Concern over “full plutonium flash” at WIPP nuclear site triggering disaster that spreads to multiple waste drums — Plutonium-239 is main radioactive isotope in container that exploded — Anonymous Employee: The warnings were ignored… “They put us in danger”

Published: June 9th, 2014 at 4:59 pm ET


Sante Fe New Mexican, June 9, 2014: On the night of Feb. 14,  waste in an underground salt cavern in Southern New Mexico created so much heat the drum’s lid cracked. Radiation leaked out. […] The parent waste drum came from a waste stream including […] two main radioactive isotopes — plutonium-239 [the primary fissile isotope used for the production of nuclear weapons] and uranium-238. […] “A lot of the drums we opened up had a lot of liquid,” said one former employee familiar with the process, who spoke on condition of anonymity […] EnergySolutions also switched from a clay-based kitty litter to Swheat, an organic kitty litter, for absorbing fluids. […] The former employee familiar with the repackaging process said EnergySolutions staff tried to warn the company’s administrators that the switch in kitty litter was a bad idea. The nitrate salts and the wheat-based kitty litter created a combustible mix, according to chemists. The warnings were ignored, the employee said. “They put us in danger, too,” he said. EnergySolutions did not respond to multiple requests for comment […]
DC Bureau — Natural Resources News Service, by Joseph Trento, June 5, 2014: On Valentines night, one of the now suspect 500 waste drums from DOE’s Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) blast open inside DOE’s Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP). Casks filled with 3.2 million cubic feet of deadly radioactive wastes remain buried at the crippled plant. That huge facility was rendered useless. Investigators believe the waste drums from Los Alamos were incorrectly packed under DOE supervision and one of them exploded. […]  after the explosion, there are still 367 suspect storage canisters that came from LANL that are still at WIPP. […] when the explosion took place in Panel 7 [Panel = A “huge storage room”], Panel 6, left open, could still be contaminated. State Environment Secretary Ryan Flynn told local newspapers, “I agree those Panels need to be closed immediately.” If the blast turned into full plutonium flash, other drums in Panel 6 could be affected and the disaster spread, which is why it is vital for workers at WIPP to know what is in the containers and where they are located.

See also: [intlink id=”top-science-journal-time-bombs-at-wipp-nuclear-site-high-alert-over-risk-of-new-explosions-in-350-plutonium-contaminated-drums-ap-4-years-may-be-needed-just-to-seal-off-these-drums-g” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: June 9th, 2014 at 4:59 pm ET


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131 comments to Concern over “full plutonium flash” at WIPP nuclear site triggering disaster that spreads to multiple waste drums — Plutonium-239 is main radioactive isotope in container that exploded — Anonymous Employee: The warnings were ignored… “They put us in danger”

  • Ontological Ontological

    We are all in danger. They will drive nuke waste around in circles in trucks if they have to now.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes, they will.. 🙁

  • bf9 bf9

    Just a Pu-239 above ground release…no big deal, consuming plutonium is like consuming a banana! It's no worse than flying in an airplane, or getting a dental x-ray! Smiling will give you invincibility powers!

    I'm getting so tired of this shit. The one remaining thing that makes me happy is that humans won't be around too much longer to fuck everything up. We have got to be the worst species to ever roam this planet, collectively.

    • Sadbuttrue Sadbuttrue

      You and me both, so fed up. Bananas, licking battery chargers and now potato chips. They just keep coming up with the most ridiculous comparisons. I welcome collapse and the upcoming ELE.

      • davidh7426 davidh7426

        I'm beginning to suspect that they are in some way deranged.

        Unlike you I welcome neither the collapse, nor an ELE.

        But while I believe that, unlike the ELE which though possible, is unlikely. The collapse is inevitable, and has already started, inching slowly along, but gathering speed with each event.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          "deranged", what a great word and what is/could be more deranged than using Nuclear Power to simply heat water to generate electricity? It's 104 degrees where I am and I can cook on my stainless steel table siting in this natural sunlight/heat. Yes, humans are certainly deranged and it will get much worse in the near future, since we are all living in an ever expanding poisoned cesspool. They even mention the immune system which all this poison specifically targets.. 🙁
          derange |diˈrānj|
          verb [ with obj. ]
          cause (someone) to become insane: that business last month must have deranged him a bit.
          • throw (something) into confusion; cause to act irregularly: stress deranges the immune system.
          • archaic intrude on; interrupt: I am sorry to have deranged you for so small a matter.

        • We Not They Finally

          davidh, "deranged" is probably as good a word as any. At one time years back, it seemed like stupid and evil together was the bad watchword. Then folded in greedy and corrupt, and now "deranged."

          But ELE does seem inevitable shy of miraculous intervention (unclear how that would happen –not on watch for it). Just more in slow motion than some sudden cataclysm wiping us all out. And the destruction of the world's genomes, with escalating extinction of whole species (starfish, sardines, sea lions, pelicans, just to name a few,) is a terrifying, painful way to go. And that it's happening silent and invisible, seemingly at random, with no one speaking the truth, all the more ominous.

