Confirmed: Tepco to drill hole in Reactor No. 2 containment vessel — Will start in January (VIDEO)

Published: December 26th, 2011 at 5:20 pm ET


TEPCO to conduct endoscopy of Fukushima reactors, NHK, Dec. 26, 2011:

Tokyo Electric Power Company says it will use an industrial endoscope to study the inside of a damaged reactor at the Fukushima Nuclear power plant. […]

The firm will start drilling a hole in the northwest wall of the containment vessel at the No. 2 reactor next month so that the high-level radiation proof endoscope can be inserted through it. […]

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Watch the video here

Published: December 26th, 2011 at 5:20 pm ET


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38 comments to Confirmed: Tepco to drill hole in Reactor No. 2 containment vessel — Will start in January (VIDEO)

  • Scathing report from Japan on Fukushima and Response

    Japanese Interim Report on Investigation into Fukushima and Response
    Japanese and English Versions, downloadable as PDF

    • Spectrometising

      Whoopie…………………Make no mistake!!!!!…Nuclear is an extinction level event. And keep your powder dry.

  • Spectrometising

    It does not know how to “clean up after itself”. Deep down, it knows it is a dirty abomination. Never be “house trained”

    Hmm….some work i have been doing.
    Do it yourself Gamma spectrometry, radiological analysis.!/photo.php?fbid=145421072234265&set=o.146649762066972&type=1&theater

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Hey Spec. Layman here. I dont understand.

      • Spectrometising

        I wrote this before not seeing you were there. It is aimed at people who have the possibility of learning to use something a little more substantial (Not sophisticated) than a Geiger counter without the cost associated. In gamma analysis, the equipment is well into tens of thousands,

        This is in the order of a reasonable Geiger counter and the software was made available for free by Australia’s Sydney University Physics Department fellow there. Anyone can do it if they have the will and someone to explain how to assemble the gear.

        BUsby Himself makes a big deal about how “sophisticated” the equipment is, and so forth.

        This shows he does not understand the basics of how it works. He is a doctor and not so much of an actual physics or electronics person/nerdy. If he knew a little more in this area, he would encourage the ease of getting to know about the equipment which is really quite straight forward. But he cannot because he specialises and so is obfuscated himself and obfuscates other in this area only.

        My 18 year old son knows it backward by now.

        The Facebook Gamma Spectacular group is teaching kids in Japan how to do it….I don’t think you need Busby telling you it is all sosophisticated. It isn’t!

        Here are what Japanese Kids are doing.

        Tokyo Kids & Radiation!/pages/Tokyo-Kids-Radiation/227762067240468

      • Spectrometising

        It is quite innocent. Busby does a lot of good in other areas, but not in helping people get a grip on detection. I can agree with his Iodine tablets and data about death rates and so on.

    • arclight arclight

      hi spec went on facebook and looked at the site! great beginnings, however i had one problem.. IE recognised a script and notified me of scripts running? is that to do with the jajanese language thing you put on.. i had to close the window and go to facebook direct to lose the script warning at the top of ie window .. ??

      cant imagine a hack, but i noticed talk of updating the site for japanese script.. seems the obvious bandidate.. while i am on it, does the software work with vista?? (best reply on the rad forum so its OT)

  • Spectrometising

    It thinks it makes energy…………………………….It ****destroys energy**** and everything else in the process!!!!

  • Spectrometising


  • someone

    Why bother – it’s in “cold shutdown”.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    It is a misuse of the term to describe a reactor after meltdown as ‘in cold shutdown’. As the fuel assembly is destroyed no shutdown is possible. Fuel is melted together and impossible to control directly. Even if pressure and temperatur­­e are unalarming momentaril­­y ‘cold shutdown’ implies complete control which is IMPOSSIBLE AFTER MELT DOWN, MELT THROUGH AND OUT.
    I know YOU know this…just saying.

    • Spectrometising

      You clearly understand a little about nuclear. I hope you get a decent detection and a few rolls of Lead from the plumber. If you have a gieger it will help yu do better detection.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    NEW TWEET: The Asia-Pacific Journal Vol 9, Issue 52 No 2, December 26, 2011. Toward a Peaceful Society Without Nuclear Energy: Understanding the Power Structures Behind the 3.11 Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

    • Spectrometising

      Whoopie no disrespect, but i look at the photo caption and you post links like this, “Toward a Peaceful Society Without Nuclear Energy: Understanding the Power Structures”.
      Doesn’t add up. Passion is fine, but could you aim the finger slightly to the left or right.

    • midwestern midwestern

      Thanks for posting this, Whoopie.
      “…In peace studies, we recognize that, in addition to the direct violence of militaries and war, there are forms of structural violence, such as poverty and hunger, discrimination, and environmental destruction that need to be confronted and eliminated. The meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, one of the worst nuclear accidents in history, must be considered a form of structural violence. Nay, nuclear power and radioactive contamination are now a form of direct violence.

      Radiation and nukes are absolutely unnecessary for humanity and we must sever our ties to them forever. The “peaceful use of the atom” is nonsense, concocted by the sullied network of profiteers with vested interest in nuclear power…”

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    If they drill a camera into the reactor wouldn’t the EMP from the radiation just shut the thing down? I hope it works because it would be good to know just what is going on in the containment. I hope they don’t drill and cause a spark in a hydrogen rich area of the plant. Knowing TEPCO anything is possible…

    • Cindy

      Yeah, isn’t that the truth !!

      What about the poor guy drilling the hole, when he breaks through , and inserts the camera , won’t he be extremely exposed to huge amounts of radiation ?

