CNN: Japan’s nuclear regulator called Fukushima “a house of horrors”… They are not prone to hyperbole, an unbelievable thing to say — “Very, very serious… incredibly frightening” (VIDEO)

Published: August 22nd, 2013 at 12:03 pm ET


Title: Radioactive water leaking from Fukushima plant
Source: CNN
Date: Aug 21, 2013

ERIN BURNETT, CNN HOST: Radiation at the Fukushima plant is not contained. Despite what we were told and assured, the alarming admission by officials about a house of horrors next. […]

KYUNG LAH, CNN CORRESPONDENT: This is very serious for this particular agency, the Nuclear Regulation Authority. They don’t take these moves lightly. The fact they are moving it from a level one to a level three is very serious and important. And the global community should take note. They called the nuclear plant a house of horrors. So there is a ton of radioactive water being put into the ocean. It is very, very serious. […]

BURNETT: You are talking about they are saying house of horrors. They are not prone to hyperbole. That, I mean, an unbelievable thing to say, radioactive water dumping into the Pacific Ocean. I mean, it sounds incredibly frightening. So how scared should people be?

BURNETT: Which is kind of amazing to see how horrible these things are, the fact there is a resiliency for this thing.

Watch the report here

Published: August 22nd, 2013 at 12:03 pm ET


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49 comments to CNN: Japan’s nuclear regulator called Fukushima “a house of horrors”… They are not prone to hyperbole, an unbelievable thing to say — “Very, very serious… incredibly frightening” (VIDEO)

  • Slingerss Slingerss

    Maybe its time they CALL in some REAL scientists to help with this. So far, TEPCO has only tried to cover it up and down play the whole thing…….fast forward 2 1/2 years and now this…..
    Call in World Scientists who can give answers and think of other options besides, covering it up.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Superpowers need to move in and fix this because it's effecting life on the whole planet.

    • 6feetunder 6feetunder

      The effing janitors need to move in and at least they would know to put it in a bucket. (hint.. supertankers.. thousands world wide) The superpowers are letting this happen on purpose.


        curious 6feetunder, assuming your suggestion is acted upon, how would this deadly brew be processed from that point on?

        • 6feetunder 6feetunder

          Best can get in the way of good. Letting the water run into the ocean for lack of storage tanks is not good. At least temporary containment could be achieved. The we can get professor Peabody to get in the wayback machine and take a death squad into 1944 Manhattan project. I dunno….


            well 6feetunder, unless you're planning to make it easier to distribute this brew that-much-quicker, storing it at sea on tankers is not a solution. The issue at hand is source-point pollution. Whats to be done must be done at the source. They need to call-in an international team and expend the necessary funds (trillion-plus) to develop a multistage effluent processing facility, at the site itself. This effort will require a long term commitment; something neither TEPCO or the Japanese nuke industry as a whole was willing or able to make over these last few years…

            • 6feetunder 6feetunder

              I'm a welder and there is a huge shortage of qualified welders world wide. The problem is not leadership it is resources like personnel and enough tanks. There isn't any way to wish new 300 ton tanks (60,000 gallons +/-) into existence on a daily basis. Imminent domain and national security laws allow for emergency seizure of property. I don't know where you got into distributing. Please explain that.


                basically 6feetunder, I'm thinking that once the "supertankers" you've suggested are loaded with this toxic brew and deployed, they'll head-out to sea to make TEPCO's incompetence that-much-easier.

                Another thing to keep in mind is once they're loaded with this brew, they'll become highly irradiated themselves. You didn't think they'd simply fill 'em up and leave these multi-million dollar conveyances permanently at sea, did ya? Hell, within a few weeks, they'd have nothing available for anything else. Unfortunately, your suggestions impracticable for this scenario…

            • Cerviche

              AFTERSHOCK if there is an earthquake and all the tanks are leaky or leaking, what do you think will be the outcome?, at the moment the storage IS a problem as well as the source of the problem, the point where we start at the source went 2+ years ago, they have to deal with the now and work their way backwards to the start….. at least for now


                you point's well received Cerviche. The horses are already running free. I'm just thinking long-long-term; something that TEPGOV should've been doing at the start. We already know (all parties – public and private) this catastrophe will be with us for the next three-hundred years (minimum). Once you get your mind around this harrowing reality, you can take steps that will begin to address the long-term challenges of point-source remediation. I'll not bother developing this further (within this forum) as it's counterproductive addressing solutions with those who are looking for expedient solutions…

          • Cerviche

            i like the way 6feetunder thinks, he didnt think about just the now but the source of all things nuclear as the problem

        • Cerviche

          6feetunder gave a valuable contribution to storage, its more sound and mobile than leaky tanks on the land of the rising sun, its not the final solution of course but its a start, there will be no way to "process" radioactive material other than to store, else we would not have (legal) depositories, this is what people fail to understand, radioactive materials cant be turned into a burger =/, when they clean up they either burn or store from my understanding OR illegally dump elsewhere…..


            just consider Cerviche, this is a capacity versus production challenge. There's far more product (radioactive water) being produced than the available means to store it (available supertanker capacity).

