CNN: Fukushima fallout ‘grossly underestimated’ says new Japan study — “Radioactive poison… contaminating the North Pacific Ocean” — Tepco: ‘Impossible’ to know how much really got out (VIDEO)

Published: May 22nd, 2014 at 5:24 pm ET


CNN, May 21, 2014: […] This is my first time visiting one of the most dangerous places on earth. […] the highly contaminated “red zone” […] remains a desolate wasteland […] Impact underestimated? The true scope of the contamination is a subject of debate, with a research team from Fukushima University recently releasing a study that claims [TEPCO] grossly underestimated the amount of radioactive poison cesium-137 released into the environment. Exposure can heighten the risk of cancer. […] TEPCO acknowledges it’s impossible to know for sure how much cesium was released […] Researchers told me they don’t believe the risk extends far beyond Japan and the North Pacific Ocean, even though small traces of radioactive ocean water have been detected as far away as Canada.

Transcript Excerpt Will Ripley, CNN: A senior scientist and his research team at Fukushima University just published a study claiming the power plant’s operator Tepco grossly underestimated the amount of radioactive poison — Cesium-137 — released during the meltdown. This material has already gone into the ocean. It’s already there. He’s especially worried about contaminated fish in a country where most meals come from the sea. His research team says cesium spewed into the air during the meltdown and later fell into the water contaminating the North Pacific Ocean and the Japanese mainland. Tepco says the company’s radiation estimates come from the best information they have, but a spokesperson admits nobody really knows for sure. […] The invisible danger from Fukushima is why these town will continue to sit empty for years, as crews try to contain the slow moving catastrophe that turned their homeland into this wasteland.

CNN Student News, Daily Curriculum, May 22, 2014: Where is Fukushima? What disasters struck the city three years ago? What does the city look like now? Why are fields that once were full of crops now full of bags of soil? What radioactive poison was released during the nuclear plant meltdown? Why is the professor seen in the video especially worried about the poison’s effect on fish? What does the reporter have to do before he enters the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant? What are workers there trying to do to the plant? How long will the cleanup take? According to the video, why will the town continue to sit empty for years?

Watch the broadcast here

Published: May 22nd, 2014 at 5:24 pm ET


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104 comments to CNN: Fukushima fallout ‘grossly underestimated’ says new Japan study — “Radioactive poison… contaminating the North Pacific Ocean” — Tepco: ‘Impossible’ to know how much really got out (VIDEO)

  • OldFool

    TEPCO strikes again, what a surprise.

    • OldFool

      Of course, this all means all the computer simulations were also gross underestimates.

    • OldFool

      It would have been nice if someone had said by what factor TEPCO underestimated the release. Was it 5X? 10X? 50X?

      • StPaulScout StPaulScout

        Probably closer to 100's or 1000's of times. TEPCO tried to say only 1 percent of the 137C left containment. One Percent! I think a bit more than one percent left three went it exploded……

        • StPaulScout StPaulScout

          TEPCO's initial claim was around a one percent "leak" if I remember correctly. Such liars they are there…..

      • Try the standard 99 to 1 nuclear cover up ratio.. in the nuclear industry book of lies, where they teach all pro nuclear scientists and experts how to cover up a nuclear disaster with 30 lies via a playbook, much like the football teams have a playbook about how to win a football game.

        Admit 1%, cover up 99%, or MORE.

        That formula makes it all sound really good, people can stay in their normalcy bias and believe in santa claus, the tooth fairy, everything is fine, nuclear anything is 'normal', and nuclear missiles will save us from ourselves.

        The nuclear lies playbook says that;

        Fuku is only 10% of Chernobyl, no one will EVER die from man made radiation, radiation is good for you, and that smiling will protect you from radiation, and that no plutonium came out, and nothing melted out, and no fires happened in any spent fuel pools.

        All lies, lies, and more lies.

