Scientific Conference: Fukushima a global threat to human health — Radioactivity in food web off Pacific Northwest to “significantly increase” after one year — Salmon forecast to exceed Japan radiation limit — “Major concern for public health of coastal communities” (POSTER)

Published: December 31st, 2014 at 3:51 pm ET


Conference Paper for Society for Environmental Toxciology & Chemistry (SETAC), Dr. Juan Jose Alava & Dr. Frank Gobas, Simon Fraser Univ., published Dec 1, 2014 (emphasis added):

  • A Marine Food Web Bioaccumulation model for Cesium 137 in the Pacific Northwest — The Fukushima nuclear accident on 11 March 2011 emerged as a global threat to the conservation of the Pacific Ocean, human health, and marine biodiversity… This accident was defined by the [IAEA] as “a major release of radioactive material with widespread health and environmental effects requiring implementation of planned and extended countermeasures”. Despite the looming threat of radiation, there has been scant attention and inadequate radiation monitoring. This is unfortunate, as the potential radioactive contamination of seafoods through bioaccumulation of radioisotopes (i.e. 137Cs) in marine and coastal food webs are issues of major concern for the public health of coastal communities… [R]eleases of 137Cs into the Pacific after the Fukushima nuclear accident are… prone to concentrate in marine food-webs… [A] simulation time dependent bioaccumulation model… showed that 137Cs can be expected to bioaccumulate gradually over time in the food web… Bioaccumulation of 137Cs was characterized by slow uptake and elimination rates in upper trophic level organisms and dominance of dietary consumption in the uptake of 137CS. This modeling work showed… magnification of this radionuclide takes place in the marine food web over time.
  • Reviewer Comments (Dr. Nikolaus Gantner, Univ. of N. British Columbia): “Excellent abstract and an important contribution to the session in terms of modeling efforts and bioaccumulation. Provides long-term perspective on the issue.”

Dataset for Modeling Work, published Dec 1, 2014:

  • The Fukushima nuclear accident… emerged as a looming threat to the marine biodiversity in the Pacific Ocean and human health in coastal communities. Assessment of long term consequences… should consider the extent of ecological magnification in food-webs… 137Cs cannot be ruled out as a potential bioaccumulative pollutant in regional food-webs, including… in BC waters. — Objective: To model the bioaccumulation of 137Cs in an offshore food web of the Pacific Northwest … Through the oceanic life stage cycle, Pacific salmon species are likely to deliver Fukushima associated 137Cs to the resident killer whales’ food-web in waters off the Pacific Northwest coast… 137Cs activities significantly increase in the food web after one year137Cs activities may achieve levels in upper trophic levels that may pose health risks in wildlife species. A rigorous monitoring program would… improve the ability to forecast 137Cs activities in marine organisms and uptake in human populations that consume sea products.
  • View the poster for this presentation here
Published: December 31st, 2014 at 3:51 pm ET


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565 comments to Scientific Conference: Fukushima a global threat to human health — Radioactivity in food web off Pacific Northwest to “significantly increase” after one year — Salmon forecast to exceed Japan radiation limit — “Major concern for public health of coastal communities” (POSTER)

  • rogerthat

    …given the ardent efforts of pro-nuclear Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the ruling coalition, as well as a pro-nuclear lobby that consists of most local politicians, utilities and METI, to restart all safe reactors as soon as possible, it’s clear that renewable energy faces a bumpy road due not only to technical and financial issues, but also political and bureaucratic hostility that makes overcoming the other issues all the more difficult.

    – that's the only lesson these cretins have learned from Fukushima: strangle renewables, build more nuclear reactors. So good luck to you, Japan, your goose is already cooked, why not go the whole hog?

  • rogerthat

    – no wonder the industry wants to walk away from the problem as soon as possible and leave it to taxpayers to solve

  • Bill Duff

    Japan 2014 births fall to lowest on record – in unrelated news, if the MSM is believed.