          It may just seem easier for people to be oblivious, to keep their lifestyles, and their hopes and dreams for the future, but what happens when it catches up with people? Don't know. Not looking forward to it at all, but still better to be awake, aware, poised to respond.

          • davidh7426 davidh7426

            All true WNTF.

            A slow motion multi-generational ELE what a truly horrendous thought.

            "better to be awake, aware, poised to respond"

            Awake and aware – I wish I wasn't, this maybe one of the few times that I'd say 'Ignorance is bliss!!'

            Poised to respond – Truly Mission Impossible, we'd be like frogs on a hotplate, hopping to every possible event. I'm just going to learn the survival basics, and go with stone-age tech, more flexible that way.

    • Or, as Buessseler now says, it's like a bag of potato chips.

      • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

        AnneBeck, these are high paid pro nukes using our money for grants & they also are brain washing the young adults at these universities. We have to find a way to reach the parents who send their children to these places & let them know what is really being taught. What Thomas is doing is a really good ideal, if nothing else at least some will come to terms with the TRUTH & reality that what has been taught for the last 10 decades was nothing but lies & propaganda so those who stood to become filthy rich & gain power over all the worlds population could so by using the threat of what happen in Japan to control the world, now they have opened the lid of death upon the world with no way to stop it. So now their using every thing to keep the Truth from the people of the world what radiation has & is doing to the life of this world. This is greed & evil working tighter. It must be told far & wide & recorded for if any one does live to tell it 100 years from now, it will be told correct.
        See You Dana's

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      "We have got to be the worst species to ever roam this planet, collectively."

      Nothing else could come close. We release poison that kills all living organisms.

  • westpac99

    These people making up BS excuses just to make money…. WELL, guess what bad guys, your days are numbered also! I hope the general public in every NUKE country, wakes up in time to do a public hanging of all involved with the greatest lie and deceit campaign involving the most powerful and influential people in the world.

  • Sol Man

    From bad to worse, we have turned the veritable Garden of Eden into a place if great grief. What's the next chapter in this nightmare?

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      More cancer, more chemo and many more diseases that will constantly plague the world's biological ecosystems… 🙁

      • Sol Man

        I shudder to contemplate the mutations across all life, forever more. I can't help to think that Oppenheimer knew exactly what was being unleashed when he said, "I am become death!" The others, too.
        At least Einstein seems to have a conscience.

        • We Not They Finally

          We've seen that famous tape of Oppenheimer. Personally, I thought he looked shell-shocked and conscience stricken. Maybe right at the time, he thought he was doing it for a noble cause, defeating the enemies of WWII. But he surely came to see that he was just serving the military and no good would come from it. Very sad.

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        More cancer = more $$$$ for cancer centers of America. Are they publicly traded? wink wink nod nod 😉

  • westpac99


  • Cdog Cdog

    I bet the liquid they were mixing the kitty litter is the circulatory water within the core, all million gallons. Were talking more ELE numbers if theirs that many vulnerable drums.

  • NoFixedID

    What exactly is a 'full plutonium flash'?

    • Plutonium – Several Compounds Of This Toxic, Radioactive Heavy Metal Are Pyrophoric And Burn When Exposed To Air; via @AGreenRoad

      Long Term Storage Of Nuclear Fuel, Nuclear Waste Problems/Issues

    • dunkilo

      and what is ELE?sorry for being uninformed on this term…The waves of radiation i see on NETC ,crashing down on all ,everyday and nite,I call it evils slo-cooker,rotting us from the inside .

    • I think this was possibly a plutonium flash.
      (blue flash or "blue glow")

      "Cecil Kelley, a chemical operator working on plutonium purification, switched on a stirrer on a large mixing tank, which created a vortex in the tank. The plutonium, dissolved in an organic solvent, flowed into the center of the vortex. Due to a procedural error, the mixture contained 3.27 kg of plutonium, which reached criticality for about 200 microseconds. Kelley received 3,900 to 4,900 rads according to later estimates. The other operators reported seeing a flash of light and found Kelley outside, saying "I'm burning up! I'm burning up!" He died 35 hours later."
      – December 30 , 1958 Los Alamos, NM
      – from wiki

      "The blue glow of a criticality accident …produces an abundance of blue light. This is also the reason electrical sparks in air, including lightning, appear electric blue. The smell of ozone was said to be a sign of high ambient radioactivity by Chernobyl liquidators."

      What does Fukushima smell like? I'm betting burnt ozone. Of course nobody there knows what it really smells like because they all have to where plastic masks with respirators.

      • Thanks for the reference, ChasAha.

        We will eventually connect all of the dots.

