Cleaning up radiation hopeless, says writer: “There is no end” — “We adults have to bear a responsibility for the future” — “Impossible to decontaminate vast forested areas, and Japan is a country of forests and mountains”

Published: May 2nd, 2012 at 1:42 am ET


Title: Japan writers’ group gets eye-opener in Chernobyl
Source: AJW by The Asahi Shimbun
Date: May 02, 2012

If the pen is mightier than the sword, then senior members of the Japan writers’ P.E.N. Club, who visited the shuttered Chernobyl nuclear power plant in mid-April, are now armed with some mighty ink. […] 

Jiro Asada, the president of the association of progressively minded writers, on April 25 reiterated his opposition to the use of nuclear power.

“There is no end to the cleanup work,” Asada told a news conference. “The situation is hopeless. We adults have to bear a responsibility for the future.” […]

“Some say that nuclear power benefits the economy,” said Atsuo Nakamura, another P.E.N. Club board member. “That may be a joke in the opposite sense.” […]

“It has been demonstrated that it is impossible to decontaminate vast forested areas,” Nakamura said. “And Japan is a country of forests and mountains.” […]

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Published: May 2nd, 2012 at 1:42 am ET


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32 comments to Cleaning up radiation hopeless, says writer: “There is no end” — “We adults have to bear a responsibility for the future” — “Impossible to decontaminate vast forested areas, and Japan is a country of forests and mountains”

  • skizexq skizexq

    'we adults' ya gotta love it…

    New one at Veterans Today's Allen L Roland:

  • skizexq skizexq

    examine my icon and repeat 'we adults' heh heh

  • arclight arclight

    the the cleanup of the dounray contamination of the seabed on the coast of scotland was recently deemed a failure and that it would be impossible to clean up!

    seems like a regular little uncosted present from the nuclear companies..

    pandoras box!! πŸ™

    • arclight arclight

      Dounreay deal set to turn Scotland into world's toxic waste dustbin, warn campaigners
      Mar 21 2012

      "..SCOTLAND risks becoming a global nuclear dump under a radioactive waste deal, the Record can reveal today.
      Holyrood ministers have been forced to agree to foreign waste being stored in Scotland rather than being sent back where it came from.
      Bosses at Dounreay nuclear power plant confirmed yesterday the move will add up to 450 cubic metres of waste – equivalent in size to three double-decker buses – to the amount of material they must store long-term……..The foreign waste – sealed in solid cement drums – stems from international reprocessing deals signed by the UK Atomic Energy Authority, who ran Dounreay, in the 1990s.
      Stan Blackley, chief executive of Friends of the Earth Scotland, yesterday condemned the contracts made by UKAEA and their then chief executive Dr Brian Eyre…"

      and know why the uk monitors were off!!!

      Dounreay announces destruction of major hazard
      April 06, 2012

      ".The Scottish Government welcomes today's announcement that Dounreay have successfully destroyed 57,000 litres of highly radioactive liquid NaK…"

  • hbjon hbjon

    When you hear politicians get up and tell you that they want less government, what they are saying is."We will let corporations and businesses govern themselves, because they have contributed quite a bit to our retirements and they are responsible enough to not commit suicide and take us all with them due to their ineptness". However, if you as an individual want to drink unpasteurized milk, we will squash you like a bug.

    • gerryhiles

      Ron Paul immediately sprang to my mind.

      Why anyone worships this man is beyond me.

      His Ayn Rand inspired 'libertarianism' would throw the 99% under the proverbial bus.

      His silence on the Fukushima disaster is 'deafening', as with every social/human issue of importance, except for intimating that we can rely on the voluntary 'charity' of whomever.

      OK I abhor the NWO and Big Government, as presently constructed, but if there is a case for international action through governments (who else) then Fukushima, and pressing nuclear matters generally, demands a coordination that only governments could produce.

      Of course I am not holding my breath, because nearly all governments are bundled with corporations and the military/industrial complex, i.e. most governments are essentially fascist and have an "iron fist".

      Ron Paul is a "velvet glove", no more, nor less.

      I expect flak from the apostles of St Paul, but I invite anyone to take a look at how Ron Paul is in bed with other devotees of Ayn Rand, such as Alan Greenspan and others in favour of a pernicious NWO/global governance that does not care about the 99%.

