Conservative Radio Host: Fukushima could be going on for centuries — Nobody knows how deep fuel went after melting — It’s sad people not paying attention, busy watching TV and football — Interviews Arnie Gundersen (AUDIO)

Published: November 21st, 2013 at 3:13 pm ET


Big John Howell & Amy Jacobson on 560 AM WIND (Chicago), Nov. 19, 2013: It’s costly, risky and dependent on technologies that have yet to be fully developed. […] Nobody knows exactly how much fuel melted […] where exactly the fuel went — how deep and in what form it is […] Nuclear industry expert Arnie Gundersen joined John and Amy to talk about the latest stage in the cleanup at Fukushima.

Interview with Arnie Gundersen, Nov. 19, 2013 — Host Big John Howell: We’re busy watching TV and NFL is happening Arnie, so nobody’s paying attention. It’s sad, but it’s true. […] It’s going to go on for decades, if not centuries […] Now that’s a story that probably no other station, no other show, will talk about today. But it’s important, we all lose track of Fukushima, we must remember that and keep our eyes on it.

Interview with Gundersen available here

Published: November 21st, 2013 at 3:13 pm ET


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41 comments to Conservative Radio Host: Fukushima could be going on for centuries — Nobody knows how deep fuel went after melting — It’s sad people not paying attention, busy watching TV and football — Interviews Arnie Gundersen (AUDIO)

  • Dugisme Dugisme

    Shame on you for that blanket statement. I'm paying attention to far too many effed up things. This, The flesh eating bacteria in the Gulf, GMOS, Soulless people trying to get horse slaughtering for profit up and running again, the list goes on. Football is one of my few happy things. There aren't that many left.

    Seahawks fan for life. 🙂

    However much longer that is. 😐

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Dug, your current pleasures and distractions were planned a very long ago by very clever people.. 🙂

      Enjoy what you can, while you still can, since all civilizations fall and we are in the process of watching another one collapse right now.

      It's really only a matter of time now. 🙁

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        oops.. were planned a very long "time" ago

      • Dugisme Dugisme

        I was talking about this the other day with some friends of mine. Technology has greatly enhanced the speed with which a population can and will get jaded, selfish, and disinterested.

        Up to a point.

        Before i clicked back over here i was helping a friend find foods to replace the seafood her family no longer eats, thanks in part to articles gathered here that i have shared. With success. The house may be crumbling, but some of us still try to keep the kitchen clean and hospitable. Try to look out for each other, and have never drank the cool aid. We know the shape of the world. Nothing has ever really changed. The Flavium Amphitheater stands, for those who can see, the very nature of excess, and distraction. That sleight of hand is the rule of the land, and that all has been planned, is not news to us. We just do the best we can. Yet still, I say to thee, you leave my blood sport alone. 😉


        • MichaelV MichaelV

          Go Bears…

        • Bones Bones

          I love Motocross and World Superbike racing and love to ride as much as possible, but it's not my entire life. His point is not that having hobbies or distractions are bad by themselves; It's when your life revolves around say football too much and you allow it to overtake living in reality and the state of our world. There are huge problems we need to tackle and it's great to relax doing what you love or I guess watching it on TV, but don't think that is all life is especially when we live in such dire times.

          Think of it like this: It's OK to have a few drinks every now and then and in social settings, but it's not OK to get super hammered and drink alone, etc. The drink didn't change or do anything (Motocross or football.), but the amount was the problem.

          • Dugisme Dugisme

            I love to ride too. My point was that his remark came off as condescending. Or at least it sounded like it. Doesn't matter. None of us know each other, as far as i know. And inflection doesn't exactly text well. I'll just decide not to care and try not to be funny. No worries.

        • Markgm

          Dug, you wrote… "Technology has greatly enhanced the speed with which a population can and will get jaded, selfish, and disinterested. "…

          In psychology, I think that is called "projection". You are being jaded and selfish, so know what it's like.

          How much permission do we give ourselves to be depressed about these things? How much justification do we give for it? We write the rules, and then we follow them.

          Have you ever heard of the Stoics? Well, that's one thought.