            This condition is why TEPCO's run-out of storage capability. Sadly, until this reality's accepted and aggressively acted upon, we'll be seeing this pollution continue, unabated…

            • Cerviche

              i catch where you are coming from, its not only the idea of the capacity vs the production challenge, also if that was a viable means of reducing the issue of storage, it creates another issue of disposal of materials AND containers….. i dunno what to say about this BUT the best i can say is the only way to work things out is to move backwards, the opportunity to start at the beginning has escaped us a long time ago


                exactly Cerviche. We're all being obligated to think long-term now…

                • Cerviche

                  well the long term is storage, i know not of a means of purifying something that toxic, whether you like it or not storage is the only known solution for something of that toxic nature.

                  • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                    actually Cerviche, column distillation has been used to separate all but Tritium isotopes from rad-contaminated water. It's an energy intensive and time consuming process. You also must factor in the available processing capacity of the distillation system against the quantity to be purified. Keep in mind: this process doesn't eliminate rad-contaminants; only removes them from the water medium. The concentrated contaminants would still require safe disposal.

                    BTW. The only reason you haven't seen this approach being used, is due to the aforementioned issues and costs. The nuke industry doesn't like to spend money on correcting their stupidity. But that's about to change big-time…

                    Must run now…

                    • Cerviche

                      Thank you for the info update, but do you agree that they will still have to store the water?, that isnt water any more its waste.

  • We Not They Finally

    Erin Burnett thinks that ONE ton of radioactive water has been dumped into the Pacific, instead of a thousand ton a day[!!!!] since this began?? And the correspondent there stopped breast-feeding her child for (just) ONE WEEK out of concern?

    CNN correspondents know NOTHING????

    • bo bo

      CNN makes me laugh

      Anderson cooper, mr. 'Always reporting live from site of event!' Hightailed out of tokyo as soon as news of explosion in fukushima. I mean I don't blame him at all – wouldn't be so cynical about it if sanjay gupta afterwards didn't report on the same network: actually did you know ? Some say radiation may be GOOD for you!!!

      Puke. Puke. Puke.

    • Phil Shiffley Phil Shiffley

      If you ever watched Erin in her CNBC days you know she tows the corporate line.

  • CanaryInACoalMine CanaryInACoalMine

    WOW….. just WOW!
    Is she really that clueless?!?
    All I can do smdh….

  • jec jec

    Burnett is just reading what she has been fed. JUNK. TONS AND TONS of radioactive material has been dumped..on purpose or just covered up because it was nothing TEPCO wanted to fund to fix. Would feel better if TEPCO even tried, but DUCK TAPE solutions show the mentality. JAPAN's taxpayers will have to foot the bill..if they can with a down the tube economy. Burnett, you need to learn a bit more about what is going on, and then RELOOK at your statements. However, she is not the only mis-informant on TV news..all seem to take snipets and run with their own versions. The truth-FOUR melted down reactors, cooled with seawater then fresh water and now GROUNDWATER and SEA WATER are freely leaking the radiation from corium masses and fuel cells into the air/land and sea. MOSTLY into the sea with a free exchange with the saltwater/ground water combo. Anyone see the latest GPS height of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant? Subsidence seen anyone?

    And then..there is Daini..the other two reactors no one is talking about.


      exactly jec. As usual, you cut to the quick. I'm sensing from this latest stream of MSM attention, they've been instructed to slowly acclimate the masses to the reality of the situation. None of what I've witnessed from these latest 'revelations' eluded any who've frequented this site, over the last two years. I'll further add, anyone of us could've written these latest 'headline' articles while taking a toilet break…

  • ruppert

    They have nerve showing any kind of surprise or shock as this has only been going on for over 2.5 years.

    Either they have repressed the story or are so bad at their profession that they missed the story that will define whatever future we might have.

    Sadly it's probably both. I don't know what's more depressing, MSM or the people that depend on them for their news.

  • Sol Man

    The job taken on by MSM for a long time is to convince people of all of the myths.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    This tank leak has set back the groundwater Pump & Dump Plan.
    This is a tragic setback.

    "…far more serious problem…is that the location of the H4 area with at least one leaky tank is JUST TOO CLOSE to the 12 wells that TEPCO has dug for the groundwater bypass plan, to intercept and draw uncontaminated groundwater before it hits the reactor buildings."

    The key to ending the ruinous contamination of the Pacific Ocean is to stop groundwater from entering the Fukushima Ruins in the first place.