    Ben McLannahan in Tokyo, Financial Times, January 2, 2015 12:13 pm,

    Deaths outnumbered births in Japan last year by the widest margin on record, underscoring the scale of the challenge facing the government as it tries to ensure a dwindling pool of workers can support growing ranks of pensioners.

    The urgency of getting the country’s finances in order was highlighted this week as preliminary figures indicated that Japan’s population fell by a record 268,000 in 2014.

    If the current nationwide fertility rate of 1.4 stays unchanged, a task force warned in November, then Japan’s population of 127m would drop by almost a third by 2060 and by two-thirds by 2110.

  • rogerthat

    Feds Find No Discrimination Against Former Nuke Plant Guard

    January 2nd 2015 WOOD Radio

    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says the Palisades Nuclear Plant did not discriminate against one security guard over a safety complaint.

    Recall, last summer several former security people said they were fired for just that, but on the last day of the year, the federal government says its investigation did not prove those claims.

    The Holland Sentinel said that Palisades nuke plant had been getting special federal attention for possible safety concerns and the managers' relations with workers.

  • rogerthat

    In 2014, U.S. Department of Energy contractors shipped about 40,000 gallons of radioactive sludge from Oak Ridge to Richland, Wash., and those shipments will continue this year as the DOE funds the recovery from a big boo-boo that contaminated a sewage treatment plant.

    Full story available to subscribers only.

  • rogerthat

    Gov't to update estimates of different energy source costs

    The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry will begin work in January to update the estimated costs of different types of energy sources, numbers which will factor into the government's planned energy mix for 2030.

    The manner in which costs that have accompanied the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant disaster are reflected in the estimates is expected to be a central point of the debate…

  • rogerthat

    Tokyo, Jan. 2 (Jiji Press)–Japanese government projects to build facilities for the final disposal of waste contaminated with radioactive materials from the March 2011 nuclear accident have run into a wall of opposition from municipalities selected as host candidates. …

  • rogerthat

    Ex OSHA Investigator Asserts DOE & DOL Inspector General not telling whole truth to elected officials regarding Nuclear Exposure

    November 17, 2014

    A former OSHA certified investigator and union safety officer at the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant, Piketon, Ohio, has alleged that previous Department of Energy and Department of Labor Inspector General investigations contained glaring oversights.

    Due to the oversights, American taxpayers have allegedly paid billions of dollars in wrongful incentives to certain nuclear plant contractors. Simultaneously, thousands of energy workers have not been properly compensated for occupational illnesses.

    Charles Lawson , the investigator certified through the late 90s, has provided documents that demonstrate alleged criminal activities not reported and/or investigated by Department of Energy and Department of Labor inspector generals.

    These oversights have been documented at Portsmouth, but recent news articles have suggested similar patterns at decommissioning and demolition activities at Rocky Flats, Hanford, and elsewhere.

    Although certain aspects were brought to the attention of members of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate, action was limited. Lawson has specifically demonstrated that in one instance a 41 page report was shortened to 12 pages (when provided to Senators) to prevent revelation…

    • rogerthat

      of acts that could have civil and criminal liabilities.

      The oversights are contained in a thousand pages of documentation which require significant knowledge of physics, chemistry, statutory mandates, knowledge of the long radiation illness latency period (often 20 years or more) and knowledge of safety requirements where diminished portrayal of facility actions, such as worker radiation exposures showing lower amounts than received or diminishing the number of workers affected.

      Lawson, who had prior military law enforcement training, fell into this abyss of documented oversights while investigating one incident.

      These documents and reports illustrate that when DOE entered into a privatization agreement with the United States Enrichment Corp., USEC acquired the radioactive weapons materials on the properties.

      At that time, Portsmouth also received shipments from Russia, which under agreement was selling uranium from weapons for reuse in nuclear reactors.

      Unfortunately, the Russians sent "dirty" uranium for downblending, Lawson said. It contained technicum, Californium, neptunum and plutonium.

      The Russian material recycling in his opinion has poisoned an entirely new generation of workers who were not told of the additional materials.

