Cesium-137 released at Fukushima in first four days could be 50 percent of Chernobyl total: Austria’s ZAMG

Published: March 22nd, 2011 at 10:27 pm ET


Accident in the Japanese NPP Fukushima: Spread of Radioactivity/first source estimates from CTBTO data show large source terms at the beginning of the accident/weather currently not favourable/low level radioactivity meanwhile observed over U.S. East Coast and Hawaii (pdf), Austria’s Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG), March 22, 2011:

… In the phase of March 12 to 13, the Fukushima emissions were mostly transported to the Pacific, eventually hitting the CTBTO station in Sacramento/California. In the phase March 14 to 15, on the other hand, most of the emissions were transported inland, hitting the CTBTO station in Takasaki, Japan. Based on simulated dilution factors and measurements, we were able to have a first rough source estimate.

Regarding Iodine-131, the picture is relatively homogeneous. A source term of 1017 Bq per day would explain the measurements in Takasaki as well as Sacramento. The total 4-day emission of 4 1017 Bq is on the order of 20% of the total emissions of Iodine-131 that occurred during the Chernobyl accident. Regarding Cesium-137, the situation is a bit different. In the cloud eventually propagating to the United States, the ratio of Iodine-131 to Cesium-137 was about 30. This is similar to the Chernobyl accident. In Takasaki, however, this ratio was four. This would indicate a much larger Cesium-137 release in the second two-day period after the accident. Taking this together, the source terms would be about 3 1015 Bq during the first two days, and 3 1016 during the second two-day period. In sum, this could amount to about 50% of the Chernobyl source term of Cesium-137. …

Read the report here (pdf).

Published: March 22nd, 2011 at 10:27 pm ET


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15 comments to Cesium-137 released at Fukushima in first four days could be 50 percent of Chernobyl total: Austria’s ZAMG

  • xdrfox

    “Based on simulated dilution factors”

    Lets see a layman’s view here :

    Chernobyl 1 reactor 1 day fire, 5 days of smoke
    Fukushima 4 reactors 7 days of fire and smoke .. 3 explosion’s

    Fuel rods burning 3 to 7 days

    MOX plutonium fuel

    2 reactors cracked if not melted down

    fuel Rods blown to kingdom come

    How can anyone come to a conclusion that this accident has emitted half of what
    Chernobyl did and where ???

    So that map to the right on this page is wrong about the cloud of Cesium-137 ??

  • xdrfox

    Austria’s Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics,
    A simulated dilutional factor

  • Afu

    @ xdrfox

    You don’t even understand what you say and write, idiot.

    Fuck the shut up.


  • xdrfox

    When will you be 12 ?

  • Afu

    just stop spreading your insane crap and hysterical fear-monging bullshit, idiot.

    Thank you.

    Try to find a reasonable site with clear and reliable information before you keep spreading your fear-monging idiocies.

    You are incompetent in addition to being hysterical and stupid.

    You are no help, just one more problem in the on-going disaster.

    And to be frank, you are a coward.

    If you were in the horrible situation of the Japanese, you would not parade with your “are you 12” puerile stupidities.

    You’re not just an hysterical trollish asshole, trying to predate on people’s fears, but you are irresponsible in the first place.

    Try to think a mn about what Japanese are and will be going thru. How many of them are going to die or have major problems, in your opinion, you incompetent fear-monging idiot??

    Just try to be a little bit decent, you asshole.
    Think about real problems in Japan and stop selling nonexisting problems.

    To Start with, just shut up.

  • JC

    I see a point in what @xdrfox said.
    Afu, shut your mouth up, sucka!

  • Afu


    Some information for you, idiots:

    1. Currently the level of radioactivity spreading out of the plant has lowered from 400 mSv/h to 100 mSv/h.

    2. Radioactivity in Tokyo is about 2 micro-Sv:h (not milli but micro)

    3. apparently the meter on the top of the French Embassy in Tokyo measures a level of radioactivity only three times about the normal radioactive “noise”.

    So I would just advice you to stop spreading fear-monging bullshit, stop thinking about your little being who has nothing to fear, and have a little thought for the millions of Japanese who will never be able to go back home in Fukushima and Ibaraki provinces.

    So JC and Xdrfox, shut up and have some decency here, idiots.

    I don’t know what kind of hidden agenda xdrfox has, but nearly everything he (or she) writes is garbage.
    It’s fear-monging bullshit pretending to be “facts” and “truths”, when it just sheer garbage with zero relevance.

  • JC

    Afu-ck you…….
    Believe who and what you want and respect other opinions.

  • Afu

    ok, you mention * opinions *

    The other idiot thinks his fear-monging garbage is “facts” and “truth”. Just False.

    If you are happy with spreading idiocies and fear-monging rubbish, which are your beliefs and your opinion(s), then please be happy to do so, but do not present that crap as being “facts” and “truth”.

    Not to mention the indecency of never having a word of pity for the Japanese who are in the middle of an horrible multiple crisis.
    Get out of your selfishness for a mn, if you are able to do so.

  • JC

    Talk to the hand……..

  • xdrfox

    The Fat Man” atomic bomb the second of the only two nuclear weapon used in World War II. to be used in warfare was an implosion-type weapon with a plutonium core weighed 10,200 pounds compared to the possible hundreds of tons that blew last week at the Fukushima plant reactor and one explosion where ‘hundreds of tons of plutonium’ thrown in the atmosphere from cool tanks above the reactors and more MOX spent rods. So how much fallout should we expect in the multiple effect ?


  • xdrfox

    Like it or not, they will play this down, promise you JC, this is not Pixi dust that you are being showered with.
    This is much worse then the main media or most will say. 70 x plus then ever before. “promise”
    They always lie to the mases !
    You breath one speck of this Pixi dust,…RIP

  • xdrfox

    Chernobyl only lost 5% of it’s plutonium core when it blew.

  • xdrfox

    March 23, 2011 at 11:07 am · Reply

    You believe them lies do you ?

  • Green Paranoia

    I accept your opinion, but… Why are you spend too much of energy (PC, internet, TV, all the consuming appliances)? Shut down your PC and fight with the nuclear energy by energy saving.