    This is one of those "Well, Duh" moments, but TEPCO just doesn't seem to get this simple concept of stopping groundwater from entering the "Contamination Zone".
    Instead of building the Wall all the way around Reactors1-4, they built it only half way around.
    They are relying on 12 shallow wells to extract uncontaminated groundwater before it encounters nuclear corium debris under Units1-3 and becomes contaminated.
    TEPCO just got permission from local fishermen to dump this water into the ocean after testing.
    But now, the leaky tanks may contaminate groundwater before it can be pumped out of the ground.
    The 12 Groundwater Extraction Wells might now have to be relocated uphill and inland from the tank farm.
    And it took the Japan Government, with their Frozen Wall Intervention, to tell TEPCO that the Impermeable Wall was only half a plan.

    In other news:
    NASDAC Trading is…

  • BirdOfTheFeather BirdOfTheFeather

    Thursday Ratings: Second Lowest In Prime
    CNN’s OutFront with Erin Burnett was the highest-rated show in the 25-54 across the network’s evening line-up Thursday night with 121K viewers.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    NASDAQ trading has been out for 1 1/4 hour.

  • Each LEVEL is 10x (times) greater.

    So, a Level 1 going to a level 3 is… not good.


    One of my favorite all time comments from the 'early' days of the Fallout Era.

    It still gives me goose bumps. I don't know you Liz, but your words have made a difference in my life. Maybe it will 'make a difference' in another persons life too. Thank You!

    "Our task to work for the curtailment of nuclear energy is large, indeed. At times, it feels even daunting, although urgently necessary."

    "But before sallying forth to do battle where battle should be done, it is always wise to begin with a survey of our own tiny, individual contribution to the problem."

    "No matter how "Green" we all might try to be, how often do we really "unplug" and listen to the still, small voice of a bird in the garden? No nuclear power plant was ever needed to supply energy to create such a simple, perfect miracle."

    🙂 — From commenter Liz MARCH 21 2011,


    • bo bo

      I know… my father when he visited US from Japan (my family is in suburban Tokyo) he commented : 'it's nice to see sparrows and to hear birds chirping… you know, birds dont visit the birdfeeder in our yard anymore. We dunno why.I think it's urbanization….


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Might I remind CNN that some of the same activists are still around that were around when CNN..went down and began coverage of the BP oil disaster..and then went home to their glass offices.
    So many conspiratorial will be borne out including CNN being a mouth-piece of the government.

    How galling.
    They know…
    They are also going to try and twist the truth as is the mission.
    The truth is out..and now the MSM is going to try and bend it.

    But hey…CNN.
    We are all in our places…now aren't we.
    Get shameless creeps.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    PS. Typo…"Conspiratorial ideas..will be borne out…"

  • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

    Please consider reading this free e-book from Hatrick Penry
    Something Wicked This Way Comes:
    The story of Plume-Gate, the world’s largest, provable cover-up
    By Hatrick ‘Hattie’ Penry
    Copyright 2013
    He included Freedom of Information act documents, it was an eye opener, and made me realize how naive I have been. To all those who think our legislators do not know what happened, I say they knew and did not care. I went to the NRC reading room online and found statements from Hillary Clinton who knew there was a meltdown. Nuclear Power is a killer, and these people will do or say anything to make sure they can keep Nuclear Power Plants open. They know if everyone realized that the World Governments and the NRC willfully withheld information and failed to warn millions of people and give them ways to protect their children, the mobs would be at the gates with pitchforks and torches. If you don't want to read the free book watch this synopsis

  • Wynd Wynd

    After 24/7 Fraud from media and govt there simple is no time for….
    re-education camps
    philosophical papers
    metaphysical arguments
    theoretical physics


  • AB AB

    I made this video


  • ROME continues to burn, while Nero fiddles.. WHEN is the Global community going to intervene in this vastly international CATASTROPHE? What will it take? Does every square mile in every country on the planet, have to be contaminated before their is action? I am afraid that only a MASSIVE LOSS OF LIFE is going to spur a reaction. Death seems to be the only thing our species understands.

