Cesium near Fukushima reported to be many times higher than claimed by Tepco — Levels rising further away from plant — Professor: After quake as big as last week there’s concern about stuff breaking and leakage getting worse

Published: October 29th, 2013 at 8:44 am ET


The State News (Michigan State University), Oct. 29, 2013: […] a 7.1-magnitude earthquake rumbling the Pacific Ocean about 200 miles from the coast of Fukushima, Japan — a situation that caught the attention of MSU students and experts. […] . […] “It’s likely the earthquakes will continue for years in the same general region,” [MSU geological professor Kazuya Fujita] said. “Things are adjusting from the March of 2011 movements — now we have a lot of earthquakes that are kind of adjusting stresses and things like that are jostling around to readjust.” […] [Japan Club president Joseph] Canty said the students from Tokyo are worried about the potential radiation issues […] “They still haven’t gotten the whole water leak situation under control, so any time you have anything this big, you have to have some concern that some of the stuff that haven’t been fixed or poorly fixed may break and the leakage may continue or get worse,” Fujita said. […]

DW (Deutsche Welle), Oct. 25, 2013 (Emphasis Added): […] [Tepco] confirmed Tuesday that radioactive cesium had again been detected about one kilometer offshore from the Fukushima nuclear plant […] 1.6 becquerels of Cesium-137 per liter [1,600 becquerels per cubic meter] of seawater on October 18 […] Environmental groups have disputed the assessment of the situation and point out that rising levels of cesium further away from the facility undermine the repeated assurances of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe […] [A senior scientist in the Oceanography and Geochemistry Department of the Japan Meteorological Research Institute] said water at the surface of the Pacific in the late 1960s contained between 10 and 100 becquerels of cesium-137 per cubic meter. Before March 2011, that concentration had diffused to between 1 and 2 becquerels per cubic meter of sea water. And while levels spiked to 10 million becquerels per cubic meter very close to Fukushima immediately after the disaster, it has fallen to 10,000 becquerels per cubic meter today. In June 2012, Dr. [Michio] Aoyama found levels 2,000 km from the plant to be just 10 becquerels per cubic meter.

More from Dr. Aoyama: [intlink id=”experts-fukushima-contamination-data-correct-could-be-1000-levels-claimed-govt-tepco-60-billion-becquerels-strontium-cesium-flow-outer-ocean-day” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: October 29th, 2013 at 8:44 am ET


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13 comments to Cesium near Fukushima reported to be many times higher than claimed by Tepco — Levels rising further away from plant — Professor: After quake as big as last week there’s concern about stuff breaking and leakage getting worse

  • Fukushima Black Dust or Black Fungus Tested – Over 5,000,000 Bq/Kg of Cesium Found; via @AGreenRoad http://goo.gl/Hn0A5r

  • Has anyone heard anything about problems with #6, smoke, fire, explosion, which supposedly happened during the earthquake?

    They are in the middle of defueling #6… http://photo.tepco.co.jp/date/2013/201310-j/131023-01j.html

    • We Not They Finally

      Has anyone heard about ANYTHING which "supposedly happened during the earthquake"? A bizarre absence of any assessment of damage at all. That bad, huh?

  • dont panic

    @We Not They Finally
    HI,. i may as well check in, i'm an astrologer who follows all this from before it even happened really and well,.
    Follow this puppy http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/rt_plots/xray_5m.html as it's very useful in following the general severity of storms on earth,..

    Then yeah my comment, that i fin it incredibly co-incidental that this removal of spent fuel from pool number 4 would take place around 10 November,.

    November is an incredibly particular neck of the zodiac, that of the Scorpion, a water sign a most toxic water, i dub it Scorchio,.

    Saturn entered Scorchio Aug/Oct 2012, JImmy Saville,. Neptune entered Pisces as NOW scandal hit the wires, Fukushima was Uranus into Aries,, But yeah Saturn Scorpio is one hella dark arrangement, Saturn being the spent factor of the Nuclear Fuel,.

