CNN: 45 ft. waves off Japan coast from massive typhoon — Storm Chaser: “Biggest I’ve ever seen… absolutely overwhelming” — Official: “Rains on an unseen scale” — “High danger of landslides” — Record rainfall up to 16 inches already — Astronaut: “Neoguri has been literally cut in half… Unreal” (VIDEO)

Published: July 9th, 2014 at 12:05 pm ET


Weather Channel, July 9, 2014: […] torrential rains have moved in with feeder bands in the wake of Neoguri’s passage. Rainfall totals of 13 to 16 inches were reported at several locations on [Okinawa] as of 7:40 a.m. local time Wednesday.

Japan Times, July 9, 2014: Authorities warned of record rainfall in Okinawa as some rivers overflowed.

Wall St. Journal, July 9, 2014: “Okinawa Prefecture is experiencing heavy rains on an unseen scale,” said Satoshi Ebihara, head of the agency’s weather-forecast division, at a news conference Wednesday morning.

NBC News, July 8, 2014: One of the biggest and strongest typhoons to hit during Japan’s summer months churned past Okinawa […] The Japan Meteorological Agency was forecasting that parts of Shikoku, in western Japan, could receive the equivalent of three months of the normal amount of rainfall in just two days […] forecasters said the storm’s wide area and slow movement could add to the potential damage. […] heavy downpours could cause landslides and flooding if the typhoon moves across the Japanese archipelago as expected on Thursday or Friday.

Deutsche Welle, July 9, 2014: The southern Japanese island of Okinawa remained under a flood and mudslide warning on Wednesday, where the typhoon had made landfall the previous day. “Given the situation, there is still potential for some serious damage,” an official from the Japanese Meteorological Agency (JMA) told a news conference. […] “Given how soaked the ground is in some parts of Kyushu already, there is a high danger of landslides and floods” […]

Deutsche Press Agenteur, July 9, 2014: Rainfall of up to 300 millimetres was forecast for southern Kyushu and the south-western island of Shikoku through Thursday morning and up to 200 millimetres for northern Kyushu, the agency said.

Tweet from Astronaut Reid Wiseman, July 8, 2014: “Neoguri has been literally cut in half. Unreal.”

Tweet from CNN Meteorologist Indra Petersons, July 8, 2014: “Typhoon Neoguri creating 45 foot waves. Japan island of Kyushu already saturated. Heavy rain = mudslide threat”

CNN Interview with storm chaser James Reynolds, July 8, 2014: “Earlier today, I saw the biggest waves I’ve ever seen in my life… It’s been absolutely overwhelming.”

Watch the CNN interview with Reynolds here

Published: July 9th, 2014 at 12:05 pm ET


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174 comments to CNN: 45 ft. waves off Japan coast from massive typhoon — Storm Chaser: “Biggest I’ve ever seen… absolutely overwhelming” — Official: “Rains on an unseen scale” — “High danger of landslides” — Record rainfall up to 16 inches already — Astronaut: “Neoguri has been literally cut in half… Unreal” (VIDEO)

  • weeman

    Small mercies it has been down graded from a super typhoon and is losing energy, but the rain will still be substantial and will flush radioactive isotopes into ocean from not just Fukushima NP but all rivers and steams and any radionuclide that are on top of soil and accumulate in hot spots.

  • I hope the rain dissipates before hitting Fukushima. Even without the wind and the waves, I doubt the ground can take that much rainfall.

  • dosdos dosdos

    They'll have to verify that Sendai was not damaged by flooding, which should prevent it from becoming the first Japanese reactor to go back online.

  • razzz razzz

    Some background on restarts from EXSKF:

    "…Kyushu Island has two nuclear power plants, Genkai Nuclear Power Plant in Saga Prefecture in the north and Sendai Nuclear Power Plant in Kagoshima Prefecture in the south. Sendai Nuclear Power plant is facing the South China Sea (i.e. facing the coming typhoon). If the prediction by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center is correct, the typhoon will make a landfall in between, in Kumamoto Prefecture.