        The nuclear lies got around the world twice before the first reactor even melted down.

        • I just did the calcs, Fuku is 2,010,000 more radiation inventory than Hiroshima.

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Pretty scary, out of control, China Syndromes, Nuclear Plant meltdowns, with no technology or solution in sight for….ever! 🙁

            This planet is screwed.. 🙁

  • dunkilo

    how come he didn't say ANYTHING about PU and all the other radionuclides ?At least CNN has said something…ABC,CBS,NBC,FOX have dropped this "hot" potato …drips and drabs on the biggest disaster of the world !

  • Mom always said: "Life is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you're gonna get."

    — Forrest Gump

  • Mom always said: "Stupid is who stupid does."

    — Forrest Gump

  • Mom always said: "Burn in hell, Tepco !"

    — Fukugeddon

  • norbu norbu

    CNN-"Researchers told me they don’t believe the risk extends far beyond Japan and the North Pacific Ocean, even though small traces of radioactive ocean water have been detected as far away as Canada."
    This is a LIE. Small traces? WOW the bull shit continues. Wake up…..

  • GMO – Genetically Modified Ocean

  • Sol Man

    Where is the alpha radiation from the Pu being measured/reported; from any leaking source(s)?

    • Deep inside, you know the answer, trust me.
      Hint: it sounds similar to everywhere, but is shorter and basically expresses the opposite. And it starts with an N followed by a vowel.

  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    I'd love to be there, to look deep into their eyes and watch as the truth dawns on them at just how much harm and damage they've done with their lies, obfuscation and indifference.

    Then as they start to cry and beg for help…

    I'd like to turn my back and walk away without saying a word.

    I'd like to, but I'm not them, I like to think that I at least a little better than that, so I'd help them, to at least to find peace.

    Because even lying, cheating, callous scum-bags deserve that.


    I wish that these specimens of modern man would see, understand and even if only for a minute, regret what they've unleashed on us all.

    • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

      They showed very fast who they care about & it was not us but the nuke cartel & all the weapon makers. We useless eaters as the elites call us knows exactly what they have unleashed & no way to stop it. So the dog & pony show continues. Lies get bigger & the Truth is buried deeper daily even when proof slaps them square in the face.

      • davidh7426 davidh7426

        Yet still they'll die, right along side us.

        All their power, their self-righteous greed melting away like mist beneath the sun, unable to add even one second more to their lives, unable to relieve even one second of the anguish they'll feel.

        I'm not angry at them, I don't even despise them, the only thing that I feel, right at this moment, is pity. Pity for their meaningless delusional lives.

        It's sad really when you think about it, they've had every opportunity to help others, but they see only themselves, and that's all they'll ever see, right up until the end.

        • earthsmith earthsmith

          The House of Mirrors…..indeed very sad for everything.

        • We Not They Finally

          Pity is reserved for what people go through internally or the kind of people they are. I don't pity them a bit. I want the faces of every person, and every living being, every plant and animal that they have destroyed flashed before their faces. They'll face it now or they'll face it on another plane or in another life. But pity is just "a pass." You do THIS and there are no consequences? Then how have you stood up for the innocents?

          I won't pity them one crapping inch. Let them get down on their knees weeping in the most heartfelt remorse and then maybe, possibly, I'll think of pity. Let them beg for the pity they do not even deserve.

  • dosdos dosdos

    Word has been out for three years that Fukushima was worse than Chernobyl. CNN finally admits the possibility.

    • Sol Man

      Too bad for all. Dr. Holger Strohm ways 12,000 times worse.

      With the lack of reporting of the significance of the events one could question if that number is too low.

      • Sol Man

        ways was meant to be "says…"

      • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

        Just a heads up:

        The Dr. Holger Strohm story is one of the WORST written anti-nuclear stories I have come across yet. And maybe THE WORST.
        The factual and grammatical errors are truly epic in this story.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          fireguyjeff..please help to re write it. The intention is good, and good articles are needed. Doo eeeet!

          • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

            Not at all sure ho one can rewrite what some one else posted on agreenroad.

            I don't recall ever seeing any author details on the posts there.

            Also, there does not seem to be any way to message an author other than by public reply post.

            The intent was right on, clearly.
            The delivery was a total train wreck.

            I will see if I can help clean up the story.

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              fireguyjeff…please do it, as Im sure you know our own Dr Goodheart will be open to any improvements/clarifications…

              a GreenRoad is a great effort…a bright spot in the galaxy

            • website and contact page at


              Lots of critics, but very, very few willing to actually dive in and make a positive difference, much less publish via this forum.

              The door is always open…

        • We Not They Finally

          Strohm is a German speaker. Sometimes hard to even get youtubes in English translation. Good luck with this though. Strohm needs to be heard!

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          You can't rewrite Dr. Strohn's interview. Why don't you just listen to the original interview?

          English Interview about nuclear danger with Holger Strohm

          This is an extremely good and informative interview. Dr. Strohn is an expert and he is extremely accurate.

          I can't see anything wrong with his English. I can't see anything wrong with this interview.

  • Nick

    Chernobyl was bad enough.


    You either get to talk to someone who actually has enough functioning brain cells to engage you in a meaningful conversation about how dire things are, or you get the Huh?

    Me? I know way too much about our world at the atomic level to NOT be paying attention to Fukushima.

    No, all of us are now in a new and untested stretch of existence.

    I really have no sympathy for any nuclear engineer who negates what horror has been unleashed.

    You can bow all you want. You can say "i am sorry" but in my book you are the vilest form of creation ever to walk the face of the earth.

    If your technology is toxic to all life on earth, than screw you.

  • Nick

    TEPCO knows how much shit they unleashed into the biosphere.

    They just don't want to admit it.

    TATAL is a bitch. (toxic at the atomic level)

  • OldFool

    Well, many people thought that nuclear energy was the solution to global warming, because it was the alternative to using carbon dioxide generating carbon based fuels. They will be proven correct in a somewhat bizarre manner, because after a high percentage of humans are killed off over the next 130 years, much less carbon dioxide will be generated and this should greatly reduce the global warming problem. By killing off large numbers of humans, nuclear will finally become a truly respectable green technology that the few remaining survivors can joyfully embrace – although they might have to live entirely underground like the Mole People for ~200,000 to ~300,000 years.

    • Bay Area Guy 2

      I was under the impression that if one takes the construction process of the plant and the equipment that the whole carbon reduction argument for nuclear power didn't add up. Am I mistaken in that?

      • OldFool

        The whole carbon reduction argument was pretty shaky all along, but finally, by now wiping out much of the human race over the next 130 years, the world's pollution problems will be greatly reduced. The Black Death of 1348-1349 did similar wonders for the quality of life of the survivors and the ecology in general. The kill ratio should be even better this time around, since the killing machine truly does not have any "OFF" switch this time – TEPCO did not want to spend the money – it would have reduced corporate profits too much. So we will all walk hand-in-hand with the lethally adorable, cute little Plu-kun, into broad sunlit uplands (whether we wanted to or not).

      • razzz razzz

        If you only include the decommissioning costs of a nuke plant and the long term storage of their spent fuel, nuke generated power is a fallacy when it comes to low costs let alone health related problems. Decommissioning and storage costs are never included in the per watt figures championed by nuclear apologists.

  • dunkilo

    I e-mailed the white house,….I advise everyone who reads this to do the same.America should should wake up .Going to make a flyer and put it up all over.With facts and web sites such as this one and Fairewinds .My apathy is over ,now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of their world.Gods peace to all,thats the only thing that keeps me sane.

    • humptydumpty humptydumpty

      I've done that many times. Obama & company will only listen to CEOs and other bigwigs representing major corporations. But I will say with some gratification that Senator Barbara Boxer listened to us, and subsequently forced the shutdown of the San Onofre NPP in CA.