    Mercury retrograde,.
    Now recall Iceland volcano erupting some time ago and Euro airspace being closed down for a period as a result of dust?.. Mercury Retro,. Recall a while back all those train incidences and the Korean airline that crash landed in San Fran was it? The very prior Mercury retrograde to this one,..

    Mercury is all about transport and signals, communications etc,. When s/he turns retro traffic goes awry,.

    So Mercury in Scorpio Waters retrograding out Saturn fuel rods,.

    Saturn is death by the way,. So too is Scorpio the Zodiac of 'death',.

  • dont panic

    The Eclipse of the Sun coming up on 3Nov is wheyyy add flux to the fire, in Scorpio!!

    So yeah we have the whole sheebang happening in Scorpio this year,.. What is well profound is that in the client base all the emotional anxiety this year and the emotional anxiety again ramping up now amidst the populous,. I am seeing the reflection of these deep seated waters in the client base as such,. The Spent Fuel Rods seem to be this aggravated element in folks personal relationships, deep in the core,. I mean, this was billed the year for trust issues to be exposed,. NSA PRISM etc,. That an Edward Snowden would arrive,..

    What is of further interest to me is that 10Nov is now dubbed to be the date they start,.. For we have already pointed out /predicted that 10, 11 November are going to be particularly spectacular regards Solar Storm activity,..

    Heliocentric skies for especially 9, 10, 11 of November are bound to indicate storms as Mercury is 1/4 and passing Jupiter which is finally passing the critical Uranus Pluto Squaring of last few years,..

    jupiter if anything in Cancer is pointing towards the water bulge factor, Jupiter always influences swelling to some extent,. Cancer water sign,. simple translation, what we are seeing toxic water flowing over out the complex into the ocean,. The whole area merging with the outer water table etc,.

    • We Not They Finally

      We will no longer have wars between Countries.We will have a massive war between the wealthy Iternational Corporations and the rest of humanity…But thanks to Fukeshima and the ELE there there will be no winners.Life will vanish from this planet and in the end we will truly totally destroy this once beautiful planet.And only God knows where we will all end up.

  • Fukushima Goes Into Stealth Mode On The Internet
    Before It's News
    Saturday, October 26, 2013 20:12

    In the video by videographer BeautifulGirlByDana, a very good point is made about how with every earthquake that is strong enough to shake buildings hundreds of miles away, video after video is uploaded with hours and throughout the first day afterward, yet for some odd reason, the 7.3 magnitude quake that hit Fukushima this week, there were very few videos published…


    • yohananw

      Occam's razor. Why fewer videos of 7.3 quake? The earthquake occurred at 17:10 UTC which was 26 Oct 02:10 in the night in Japan. Not "for any odd reason" fewer videos.

      • We Not They Finally

        They are suppressing all information about Fukeshima.They dont want the world to know about their plans to enslave humanity and run this world from the True World Order…The problem must be they are in denial about the disaster that now threatens the survival of the world.Id like to know how the international Corporations are going to stop the Oceans from Dying The food chain from disappearing and 70& of the worlds oxygen from being lost.If the Oceans die we all perish.

  • own_quality

    So in June 2011 Fukushima had already polluted the Pacific 2000km from the plant to levels equivalent to the peak of the atmospheric testing years. Imagine what the radiation level must be today… or will be 5 years from today. The Pacific will be dead soon. Can life on land be far behind?

    • @OQ,


      Also yes you are correct… The oceanic contamination will be picked up and deposited on the coast, each and every time it rains…

    • We Not They Finally

      yes life on land will die as the oceans die. Why the emphasis on destroying the worlds population are the greedy idiots in denial?
      By that I mean that the emphasis should be survival of the Planet not extinction of the worlds population??? So this is becoming more and more hopeless as the Ocean may be well dead and gone within 10 yrs.

    • We Not They Finally

      own_quality I keep in a steady rage over the intentional destruction of this once beautiful planet…At first i thought the issue must be greed and ignorance but now i think it is intentional caused by these insane Satanists who only want to be the last ones standing….Well they have a weapon HAARP that can cut the earth in half and reduce the earth to rubble in the milky way.Maybe they will pick that fate for earth over other options…