      One portion of the allegations include concealment of the degree of enrichment ( three or four percent assay; actual up to 97%) of radioactive materials handed by workers at PGDP and the Huntington …

    • rogerthat

      Pilot Plant (now raised and buried).

      The HPP received uranium contaminated piping and metals containing nicckel for recycling from Portsmouth and other diffusion plants.

      Degrees of enriched uranium were portrayed by DOE/USEC as 5%, but Lawson said people working in Portsmouth before cylinder removal received 97% weapons grade doses.

      "We were told in the process class that Russian had a 68%." (See PDF for a sample of now unclassified readings for Portsmouth showing 97% assay.)

      Due to flawed methodologies and oversights, such as dose reconstruction formulas , most workers have not received benefits.

      This is due to such actions as the purposeful destruction of original dose records and, in Piketon, the disconnection of wired radiation warnings so employees would not know they were working in contaminated locations.

      Having worked on a mortality study regarding chemical and radiation exposures at Piketon, Lawson has previously opined 1,800 deaths as homicide which resulted from rigging the safety system to not function.

      Later when OSHA fined company $2,500 for destruction of employee radiation exposure records, Lawson complained that the amount could have been $100,000 per destroyed record.

      An OSHA official in Cincinnati told Lawson that if the maximum fines were levied then "OSHA would have been in court for the next 50 years or longer. They did not have the money to fight DOE and USEC in the court cases. "The people harmed …

      • rogerthat

        would have sued DOE , USEC, and contractors which would have drug OSHA into court. If they had levied anover a $100,000,000 fine against USEC and Lockheed, OSHA would have to be paying people to go to court to testify for the next 50 years," Lawson explained. (See download )

        Lawson told of "seeing it all" as an eyewitness and in his opinion, the actions amount to "murder. They were (covering it up) for profit. That's racketeering. The people died because they bypassed safety systems."

        "Everything I saw is admissable in court."

        Lawson has insight too into improprieties during the 21st Century D & D clean up projects at Piketon.

        He has been told that current (i.e. 2014) workers and those that have worked on the D & D of the facility "cut clogged pipes with UF6 (enriched uranium) inside."

        The six to eight inch pipes were clogged with 90% assay and above. A source told Lawson, "I could barely put my little finger inside a clogged pipe."

        Which leads to an unanswered question: Where did the D & D removed clogged pipes go? He asserted that at least one truck went to Paducah, unmarked for radioactive transport.

        Hand held meters at the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant went off, resulting in that truck being sent back to Piketon marked Yellow Two.

        But what happened to other trucks containing radioactive pieces from the process building?

        "Did they put [the waste] in a bin at a nuclear dump or are they dumping it somewhere in a…

        • rogerthat

          somewhere in a local dump until someone gets sick," he asked?

          A new D & D proposal considers burial at Piketon of the weapons grade material. Burial of current removals should not be an option "unless it is cleaned to get rid of impurities, you have buried radiation leaching and reacting to the weather."

          Lawson continued, "Don't compound the problem. Do what you were supposed to do clean it up.


  • Bill Duff

    Cancer has been redefined, NOT reduced.

  • Bill Duff

    Now only hospice patients have the redefined disease cancer.

  • Bill Duff

    BREMERTON — Hospice of Kitsap County will close its East Bremerton care center at the end of the year, citing deep budget shortfalls.

  • Bill Duff

    A Michigan hospice center is shutting down its care home for sick patients, partly due to Obamacare cuts, the business’s director said Tuesday.

    The residential facility for hospice patients in western Michigan is suffering from multiple budget cuts initiated in 2009. Sequestration lopped 2 percent off federal payments, while changes to the Medicare hospice wage index, initiated at the same time as Obamacare, have cut 4.2 percent from payments.

    But the Affordable Care Act is the biggest culprit, cutting another 12 percent from payments to hospices over the next decade as part of a “productivity adjustment.”