      • earthsmith earthsmith

        Yes pressure is the only way…..we all must continue to write and point fingers at those who we elect to serve us. San Onofre is a prime example for a disaster that was about to happen. We got the Shoreham npp shutdown with non stop pressure after it was licensed for a 5% test run. Cuomo signed it after it was determined Long Island would not be able to be evacuated in time WHEN a meltdown occurred. But that was the mid 80s' and times sure have changed.

      • EngineeringBloke

        Ssn Onofre's steam generator was shaking itslelf to bits. The 'redesign' which increased its capacity changed fundamental design elements that had kept vibration to a minimum.

        If you read Fairewinds post on the new generators, you can see how really dangerous the changes were.

        Tubes were vertical with spacing like the white squares on a chess board. The black 'squares' allowed stream and hot water to rise without restriction. A grid held the tubes in place.

        The new design has the tubes closer together with a layout like a series of rows of quarters offset so they touch in a triangle, but then spaced away from each other just a little. Zigzag braces separates the tubes. But as they are closer, the hot water and steam is hotter and turbulant and shakes the tubes and they bang against each other and the braces.

        The tube separates radioactive water from non-radioactive water and allows heat transfer. When one breaks, this barrier fails. It can be sealed at the ends, but that does not stop the broken tube from hitting adjacent tubes and damaaging them.

        The first version lasted 25 years. The revision had a significant percentage of failed tubes in 2 years.

        The reactor could not be continued to operate. The effciency was falling rapidly and there are major risks of radiation leakage.

        This redesign was a huge change. Whatever testing and design was done appears to have missed the impact of making the tubes closer and impeding circulation outside…

  • dunkilo

    What do I tell my 15 year old son ?Don't think he should be burdened with these facts.

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      dunkilo, my daughter is 22, smart and beautiful, I tell her the truth. They are the ones who will have to carry on … they deserve the truth. What each of them does with that truth is all on them and their individual life choices… but we cannot get angry at the media withholding the truth from the public and do the same thing within our families. Everyone deserves the truth!

      • PaciFistic PaciFistic

        ….if truth-telling is too in-your-face, it can be counterproductive…though if it's to one's children, am sure it wouldn't be that way.

  • Mack Mack

    Nuclearhotseat interviewed Futaba former mayor Idogawa.

    His perspective is so important that I transcribed some of what he said:

    * “The operation of nuclear power plants was based on a lie. This accident is proof that nuclear power is an incomplete technology."

    * "Furthermore, the nuclear power plant destroyed our town. The town is a public entity. A privately owned for profit utility corporation destroyed a public body, our town. I don’t think there is another example like this in history."

    * "In Japan we have the right to self-government. It is the nuclear accident that has broken down the system and set people adrift."

    * "The villagers who have lost their dreams are heartbroken."

    * "In the midst of all this sorrow, Prime Minister Abe is facing outward and promoting exports of nuclear power plants. Despite the nuclear situation in his own country being unclear and with the cleanup of the accident still not progressing, Abe is trying to pass off defective merchandise as top world class technology. It’s embarrassing, isn’t it? As a Japanese citizen I am truly ashamed. When Japan was a healthy country, we did not try to sell imperfect goods. During the time when Japan valued quality above all else this would not have happened."

    * "Furthermore, the contaminated water from the plant is polluting the Pacific Ocean more and more."

    • Mack Mack


      * “I feel humiliated when Abe lies to the world when he says that the radioactive contamination is completely blocked from spreading further into the ocean.

      * “I urge the people of the world to take a look at us. What kind of lives are we being forced to live right now. Even though we are not the ones who caused the accident, we are living in conditions that punish us for what happened. Our dreams, our children’s futures, ours towns, have all been destroyed.”

      * “Nuclear facilities bring misfortune on humankind.”