      A bit heavy for Enenews? Anyhow: A rather blunt intro

      Further research is up to you.

  • mikael

    The spinn contionues, and if this is not bad anouf fu.. I can "gladly" inform the rules that anything spwed into the upper layers of our atmospher, will and can stay there for years.

    Every fu.. consivable way the radiation goes it accumulates.
    Even in the air.
    And the Sea.
    The biggest problem with all the driwel about The Mass of Things is fals at best. A horrific awenue to walk down if not dealt with.

    I van not belive we are witnesing the collaps of credible sience and their hendghmen, what a pity to behold and belive me, I will hammer you when ever the possibility ariwes.
    The lies are so blatant that they sould be Hanged from the nearset Lampost. This is a crime against us all.
    The cover up is OUR problem now, the fu.. incarge is not able or willingly to do anything.

    And whats bothers me is the real isue, the ELE wi are slowly crawling into, with wide open Eyes.
    The lies about Humanity and Moral is staggering, and the sickening side of this is that WE are fooling nobody, We ONLY digg our own grave and that is done by the simple tools, its silence and covarndess.
    And the hypocracy goes to the simple fact, that we cant point finger at nobody els then on our self.


    β€œOnly those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible.”
    ― Albert Einstein

    hehe, amen

    • mikael,
      Some of the biggest lies yet to be reveled may be the fuel pools burned much more fuel then they were/will ever admit but it will be disclosed by others !
      We all got our fair share in the beginning days of the worse possible scenario, and it already happened !!

  • SteveMT

    All large-scale efforts to decontaminate the surroundings of Chernobyl were useless and have been abandoned. Concrete and evacuation are the only ways.

    With clean-up around Chernobyl abandoned, what can Japan learn from 1986 disaster?

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Frightening, all the countries littered with reactors. What fool would risk it? …Shut them off and start decommissioning. Otherwise, spin the roulette wheel …whose next?

  • americancommntr

    Not hopeless.

    "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made."

    This means Jesus made everything, and you can bet He left a back door somewhere in the program(ming) for cleaning up nuclear contamination.

    I'd bet there are 'teeming things', i.e. microbes, which can transmutate radionuclides into harmless elements. Microbiology does not have all the answers yet, neither do any of the sciences.

    But the minute people dismiss hope in Christ, and instead have disbelief in who He is and His goodness, they sure won't then find any solutions. Believing scientists need to begin looking for God's solution to nuclear contamination catastrophes.

  • americancommntr

    "One teaspoon of the microbes is added to a gallon of water and sprinkled around the plant stems; there they proliferate at the rate of 200,000 a minute, dying offf individually every thirty minutes, but lasting, as a strain, as long as there is food for them to feed on. 'The microbes,' says Johnston, "eat any cheap fertilizer I provide them, and switch the elements around. They can turn potassium into sulphur, or whatever is in excess into whatever is scarce." from page 145 of Secrets of the Soil.

    This book appears to have contents which are true, along with disinformation with an evil twist, i.e. pointing people toward occultism and Wiccanism/witchcraft. It appears many discoveries have been made which would turn whole industries out to pasture. This bit on microbial transmutation is one of those, and if true, in it is the solution to remediating radionuclide contamination.

    • richard richard

      i've held back on my comments about religion before but this one just riles me.

      Keep your mythical beliefs to yourself thanks, I'm going to refrain from telling what I really think.. because it would most likely get me kicked.

      You should watch out for where the 'evil twist' really lies.

      Your religious comments are insulting.

      • StillJill StillJill

        richard,…..'we' are ALL allowed our 'safety nets' here!
        Obviously you hate Christians,…hate is not tolerated here.

        I loved americancommontators posts,…then seeing your reaction to it,…well,…real buzz kill dude!

        • richard richard

          Hi stilljill, no, I don't hate Christians, but I don't appreciate being cast as evil simply because I don't 'believe'.

          americancommontators has said those that don't 'believe' are not capable of finding a solution.
          This is discrimination, akin to racism.

          Then he/she calls occultism and witchcraft disinformation with an evil twist.

          Again, this is discrimination and an expression of hate.

          I did not express hate, I expressed anger at being cast as evil, simply because I won't believe someone else's story.

          I have respectfully accepted and been silent on other religious commentary here, but being cast as unworthy is intolerable.

