CNN: Tepco’s claim of ‘spontaneous’ fission is an “improbable phenomenon” says nuke professor — Strange that such a “rare” event was detected almost immediately after sampling began?

Published: November 4th, 2011 at 12:31 am ET


Nov. 3 — “A rare type of radioactive decay, not a renewed chain reaction, appears to have produced the radioactive xenon gas,” reports CNN.

According to the report, on Thursday Tepco said “it believed the gases were produced by ‘spontaneous fission’ of uranium, since the shorter-lived isotope persisted after the use of boric acid”.

Gary Was, a nuclear engineering professor at the University of Michigan, told CNN that ‘spontaneous’ fission occurs when an element like uranium splits on its own, though it’s an “improbable phenomenon”.

Professor Was noted that the detection of xenon happened less than a week after Japan began taking new gas samples from the reactors.

It is highly coincidental that so soon after the sampling began an “improbable phenomenon” like ‘spontaneous’ fission would occur.

Unfortunately, no report has mentioned the massive increase in Krypton-85 in the same location as the small rise in xenon. Krypton-85 is used to detect plutonium fission.

Additional recent reports of fission at [catlist name=reactor-no-2 numberposts=5 orderby=date order=desc date=yes comments=yes catlink=yes excludeposts=18705]
Published: November 4th, 2011 at 12:31 am ET


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40 comments to CNN: Tepco’s claim of ‘spontaneous’ fission is an “improbable phenomenon” says nuke professor — Strange that such a “rare” event was detected almost immediately after sampling began?

  • Cindy

    They need to just stop, and start over, and do a complete survey of the entire plant area, measuring gasses , surveying radiation, checking seawater , and all the other tests I’m unaware of , using infared cameras , and the whole lot , so they can analyze it ALL, then make up a plan of action, rather than to not look, not see and pretend that things aren’t so bad …

    They need to pull their heads “out” and get a new clear picture …

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      Dear Cindy: I agree with one caveat. We need full citizen-enforced full transparency every step of that process.

    • Dogleg Dogleg

      I think they are doing all these things you mentioned, but witholding that info. All these things except pull their heads out, that is.

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    The cores are burning a lot of things on the containment floor. TEPCO releases the isotopes they detect to the public as being “small releases or safe amounts” while they skip the other elements that are venting out. Suppressing the public to not panic during known fission events is insanity. The people have the right to know if another massive release could happen. Someone needs to waterboard these TEPCO officials Dick Cheney style.

  • thelili

    Translation: CNN is calling bullshit on Tepco’s claims because Gary Was knew from the very beginning that there was a problem but waited for Tepco to try and solve it.

  • Cindy

    This pretty much explains it …It was where TEPCO tested and how long, ant it seems the gas wa higher earlier …

    • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

      Sorry, but I’m getting lost with all of this…isn’t spontaneous fission a bad thing? Is CNN saying something not quite so bad is happening, if it’s not fissioning? It seesm like a radioactive decay could possibly be less threatening.

      And I couldn’t follow what Ex-Skf’s article was saying,either. I’m pretty tired, but I’d like to understand…

      • Misitu

        Once you have melted core, wcg, you have continual decay, with a probability [I can’t calculate] of neutron flux and therefore fission events.

        Melted core that has gone through the pressure vessel’s steel wall incorporates other elements – iron, ?carbon, ?manganese – into the matrix of hot melted (or multi phase) radioactive junk, and more of the same once you melt into the concrete – calcium, sulphur, silicon, etc. – building structure.

        It’s no shame getting lost, the calculations are beyond science and engineering.

        What IS a shame is the negligence of the plant authorities and the government in failing to measure the potential escape elements and/or in keeping this information from the public and/or in getting help to come up with survival plans.

        Survival – there you are – we can stop talking about mitigation, which was only ever a bit of theatre anyway.

    • Bobby1

      Yep, they’re full of it. This had been going on for days or weeks. They’re playing games with detection limits and sampling locations. We had yellow powder in Washington already before we heard of this. Large amounts of long half-life krypton and small amounts of short half-life xenon. The US has had a cloud of this stuff pass thru the country already.