      * "We all need to raise our voices and demand a safe environment where we can live and children can have dreams."

      * "We inherited a clean environment from our parents, but I as a parent cannot pass along a clean and beautiful town to my own children."

      * "This sad situation can never happen again."

      * "Please don’t just help us, please help humankind.”

    • J.

      "As a Japanese citizen I am truly ashamed. When Japan was a healthy country, we did not try to sell imperfect goods."

      This is crucial. As other, non-nuclear Japanese corporations come to realize the damage to the reputation of 'Made in Japan,' the forces exerted to stop TEPCO and it's allies will increase.

  • 52Rockwell

    Mom always said: "Burn in hell, Tepco !"

    – Fukugeddon

    I like your Mama…

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Either way, tons of nuclear fuel has been aerosolized, is circling the globe, blowin' in the wind. And tons of highly radioactive water is flowing into our oceans daily, non-stop, 24/7.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      The largest Nuclear industrial Accident, currently out of control, to ever happen on the face of this planet and the real reason that "All" Nuclear Power Plants need to be banned and outlawed via International Law worldwide..right now! 🙁

      Do not wait until the next one blows because another one will blow and that is now considered a scientific fact! 🙂 Shut them all down and do this now!

  • Igmz Igmz

    another fine example, with the now deliberate and in our faces dumping of tonnes of rad water. ( And good news for New Mexico, seems like the City of Carlsbad ..does anyone remember WIPP…anyone?…is booming with gas and just like the good old days..they'll be legalizing prostitution next)…..My fellows, do we not know this by now, that what we are up against will never quit, never give, them, they, their purpose is to end, and it is an actual Power that we are pited against. It is the opposite of life, love, peace and happiness, it is lies and doublespeak and is poverty and racism, corporatism, fascism, police state is evil in all of its manifestations..which are, all in all mainly monumental illusions..

    We are all that stands in its way, this Power of destruction..and we cannot expect from them the truth, nor will they fear our laws as they themselves already will not abide them..and so for me, it comes to this..will WE , will I continue to allow it?…

  • weeman

    All of tepco stastistics are based on best case scenarios and the true magnatude will not be revealed untill they are able to peer into buildings one, two and three, not soon and by that time the perpetrators of the lies, will be long dead and gone and the tptb will say how could they have truly known,
    B.S. I seen those building blowup, I seen the contaminated steam, I know the cores vapiourized more than 40 percent, I know their is no fix and no way to contain, I know you knowingly exposed your population needlessly and obstructed the press and scientific investigation and suppressed stastistics.
    We cannot continue to exist if we follow the nuclear path and you know it, be a human being and admit your mistakes and follow the path of reason, common sense and show your wisdom.
    Prime directive from the Weeman, now make it so or we will intervene, your time is limited and so is ours, you give us no choice.

  • Crickets Crickets

    In my opinion, the only way that pro-nuke folk can redeem themselves in the least is to admit that they've been intentionally misleading the world and to join the call to shut all of them down, NOW! Not later, N O W !!!

    • Crickets Crickets

      OK, I'm awake now. I slipped off into a dream for a moment there. Back to reality.

      • weeman

        Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.
        Albert Einstein

  • 52Rockwell

    May 22– The City of Carlsbad and DOE will co-host its weekly meeting featuring updates on WIPP recovery activities. The meeting is scheduled at 5:30 p.m. Location: Carlsbad City Council Chambers, 101 N. Halagueno Street. Live streaming of the weekly meetings can be seen at

    • GQR2

      the WIPPlashers declared lack of interest (on their part and moved the meeting to the first and third Thursdays. How convenient for them eh?

      and the sound of Crickets you fully awake now..too funny. We want to hope, its hard to suppress it and there is no hope here in the last analysis.