    Sendai Nuclear Power Plant is all set to be given the approval from Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authority that it has cleared the examination under the new nuclear regulatory standards and is ready for the restart, as soon as the local municipalities approve the restart (which is a given)…"

    • Wyakin Wyakin

      Good points. To summarize: Desperate naked fools, who never had insurance, with undersized consciousness, oversized egos and, hubris engaging in treachery and malfeasance to the benefit of the nuclear corporate military complex.

      Restarting is the end of the fool’s errand. Ignore: monumental nuclear technical deficiencies; vast quantities of unstorable nuclear trash, and uncontainable radionuclides continually escaping into the environment resulting from nuclear fission contaminating the planet for hundreds of thousands of years; the geophysical characteristics of Japan; the flawed dose models which fraudulently understate the consequences of low level radiation; the outright falsification of published data by governments; the hundreds of trillions $USD which should be spent to save the people of Japan and those down stream of toxins from Fukushima, which are actually being spent bribing politicians and Yakuza; and the embarrassingly and woefully inadequate radiation models prescribed by the supposedly objective radiation safety organizations protecting the public’s interest. Say more? I will.

      The bid to stop Oi failed because the economic decision was based on false science intended to enrich nuclear corporate interests and the politicians who supported such nonsensical irrationality.

      • Wyakin Wyakin

        (“Good points”-> Razz and the comments which follow.)

        The evidence has been in our collective faces for decades, covered by many luminaries, including but not limited to, Gould, Goldman, Gofman and Sternglass.

        Nuclear fission is a pathetic and failed technology.

        No amount of propaganda will ever change this reality. We all know radiation has caused a range of diseases. The carcinogenic, teratogenic and mutagenic effects of this wretched technology will never be obscured. Not even a half-wit soccer coach nuclear physicist will change the course of reality with a pile of falsehoods designed to protect his job.

        I’ve been a longtime critic of the ICRP, NRPB, UNSCLEAR, BEIR, NCRP. The adoption of radiation models which are intended to support highest levels of radiation exposure to humans at the lowest corporate cost, is unconscionable.

        The blatant cronyism that is characteristic of nuclear apologists should make everyone embarrassed to be human beings.

        These models not only are pathetically, and intentionally, not equipped to account for the effects of exposure to low level radiation, they generally consider only effects resulting in fatal cancers, heritable damage, and IQ retardation.

        • Wyakin Wyakin

          Moronic subtleties should never be overlooked. We have epidemiological studies which have irrefutably produced and scientifically demonstrated evidence of a wide range of health effects other than cancer from radiation.

          Humans have 2 generally recognized cell lines, germ and somatic cells. The effects of all levels of radiation affect these cell lines and their intended purpose in predictable chronic or fatal manners.

          To put the ongoing genocide for profit in perspective, consider the following: ICRP has estimated that thru 2000 there has been 1,173,600 fatal cancers and 2,350,000 induced cancers.

          In contrast, the European Commission on Radiation Risk has estimated 61,619,512 fatal cancers, and 123,239,024 induced cancers. The clandestine alliance between regulators and propagators has introduced malfeasant science into the scam of radiation protection.

          Who do you believe? The lying corporate liars who are willing to sacrifice us all, including the most genetically vulnerable, women and children, or the ECRR and others who can scientifically prove the nuclear industry and government cronies are always understating the quantity and amount of nuclear trash being spread by the global nuclear industrial and military complex?

          • Wyakin Wyakin

            No matter what you can do or the resources you have at your disposal, do not hesitate to engage in non-violent organization and dissemination of information which unveils the nuclear deception and fraud. This fight is not hopeless. Never let public officials off the hook for their ambivalence. Hold each and everyone of them accountable.

            Thank you for your patience with my rant. Peace and good fortune.

            No matter your opinion on my opinion, take some nonviolent initiative to change the balance of power around the death spewing nuclear fission industrial complex.

            • We Not They Finally

              Wyakin, this wasn'te a "rant." It was great, needed information! Thank you.

            • Arizonan Arizonan

              +10000 Wyakin! Great info to pass around. I love the ECRR 2010 Report, which covers all this in great detail and is free to download now. Excellent summary of all current research on the health effects of low level radiation.

          • Wyakin Wyakin

            Note: the ICRP and ECRR cancers referenced above are the result of all nuclear activities including global nuclear tests, weapons fabrication, NPP production, radioisotope production, and accidents. There should be no doubt both are understated.

