turned up.
  • INS says a more precise reading will be released in 3-5 days after further evaluation

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Published: November 3rd, 2011 at 5:36 pm ET


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23 comments to Cesium-137 hotspot detected in Seoul, South Korea — Emitting 1,000% normal background radiation — 1,200 km from Fukushima

  • thelili

    Wait until CHINA admits they’ve been affected too.

    • arclight arclight

      theve got this all winter on and off! quite alot of on recently! this stuff must be pouring into the souther hemisphere in bucket loads (cant find the link for bucket load/bequerel conversion chart 🙂 )


      the winds change back to easterly in the northern hemisphere spring… i believe that these are winds that are lower than the jet stream and can move differently to that!!

      how can the governments get away with hiding data that we have proved they have… even though they lie… the facts are to be found easily using crappy old google and a cup of non rasioactive tea…its not rocket science is it??

      they know what isotopes are at what level in the atmosphere…
      they know the composition and fallout dispersal history (confirmed) and fallout monitoring and forecasting (nilu are only one of a number of such organisations that do it for the money!)….nilu is just stepping in line for a fast buck in my opinion!! with norwegian tax payers money and dont forget all the volunteers who did the follow up testing in norway! they got shafted too in my opinion! especially not warning them that they were drinking iodine in their milk and in their childrens milk! ever heard of free choice nilu and corporate norwegian government… ever lose any sleep i wonder?? bleaaah!!

      i seem to be ranting alot today… 🙂 must be something in the air 🙂

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    China’s coast, all of Korea and parts of Russia will have hots zones spring up all over the place. I hope there is public outrage because people will get sick if it is ignored.

  • watcher watcher

    A back up Tokyo 300 kms west of present Tokyo? Seems like more poorly invested cash.

    • nohobear nohobear

      Wishful thinking on Japan’s part that moving the capital 300 km is going to fix anything.

      Since the US is hell bent on privatization, we could sell Japan the state of Michigan. Detroit would become New Tokyo, and we could reduce the federal budget deficit at the same time. Win Win.

      • StillJill StillJill

        Yes,…Detroit,…we talked that up once also,…but,…the US does not want irradiated persons coming to our healthcare system,..(or anywhere else for that matter). Also, there’s the reasons we’ll never know.

  • lam335 lam335

    I hope Korea doesn’t have a buried radium bottle problem too.

    I wonder if the “authorities” have found any hot spots in the U.S. yet? I think I read that they flew their geiger-copters around the west coast this summer.

    From what AG said, it sounds like there might be a significantly contaminated spot in the Cascade mountains.

    It’s so sad/annoying. From the pictures I’ve seen, the mountains out west look incredibly beautiful, but I don’t think I will be hiking or biking through them in the foreseeable future. The same holds for some of the amazing natural sites in the southwest that were tainted by the bomb tests in the 1950s/60s. Why are a few people allowed to mess up the world for everyone else?

    • Clocka

      Korea would probably have that problem too. In fact, Korea is known to have frequent failures on its electrical system.

      Plus there are the North Koreans, always happy to strike some damage to the South.

  • kintaman kintaman

    So when will the Japanese government begin apologizing to the other countries they are contaminating? Never I assume.

    • lam335 lam335

      I’m sure they’re afraid that, if they come out and admit what everybody knows (but doesn’t say), they might have to cough up some compensation money.

      They need to save their $$$ so they can afford to build the resorts and casinos in the new capital.

    • arclight arclight

      probaly when the other countries apologise to japan for polluting them as well…its a global sharing scheme…every one gets there fair share…..isotopic toxic communism on a nano scale../surreal moment

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    RT @GreenNewsReport 11/3 rpt: Obama The Decider on Keystone XL; WI coal spill; Fukushima update; Occupy your JUNK MAIL! http://bit.ly/v9GSlf
    12 minutes ago


    ……Watch for millions and millions of Asian refugees sailing the sSeven Seas searching for a new Homeland.

    Problem is….nowhere on this Planet is safe…and nowhere is there enough food to feed any of’em.

    Party and I do mean Party like its 1999

    red red wine

  • thelili

    Okay I posted and there are 11 posts pending ahead of me. I haven’t pissed anyone off lately so I should be good.

  • john lh john lh


    Fukushima water safe? Japanese Official drinks some to make point.

    They have learn this trick from Chinese officials…

    • slinky

      Yeah the perfect example of drinking the nuclear Koolaid isn’t it!! Wonder what delicious flavor it was!

  • thelili

    Lol john lh the group already had a talk about this article. If the water was truly contaminated he is already one of the walking dead. No one believes that he drank contaminated water. Someone said that there were two different glasses used.

  • desert_lady desert_lady

    RSOE EDIS events reporting from Hungary just posted this:

    “Employees of a construction company remove asphalt on the road where higher than normal levels of radiation were detected in the Wolgye neighborhood of Seoul’s Nowon District, Nov. 4. The Nowon District government decided to remove asphalt from two roads and repave them after it detected radiation 10 times higher than the permitted standard for an entire year for a 24 hour exposure. The district government believes the asphalt contains radioactive materials and also suggested the Seoul City government thoroughly investigate the roads across the city. The fact that the asphalt was contaminated with radiation was first discovered by a farmer and investment consultant. Baek Cheong-joon, 42, who bought two instruments at 20 million won to measure and analyze radiation to protect his children worried of radioactive materials flying from Japan in the wake of Fukushima nuclear accident. He discovered the contaminated asphalt on Nov. 1, receiving a tip from a resident in the Wolgye neighborhood.”