      There is always mental gymnastics to ease the tension of the experience of being slowly poisoned by Radiation and hemorrhaging Fukushiva in the air,earth and sea. The sea. no words for that its beyond the realms of tragic the mind can wrap itself around.

      we are getting the picture fast – they lie and lie about it.

      The most frustrating anger making aspect of this catastrophe for me is being a victim of it – it is being done to the world.

      There are culprits who will not admit the poison that is enveloping the globe,contaminating the entire food chain,scambling DNA of all life.

      They did it,by having knowing bad designs and implementing anyway. They do it by being negligent with the Nuclear Wastes. The put big money into their lies.

      They continually visit this on those paying attention with daily lies. That's the thing that gets me, there is no avoiding the consequences of THEIR bad behavior.

  • 52Rockwell

    Grab a six pac and Join me for the WIPP drinking game …
    If Tammy Or Bob say Chest Xray Take a drink..
    If Tammy Or Bob say banana Take a drink
    If Tammy Or Bob say Kitty Litter Take a drink
    If Tammy Or Bob say "The Mine" Take a drink
    If Tammy Or Bob say "I'll find out that information,and get back to you."' Finish off whatever is left of the six pac ,and got get another one ..

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    It took me awhile come to grips..that there is kitty litter in my granola ..and I want to know where it came from!

    Perma-Fix is Part of a Team Awarded Two Major Clean-Up Agreements at Los Alamos National Laboratory
    April 17 2012

    "ATLANTA, April 17, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Perma-Fix Environmental Services, Inc. (Nasdaq:PESI) announces that, as part of a team lead by Portage, Inc., an Engineering and Environmental Services company based out of Idaho Falls, Idaho, it was selected for two major Master Task Order Agreement clean-up contracts at the Department of Energy's (DOE) Los Alamos National Laboratory. DOE's prime contractor at Los Alamos, Los Alamos National Security, LLC (LANS) selected the Portage/Perma-Fix team, along with several other teams, to retrieve, manage, process and disposition a variety of low-level radioactive, mixed, hazardous, and transuranic wastes that have been generated over decades as part of the DOE's nuclear weapons mission.


    They've had the contract ..they just received a new contract.

  • 52Rockwell

    I forgot
    If Tammy Or Bob say "PROCESS"'. Take a drink

  • 52Rockwell

    I gotta keep a tight lid on myself,and watch my comments. I could talk about processes and contracts too, but I dont think we are talking about the same thing….?

  • 52Rockwell

    I get so ANGRY watching this . Why do I do it???

  • TooExpensiveToMatter

    "Fukushima fallout ‘grossly underestimated’ says new Japan study"

    "Fukushima fallout grossly and purposefully underestimated".

    There, fixed.

    • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

      If someone EVER comes out, like Snowden did, with FOIA docs that have all the blacked-out pages showing the ugly disgusting TRUTH about what the hell went down, the lawyer who did this would make a FORTUNE out of the lawsuits that would happen.

  • 52Rockwell

    I got news for you , the State Of New Mexico has said Shut her Down. Get you Crap outta My State of Texas Too. NOW!. Put it in your Nasty Little Salt Mine Gollum,…and Meditate on it till the salt mine collapses.
    Yall don't recognize "Impermanence "' as an inherent feature of this existence do you . "'.
    (Im talking in my head at the folks at the Wipp City Meeting ) , not you newsers:)

  • 52Rockwell

    Im gonna go eat my Chili now , and a fine serrano pepper . Ill sweat this crap out.

    • SadieDog

      Damn, chili. That sounds good. And a fresh pepper. Mmmmm. I know what I'm making this weekend.

  • Ontological Ontological

    They admit to a problem, the first step in acceptance of possible cures.

    Careful of your peppers, many are becoming unusable quickly. You have to shop for veggies once a week to be sure they do not go bad. Never before have we had this issue here to this degree in the Mojave.