  • Gasser Gasser

    This ole house

    This ole house of horrors once knew his deformed children
This ole house of horrors once knew his radioactive wife
This ole house of was home and comfort
As they feared reactor meltdown storms of life

This ole house once rang with laughter

    This old house heard many shouts
Now he trembles in the darkness

    When the radioactivity floats about


Ain't a-gonna need this contaminated house no longer
Ain't a-gonna need this radioactive house no more

    Ain't got time to decontaminate the shingles
Ain't got time to decontaminate the floor
Ain't got no energy to oil the hinges

    Nor to mend melted windowpanes

Ain't a-gonna need this polluted horror house no longer

    He's a-gettin' ready to meet the saints

    This ole house is a-gettin' Strotoniumed 

    This ole house is a-gettin' Plutoniumed 

    This ole house lets in the Ceisum rain
This ole house lets in the Actinides

    On his knees he's gettin' Iridiumed

    And he feels lot's of fear an pain
'Cause he see the Devil peekin'

    Through the melting windowpane's


  • Gasser Gasser

    This ole house con't


    This ole house is afraid of meltdowns
This ole house is afraid of Corium's 

    This ole horror house just groans and trembles
When the night wind flings its Americium
    This ole house is gettin' Radoned 

    This old house is peeln' radioactive paint

    Just like him it's all polluted badly

    And he's a-gettin' ready to meet the saints


    This ole house dog lies a-dien’
He don't know I'm gonna leave
Else he'd wake up by the fire place

    And he'd sit there and howl and grieve
But my prepin' days are over

    Ain't gonna store contaminated food no more

Gabriel done brought in my cosmogenic chariot

    When the Corium blast blew down the door


    God ain't a-gonna need this world no longer
    God ain't a-gonna need this world no more
    Ain't got humans to be a-liven' on it
    Ain't got animals alive no more
    Ain't got politics an religions
    Nor stupidity lookn' for fame

    This nasty radioactive planet
    Ain't a-got no more name

  • AntonButler

    The monster babies who will be born in Japan deformed
    due to radiation , are part of the house of horrors.
    Nobody , not the IAEA, UN ,Japanese government has the right
    to deform unborn babies,and this is exactly what the Japanese government has knowingly done.
    The horror of so many cancers in Japan post Fukushima
    is another part of the Japanese house of horrors.
    Who said this!
    The Japanese nation worships money, no cure for that is there?

    • J.

      I watched a British documentary about military personnel exposed to DU while cleaning tanks and such in Iraq. One man has several children with minor birth defects but permanent chromosome damage, as does the man. A woman who served suffered similar damage, as did her kids. She correctly writes that many British service personnel have similar problems, and that potential damage to the UK will last forever. Bottom line as I see it: these children are effectively prevented from having their own children unless they are knowingly willing to pass on the genetic damage. Government many be forced to intervene at some point — essentially a eugenics program to prevent spreading damage from the governments' own corruption and war crimes. The facts are out there.

  • ftlt

    Now they are saying this! After exposing millions if not 10s of millions of Japanese (not to mention the rest of the planet) to unnecessary exposure to additional radiation.

    From the forcing people to stay put in the danger zones by limiting the size of the zones of evacuation early on..

    Forced feeding of contaminated food stuffs through threat, pressures and lies..

    Falsified health reports to denying medical examines and treatments for exposure to the public.

    The burning radioactive waste/debris over a larger area of the country to spread the radiation everywhere.. An insane abuse of power, hubris and institutional ignorance!!!

    Selling radioactive food locally and internationally. And lying about it.

    And on and on.

    This is an outrageous dodge of responsibility regarding their past behavior and understandings of this issue… They knew! The world knew! This was not a secret. The dastardly shame of it all.

    And they way the reporting is being done, as well… To allow them to say, this is somehow a new development and a surprising revelation to all in the nuclear and health community of Japan with their whitened teeth.

    The absolute quiet from the international bodies/agencies and nuclear governments around the world has been and continues to be a shattering silence – SHAME!!


    Where is OBUSHMA? Checking his next village filled with children and the elderly to rub out. Or clearing the way for the…

    • ftlt

      con't for another weak innocent country (including his own) to be exploited for the profit of the few regardless of the consequences… Or is he too busy telling more lies to cover the truth that has gotten out…

      That we let these destroyers get away with the stuff is an indictment on ourselves..

      We are weak!!!

      This must end!!!

  • jump-ball jump-ball

    "CNN: Japan’s nuclear regulator called Fukushima 'a house of horrors'… They are not prone to hyperbole, an unbelievable thing to say…":

    * It's not an unbelievable hyperbole – when it's spoken 2.5 years too late.

    "The fact they are moving it from a level one to a level three is very serious…"

    * Not that serious at all when it was level 3 29 months ago…

    "…the global community should take note…"

    * After 2.5 years of print and broadcast news media blackout? Asking people to "take note" (of an impending ELE!) is a manipulative, brash, inexcusable propaganda brainwashing attempt which these corporate newsers will soon be ashamed of…

    "…amazing to see how horrible these things are, the fact there is a resiliency for this thing."

    * Speak for your own 'resiliency' Erin, and maybe that of Ann Coulter and the Oregon party chairman: next, you all show us exactly how a little radiation is working out for you, and your

    Sorry ENE, but giving these fascist, world-damaging corporate a**holes media headline 'facetime', is very close to being a party to the crime.