      • sayonara kitty sayonara kitty

        BINGO! chas aha BINGO! i was in tenth grade when TMI melted and i remember distincly the smell of ozone, kinda like the smell off a sidewalk after a summer rain… i also remember smelling this often 20 years ago when i moved to north san diego county, cardiff by the sea, just a wee bit south of san onofre. this is the first time ive heard the reference to ozone. but, when i was riding my bike everyday at the beginning of fukushima, i would often smell a "ozone and like a sage or cat nip type smell" when biking home from work. it would be so hard to breath due to the smell that i often wrapped a scarf around my face just to keep riding. and i would try to peddle thru the smell fast as i could hoping not to have to inhale. very odd.

    • NoFixedID

      Thanks for your responses. There seems to be confusion as to whether 'full plutonium flash' refers to chemical combustion, as implied by the links in Dr Goodheart’s post, or a sudden (nuclear) criticality as described in ChasAha’s post. The phrase does not seem to be standard terminology.

  • So, if these drums contain PU-238 and uranium-239, then WHY were the tested employees that were contaminated only show for americium?

    Were they contaminated at some earlier event that went unreported or unnoticed?

    • We Not They Finally

      It may be daughter elements. Many elements decay into one another. But getting compete or accurate test results is also something that seems to rarely, if ever, happen.

  • mairs mairs

    I hate them.

  • Ah, so he canceled these too, not just Tokyo. Korea.

    10/2 Lubbock, TX – United Spirit Arena (originally 6/14)
    10/11 New Orleans, LA – Smoothie King Center (originally 6/19)
    10/13 Dallas, TX – American Airlines Center (originally 6/16)
    10/15 Atlanta, GA – Philips Arena (originally 6/21)
    10/16 Nashville, TN – Bridgestone Arena (originally 6/25)
    10/25 Jacksonville, FL – Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena (originally 6/22)
    10/28 Louisville, KY – Yum! Center (originally 6/26)

    Maybe something to do with his thyroid? We're really not getting the whole story of the *virus*, are we.

  • West Aussie West Aussie

    We're born, we live, we die. What are we here for? Are there reasons other than the ones we make up ourselves and try to impose on others? I would have to hope so because that's exactly what has been going on for a long time now and look where that is taking us!
    People are right to say there are no solutions on this planet. Off it? Who knows? No ones talking if there are.
    WIPP sounds like it's going to go down all the way to the aquifers and, hey presto, (except it's silent, delayed, but eventually fatal) contaminated drinking water, soil, food, everything.
    I tried to protest when I was a younger man and saw how futile it was then so my resistance is expressed now by trying to help on a personal level when I can afford to either spiritually and/or financially. But only when I can.
    Tilting at windmills (TPTB) never got me anywhere, no matter how honorable the cause. It will be the same, thus, for WIPP. Unless accountability translates into physical incarceration or death for the corporations involved there will be no end to this.
    Yes, I use the word corporation instead of people because corporations are De-facto persons in law. Yet the only effective deterrents for a person cannot be imposed upon a corporation beyond monetary fines. It's not that the regulators couldn't cripple them and put them out of business. It's that they can't be touched because they have too much power over the economies of the individual countries they are involved in. Crazy.


      nice rant, West Aussie…

    • We Not They Finally

      West Aussie, planets have cycles of life and death too. We like to think that it's all personal, but our persons were born into THIS, billions of us, so whatever causation there is, is probably vaster than we can imagine.

      But I've come to seriously wonder if Earth will wind up something like Mars. A so-called "dead" planet, but many believe it was not always so. Even Earth underwent previous massive cataclysms, as shown in ancient tablets of many cultures. But slow death by painful extinctions of mutated genomes, do not know of before. But the Hopi Red Road Prophecies rather clear about it if you read between the lines. That that is what we face. They say that the only hope is from "our brothers from the stars" who "know the codes of the blood [DNA]? Interesting to see how this will all enfold, but hardly looking forward to it.

      Then money won't/can't save people. Galling that anyone ever thought it would.

  • Down The River Down The River

    Off topic- Sorry

    My buddy just called, told me they are talking about fukushima on NPR Radio right now.

    • Down The River Down The River

      Gotta find a radio – Later

    • Donald Shimoda Donald Shimoda

      I would not be hopeful about getting accurate information from the official government funded radio station. But then I'm not seeing many sources with good information period.

      I wonder if John Welles is still doing a good job providing information?

      Still, I appreciate the slightly too late heads up DTR.

      • Donald Shimoda Donald Shimoda

        Oops. Make that John B. Wells from a previous story published on enenews.

      • Down The River Down The River

        I agree about not getting hopeful, Donald. NPR Sucks (IMO)

        That it is on NPR at all is kinda new.

        It was just the Ice Wall article, on the air.


          now that we're ten miles off topic, Down The River, I have to add, NPR's long been a tool of the NWO. They're simply more civilized in how they present the globalists agenda. They and all their neo-liberal sellouts can put on some condoms and go fuck themselves…

          • We Not They Finally

            Well (though skipping the "condoms" part,) it's called "co-option." Infiltrate once-intelligent outlets with corporate funds, and suddenly different words are coming out of people's mouths. They "behave" or they're gone.