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              Most excellent rant, Wyakin. A worthy rant. A rant I wish I could have penned as eloquently as yourself.

              Thank you. Keep speaking truth to power.

              • Wyakin Wyakin

                Thank you HoTaters-

                You too have had many insights worth comment. I am generally not frequent enough here to respond in a timely way to posts, so try to refrain from commentary unless I can be responsive in a respective manner to comments.

                Today some very close friends left to visit India for 6 months. (sad day)

                Our communication skills are not the best, they speak Hokkien and unfortunately I cannot speak their dialect well.

                The partial translation of their goodbye message:

                Truth to the light; have a nice life every day; peace and love.

                Based on prior posts, you seem to have strong spiritual beliefs. I wish you and you family, and all reading this, the same wishes imparted upon me, and regardless of all the national or religious affiliations of all those comprehending our comments, I hope they understand radiation has no borders, or spiritual affiliations.

                Radiation kills at every level of exposure. There is no exceptions.

                It kills women and children at a much higher rate than men. And radioactive isotopes internally ingested can have life long health consequences.

                Peace and good fortune to all.

                • HoTaters HoTaters

                  Thank you. Here's an Irish blessing. I wish it for you and everyone else here, blessings. You're very thoughtful, Wyakin.

                  "May you always have work for your hands to do. May your pockets hold always a coin or two. May the sun shine bright on your windowpane. May the rainbow be certain to follow each rain. May the hand of a friend always be near you. And may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you."

                • just breathe just breathe

                  "Truth to the Light"
                  Thank you Hyakin
                  There is a great Light around you!
                  Thank you for your illuminating thoughts.
                  Truth to the light… is what brought me to ENEnews…
                  Peace to all

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks


              Excellent (this is the truth) rant! 🙂

              Thank you for sharing the truth with all those frequenting/reading here!

            • ICRP [International Commission on Radiological Protection] Caught Manipulating And 'Faking' Scientific Data; via @AGreenRoad

              Included your comments, in article above..

              • Wyakin Wyakin

                DGH-As usual great info! TY.

                Miller MD is a buffoon.

                The hormesis wingnuts are part of the crowd of fools who should be the first to volunteer to shovel debris at the health spa Fukushima.


    • Sparky Sparky

      Razz, Wyakin, the criminality of it all is mind-numbing! Wyakin, no apologies necessary: your "rant" is justifiable, unbridled, warranted push-back. I wish that I could have expressed it as well. Peace to you and yours.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    They would be fools to start up any Nuclear Reactors.. 🙁

    • Proton

      / \
      ====== STAY AWAY FOOLS =======

    • They must really be desperate to start up anything again, completely naked and without any insurance…

    • Wyakin Wyakin

      Obe-Indeed. These people you speak of are not fools; they are greedy, self serving, nuclearists willing to sacrifice the whole of humankind and all DNA sharing species with which we share the planet, for their narrow and myopic economic and political power interests.

      Anyone interested in all species preservation should engage in all activities to ban man made fission. Human health and the health of human progeny is in the balance.

      There is no, and never was a, "safe exposure" level of any human cells to man made fission trash, and there is no existing stable storage solutions in existence to safely store the trash for 250+ thousand years.

      As we know, DNA damage from LLR is certain. Micro-cellular repair of DNA lesions is unpredictable. The variables of cellular phase and accuracy of DNA repair mechanisms are major considerations and constraints in the prediction of LL radiation response outcome.

      The aberration we know as the underlying premise to the nuclearist model is revolting: exposure to radiation below deterministic levels is harmless.

      This pathetic model is largely premised on the Hiroshima Life Time Study, a study based on high level one time proton exposure to cells and tissue, which is completely inappropriate to explain the low level exposure to internal radiation.

      The science speaks for itself, and the lies and fraudulent science of the nuclearists, will fall on the ears of those open to the truth. Peace.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Wyakin, while you are stopping by this may peak your interest and it shows just how fast a ballon can move around the Earth, thanks to google. 22 days?