    “We know that under the Affordable Care Act that hospice programs are also going to see cuts to be reimbursement over the next five years,” Husmann said. “When we take that into account when we’ve already started to see $365,000 or more a year in cuts, we’ve realized that we’re not going to be able to make enough money and keep a hospice residence open for business.”

  • Bill Duff

    Passages Hospice LLC is closing its doors today after a federal agency stopped paying the west suburban company earlier this month, administrator Michael Gillman confirmed.

    "Yes, we are closing because we only operated on Medicare and Medicaid," Mr. Gillman said today. The federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services "shut the doors on us."

    (Related: Passages Hospice acknowledges payroll woes as co-owner faces federal charges)

    All patients have been transferred to other facilities, he said. The company's 330 employees were let go.

  • Bill Duff

    HOLLAND, MI – Hospice of Holland is closing its residential hospice program because of cuts in payments under the Affordable Care Act, the organization announced Tuesday, June 17.

    Hospice House will stop accepting new patients June 23, and it will discontinue operations July 18.

    “Changes in healthcare at the national level, particularly with hospice reimbursement rates, have dramatically affected our operating margin,” said Torrey Husmann, Hospice of Holland's executive director. “We have a strong financial footing for the provision of hospice care in facility and home settings, which is the largest part of our overall operations, unfortunately, given all the changes brought on by the Affordable Care Act, the operational model of the Hospice House is unsustainable."

    Hospice officials say the residential facility has operated at a deficit since it opened. But that has increased over time with new regulations, lower reimbursements and the high cost of care.

    • name999 name999

      BD, it isn't The Affordable Care Act that is defunding Medicare and Medicaide, it is the right wing faction of US government. So pat yourself on the back for hospices closing down, along with a whole healthcare infrastructure that has been under attack by people like you since Reagan became president in the 80's.

      The best defense, as they say, is an offense, and man, you are one master of being offensive. Blame the other guy or Barack Obama…yeah, right.

      • Bill Duff

        The UniParty is on a mission to kill people and burn money. If you think your lying, Oath-Breaking thief is better than my lying Otha-Breaking thief, then you are sadly mistaken.

      • Bill Duff

        My 3 insurrectionist & despicable FEDphuks are Cruz, Cornyn & Culberson.

        Who are yours, besides of course, the Kenya Native Barack Hussein Obama II D-Mombassa, Kenya, AKA Barry Choom?

        UniParty Members: John Abney Culberson R-TX7, John Cornyn III R-TX, Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz R-TX & (Calgary, Alberta, Canada Native of Cuban descent).

      • Bill Duff

        Affordable Care Act is the biggest culprit, cutting another 12 percent from payments

        A Michigan hospice center is shutting down its care home for sick patients, partly due to Obamacare cuts, the business’s director said Tuesday.

        The residential facility for hospice patients in western Michigan is suffering from multiple budget cuts initiated in 2009. Sequestration lopped 2 percent off federal payments, while changes to the Medicare hospice wage index, initiated at the same time as Obamacare, have cut 4.2 percent from payments.

        But the Affordable Care Act is the biggest culprit, cutting another 12 percent from payments to hospices over the next decade as part of a “productivity adjustment.”

        “We know that under the Affordable Care Act that hospice programs are also going to see cuts to be reimbursement over the next five years,” Husmann said. “When we take that into account when we’ve already started to see $365,000 or more a year in cuts, we’ve realized that we’re not going to be able to make enough money and keep a hospice residence open for business.”

        • name999 name999

          BD, look, your defense of nuclear energy in spite of all the facts that I think you know…why are you taking this position? Is it just to get back at some snitch that caused you to lose your job?
          Or maybe an ex- wife?

  • Fukushima a global threat to human health ? Since when does radiation only effect humans I wonder . All the species in the pacific ocean tidal pools you know the nursery of the ocean along the coast line of the pacific north west are dead now and are not coming back .The 160 species of migratory birds are all missing the 150 species of residential birds are all missing . In the last 700 km of coast line I traveled in December of 2014 on the Expedition For Life I never seen a single flock of birds feeding or a flock of birds for that matter . So its heartbreaking for me to say humans and anything left are next . Hugs for everyone from the saddest man in Canada . Sincerely Yours Dana Durnford

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Dana, we here appreciate all your hard work and effort and the excellent catastrophic proof in your video documentaries that you have brought forward on youtube for the entire sleeping world to see..