  • Radio Radio

    Fukushima is right up there with continental wildlife habitat loss, global warming, overpopulation, and run away capitalism – the doom bringers that nearly all industrialized governments are ignoring while leading their people to the cliff at breakneck speed telling them they will be able to fly if they just run fast enough. I truly hope people begin to pay attention and solve this problem along with the other ones because leadership is not. For them, for both Japan and the US, it is a PR problem. Dominating the planet and making sure China doesn't get too much oil, and so is forced to buy our coal instead, is the US's priority concern at the moment.

    • PaciFistic PaciFistic

      …..China just signed a monster contract with Russia for their resources…gas! It was in the works for a few years, and just at this point in the Ukraine crisis, they signed. Interesting timing!

      • PaciFistic PaciFistic

        ….and capitalism isn't really in the running any more, growth being stalled since how long now…and the jet stream is so out of whack, and with a super el Nino forecast this year, plus a similar phenomenon in the Indian Ocean, we're in for a big forest fire season and ever faster ice melt….and so on.

        ….so, as you say, "breakneck speed" is about the size of it.

        There are ways that those who are aware can prepare themselves, but for some strange reason, that seems more controversial than the devastation. It seems people can't believe we don't have to be anchored in the material….and that resistance is a death wish in itself.

        • China is quietly taking over all over the world, while the US is being being the warmonger and beating it's chest that it is the best and the biggest and the most powerful.

          There are many ways to win a way, and China is actually doing it in the way it counts, where people buy stuff.

          Go on vacation.. buy touristy stuff to take home.. The item you buy is probably made in China, and odds are high that the tourist store is also owned and staffed by Chinese, no matter what country you are in.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Questionable studies.
    My, my.

    "We welcome papers investigating the impact of ionising radiation on wildlife, but these basic errors show we must ensure that the peer review of such papers involves scientists from an appropriate range of disciplines. It’s been noted that many papers purporting to show significant radiological impacts on wildlife are appearing in journals not usually focused on or specialising in radiation protection."

    Specializing in radiation protection?
    Some mumbo jumbo about dose rates.
    Not within their field so?
    The hypothesis is based on 'natural observation' ..a hypothesis based on 'natural observation' of the effects of Chernobyl .. a PREVIOUS observation .. further study and documentation is appropriate to their field.
    Radiation is the suspected lead variable.

    Slamming the other disciplines is beyond inappropriate.

    Questionable studies won’t help identify Fukushima’s effects
    May 19 2014

  • Daisy207

    TEPCO acknowledges it’s impossible to know for sure how much cesium was released

    Excuse me – why only cesium? How ABOUT PLUTONIUM, URANIUM, AMERICIUM, IODINE, XENON, STRONTIUM, TRITIUM and 100+ others and more?
    Why the sudden release of news in the MSM? Is the death rate rising? How is the west coast doing – lets get numbers on pet deaths and cancer – then the people diagonsed. We are nothing but mushrooms – we're fed shit and kept in the dark.

  • 52Rockwell

    If you are "Shopping for peppers,thats the problem"'.Easy to grow.

  • 52Rockwell

    I did buy this One at HEB …..
    outta here …Night night . Its almost the weekend and we can get Crazy 🙂

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    at least they are calling it radioactive poison. This is a first I think. Poison is a word they wouldnt use for…oh say bananas or potato chips

  • lucius.cornelius

    What's worse, is that this steady drip feed of gradually more honest reports are not making their way through to the MSM. Russia Today is the only site that might be described as even vaguely "mainstream" that reports anything about Fukushima.
    Here in the UK there is nothing – absolute silence.
    They're reporting that Paul Mcartney is in hospital in Tokyo "with a mysterious virus", no reported causes.
    Presumably this is just like the "mysterious illness" that's casuing the rises in childhood lukemias and thyroid problems.
    But it's nothing to do with that funny glow on the horizon, no Siree Bob.

    That said, my particular part of England seems to have got off reasonably lightly so far. All of the people I know who are older and frail are all doing fine. No one's died suddenly, no one's suddenly developed worrying symptoms.