        Some here have stated the massive initial Fukushima atmosphere release is now traveling in waves on about a 40 day cycle around the Earth. Some people I think are very sensitized to this ever now over head flowing highly charged radiation contamination.

        I am wondering if anyone here is experiencing specific health problems on a repeated or about every 30-40 days within this atmospheric radiation contamination transport cycle. This might end up being like a wax and waning of health symptoms that retreat and then repeat on some type of regular schedule based on these varied wind currents passing overhead.

        Just thoughts as I feel better and then worse on what seems to be about a 40 day cycle these days.. 🙁

        • ~Beware The Evil Wind~

          We are dealing with sociopathic non-human entities commonly known as corporationism, that do not breathe air, eat food or walk by living function. They are non-living entities driven by prostitution of metals.

          Do you think they care about the off switch?

          It was written long ago that sadness beheld Corpilon for no one would buy their consumer goods, their atomic tainted cars, poisoned food and trading in the misery of humanity; for profit of course.

        • Wyakin Wyakin

          Obe-I hope you feel better in the coming days. Not sure about the 40 day hypotheses, but there is probably something to it.

          The loon balloon experiment shows just how connected the ecosystems are across the planet. Perfect for facilitating the circumnavigation of pollen, seeds or, radioisotopes, around the globe for incorporation into the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. Let’s also not forget about the relevance to H3, its transformative properties and vectors of contamination.

          I appreciate words of support on my last rant, but please indulge an additional commentary of relevance.

          Ponder the effects man made radioisotopes have on the ability of organisms (including humans) to receive zeitgerber stimuli, how that influences the underlying molecular networks, and the disruption this trash causes to biological cycles.

          While it is unlikely an institutional researcher will receive funding to study the effects of man made radioisotopes on such cycles, the real problem is that fundamentally the subject matter without the introduction of radioactive toxins is very poorly understood. This beckons enthusiastic researchers to revolutionize the way we perceive biological cause and effect and propel mankind’s thinking to the complex level required to respect biological mechanisms which have evolved over millions of years.

          • Wyakin Wyakin

            “Another place, another timer: Marine species and the rhythms of life” (Raible, et. al. 2011).


            “The marine ecosystem is governed by a multitude of environmental cycles, all of which are linked to the periodical recurrence of the sun or the moon. In accordance with these cycles, marine species exhibit a variety of biological rhythms, ranging from circadian and circatidal rhythms to circalunar and seasonal rhythms.

            However, our current molecular understanding of biological rhythms and clocks is largely restricted to solar-controlled circadian and seasonal rhythms in land model species…We argue that a re-focus on marine species will be crucial to understand the principles, interactions and evolution of rhythms that govern a broad range of eukaryotes, including ourselves.”

            While the relevance of this study is narrowly focused to circalunar and circatidal rhythms in select species, the significance should be clear. With the continuous and unending flow of large quantities of man-made fission trash into the Pacific and into the atmosphere, the effect on organisms’ ability (don’t forget phytoplankton) to recognize or receive zeitgerber stimuli, or to receive such stimuli in a manner where procreation is possible is not known, but is likely to occur. Peace.

  • zogerke zogerke

    ANyone: What does this mean? “Neoguri has been literally cut in half… Unreal”
    I looked at the twitter pics the astronaut posted but I am not sure what I am looking at. What does he mean cut in half?

    Is this the weird weather stuff some of you talk about? Something else? Don't mean to take us off track but responding to what admin posted. And yes, worried about massive deposition of radionuclide s back into hydrological cycle through flooding….

    And also yes- when I could not log in just now, the log in tab, below, bottom of page, took me right in.

  • guevara3712

    Thanks or-well, i found it. I sent admin a tip on the story, apparently well after they had covered it since i did not see the thread on it on here. Hand me my dummy sign, should have known everyone here was on it.

  • Ontological Ontological

    Hopefully this beasty behaves. I envy Reid Wiseman for having such a great view as a reward for all the hard work of getting there to enjoy it.

    I resolved the login issue by attempting to reply, and using THAT found login screen minus the 404 error. I know major PITA lol.

    Snapped a great Cesium interaction with atmosphere shot over the FD1 site the other day.
    Site may be public now unsure of that I am. Pass: pinksky if needed still.