    Keep up the great work my friend…we must bring more towards the bright light of truth!

  • bowling

    Thanks dana. I am not so brave as you but, i can see things changing in my small worlds. While in seattle last summer i saw no tidal pool life, no flys on the beach and the only birds I saw by the water and around seattle were crows. I was there for 5 months. No flys in the house or outside. The incessant yaks of crows in most neighborhoods and no birds.

    Now i am back on the gulf coast and it is the same. No migrating ducks or geese. Very few doves. Very few flies last fall. Few sand cranes. Crows and magpies have taken over neighborhoods. I saw a beautiful cardinal laying on the street, while riding my bike that seemingly dropped out of the sky. Fish on the beach with no flies on them. My geiger counter goes crazy when it rains here too. My ion chamber shows radiation in peoples bones.

    • name999 name999

      bowling, so many around us are ignoring all of the symptoms and signs of destruction, but I join you in recognizing them and sharing them whenever I can with others. The denial continues to be unbelievable.

    • califnative califnative

      bowling, name999, majia, bf9 – I recognize these changes too and want to mention what I've seen lately since living in Tucson, AZ. Since 311 I lived 30 minutes south of San Francisco, watched the various insects (aphids, ants, potato bugs, butterflies, spiders, ladybugs to name a few) and birds diminish by end of 2013, the dominant bird left behind were black crows in large flocks, always reminding me of Alfred Hitchcocks movie The Birds, chemtrails were a large contributor in decimating the environment.

      Since April 2014 I was really happy to see an abundance of insects and wildlife here but the last two months (Nov/Dec) I barely see a fly. I first noticed a big grasshopper dying on the pavement in November, then a cricket on it's back struggling to move, then a black beetle found dead a few days ago.

      I do wonder if Zaporozhye NPP radiation leak arrived in the U.S. during the media blackout. Watching the wildlife die and disappear should make people wonder why it's happening. It's important to share what we see and the ripple effect it's having on all of us across the nation.

  • Bill Duff

    Not every staff reduction or closure at a community-based hospice may make the local newspapers. But many do. And as investor-owned hospices continue to consolidate and expand their footprint, countless community-based hospices are facing service and staff cutbacks. Here is a sampling of such cutbacks at community-based hospices in recent months.

  • Bill Duff

    The American Hospice Foundation (AHF) closed its doors in June 2014. For over 20 years, AHF worked to improve access to quality hospice care through public education, professional training, and consumer advocacy.

    Our vision was that hospice would be an integral part of our society, culture, and belief systems. That is still our hope.

  • Bill Duff

    Scripps Closes Escrow on Former San Diego Hospice Hospital

    Scripps Health has closed escrow on the former San Diego Hospice hospital and eight-acre property in Hillcrest, which it purchased at auction in federal bankruptcy court for $16.55 million April 30. Scripps will use the facility for in-patient hospice care.

  • rogerthat

    Nuke plant reports 2-month oil leak into Lake Michigan

    … Bill Schalk, communications manager for the Cook Nuclear Plant … said … "Oil floats on top of the water and you see a sheen, but we could find no evidence of oil in our reservoirs, in the lake or on the beach. It has been dispersed." …

    Michael Keegan, director of the nonprofit Coalition for a Nuclear-Free Great Lakes, is troubled by news of the leak.

    "What's concerning is they don't really know the extent of the leak," he said. "Nearly two months later is the first determination they make that they have an oil leak? It speaks to the quality assurance of all of their other systems."

    The fact that the oil is not recoverable is also problematic, Keegan said.

    "There's a belief some have that the solution to pollution is dilution. It's not," he said.

