Officials concerned oil may be escaping from locations on sea floor away from BP’s Macondo well in Gulf — CEO pressed for answers

Published: October 16th, 2012 at 3:22 pm ET


Letter to BP’s CEO from Representatives Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and Henry A. Waxman (D-Calif.):

Press Release: Markey, Waxman Press BP on Macondo Oil Slick
Date: Oct. 16, 2012

Ask for Underwater Rover Footage of Leak, Potential Size of Residual Spill

[…] Reps. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and Henry A. Waxman (D-Calif.) wrote BP to ask them about the plan approved by the U.S. Coast Guard to inspect the well site, the wreckage of the Deepwater Horizon, and the surrounding area.

[Also] what the size of the leak could be, if it is in fact coming from the sunken drill pipe, otherwise known as the riser; and to turn over any and all documents, maps, underwater rover footage, and any other materials related to this latest incident.

“This recent report of a new oil slick from the Deepwater Horizon’s riser raises questions about BP’s efforts to stem the long-term impacts of the 2010 oil spill” […]

Watch Markey discuss the ‘BP Spillcam’ here

Published: October 16th, 2012 at 3:22 pm ET


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12 comments to Officials concerned oil may be escaping from locations on sea floor away from BP’s Macondo well in Gulf — CEO pressed for answers

  • markww markww

    There is information the internet that what we saw on tv was 10 miles away from the real leak source and had not shown the real area on the cameras. Mark

  • Cisco Cisco

    Yeah, good call…government intelligence!

    Send the fox to the chicken coop, to check on the chickens.

    WTF…Is this a great country or what!

  • Sickputer

    Yes…what a great country…if we could throw out all the nucleocrats what a fine place it would be.

    As Mark Twain used to say: "It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress."

    And "I think I can say and say with pride that we have some legislators that command higher prices than any in the world."

  • irhologram

    I don't believe "collapse" is the operative word any longer. I realize Lake Peigneur collapsed, but wasn't it due to having a vacated area beneath it? In this case, we have pressure, and as soon as the gas is evacuated, the crude pushes up from the BOTTOM of the sinkhole, and there is bubbling for miles and miles. If this is due to Macondo breaching horizontally across the Continental shelf into the Coastal aquafer (and by connecting dots, this can be conjecture), which merges with the Mississippi aquafer, the game has changed. The pressure is from UNDERNEATH and if its sealed in, IMO, it will just explode somewhere else. The only Lake Peigneur-like affect would be sucking down or shifting masses in the Gulf of Gulf of Mexico to compensate for the cavity that will develop as material finds its way into less overhead pressure in the aquafer for the undersea crude at 1000psi, when the clay/loam can only support 75psi. Add this to it. Two munitions bunkers exploded last night…READ bunkers…underground…in NW Lousinana and Huntsville Alabama. They tried to blame it on a meteor shower, which did not show up on radar, but flashes of light were seen on the ground, as well as loud booms and houses shaking nearly off foundations. Sound familiar? There was also a debree field of ash. Be sure to watch the second video of the three from a local news.

    • Anthony Anthony

      **Two munitions bunkers exploded last night…READ bunkers…underground…in NW Lousinana and Huntsville Alabama. **

      Unbelievable irhologram. I think enenews is evolving into an almost sacred source of key information otherwise missing from majority of outlets.

      These aquifer issues could put America to her knees. Appreciate your post and think you are ON IT.

      BP is absolutely silent. I knew when I first saw the oil leak on TV this was not going to turn out positive. Its sad because the area proper is one of the most beautiful and unique places in the country.

  • C101

    I most of spent that entire summer warning the ignorant mass of the gulf of Mexico sea floor oil leaks that had at the time already started in and around BP's (Queen Beatrice of the netherlands, Rothschild and associates) Macondo well.

    This Black Op environmental disaster his far from being over, you don't have to be a geologist to understand why.

  • Politicians are mere front men for the real power brokers. They steal the most fundamental things from us, clean air, clean water and clean food. We are too busy facebooking to care.

  • irhologram

    So…because of the obsolete weaponry also exploding in Russia recently, I was withholding final thoughts…after all, maybe men who like things that blow up like to blow them up…hey, saves recycling efforts. But then this:
    As you watch the video, the part where the trucker gave his eye witness account of the bunker explosion in LA…he says FIRST: THERE WAS A BRIGHT FLASH, NO SOUND. IT ATTRACTED HIS ATTENTION. THEN, THERE WAS A SECOND FLASH, ACCOMPANIED BY A LOUD BOOM. So it really would appear that the methane blew, and that explosion detonated the arsenal.

  • markww markww

    a couple moths ago a huge flash was northwest of Phoenix and they had a camera looking at traffic on TV live and a huge flash come up like a massive explosion and no one knows why.


  • irhologram

    Mark, these are transformer "fires" and have nothing to do with the discussion here, unless you are asking to introduce HAARP to this discussion, which I suggest you don't/ You have much credibility with your experience in firefighting and with NASA. We need you. May I make a suggestion? Don't use sources that aren't at least semi-mainstream, because "they" will use them against you. For example, last week, you posted something I don't feel like reopening here…that was from a source enebloggers hooted you for. But it was a credible story, and I believe true. Please just use the links within those types of stories, because in that case it was a goverment source, but the only coverage of it was, well, hoo hoo, in some people's minds. With reference to the transformer fires, that's a whole thread in itself, and not relevant to this one. Yes? Feel the love. We're in this, gotta work out way through together.