  • toughshit

    These are just normal pictures of sunsets and stuff.

  • bo bo

    I'm just going to tack this on the latest thread – apparently temperature inside reactor # 5 suddenly rising at the moment because the temporary solution to suspension of cooling system of spent fuel pool #5 was to divert cooling water of for reactor

    More 3 card monte..

  • bo bo

    I'm not implying anything, just throwing it out here:
    Unusual amount of flight activity on radar…while airports closed in Japan

    The twitter poster's handle name is 'nochemtrail', but he is not saying they are spraying or anything here either – speculation on Twitter is: 'are the rich and in the know preparing to hightail out of the country? '

    Good for Abe he's already in Australia.

  • reaiege

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  • yes please send over some dates right away.. pronto..


  • We Not They Finally

    It seems that the main agenda of our over lords is to eliminate 90& of the worlds population…I think they will put billions into extending their longevity by making themselves part human and part robot…Im sure in the last part of their history they will be part of a rogue planet without a Sun being pulled to a violent collision with some other galaxy…

  • bo bo

    Ok…..Neouguri….disappearing from radar..?

    Please feel free to debunk this –

    I'm just throwing this out here hoping that some of the more hard-science types here can analyze what data is available ( not just from my one twitter feed)

    They are saying rain doesn't feel that strong…def not 'once in a lifetime super storm' and NHK continuing to report as if it's strong storm…? WTH 🙁

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Said this days ago: Nonevent. 😉
    Here is the best worldwide wind tool:,28.31,441

    Wind farms should be on water, as can be clearly seen.
    Over land, winds greatly diminish.
    Over land, even typhoon winds slow way down.

  • dunkilo

    I agree ,wind is clean,provides good jobs.I think we should look into harnessing lightning .Or has that been tried?

  • amberlight amberlight

    This amusing tidbit from Channel NewsAsia:

    The typhoon is likely to reach areas near the tsunami-crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant by Friday morning. The site's operator said workers were bracing for the storm.

    "We are tying up cables and hoses… and making sure cranes and booms don't fall," a company spokesman said.

    "We will also beef up patrols in areas where water could flow in," he said.

    The storm's massive downpours present an extra headache for the plant where workers are locked in a daily struggle to contain huge amounts of contaminated water — used to keep the destroyed reactors cool — as well as tainted groundwater leaking into the sea.

    The plant's operator is currently building an "ice wall" — freezing the ground around the plant — to solve the groundwater problem, more than three years after the worst atomic crisis in a generation.

    I am SO relieved to hear that they are securing the cables and hoses at Daiichi and that they'll have workers patrolling areas where 45 foot waves could send water surging in! (Hope they're wearing life jackets.) And from this report it sounds as if they are successfully keeping radioactive groundwater from getting into the sea. We can all rest easy…

  • well… the fire's been burning two days at Fukushima as evidenced on webcams… when will somebody do an expose on that? got the urls in my tweets this evening cecalli_helper – appears to have begun @ 1 minute 2014.07.10 19:00-20:00 / ふくいちライブカメラ (Live Fukushima Nuclear Plant Cam) and was still evident in 2014.07.11 04:00-05:00 / ふくいちライブカメラ (Live Fukushima Nuclear Plant Cam) see the world wind animation real time, now pumping into Alaska…,22.12,540

  • lucius.cornelius

    Looking at the webcam footage it appears that Reactor 1 is now encased in some sort of structure. Reactor 4 is well on the way to being encased, leaving 2 and 3.
    Is that what I'm seeing?

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    TEPCO Dumping Contaminated Water Into The Pacific Ocean

    "The typhoon also hit the northeast, including the Fukushima area, bringing heavy rain to areas near the broken plant run by Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO).

    "Workers were pumping out water from areas near tanks storing radioactive water, from which leaks are believed to have seeped into groundwater.

    "But we decided to release the water into sea as we reached a conclusion that it can be regarded as rainfall after we monitored levels of radiation," TEPCO spokesman Yo Koshimizu said.

    "According to the spokesman, one litre of the water contained up to 24 becquerels of strontium and other radioactive materials — below the 30 becquerel per litre safety limit imposed by Japanese authorities for a possible release to the environment.