  • rogerthat

    ‘I just want answers’ says widow of nuclear veteran

    The widow of a nuclear testing veteran who died from cancer in 2005 says she and other widows are still fighting for compensation, six months after the prime minister recognised the contribution the servicemen had made to the country’s security.

    Rose Crompton fears her husband’s exposure to radiation may have contributed to the leukaemia which killed their daughter Hilary when she was just 28.

    Now Rose, 74, says she just wants to know why a £25m compensation claim by families of the veterans – many of whom have suffered birth defects as a result of exposure to radiation – is still not resolved.

    She says: “I just want answers.” …

    Rose’s husband James was among hundreds of veterans to serve on Christmas Island, mainland Australia and Montabello islands in the 1950s and 60s during Britain’s nuclear testing.

    • rogerthat

      … Sir Nick Harvey, who was Armed Forces Minister until 2012, said the moral failure to help the veterans’ children who have 10 times the normal rate of birth defects “reflects badly on us as a nation”

      Rose, who lives in West Paddock, Leyland, said: “I have been angry but what can you do? I’m not interested in the money – all I want is answers.”

      James was discharged from the Royal Engineers with no home or pension after a routine blood test showed abnormalities in his cells, within months of returning from Australia,

      Veterans can contact campaigner Joe Hindle on 01772 745518.

  • rogerthat

    Senior scientist’s fears at effect of Chernobyl in Northern Ireland revealed

    A senior Government scientist privately expressed concerns at the official response in Northern Ireland to the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster, a declassified Stormont file has revealed.

    Professor Cecil McMurray, who would go on to become Northern Ireland’s Chief Scientific Officer, warned that many of the assumptions of officials — who were assuring the public that there was little need for concern — were based on scant evidence…

  • rogerthat

    … As it stands now, it's predicted the waste from the plant will be transferred from cooling ponds into dry casks by 2020.

    Then those casks may end up sitting on the reactor’s property in Vernon, Vermont, indefinitely, like so many thousands of casks lying around on reactor sites all over the country.

    The Vermont Yankee lists 2052 as the year the federal government might come take them away, but that’s pending Congressional action that has not yet taken place.

    So what does a corporation do when a contract, government or otherwise, is violated? They sue. …

    ''… you sue the Department of Energy and they pay you back for the cost that you’ve incurred,” says Martin Cohn, a spokesperson for Entergy Wholesale Commodities, which owns Vermont Yankee.

    According to a report commissioned by the Obama administration, the federal government as of 2012 has paid $2 billion in damages to utility companies in lawsuits like these. The report projected that by 2020, that number could total $20.8 billion. Utilities have filed over 80 suits against the DOE over nuclear waste storage, …

  • rogerthat

    Guest Opinion: The U.S. continues to spend an absurd amount on nukes
    January 2, 2015

    … Between 1940 and 1996, the United States drained $5.8 trillion from the public's purse to pay for the country's nuclear weapons endeavor. We irreversibly damaged the environment and poisoned people around the world. We produced more than 70,000 nuclear warheads and grew numb to the harm.

    Today, the U.S. nuclear arsenal contains about 2,100 deployed nuclear warheads with another 2,500 in reserve. These weapons are a national security liability that do nothing to solve our modern security challenges. The most serious threats no longer come from a single rival that is itself armed with thousands of nuclear warheads. Instead, today's international instability and terrorism are threats that nuclear bombs can in no way counter.

    But that hasn't stopped the nuclear weaponeers from continuing to cling to the weapons we already have and push to modernize the U.S. arsenal and production complex..

    The calls to "modernize" the nuclear arsenal and its production complex are driven by baseless claims that the U.S. is somehow "falling behind" or that the current arsenal is unreliable. At their current growth rate, it would take Pakistan and India, which have the two fastest growing nuclear arsenals, 760 years to…

    • rogerthat

      to Russia and the United States. The U.S. has or is developing 13 new or newly modernized nuclear weapons. We will spend $355 billion on the nuclear arms program in the next 10 years – a figure that has grown by more than 60 percent in the past three…

      Why? What is the basis for these grotesque spending decisions?