  • cooterboy

    Building a bulkhead at the entrance of panel 6 and 7 is not going to solve one damn thing. This will only hide the shit from view and then they will walk away and start pouring salt down every entrance to that salt mine, just before they run out of money.

    This is not an ooops this is a criminal act and those responsible should be held accountable for not following orders, rules, regulations, scientific protocols and shear stupidity for trying to kill thousands of people and the very least placing them in harms way.

    Go and take a crap in the middle of any street in America and tell me you won't go to jail. WIPP officials think they are above the law and they are not. ACCOUNTABILITY is not mentioned in any DOE handbook, so maybe they can get a mulligan, because no one can prove their actions killed or harmed anybody or anything.

    Lying is the cornerstone upon which they stand. Untouchable is their position. Above the law is their worldly anchor when they decided to allow high level waste.


    • We Not They Finally

      That's all true, yes. But shy of public knowledge and pressure, nothing will change. And America has so lost its grip on that. From the day Fukushima happened, we wanted teach-ins (at the least) to spring up everywhere, like with the Vietnam War, but it ain't the sixties anymore. It's like people eat, drink, and think their own disempowerment. People individually, a lot actually, do know, but they are turned into outliers rather than mainstream. We can say "wait until it gets really bad, then people will respond," but it's already way too late to REVERSE this from what I can see.

  • Uranium_Mountain Uranium_Mountain

    It would appear that investors in EnergySolutions, the moron's that put organic kitty litter are wanting their $300 million dollars back. Unless I'm reading this wrong.

    …"SALT LAKE CITY, UT–(Marketwired – May 29, 2014) – EnergySolutions, Inc. (the "Company") today announced that it has called for the full redemption (the "Redemption") of all $300 million of outstanding 10.75% Senior Notes due 2018 (the "Notes") issued under an Indenture, dated as of August 13, 2010 (the "Indenture"), among the Company, EnergySolutions, LLC, a Utah limited liability company and subsidiary of the Company (together with the Company, the "Issuers"), certain guarantors (as named in the Indenture), and Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, as trustee (the "Trustee")…";_ylt=AwrTWVWuAZRTxUwAwJCTmYlQ

    EnergySolutions website below. Of course, in their media release section, they fail to mention their major kitty litter fuck up.

    • sayonara kitty sayonara kitty

      it seems from the article that energysolutions warned the doe against using the kitty litter (organic). also, i thought that liquid waste was prohibited to be stored at WIPP.

      • We Not They Finally

        Well, what I seem to be reading here is that they know that they are in trouble and want their money back with interest four years in advance. (God forbid their stock should collapse.) O.k., greedy bastards, go meet the DOE — they are not any better or worse than you, just hang out a different flag.

      • Radio Radio

        sayonarakitty, i agree wit you on both claims. In fact, it was my understanding that NO high level waste of any kind was to be stored at WIPPS, but, somehow there it is. I clarified at a WIPPS townhall online through Red Rocket if it was high level liquid and tried to ask when did that little waiver get passed and by who. I had to find the answer myself online about the waiver and it is vague at that. Congress, at some point okayed it after Yucca Mt. was clearly going no where, but, without that waiver, it is illegal to both transport and store it where it is being stored. No one would haven been the wiser if this container had not blown it's lid, and i say due to liquified high level transuranic waste, not swheat at all, which just helped the lid come off after the explosion had already occurred. The company apparently did warn them and i think DOE and Los Alamos was covering up that this was liquid, playing it down just as they did at the townhalls. Had it been DRY, there would be no chemical interaction with the shweat. Something leaked first, THEN it reached the wheat, and then maybe, maybe a second reaction occurred. The litter issue has completely changed the conversation. People are worried about wheat as a packing agent instead of liquid nuke waste. Liquid nuke waste in this slurry is already highly unstable and constantly off gassing. But, the kitty litter story implies that the nuke waste would have been stable had it not been for the wheat. Not.

    • So the sparring begins….well they can tear each other's throats out for all I care. Not that it'll make the *KL mistake* get healed in the way back machine. Idiots, all of them and the agencies they ride in on.

      • Radio Radio

        The mistake was liquifying the nuke waste into a chemical slurry back in the 40's and 50's as a way to try and stabilize it but it actually made it less stable with a tendency to blow up without any kitty litter, without heat from the sun, without transport, just all by itself sitting in the can. Think Hanford. Employees, gassed, radiation release, ruptured holding tanks. Same stuff, same slurry, same old mistake.

        • cooterboy

          Exactly on point Radio. When they made it into a slurry conventional wisdom was to stabilize the cocktail but also to pump it. That didn't work out too well. Akin to wack-a-mole, but the gopher never disappears.

          I would bet my bottom dollar that Hanford sent to WIPP some hot stuff. The Hanford reserve is littered with buried 55 gallon drums that nobody knows what is in it. These I believe were sent to WIPP, when LANL fudged the permitting documents in place. One would think that when these drums were dug up, containing liquid they would simply be dumped into the larger tanks, they didn't. So what happened to these liquid filled drums? We will never know.