  • john lh john lh

    I believe that any effort by people on this earth to stop this is disaster is impossible.

    No accurateness for control this chain reaction, the fission happening in Fukushima.

    It is already an out-off control situation.

    What we can do? spray plastic foam to cover it may be, or spray water to wash down the fall-out hot particles continually. for 10,000 years.

    Consider the facts: an nuclear bomb usually weight few kgs-to hundred Kg, but there has storage of thousand tons of nuclear fuel, and waste.

    Yes, it is not highly possible that an weapon grade nuclear explosion happen in Japan, but what about 1/100, 1/1000, or even 1/1000000 chance it will happen one day? considering the time it will last hundred and thousand years?

    Now this is the dirty bomb is explosion almost every days ,spreading the hot particles all over Japan and this world.

    What we can do? tell your family and friends, Praying and run…. till the end of the Day.

    It is too late to do any real survey in this case, after more than half years, it is too late to make such an survey.
    It is already so much highly contaminated, any electronic device will not work inside those reactors… and temperature is already so high inside those burning core,nuclear fuel rods, it is virtually no any man made device can work to move those fuels.

    Fukushima is an nuclear volcano ,and it will last forever.

    That is the truth.

  • thelili

    Indeed you are correct John but sometimes there is more to what initially meets the eye in terms of planetary bodies and how they will react to certain situations.

    There will probably be an explosion of great magnitude but how it settles,where, and in what fashion is still yet to be determined.

    Is it ultimately a death sentence? Sure. But we all were going to die one way or another anyway at some point. Now we’re all just dying of the same thing short of getting hit by a bus or something.

    Perhaps with the time we have left we can do positive things for those that hopefully will come after us.

    • john lh john lh

      Yes ,you are right for positive thinking.

      The real challenge is that How to establish the right positive thinking in this devastating Day be day worse world?

      And what is the different in definition of positive thinking and positive action in this post 3.11 era?

      An new way of life style will appear in this last days on this earth, and what is the real love and care in this case?

      What is evil and goodness?

      How can we normal individuals living a life as man instead of animal basters , or just leave those new dictators to create an new Nazi system in this world?

      This Fukushima is now an alive nuclear volcano, so does the created human being left on this earth.

      The positive believe in “Tomorrow will be a bright day”, and “tomorrow is an new day “, will be replaced with” Tomorrow will be an worse day, just we do not know how much more worse than today…” and ” tomorrow may be the end of the day ….”

      Hello ,this coming New World Order, how can we live an free and dignity ?

      This should be what we need to figure out from now on ..

  • I refuse to accept the lack of transparency.

    I demand accountability.

    I will not sit down and wait for some stream of death to sicken my children, or worse.

    I demand to know what is being done to contain this disaster and I demand that every government on planet earth send their most talented and creative physicists and engineers to one place where they can work together on a solution.


    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      Hello majia, I got knocked offline & didn’t think my last post went thru,perhaps I was a little bit glad when I thought it hadn’t at first! But seeing your post that you put up while I was still in the middle of my response to “everything” that seems to be moving faster than I’d have liked makes me get a bit long-winded & furious to be honest! It’s trippy that you posted something that somes up my feelings on the matter (in a lot less words too!!LOL! The time for revolution and accountability seems to have arrived and I hope I wake up and something happened to the collective consciousness of everyone WE DEMAND to do every damned thing they can to avoid “the end” I also refuse to accept! I think peaceful protest & waiting for the grotesque nitemare to end isn’t the answer due to so much time already having passed and our children deserve better!~Maybe another strategy & approach is needed-starting with that Sonada guy & his cronies & a funnel & some “real” Fukushima Springs bottled water in gallon jugs with a video of them doing croppie flops being televised worldwide to make up for the pimple-faced MF’ers little stunt the other day! I’m open to suggestions?!!

      • StillJill StillJill

        floppin’ like croppies,…”Croppie flops”,…Like your mind friend!
        I’ll pay to watch that show!