      A good deal of the spending can be explained by the skyrocketing profits for contractors, which have tripled since 2006.

      Another chunk comes from the federal government's propensity to make massive investments in projects that are crippled by mismanagement.

      The price tag for a uranium processing facility at Oak Ridge, Tenn., has ballooned from $6.5 billion to $19 billion.

      A new plutonium facility at Los Alamos, N.M., was suspended after the projected cost went from $660 million to $5.8 billion.

      But the problem is deeper than mismanagement or profiteering…

  • name999 name999

    BD, again…you are the person that is closing the hospice, destroying Medicare and Medicaid.

  • rogerthat

    … The official EPA report says the waste is made up of 8,700 tons of barium sulfate residue left over from uranium processing at Mallinckrodt that was mixed with 39,000 tons of fill dirt. Most of the radioactive components come from uranium isotopes, and there is a high ratio of thorium-230, a more dangerous thorium isotope that comes from uranium ore processing…

    A fire could cause decomposing waste to release more contaminated liquid in West Lake, like it is doing in the Bridgeton Landfill. The EPA says that could move more material into the groundwater…

    A recent groundwater report from the U.S. Geological Service found radium in groundwater below the landfills at levels above federal health standards. However, the USGS said it couldn’t determine whether the radium came from the landfill radioactive waste.

    But some contend the waste is worse than the EPA believes, possibly mixed with contaminated soil from another radioactive cleanup site in the area. The EPA and Missouri Department of Natural Resources agree more study is needed.

    “The waste needs to be better characterized in the first place so we have a little better idea what we’re dealing with,” said Bob Criss, a professor of earth and planetary sciences at Washington University who follows the situation.

    After that, many want to see a full-scale risk…

  • rogerthat

    Mixed Oxide Fuel (MOX) facility would further pollute and endanger Georgia and South Carolina

    … The use of MOX fuel does not get rid of plutonium; instead it becomes part of the lethal soup of ingredients termed “high level nuclear waste.” There are no safe long-term storage for nuclear waste, only interim storage solutions for waste that will remain hazardous for thousands of years.

    “When I hear plutonium in the environment, it becomes a problem not only for the next generation – we were not even a [human] species a quarter of a million years ago – we might be a new species before this stuff completely disintegrates from the environment,” Gundersen said.

    Citizens living downstream from the site have complained for years of high levels of cancer and death in their community, which they attribute to the SRS and Plant Vogtle’s nuclear reactors across the river on the Georgia side.

    “The DOE is more interested in jobs this year and totally forgetting about the environmental costs for the next 300 or a thousand years. It’s unfair to the people of Georgia and South Carolina to make some money now and pollute the Savannah River for a thousand years,” Gundersen said.

  • rogerthat

    Pacific Coast sea bird die-off puzzles scientists
    Posted, 2015-01-03
    U~T San Diego

  • rogerthat

    … LLCs do not have to have routine meetings or keep detailed records, while corporations do, which can make accountability difficult to impossible. The fact that Entergy’s request in this matter occurred after Memorial Day and that the NRC comment period ran in the busy Thanksgiving to New Years Holiday Season, suggests that they are up to no good…

    “A particular concern regarding the use of LLCs is the situation where a parent corporation inserts several layers of LLCs between itself and the entity operating a high-risk business. Each of those intervening LLCs can act as a barrier to extending liability to the parent corporation that contains most of the assets. …

  • rogerthat

    … The US NRC wants to sneak through changes from Maximum Extended Load Line (MELLLA) to Maximum Extended Load Line Plus (MELLLA+), for the largest US reactor, Grand Gulf, and Peach Bottom.

    While they state that the changes “involve no significant hazards consideration,“:!documentDetail;D=NRC-2014-0250-0001
    other NRC documents indicate otherwise:

    “implementation of MELLLA+ could lead to operation closer to system stability boundaries” (US NRC, 2014).