          At times like this, I think both love and meditation are greater and more powerful. I think there will also be a lot of fear, and the symptoms of it, but these things are greater. I'm glad to hear you are enjoying the football.

    • Gradius

      A lot people on this planet are way too ignorant and stupid. No wonder they will NEVER pay attention, until is too late.

    • 2012 – China, Japan and Germany Generated More Electricity From Renewable Energy Sources Than From Nuclear; via @AGreenRoad

      A Bright spot in a dark sea.

  • or-well

    Celeb stuns in a little black dress!
    (Worldwide there's a nuclear mess)

    See the grimiest spots in your home!
    (There's plutonium seeking your bones)

    Man power washes – inside of his car!
    (Every nuke leak, they raise the bar)

    Guess which star is now going alone?
    (nuke-failure will drive you from home)

    and so on…

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    T H E . T R U T H

    People didn't do this. A small group of men developed nuclear. And ill-informed leaders keep it going.

    Total failure of scientists, their employers, and political leaders.

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    COULD BE going on for centuries? If a tree falls in a forest, does someone have to be there to observe its fall, or it doesn't really happen? COULD BE if we're still around to observe? 'Wish these people would get real. I guess they think someone will wave the magic wand and all the contamination and radiation from Fuku Dai will all magically go away ….

  • American Phoenix57

    New Fukushima Radiation Release Estimates Compiled

  • jump-ball jump-ball

    And little Caroline Kennedy, now age 55, gladly accepting her appointment as U.S. Ambassador to Japan, to represent American political and business interests, while ignoring and suppressing any issues regarding a FDNPP radiation calamity, to the ultimate, fatal detriment of U.S. and citizens worldwide:

    • 富岡_Blue_Heron 富岡_Blue_Heron

      Heron recommends: Give her a chance. She's an intelligent woman with a number of intelligent friends, and she may have a way with words that could work upstream as well as down. But watch her. This is the dawn of that new Pacific trade deal.

      • 富岡_Blue_Heron 富岡_Blue_Heron

        I wonder if she playd golf? I'd hate to think that if the answer is no, then it was a big factor in the selection…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Poor women, but I am sure she is aware of the radiation contamination and is willing to sacrifice herself for the cause.. 🙁

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      What cause?..more diplomacy..more ('friendly') oversee of the Japan.
      She probably has no idea of the true condition of Fukushima Npp.
      She is an innocuous plant.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Typo.."oversee" of the Japanese.
        The Japanese..along withal the other countries in the world..should know by now that ..diplomacy with the just a set up for abuse.
        This.. supposed caring,this supposed friendship..comes in all forms…including a President's little girl.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Better golfing/clubs etc. of course.. 🙂

  • pkjn

    "Chernobyl Was Transparent Compared to Fukushima": Harvey Wasserman on Ongoing Crisis
    19 November 2013 Truthout
    The information we were getting this summer included revelations that 300 tons of toxic water leaked in one week, and then in other news, the fact that 300 tons are leaking into the Pacific daily.
    Every day, and this is for two and half years now, and there is no end in sight. It could go on for 50 years. We've already detected radiation from Fukushima off of the coast of Alaska. There was a study of 15 tuna caught off the coast of California; out of the 15 tuna caught, 15 had radiation from Fukushima.
    You wouldn't want to eat this tuna. Radiation in even small doses, cesium, strontium, iodine, will bio-accumulate. If you get a relatively small dose into some seaweed, fish will come; they will eat enough seaweed that it will be significant; they will be eaten up the food chain; we're at the top of the food chain.