          • richard richard

            Hmmm, no reply. I'll assume then that my point that this is discrimination has been read and understood to be true.

            • ITSNOTABANANA

              I'm not a theologian or anything, but I'm pretty certain most modern religions including Christianity are just spin offs of ancient pagan religions. The only reason anyone is non-pagan anyway is because they were "brought up" by non-pagans, or… they somehow profit from being that way. Why don't people worship the Sun and the Moon and everything they can actually see, hear touch smell taste?

              Our savior here has absolutely nothing to do with religion. Keep your points of view on religion to yourselves or teach it to your kids maybe…

              • ITSNOTABANANA

                all this religion hogwash has A LOT to do with the everything wrong in the world today.. NUFF SAID

                • richard richard

                  @INAB .. hi.. look, i'm am not into provoking any fights here.

                  What I was doing, I believe, is defending the rights of the non-religious against accusations of being evil and not capable or being incomplete. It's simply wrong.

                  Personally, I'd prefer not to be hearing/reading any references to any alternate beings and beliefs. Let's just stick to the science and the politics, there's already enough fuel for thought there.

            • StillJill StillJill

              Or,…maybe people left to buy survival supplies.

        • covelogibbs covelogibbs

          I didn't see it as a hateful comment at all, richard was simply stating his opinion, one which many of us share. At least Americancommtr, is thinking of potential solutions– Jesus's nuclear back door and microbes, many religious types would just right off solutions and wait for the rapture. "Jesus made everything, and you can bet He left a back door somewhere in the program(ming) for cleaning up nuclear contamination". Really? Don't hold your breath or bet (my) farm on that.
          Hemp and other plants may be able to help, they're "God given," right?

  • RutherfordsGhost

    I've posted here before on how to clean up this mess. No one is listening. Big scale refining of all materials contaminated and buried in use holes in the bedrock with concrete. Re-refined materials purified and stored.
    End of story – get cracking!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Futile… futile with the mindset that it is all over..
    Most do not understand that the situation and contamination is ongoing.

  • patriot9878

    This nuclear disaster is getting nothing, but silence from the mainstream media. It was silence about 9/11. This war has to be waged between the poor and the ones who want to destroy us. I feel the USA has to be destroyed in order to build a new country. The poor don't need the rich. The rich need the poor, but they only need so many poor. They do whatever they want and we pay for it.

  • patriot9878

    If anyone wanted to destroy this country they would only have to hit a few nuke plants. They could destroy the power going to the plant and sabotage the generators and there would be nothing they could do. You would have a horrnedous meltdown and about 6 of them here and this country is done. Then we can go back to our European countries and let the garbage stay here.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      patriot9878.."Then we can go back to our European countries and let the garbage stay here.
      As a Native American..I resent that statement.

      • arclight arclight


        not if the japanese beats you too it first old chap!!

        seems to be more sushi bars popping up around dear polluted and soon to be depleted uranium protected london (brought to you by pfizer)

        you can live at my place though.. was a native american in a past life!! πŸ˜‰

        "People: 'Cherokee' is Creek for 'people with another language'. (It's amazing how white settlers always managed to learn another tribe's name for any group of Indians. They learned the Creek word for the Cherokee tribe, but not the Creek word for themselves.) Anyway, our original name for ourselves was Aniyunwiya, but Cherokee is fine too (though we say it Tsalagi). There are 350,000 Cherokee people today, mostly in Oklahoma and North Carolina.

        History: The best-known episode in Cherokee history was also the worst: the Trail of Tears, the forced relocation of the Cherokee Indians from their ancestral home in the southeast to Oklahoma. The Cherokee people were an urban, Christian, agricultural, intermarried society who had supported the United States against other tribes. In the end this was all for nothing. Though prominent Americans like Davy Crockett and Daniel Webster spoke against Removal, and though the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional, President Andrew Jackson sent in the army…"

        the natives had a bit of a rough time i hear?

        • arclight arclight

          dont think ive covered reincarnation on enenews.. hehe!

          if i was a native american in a past life would that not make my house "ancestral land"? same could be said for the japanese too!

          means that your ancestral land could actually be anywhere but where you think..
          /philosophy thing as brain is starting to hurt..

  • StillJill StillJill

    Beautiful Heart! How lovely to know one has Native American bloodlines! I wish I did! My blood runs with angry white men! (I hate that!)