    And, Grand Gulf is not only the largest single nuclear reactor in the United States, but also has a Mark III containment which is so prone to hydrogen build up that they have put a system to burn off the hydrogen, which requires a back-up energy source.

    Peach Bottom, near Baltimore, has the better known Mark 1 containment of Fukushima Daiichi infamy.

    The new NRC solution for Mark 1 containment problems is to vent unfiltered radioactive air out of the containment…

  • rogerthat

    While trying to find out if UK secret documents on the murder of anti-nuclear activist Hilda Murrell have been declassified, we found the following. Of course they haven’t bothered to digitize this but it can be ordered or seen in one, possibly two, locations in the UK:
    “Report on leak at Windscale: policy towards Sellafield; environmental pollution; report on incidence of cancer in west Cumbria; report of the Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment; part 1

    Catalogue reference: PREM 19/1741
    Date range: 28 July 1980 – 22 July 1986

    Patrick Jenkin suggests a ‘Sellafield dimension’ to Government policies where financial compensation would be given to areas near nuclear plants, such as the Workington Enterprise Zone. This is rejected by David Pascall of the Policy Unit (01/06/84).

    The Black Report published in July 1984 causes concern as it looks at leukaemia among young people in Seascale, near Sellafield (17/07/84).

    Correspondence between Thatcher and the Taoiseach, Garret Fitzgerald in March 1986 demonstrates Irish concerns over the safety of Sellafield.

    Advisor Michael Addison describes the Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment (COMARE) report as…

    • rogerthat

      having come at ‘an unfortunate time, after Chernobyl.” Open Government Licence v3.0,

      There are lengthy documents available online which may hold relevant information but have to be read through as they are typed and handwritten.

      2014 was both St. Hilda’s 1400 birthday and the 30 Year Anniversary of Hilda Murrell’s murder.

      While we have been sitting on the edges of our seats, waiting to see if Hilda Murrell documents will or will not be released, no one else seems to be.

      The UK actually released documents a day or two early, but we still don’t know if there is anything in there on Hilda Murrell.

      Absence of release is, of course, the most damning of all. [Update – They are supposedly releasing 7 files in February, whereas they were to be released 31 December.

      Are they taking those months to edit, so that they only appear to be releasing information? Strange indeed.]

      “Further to the previous answer, the five additional files relating to Hilda Murrell which will be referred to the Lord Chancellor’s Advisory Council, are as follows:
      Death of Miss Murrell – 1985
      Death of Miss Murrell – 1985-1994
      Death of Miss Murrell – 1985
      Death of Miss Murrell – 1985-1986
      Murrell Hilda – Murder Enquiry (F4 papers) – 1984-1985.
      Date and time of answer: 22 Sep 2014 at 11:30.” …

      • rogerthat © Parliamentary Copyright. Open Parliament

        [Update: “Kate Dewes said January 2, 2015 at 12:06 pm ‘Apparently the 7 files should be in the Kew National Archive library for public viewing in February.” ]

        All sorts of interesting things ARE digitized and released from this period of England’s most well-known and hated Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

        Sadly Thatcher has soiled the names of the two most important female British Saints, for her name is ironically Margaret Hilda Thatcher.

        And, it is almost certain that evil Margaret Hilda Thatcher had saintly Hilda Murrell killed. Since the current English Prime Minister – David Cameron – was reportedly close to Thatcher, we doubt the truth comes out.

        Only Russia with its huge media-propaganda budget has bothered to start delving seriously into this important archival release. They have reported something of interest, but as we wish to have nothing to do with England’s twin evil empire of Russia, we will have to report when we have time to read the originals ourselves…

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          Until recently agreed to sanctions, Australia was selling uranium to Russia, and Russia was using the uranium to build weapons to turn against Europe, Israel, and the US, and the Ukraine, etc.

  • ISeePinkClouds

    Yes. rogerthat. TY. #World Is Crazy news: "Everbody's done lost they god dam minds." Peace. Out

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