    It's hilarious really, in a sick, dark way – they sent our jobs overseas, flooded our nation with unemployed immigrants, sold off the national assets, involved us in immoral and illegal wars, let the companies reasponsible for silly levels of unemployment off paying any tax and then when they don't tell us about Fukushima we say "don't you respect us?".

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      great last paragraph lucius. Im just waiting for the WHO to spin Pauls illness into a worldwide drive for vaccinations to top it all off. Like Kevin Blanch said…may your souls rot in hell. hahaha…laughing from a sod whos already there..

    • Angela_R

      Hi lucius,
      The focus of the mainstream media was likely more concentrated initially on the visual impact of the devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami.
      Here is the link to the Fukushima Update Log

      From time to time, I note criticism amongst posters that meltdowns were not mentioned, however, a brief glance at the entry on March 17, 2011 shows "The current situation at Units 1, 2 and 3, whose cores have suffered damage, appear to be relatively stable." Earlier, on March 15, it was noted that there had been explosions in Units 1, 2 an 3.

      There are 49 reports covering the period from 11 March to 2nd June, 2011 that can be accessed via the above link.

  • isogoodhumans

    " Tepco grossly underestimated the amount of radioactive poison — Cesium-137 — released during the meltdown."

    Best way to remove that Cs-137 from the human body is Vitapect tablets or powder.

    Removed 62.6% in independent studies.

  • Cdog Cdog

    The radioactive coriums will continue to fissile expending intense heat that no amount of water can ever stop. Instead the water that comes into contact with one of the 100 or less ton blobs will also split and become radioactive. The blobs shluff of the outer layer which is then washed away into the surrounding soil and eventually out to sea.
    "Were ski-rude"

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Every day the tsunami garbage rolls in..
    But radiation contaminated water doesn't?

    "There has been a “slight uptick” this year in the amount of possible tsunami debris found on the Washington coast, including oil drums, small propane tanks and canisters, Kent said.

    “This was stuff that was floating a bit lower in the water,” she said Tuesday. “Earlier debris was high-floating, pushed more by the wind.”

    Tsunami Debris Skiff Found On Washington Coast
    May 23 2014

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    There is something wrong ..with the cognition of the Human mind.

    "‘grossly underestimated’".

    They know not what they say.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    And so worthy of a study..
    Step back's my thesis.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Two can play at this..

    May 24, 2014 at 1:41 am ·
    Did you notice his mail

    05.22.14 UPDATE
    Subject: Fw: URGENT: Is Fukushima Burning?
    Date: 10:25 PM EDT, 05/21/14
    “mitsuhei murata”
    To: “Rima Laibow”
    Cc: “Ralph Fucetola JD”
    Dear Dr. Rima and Counsel Ralph,
    The responsible division at the METI has confirmed that
    Fukushima is not burning at present.
    They are looking into the cause of the fire
    shown in the video.
    I will stay in contact for further development.
    Best wishes,
    Mitsuhei Murata

    METI are looking into the cause of the fire.
    Tacit admission there was a fire?

  • The official version has not changed; 10% of Chernobyl, no fires, no ex vessel anything, no plutonium came out. No one died, not one person will EVER die from Fukushima. Totally harmless, and nothing to worry about, just a minor blip you see. Also cold shutdown..

    All that steaming from #3 is just rain evaporating off of the concrete.

    Just ignore everyone else who is fearmongering or spreading rumors.

    Oh, and ignore all of the EVIDENCE too… there is no radiation that came out.

    Remember, smiling will protect you from radiation..


    And the tooth fairy will bring you free money, Santa is real and the Earth is flat and you will fall off if you go out too far in the ocean..

  • documen


  • unincredulous unincredulous

    They have answered their own question:

    They released an impossible amount of contamination.

    The question they are really asking themselves is, "How is that much even possible?"