    • arclight arclight

      wow well said majia!! +1000

    • I demand cesium free MILK!
      I demand particle free AIR!
      I demand food and water that is 100% safe to ingest and good for me!

      That’s all. 🙂

      Before the North American continent was discovered by Europeans it was possible to drink the water from ANY river. What happened? Progress?

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    Yeah, Gary “Was” alright,but what he “is” now is another story!LOL! There was a time that I was proud of human accomplishment,of course I was young,dumb & full of-ah,never mind that one! The point is that I had thought that there was NOTHING that out of control technology could do that couldn’t be undone by scientific means and the “old school” values that placed a higher value on human life than money-which meant to me that any catastrophic event of any origins could somehow be solved if industry,science,govt.’s & the public worked “together” with one goal in mind-to save the planet and humanity being agreed on as priority #1,and the ensuing cost and dedication to that mission & goal of saving lives could be accomplished “if” everyone was willing to make sacrifices & do their part! I still want to believe that to be true,so badly in fact that I cling desperately to hope.My 48 yrs. of life had started out well enough,and even if I don’t give a damn whether I wake up tomorrow or not thanks to the negative changes I’ve seen in the latter part of my life-I gotta say that sometimes the things I see here or on other well-meaning,if not brutally honest venues makes me want to put 125 grains of heavy metal through the roof of my mouth and out the top of my graying,balding head rather than sit around corroding & watching everything slowly die before my eyes in case my fate is to linger suffering & seeing everyone including my 24 yr. old son & 19 yr. old daughter & even another of my favorite dogs of all time,not to mention my mom,brother,sister dying already of MS & cancer,or even one more of them go before I do! I just can’t see myself going out quietly under such circumstances and I’ll tell you something else-no disrespect meant for anyone realistically concluding that the “endgame” is ON,but the day “I’m 100% sure of that end being verified-I will try my damndest to use my last energy & breath to make sure someone on the top of our nuclear shitlist…

    • jimbojamesiv


      You should consider reading a book called Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn. The sentiments you express about technology are one facet of an amazing read.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      I may have read a bit too far between the lines when I was doggin’ that Gary Was dude. I’m so used to the shills & disinformation that I expected to see while I was still absorbing everything I’d taken in and wound up misinterpreting whether the guy was trying to say criticality had occured or if “the unusual phenomena” mentioned was an attempt to downplay or minimize the implications of recent revelations.Whatever-it’s probably not worth typing another “novel” over(lol)like I’ve been doing all too often lately! I guess confusion due to a campaign of cover-up’s.censorship,lies,deception are one of the main objectives of a mission of disinformation,so they’re despicable efforts have been successful for the most part(for now). The truth is starting to work its way into the public finally & the pace is picking up so instead of assuming the end of the world is about to be announced-I’d like to think that maybe the impacts of the recent fission discoveries & data being disclosed that shows the incompetence & lack of control may force the international community to step in and put together the gargantuan effort that was needed all along?!Then MAYBE,just maybe-we still might have a chance for things to change for the better & even find the key to neutralizing radiation or some related breakthrough that could change our fate. Anything’s possible right?,I mean with all the bad shit happening non-stop for so long-I’d like to think we’re due for something good for a change…

  • Sickputer

    MSM keeps trotting out the nuclear industry lapdogs and hoping the problem will go away. There is no need to get upset because you are wasting energy better suited to getting your own supplies and affairs in order.

    Yes we can pause briefly for sorrow for the Japanese victims and the victims to follow…but only briefly. Time to close family ranks and have your own survival plans in order. Do you have a rallying point in place that is known in case all communications are lost? Extra gas cans to fill up at the last stages so you can reach the rallying point? Do you have a family leader? You can figure the rest…

  • Mow, Larry, Curly, and they gave them this technology ?

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    Many of us know that TEPCO is being sneaky.. but don’t have the nuke meltdown tech savvy to understand just how sneaky..

    Lucas has excellent questions, and points in his recent article..

  • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

    CNN is pure CIA and is pure BS, therefore. Of course ongoing spontaneous self sustaining cyclic fissioning is possible and has been occurring. We already know this. Don’t suddently decide you don’t know this. Start reading primary research on the topic if you need to learn more. Remember that the entire English language mainstream media is owned by the same FIVE multinational corporations that also own General Electric [builders of Fukushima and installers last September 2010 of MOX fuel in R3], Westinghouse, and a host of nuclear and non-nuclear defense contractors, as well as Monsanto, ADM, etc.

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      Only directly democratic citizen control, not Tepco, the Japanese or U.S. Governments, and direct citizen masses enforced full transparency can assure any forward movement or appropriate information sharing on the Fukushima or any other nuclear power plant decrepitude and fallout cloud emissions matters.

      • For those still in doubt about the CNN/CIA/Military link this will shed some light

        • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

          Dear Chem: I needed to have posted a link myself and often fail to do so. A very sincere thank you. Also, people can read books like the “Indispensable Chomsky” or “Manufacturing Consent” also by Noam Chomsky, as it’s difficult to draw the connections in the U.S., at least for Americans of the U.S., that our media is entirely censored–increasingly and logically more so with each passing year since 1981 as the ownership of the media has become much less diverse going from 50 corporations owning all English language media in the 1980’s to now only five multi-national corporations owning nearly all English language media on the planet. I also recommend looking at the excellent analyses of U.S. media control available in editions and articles from pre-1987 or pre-1986 Village Voice articles, which are rich in easily verified reviews of the questionable, and easily cited controls by governments over the content of broadcast media.

        • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

          Dear Chem: Double “thank you”. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this video! I can’t wait to watch it. Sincerely, FS

        • pure water

          Thanks for the link, Chem! And thanks to the rest of the company for many, many links. The only good thing caused by this disaster is this community, bringing together ethics and intelligence!

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          Thanks Chem for this link..I had lost it…

    • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

      It depends on what your definition of “know” is. “Is” too.

  • From above link. “Rad

    Radiation Absorbed Dose. The rad is a largely obsolete unit of absorbed radiation dose, with symbol rad. First proposed in 1918, the rad was “that quantity of X rays that, when absorbed, will cause the destruction of the [malignant mammalian] cells in question…” The rad is now superseded in the SI by the gray; 100 rad are equal to 1 gray.” Interesting one of the first measurements of radiation was based on destruction of human cells…..

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    TO;ENEnews & “The Group”~I’m proud of each & every one of you for your tireless efforts & contributions to the cause!-I appreciate you for your actions & stance on this issue that threatens & seems poised to destroy all life on Earth as we know it!The unwavering support & information you guys & gals provide to the public despite the disbelief,ridicule & degradation of your personal & social lives-even the most painful examples being felt via the very people you care about & seek to protect the most is part of the “weaponry” being used to silence or at least limit the number of caring,educated & realistic which each of you continues to fill the void to displace the public apathy which I am personally disgusted by considering the implications & deadly consequences their inaction & ignorance holds for my own loved ones who chose to remain idle & unwilling to accept reality. Even though the masses have chose to be “lemmings”-I still care about them despite their lack of judgement,logic,reasoning & common-sense,if not intelligence.Yet most,if not all of you here have displayed patience,virtue and even good-natured humor at times that adds a human touch that allows newcomers to the site and the issue to feel comfortable & accept the reality of the nitemare we are all living and to join forces & strengthen our resolve.The way monotonous questions are responded to patiently in laymans terms & links are provided that point out evidence of the true scope of this ELE and proof of cover-ups,manipulation & misrepresentation of data with a focus on the important findings buried in a sea of data that would otherwise discourage the average truth seeker & amateur sleuths from even attempting to decipher the mountains of BS is incredibly found & disclosed repeatedly!! In closing I want to thank you again for all that you do and for those who don’t know how much pressure you put on the nukers & their puppets who are being “exposed”-in more ways than one!!You are badass!! 🙂