  • Shaker1

    It would be interesting if she divulged who was saying what. The common fisherman may see nothing in the fish, or only notice differences in numbers or the general appearing quality of the few that they catch. One thing is sure here in the Pacific NW, fishing among the population is quite a pastime if not a living. I know some who own $30000 boats to fish three or four weeks a year for salmon, and that varies year by year depending upon estimated runs. It might strike me that among the professionals, the charter people, gill-netters, and the indigenous on the Columbia, that it's not in their interest, desire, or even in some respects self-denial to speak of all that they see. And while I appreciate the discussion of inhaled contamination, I don't think that the injested contamination should be given as something minor in relation to health. The vectors for that are immense, from putting your hands to your mouth in the rain to the fish and food. Ingestion may be more insidious with individually onspecific manifestations throughout the organism and a muddled chain of causality, but the models and 'scientific' (controlled, which sometimes defies the life they're attempting to mimic) experiments have to be considered in their own light, not in the light of a kid playing in the dirt and rain or even adults handling as something as a mass of paper, licking our fingers to separate sheets, or even an open cup of coffee.

  • Shaker1

    Sorry for the typos…I think the point was made despite them.

  • Shaker1

    Oh…Somehow (probably just my confusion) my comment here should have been with the previous article about Oregon.

  • pkjn

    Japanese press baulks at push for 'fascist' secrecy laws
    The Australian November 25, 2013
    The bill – which the government insists is necessary amid worsening security threats – would allow official collusion and corruption of the kind unearthed in the Fukushima nuclear disaster to flourish.
    The withholding of radiation data after the Fukushima disaster showed the Japanese government was predisposed to hiding information from its citizens and this law would only make things worse.
    The law could be used to stymie access to facts on nuclear accidents.

  • mark_eric

    As hard as the Nuclear Mafia has promoted nuclear safety, they've never been able to remove the fear the word RADIATION inspires in people (something to do with bombs, probably).

    I'm wondering, with all of the stories recently in MSM, even if they're downplaying the reality, they keep exposing the public to that word. I wonder if we might just see a sudden, collective, "oh shit" moment inspired by the subconscious effect of this?


  • pkjn

    Radiation in American air and rain continues to rise.
    Bobby1's Blog –

    A new record of all-beta radiation was measured on Nov. 25 at Fukushima:

    The 26th, Tokyo Electric announced from observation wells located on the sea side of the 1-4 Unit Fukushima, radioactive materials that emit beta radiation, such as strontium-90 has been 910,000 becquerels detected per liter. Was taken in the 25th, I went up from 750,000 becquerels of collecting the 21st. In the well of the primary sea side, it was a record high.

    In The US, very high readings from rain were measured in Arkansas on Nov. 22. This is near the record high for this observer. This looks to be at least 18 times background. (Radiation in rain typically never exceeds 2-3 times background in high radon areas.)

  • pkjn

    Fukushima? 5 Million Seabirds Estimated to Have Died on the Beaches of Australia and New Zealand
    December 1st, 2013 The Daily Sheeple

    Reports are coming out that unusually high counts of dead seabirds are winding up on shores in Australia and New Zealand.
    Is the radiation ultimately causing the lack of baitfish?
    The Fukushima Plant still spills 400 tons of irradiated groundwater a day, every day, into the Pacific Ocean.

    The Japanese government and Tokyo Electric continue to reassure everyone that everything is under control and the irradiated water is just hanging out in the bay in front of the plant (the most absurdly unbelievable story maybe in the history of ever).

    More and more reports of radiation-tainted wildlife, contaminated foodstuffs and mass animal illnesses and die-offs surrounding Pacific coastal areas continue to be reported seemingly every other day.

  • pkjn

    What Is Happening To Alaska? Is Fukushima Responsible For The Mass Animal Deaths?
    December 10th, 2013

    Why are huge numbers of dead birds dropping dead and washing up along the coastlines of Alaska? Something is causing mass death events among various populations of fish as well. In addition, it has been reported that large numbers of polar bears, seals and walruses in Alaska are being affected by hair loss and “oozing sores”.

    Clearly something very unusual is happening, and it should not be unreasonable to ask if Fukushima is at least partially responsible for all of this. Without a doubt, the Pacific Ocean appears to be a much different place than it was before the Fukushima disaster. Radiation levels around Fukushima just continue to increase. And every single day, another 400 tons of very highly radioactive water gets released into the Pacific Ocean.

  • pkjn

    Boycott Japan Olympics 2020
    2013-12-12 Mathaba News Agency