    "However, it was unknown how much water was released to sea under the "emergency measure," Koshimizu said.

    "The typhoon also forced the operator to cancel part of outdoor operations scheduled for Monday, although there was no damage to the plant following the typhoon, he added.

    "Around 300 tonnes of mildly contaminated groundwater is entering the ocean every day having passed under the reactors, according to TEPCO."

    • alasanon

      I just saw that–one person says no extra rainfall in Fukushima, although it was anticipated to be overwhelming. The workers at Daiichi were really "scrambling," it says! Bless them!!…

      Tokyo & Chiba did hit with major winds & run-off and they are far from contamination-free…

      As for Fukushima, sometimes you catch a break from your angels with a lot of prayers!~ 🙂 They have been riding on a Wing & a Prayer for so long!!~

      • alasanon

        Tokyo got hit with 85 km per hour–?!!

        That would have toasted FUKUSHIMA/The-World-at-Large!!… :/

        • alasanon

          …make that 83 km per hour, per article…

          We had 65 mph storm gusts here in the eastern U.S. this week and it was pretty intense.

          Japan & the-World-at-Large caught a huge break at the meltdown site! yea!!~

    • bo bo

      Sadie, alasanon…'but it did bring strong winds'
      That's BS !!!!
      I have followed this closely with twitter and most said not even strong win Kagoshima – nd – wasn't recognizably strong – not just Tokyo, but even down I Many, many discussions online about why the media- especially NHK insisted on typhoon existed even as blue skies were already visible.

      Not a single train delay either.
      Growing up there I don't recall even a tropical storm having zero effect on the super complicated train schedules in Tokyo. There were always delays. The fact that there was zero delays makes me think that what many people said online may be accurate 'it's not even a tropical storm'

      Storm vanished a little north of Okinawa, past Miyakojima.

      • alasanon

        That's pretty amazing!… From a record "once in 15 years" Super Typhoon packing close to 200 mph winds to a safe zone shortly thereafter? amazing…

        Let's be honest, Fukushima could have trouble brewing with just some mild flooding and 35 mph winds… :/ It is hanging by a thread. This was a Miracle/lucky break!!~

      • bo bo

        Oops – sentence above got tangled –

        I have followed this closely with twitter and most said not even strong wind – wasn't recognizably strong – not just in Tokyo, but even as far down south as Kagoshima – Many, many discussions online about why the media- especially NHK – insisted on typhoon existed even as blue skies were already visible.

        Not a single train delay either.
        Growing up there I don't recall even a tropical storm having zero effect on the super complicated train schedules in Tokyo. There was always train delays in Tokyo with a typhoon or a tropical storm. That was a definite. The fact that there was zero delays makes me think that what many people said online may be accurate : 'it's not even a tropical storm'

        Storm vanished a little north of Okinawa, past Miyakojima.

        • bo bo

          Sadie, I'm gonna post later in evening on OT some of the wilder theories
          My boss will kill me if I type anymore on phone 🙁

          • alasanon

            Why is no one even following up coverage?.. There is nothing on CNN much… It was newsworthy!!-

            The Australian Sydney Morning Herald, Mother Jones, and Daily Telegraph had some good current articles that made the Fukushima risk connection.

            But, what was the full outcome in N. Japan?…

        • clamshellernh clamshellernh

          Strange this thing disappeared we think they are all colluding ?
          My gosh …keep us informed ..

  • One arm of storm got cut off, so it bled to death, never got more than 5 feet down the road before falling down dead.

  • Daisy207

    A 6.8 just hit off the coast of Fukushima – shallow. This can't be good.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    USGS Reports M6.5 offshore Fukushima with tsumani warning:

    Parameter Value Uncertainty
    Magnitude 6.5 mww Not Specified
    Location 37.064°N, 142.365°E Not Specified
    Depth 11.1 km ± 2.8 km
    Number of Stations Used Not Specified
    Number of Phases Used 123
    Minimum Distance 376.0 km (3.38°)
    Travel Time Residual 1.17 sec
    Azimuthal Gap 29°
    Review Status MANUAL
    Event ID usb000rs50

  • NHK is sayin 20 cm tsunami, no damage at Fukushima.

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