          Now these huge tanks sit and boil releasing gases unknown to man and their exact composition unworldly. Hanford created the word FUBAR.

          All records for WIPP are now in different hands and access, public access to these documents, at WIPP, will never be known.


  • Uranium_Mountain Uranium_Mountain

    We ought to be writing every one of these Nuclear Whore "contributors", "interviewee's" and fuck up companies and express our most sincere "Thanks for fucking our world and I hope you all rot in a radioactive hell sucking enormous barrels of radioactive dicks." letters.

  • jackassrig

    I noticed over at they are reporting Japan failed to include 640 kg. of plutonium in a report to the IAEA. I got to thinking maybe this is the amount TEPCO thinks was ejected into the atmosphere from #3. Japan is not reporting what is not there any more.

    • Since no one cares what TEPCO says or reports or finds or does not find, TEPCO can make up any story it wants to.. and get away with it.

      IAEA certainly does not care, as the marketing arm of the nuclear industry.

      Who Is The IAEA? What Does The IAEA Do? Who Funds The IAEA? via @AGreenRoad

      • We Not They Finally

        Yes, and I hope that you've included that the World Health Organization signed an agreement in 1959 to not issue any warnings about radiation without first clearing it with the IAEA. The corruption circles round and round until no one is protected anywhere.

      • West Aussie West Aussie

        Dr Goodheart, I just read the article you referenced above and I can feel an incandescent rage rising inside me in response to reading it. It's not a new rage but it keeps on getting more intense as I remind myself of TPTB's habitually genocidal criminality through reading such articles. They got the Big Lie sewn up, haven't they?
        I have to conclude that the human race has been under sustained attack for a very long time and the advent of the atomic age is possibly only the latest, but possibly, final battle waged against us. I don't think we can recover from this genetic assault as we were. All I see, if we survive at all, will be as a people utterly dependent upon advanced and expensive medical/technological intervention from a system that will be pernicious and capricious.
        Truly a waking nightmare.
        I resigned from a career in the medical field because I was targeted by management for refusing to ignore or cover-up corruption and negligence. Hence, it's no wonder to me that they can give patients pill-popping prognoses to protect the piling profits of powerful, parasitic, predatory people. Proffering their preferred portfolios of pilfered plunder as precedent to pervert the planets populations progeny. Pathetic pan-handlers peddling pap caught paying the paranoid paparazzi to photograph the Pope as Protestant with a plutonium phlash.
        Yup, I think I caught a big whiff of WIPP's lash! No where is safe anymore. Not even your own mind….. Now, about that w thingy…

    • LOL< i think it was more though….

    • Radio Radio

      Holy crap.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    A full plutonium flash..I assume to mean a larger plutonium criticality.
    The interaction between the nitrates ..the organic absorbant. and the acid neutralizer…as catalyst …is on-going.
    More barrels through time closer to pre-state conditions …the next incident ..capable of involving more barrels.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Or a series of flashes/explosions..

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    every single barrel will be crushed and distorted under extreme pressure, the entire 6 or so football fields worth of caverns elevated in temperature to a red glow…this was the best of all outcomes, the planned one. Now they are in a hurry to stuff and close it, hoping that out of sight there will be no legal or financial repercussions. Oh, a few might be worried about the extinction of all life, but its probably too much for their brains to contemplate for even a second

    • We Not They Finally

      Why do you say it was "planned"? WIPP is shut down. They're corrupt, negligent, major-league criminals, but I doubt that they wanted THAT.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        WNTF, the plan was that the salt would close in on the waste at some 3000 or more pounds per inch…the ultimate trash compactor. They knew they had only 15 or so years left before this process was so well under way that the site would be unusable. They did the studies of course and the temperature was expected to be pretty toasty, even under ideal conditions…red hot in fact. Unless the place was well vented, large volumes of extremely high air/gas pressure would build up as well. But they knew it wasnt going to be smooth going, as salt cracking and caving would occur. The very existence of these massive concrete plugs and 100 ft salt backfill was due to the knowledge of impending catastrophe. The reason they wanted to do this is because they never could figure out a way to safely store their poison like they promised and they are lacking moral compass and common sense

  • tbg

    What Im getting from watching all these WIPP press conferences is that the filtration was still bypassed from the "smoke event" and the air filters weren't even turned on for the first few days. Then when they were turned on they hadn't been changed properly and for a long time, so they didn't still work. So they spray foamed the filter gap and air vents to try to seal them, but in the mean time a shit load of Pu and Am were released. How much? Who knows, but it sure didn't stay in NM, it was free flowing for days.
    And there may have been other nuclides as well, we only know what they tell us or what the "independent" organization CERMC tells us they found with their 3 air monitors. Did they test for Neptunium or anything else or did they find a couple flavors of PR nightmare and call it good?
    I don't believe anything they say, I think they are lying, they know the health effects of what happened and there are no answers. Much like for the hundreds of thousands of tons of spent fuel rods located onsite at every current or former NPP in the US.
    Or no Good answers at least.