  • dosdos dosdos

    Radiation doesn’t travel up the fiber optics like visible light because of the way the lens focuses to the different frequencies.

    Yeah, inadvertently doing more harm than good is TEPCO’s specialty.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      Hello dosdos,with regard to TEPCO’s “specialty” of doing more harm than good-I’d say most of their actions in that category are undertaken with stubborn disregard for what their irresponsible,incompetence results is for the public,the animal kingdom,the agriculture & food chain their actions damage & destroy. “Inadvertently” doesn’t even fit into accurate descriptions of what they do anymore,not that they operate any differently now than they did prior to the events on,and following 3/11/11! I don’t buy that any operations alleged to be part of some planned course of action to reduce the radiation levels,stabilize Fuku NPP,or address the challenges & obstacles to acheiving anything “positive” was,or will be likely undertaken with the impact on their victims was,is,or will ever be a factor in decisions they made,or make to “try something else”! At this point I no longer believe there is a single person involved with high-level operations there who even has a soul!.much less one who gives a shit about “inadvertently” douching Tokyo or the world with the resulting releases via their “mistakes”! ~what a disgusting hellhole,and the creeps running the show…I’m going back to bed,sick & disgusted & sure that anything else making news here tonight is likely to just be more bad news anyway.Besides,something weird’s going on with my desktop PC & it’s keeping me from logging in here or on any of the other sites related to Fuku & radiation!!(?)But it works fine on ANY other subject,keywords & log-in attempts?!!A “coincidence”-perhaps……~PEACE~

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Yes, it appears TEPCO’s primary concerns are still trying to protect their “assets,” real estate, and profits. ‘All of which appear to be down the tubes. ‘The real estate in Fuku prefecture is toasted, at any rate.

  • Here is hoping they drill and insert this in the ‘right’ area. An endoscope is normally inserted in a certain body part.. Is there a team of experienced surgeons doing this that are trained in how to look for intestinal abnormalities?

    Are they going to use anaesthetic?

    Joe Reactor #2 will have to quit eating and drinking for 24 hours before this operation…

    I am curious how it is going to work. If they are pumping in high pressure water, and they put a hole in the side or top, won’t that cause a ‘leaky’ gut syndrome? If they drill in an area with air/gas only, how do they prevent hydrogen or other nasty radioactive gases from being forced out by the water pressure?

    Or is Unit 2 so leaky that there is no pressure anywhere?

    Will they have to stop pumping water while they drill and insert?

    I hope they do a reality TV show while doing this, on the actual operation.

    Is this going to be done with a robot or a human being?

    I thought all of these reactors were too radioactive to get within 100 feet of them..

    What changed?

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    Amazingly prescient song lyrics from the vinyl era:

    A YouTube version here:

    Note the final punch line of the song!

    Anyway, looks like Tepco will try peek-a-boo technology. Oh, goodie.

  • zaner8 zaner8

    This was the only cool place to hide
    the evil obelus needed to release
    the world.
    A quick incantation read from the
    industrial endoscope, presto

    Bets on how far this endoscope will be
    launched after the puncture, you go get it.
    to save time, just go up there and screw on
    this new lens…

    Tepco is going to develop a new reactor?
    aren’t they a peta-yen in debt?

  • jec jec

    Opening Reactor 2–using an industrial endoscope. Now, agree its good to know WHERE the corium is, and the situation inside the reactors. What is the plan, after the scope effort provides information on the status? Will the entry into the containment vessel cause issues? Hydrogen gases could be accumulated there–we do have video footage of an explosive event just a week or so ago at that reactor.

    Would it be better to investigate the worst reactor first..say reactor 3..which already has a good sized hole in it..? Or Reactor 4 where they have dismantled the superstructure? Or Reactor 1 with the tent and blue emissions? Or is only one reactor, R2, intact..??? By going into R2 will Japan government then know if the ground water has been affected? Determine how to enclose all four reactors, and the corium to seal off the emissions? A robust plan of action would be very welcome!

    For drilling, can robots handle the highly corrosive and radioactive environment humans have created at Fukushima? Robots are sensative to radiation, but not as much as carbon based workers. Will a space hardened vechile, like a Mars rover possibly could be used..and left to explore?

    For the effort, hope they are successful, and determine what to do next for at least one reactor. Somehow, this continual flood of radioactive materials into the environment has got to be contained. Hope is eternal.

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    The hole-drilling caper should end any remaining spin that the vessel is pressurized.

    Does “north west wall” put the operation out of range of the cameras?

  • unspokenhermit

    We hope every single fact related to this hole-drilling come into light. Nothing will put this operation behind any wall.

    I recently came across these atmpospheric simulations, produced an American independent organization, that indicate TEPCO vastly under-reported radionuclide emissions from the Fukushima Plant.

    I’ve suspected for some time that the publicly released emissions data had been manipulated – If the models are correct I suppose this re enforces my hunch. Is there anyone here that can help us explain the implications of this model?

  • First Camera Inspection Inside Reactor Containment In Two Weeks

    Dec 27th, 2011

    [Translate] TEPCO is estimating they will begin the process in about two weeks to bore a small hole and insert an endocope type camera into the containment vessel of unit 2. The work will be on the North-West side. The work would likely be done inside the reactor building ground level hallways so it would not be visible on either live cameras watching the plant. This would be the most direct route to inject the camera into the containment vessel walls. The camera is 10 meters long with an 8 millimeter device on the end. The camera was ordered from Swedish company ISEC. The attempt at unit 2 due to it being in the best condition is the test run for possible attempts to do the same at units 1 and 3. …