    • Your take is correct, they also have some barrels with crap loads of cesium and strontium. enough that 1 barrel could contaminate 1 Billion Cows. Is there even 1 Billion cows in the USA?

      And they have 20000 barrels of the RH Remote handled, high radioacticity stuff in there. 20 Trillion cows…..hmmmmm, 6 Billion people on the planet.

      Maybe we ought to just stop making this shite!

      stock out

  • Angela_R

    yours is an informative link indicating a crazy scenario being played out. Surely any tea party 'rapture ready' should know that scripture was written to warn, to seek to bring about would make the 'ready' culpable.

    While the following link is not concerned with a US based operation and mainly covers fracking, there are some interesting observations. An independent Professor of Geophysics addresses the House of Lords in England, presents a report which reaches and has an impact on his audience. David Smythe/Smythe shale gas submission to HolL v1.5.pdf
    should the link not work, it can be reached via search: Barcombe Professor Smythe's submission to the House of Lords. It is, IMO, an excellent report from an Expert

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      are you rapture ready Angela? How many are rapture ready, raise their hands. Bring a jacket, its cold at 30,000 ft.

  • Radio Radio

    At least they are saying that heat from radiation caused the lid to crack open instead of misguided environmentalists run awry, so i take this as an improvement that they are finally accepting that radiation is, in fact, more dangerous than bananas, potatoes, and promoters of green sustainability.

    • Radio Radio

      Well, dang it, they are back to blaming the wheat and the environmentalists after all. Please, let's not encourage this. Yet, they are also saying it coulld blow without the wheat but that the wheat adds an additional level of concern. Keep in mind that the fellow who originally made the "greens did it" claim said the nitrates would dry out in the heat, causing a dry reaction while Arnie said the liquid in the tanks would first leak, then mix with the wheat AND jostle on the highway AND be exposed to heat from the sun and road and then maybe a reaction would take place. Over 4 months and they still can't say with any certainty that the wheat was the cause, i say the wheat is the the red herring. If it IS the wheat, then they get to proceed with business as usual and all the violations go away. If it is the radiation, then they have to stop storage here and everywhere. So, my concern is that the blame will be placed on the wheat whether it is the wheat or the radiation in the highly chemically volatile liquid suspension similar to what we have up here at Hanford. Btw, no wheat being used at Hanford, yet, we have the same inexplicable little explosions, tank seams busting, periodic accidental airborne and liquid releases and such. I just think the wheat is very much i keeping with industry always blaming anything but the radiation – earthquakes, tsunami's, terrorists, hurricanes, storm drains, sea gulls, rats…these are not the primary danger, they're…

      • Radio Radio

        happenstance, accidental, not well planned for in advance…all true, but, it is the existence of the nuclear radiation that makes these other things soooo dangerous. It's almost as though it is being argued that had no wheat been used, this method of radiation storage would not be dangerous. Had no tsunami swept through, no Fukushima nuclear reactor would be dangerous, had no nuclear operator been conducting an experiment, no Chernobyl plutonium would be dangerous, had Japan not attacked the US, no atom bombs would be launched and dangerous. All of these are excuses for the most lethal substances on the Earth to be played with, weaponized, and to boil water.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Boil water with a cancer causing poison when you have the Sun shining down on this planet 24/7 and all it's energy is free?


    • Radio Radio

      Hard to account for the minds of some, that's for certain.I remember i school watching a science film about solar energy and nuclear energy, two emerging technologies, and the leaning was towards solar. The a sudden political sweep, money in the right pockets, and solar is shelved without explanation and nukes run rampant.

      • Sol Man

        A link I put up a few days ago had stated that had our nation kept up with the solar programs that were in place prior to 1980 that we would have been producing 25% of our energy needs by 2005, the year of that research. It may well have been more than that because other technologies and ideas would also have been examined and taken hold.
        We've all been lead down this path and it sure doesn't lead to any garden. How could it? It was all a plan for death, ultimately.
        With the big bankers, royals, and nuclear & profiteer peeps making huge money all the way down.

        • Radio Radio

          Sol Man, i think you are very right. We'd have far more using solar than that study even projected. Plus, the whole paradigm shift of energy may well have sparked other more sustainable technologies rather than the "eat your young" technology that we use today.

          I think nukes got put ahead mostly because the people who wanted the technology were the carryovers from WWII and had great influence with government while solar had o such relationships. And, before WWII, there had been decades of scientific and popular belief that "some" radiation was healthy for life. It was purposely put into medicines, foods, soaking baths, skin creams, and then around the 50's folks realized that it was dangerous even in these smaller amounts. But, the allure and belief never wore off. It remained an urban myth. The energy reactors group figured they were able to control what everyone was coming to think was a monster and faith in nukes was reborn. They were propelled to the forefront as heroes and captains of industry. They also bought up solar energy patents and shelved them to stop any competition and derail the research and prevent government funding of it. All solar projects had to get private funding from that point on.

        • mairs mairs

          And nuclear and fossil fuel industries are still fighting hard to suppress solar and wind power.

  • Radio Radio

    I'm sorry to sound like a broken record, but, one more time – the liquid stuff in these canisters are the same or nearly identical to the stuff stored at Hanford- high level transuranic waste created for bomb-making and suspended into a slurry of chemicals with the intent of neutralizing its potency. The experiment was a complete failure because it actually increased the radioactivity AND the volatility plus added highly toxic immediate death-to-you chemicals in the mix. So, they tried to separate the radiation out and that created explosions. So, they stored it but it tends to off gas and also erode it's containers. Billions of dollars and 50 years have been spent trying to find a solution. So far, nothing works but a few partially successful tries at vitrification which can only happen once separation is secure, which can't. So, a few years ago, it was decided to move this highly explosive substance out of Los Alamos allegedly because of the wildfires above the underground facility there, but, maybe really because they are developing the new nuke weapons there now and don't want to blow themselves up. IMHO, kitty litter is a ruse, something to keep people busy chawing about -"those dumb f—k's! can ya believe em!" kind of thing while the wool is being pulled over our eyes. WIPPS was not publicly okayed for this waste. Let's talk about that? Nope, cat litter. Nearly every safety protocol at WIPPS was violated. Let's talk about that? Nope, cat litter.

  • Radio Radio

    con't – Nearly every event at WIPPS has had an identical event with the identical waste happening at Hanford without kitty litter. Let's talk about that. Nope, cat litter. The older this stuff gets the less stable it becomes. Let's talk about that. ope. Cat litter. Maybe because it is becoming so unstable is the real reason they are moving it. Let's talk about that. Nope, cat litter. This slurry can not be made stable. Let's talk about that. Nope, cat litter.
    I'm going to go out on a limb here – the Swheat cat litter did not make the slurry less unstable any more than the clay littler made the slurry more stable. I fear that we are being led a merry chase. Maybe those "can ya believe those dumbf—ks?" are far smarter than we are giving them credit for.

  • razzz razzz

    They are going to have to remove any suspect barrels whether contaminated or not from the explosion. Was at least 300+ questionable barrels but that was a figure from weeks ago.

    Organic anything, decays and will off gas. Decaying causes heat. PU changes properties with the smallest amount of temperature changes plus radioactive products create heat going through their own half lives. No telling what's going on inside those barrels.

    If they can't keep PU and all the other nasties in suspension where solids and liquid mixes separate and settle out then they are back to square one with the more dangerous wastes. Radioactive contaminated glove and suits sealed in barrels are not what they are dealing with.

    • Radio Radio

      Agreed razzz. And, once removed, i think the "All is well" will be given, WIPPS reopened, shipments from Los Alamos restarted, etc., and the real issue swept back under the rug.

  • Sol Man

    Something I was always wondering about the nuclear production and research, were any of the very strong acids used, neutralized before being put into storage. One would assume not.

  • Wooster

    A plutonium explosion caused by a change of kitty litter.

    The worst sci-fi film of all time wouldn't bother to include such a ridiculous plotline.

    • SadieDog

      "Under a revised liquid waste management plan released in May, the Cold War-era tanks – some which are cracked, rusty or have leaked – would not be completely removed from service until 2032, about a decade past closure milestones in a federal facilities agreement and four years later than the previous amendment to the plan."

      • Radio Radio

        SadieDog, thanks for pointing this out. Dealing with this tuff has been one of the lowest priorities of the feds, being revised and revised and revised to leave this stuff in leaking tanks while all technology and plans have failed, so it becomes even less of a priority.

        • mairs mairs

          In the local Santa Fe paper we were informed that because of WIPP the remaining drums of waste at LANL could no longer be removed to meet the deadline this month, before the fire season started. The drums of waste stored outside have been placed under domes. The local watchdog group said that it didn't matter, as the deadline was arbitrary anyway.

  • FXofTruth

    Since when can "kitty litter" protect the world from Plutonium 239 (that is reported to have a half-life of 24,000+ years?) That must have took tons of testing and millions in research to arrive at the kitty litter solution….wow….

    So the WIPP disposal facility is really one big cat box. Is that clumping cat litter because, that would be easier to clean up in 50,000 years from now when the 239 becomes harmless….

    • Radio Radio

      Yes, FXofTruth. Turning the argument around, they are implying that the right kind of kitty litter makes the storage of volatile liquid nuclear waste a safe bet.

  • Nick

    WIPP = dirty bombs galore.

    I suggest Hollywood screen writers get down there asap and start writing the next block-buster movie script.

    Except for one small detail, it ain't gonna be fiction, but a documentary.

    Then fly over to Japan to FD-NPP for a follow-up script.

    Quick, before the stuff goes awol any further.

  • 52Rockwell

    Thomm Hartmann talks about Fukishima,and gives radiation reports on his show. Not enough though. Nobody seems to get it. They are all still worried about global warming,and other things. Sometimes I wonder If Im wrong, but I think Fukishima and Wipp are the end game.

  • Nick

    Speaking of global warming….

    How is CO2 to blame????????

    The great carbon con is almost as bizarre as the media blackout for WIPP and Fukushima…in none are we actually getting ANY truth.

    Yes, we are at the end game.

    • Angela_R

      The great carbon con? Yes, I would think so.

      Plants and trees depend on carbon, they absorb the carbon dioxide, retaining the carbon and providing us with oxygen. Yet they have continue to destroy the forests. Controlled harvesting has almost ceased. The current planting of young trees and the absorption of the carbon, by new life, is not sufficient. Phyroplankton, the other contributor to the creation of oxygen, has also been under attack for some time.

      For our own personal oxygen, perhaps we should consider indoor plants or even a small immature tree, that could grow in our surroundings; perhaps a house trained one, small enough to move outside at night. (study the 'emissions' of plants without light).

    • sistahawk

      hi NICK- please for more informatica look at by Yoichi Shimatsu : (link from ARGO ) Arctic Ozone Hole & Polar melt by the Fuku… catastrophy , and further PROJECT ARGUS and PROJECT HARDTACK me find it is putting a complete different view on the hole theme as the usual global warming thesis…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    It will be a/the scramble for the survival of the fittest… 🙂

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    I bet the 'plutonium flash' he speaks of is a very, very, small prompt criticality.

  • jump-ball jump-ball

    The fascist-controlled corporate media newscasters will fall upon their news desk swords before they will report the final oncoming poisoned human collapse: I expect to see and hear the ending, gruesome details on the remaining YouTube channels, before the last of the free press internet hubs and cables are drone-attacked into oblivion by our demented federal leaders.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    "demented" what a great word. 🙂

    demented |diˈmentid|
    suffering from dementia.
    • informal driven to behave irrationally due to anger, distress, or excitement: a demented, dangerous, and sadistic Mafioso.

  • Sickputer

    Inside page 3 Headline of my local paper and ink newspaper today: AP story by Jeri Clausing


    "5 more flawed tanks found"

    SP: hmm…gonna need a bigger tent! Those drums are swelling! 😉

    Funny stuff if it wasn't so serious. Oh well.. 100 plutonium waste filled 55 gallon drums sitting in the desert west of Andrews, Texas is unlikely to kill more than just the poor little Texans in the sleepy town. Big D folks can snooze I guess. More Fukushima fallout hits ground in one month in Texas than in those five barrels.

    Now on the other hand…if the 500,000 barrels near Carlsbad were to go up in flames…bend over and kiss your soul goodbye in Texas, Oklahoma, and all points within 1000 miles.

    Salt mines? Didn't we learn one frigging thing from the half century failure of the German Asse salt cavern disposal problems?

    Deja vu: "The decision to retrieve the [127,000 nuclear waste barrels] barrels also caused a major environmental scandal: not only was the public initially informed that Asse was merely being used to "research" how radioactive waste reacts in a final repository, but it turned out that the mine has been used also as a dump for all manner of contaminated waste."

    SP: Doesn't that sound EXACTLY what they did at the Waste Injection PILOT Plant?

    They WIPPED us good.

      • SadieDog

        "Until then, Flynn said, it is hard to speculate on what if any action can be taken to finish getting the last of thousands of barrels of decades-old waste off the Los Alamos campus in northern New Mexico. The lab had been under orders to have the waste shipped to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant before wildfire season peaks. But given the uncertainty of what caused the radiation leak, transporting the waste now is seen as too risky.

        Flynn said it also remains unclear how long the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant will be closed or how long it will take the plant to seal off the rooms where more than 350 other barrels of suspect waste from Los Alamos are currently stored.

        "We just don't have any clear answers," he said."

  • ralban

    Great self sufficient home for sale in Flagstaff, AZ. No radiation or gangs. We can grow everything to survive. We just want to go spend our time with our daughter and grandson. Call 928-699-2127

  • marq

    I posted a comment and link to an article a few weeks ago that was removed. But it may be more relevant here. The Defense Department is working on creating a new nuclear warhead. The Model B-61-12, they just announced a round of completed testing on 2/6/14 (literally the week before). The Model B61-12 uses parts from several different bombs. The DOD remixed the nuclear parts of the bomb, I'm not buying the kitty litter (unproven) claim. NOW we learn the P-239 (by product of weapons production) is the culprit….

  • 52Rockwell

    The fine folks of Andrews Texas are not worried at all about a few little ol drums of WIPP waste in their town.Quote from the video,"They are all headed back to New Mexico in a few weeks"'. I m taking bets folks in Andrews,and Im laying 2-1 odds,that the drums will be there 10,weeks from now.How bought it Easy money?

  • 52Rockwell

    If the drums explode before the 10 weeks period they still count as being in Andrews,and Dallas,and Waco,and Amarillo,and…………….

  • knowerxdg