Contamination 50 times safety limit, far higher than initial measurements — Also much higher levels of iodine than expected, indicating continued leakage

Published: May 26th, 2011 at 6:04 am ET


Marine life soaking up radiation along Fukushima coast, Greenpeace by Greg McNevin, May 26, 2011:

[… T]he situation in the ocean along the Fukushima coast is worse than we originally thought.

The new data shows that some seaweed contamination levels are not only 50 times higher than safety limits – far higher than our initial measurements showed – but also that the contamination is spreading over a wide area, and accumulating in sea life, rather than simply dispersing like the Japanese authorities originally claimed would happen.

Other samples showed lower than expected concentrations of caesium, but much higher levels of iodine than expected, which raises serious concerns that contaminated water is continually leaking from the nuclear plant.

Published: May 26th, 2011 at 6:04 am ET


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87 comments to Contamination 50 times safety limit, far higher than initial measurements — Also much higher levels of iodine than expected, indicating continued leakage

  • V

    Unrestricted Import of Japanese seafood?

    Any insight?

  • jump-ball

    Thinking of wearing a facemask during my daily 20 mile roadbike rides in CA. Wonder if the authorities whom we no longer respect will declare doing that to be illegal?

    • Novamind

      Get a NOSH-95 rated Mask, other than a gas mask, there you go, sharpie a funny face on the outside and tell everyone who asks that you have alergies, giggle as you walk away…

    • Caveat Emptor

      In the Coachella Valley (Palm Springs to Indio) the months of March – May are subject to your occasional 40mph-50mph gust desert wind-storms carrying dust all across the valley (50 miles).

      That has happened several times since 3/11/2011.

      People vacation here from around the world, out on their bikes, even with dust clearly visible against the beautiful blue skies … no mask.

      mmm good.

  • Jean Tanner

    This is very bad, indeed.
    But completely expected.
    Let’s hope Greenpeace is allowed to continue testing.

    • Novamind

      I feel that the hope of greenpeace being anything in this nuclear issue will continue to be as they have been-little to nothing.

      • Roget

        Actually, Greenpeace is doing excellent, yeoman’s work at providing some objective review and testing data for the world, so that is invaluable now!!

        • Roget

          …and they’re doing it with precious little help from Japan! Japan is always hiding the nuclear ball!…

        • mothra

          I agree. Their accredited monitoring teams have helped in another way too: It forces some level and situation disclosure.

          Independent, accredited testing is crucial.

    You guys I think something is going on… The live cam went from foggy to blank… I didn’t see everything that was going on… You can turn up the volume and hear stuff but the cam Is blank… This happened yesterday too???

  • Novamind

    In The last 34 hours Japan was host, by air currents to a large dose of a massive I-131 plume- all the way to S. Korea. This story is to be expected. This is but a small amount of what they will soon endure.

  • jed

    Is time travel possible? Is Time Linear? What is Time! One thing I do know is that this is our “TIME”

    Question 1. How did one of the most successful bands in the world “The Killers” write and release a song about the Tiger Woods saga well over a year before the story broke???

    Question 2. How did the biggest band in the world, “U2” write a song over 20 years ago about Tokyo Electric Co?
    “Earthquake 4. Nice and Slow. Useless scenes in old Tokyo. Useless scenes near Tokyo”

    After the Rain the Sun comes out!!!!

    • tony wilson

      go away!
      u2 the biggest band in the world,tepco one of the biggest electric companies in the world.
      they are both shit.
      why don’t you take u2 and the killers to japan and get bono and chums to clean up the plutonium.

    • anonymous

      The rain is radioactive… and that glow isn’t the sun rising at midnight…

    • Gerry Hiles

      Go away jed … either read Kant, or write a science fiction novel.

    • mothra

      I dunno. How did Tears for Fears know it’s a “Mad World?” How did Dylan know the “Times Are A’Changin?” How did Shakespeare’s Hamlet know?

      Upon my secure hour thy uncle stole
      With juice of cursed hebona in a vial,
      And in the porches of my ears did pour
      The leperous distilment . . .
      . . . doth posset
      And curd, like eager droppings into milk,
      the thin and wholesome blood. So did it mine.
      And a most instant tetter barked about,
      Most lazar-like, with vile and loathsome crust
      All my smooth body [Act I, Sc. v, 66 – 78]

      Poetry is subjective, symbology open to interpretation and just vague enough to be easily prescient. Now, if U2 writes a song called “Over 200 Sv per Hour Around the World,” or “TEPCo Bloody TEPCo” – then, you’re onto something.

    • psky

      Believe or not, official science keeps educating us that we live in a warped four-dimensional space-time prison devoid of energy except aimless photons. Telepathy is impossible because no information can be transmitted faster than the speed of light, which is an absolute constant according to dogma.

    • milk and cheese

      Jed. Shut up.

  • The authorities monitoring fish catch worldwide must have radioactivity in fish measured at statistically significant samplings and intervals and announce them on a public website daily. Similarly in the air and plants and soil and water bodies- large samples. See Fish Catch and radioactivity:

  • Gerry Hiles

    ‘Short lived’ radioctive iodine is only an easily-picked ‘marker’ for FAR more toxic substances being produced in any nuclear reactor.

    You can be sure that if radioactive iodine is present, then so is caesium, strontium and plutonium; because (more or less) all are the transuranic elements which decayed billions of years ago on our planet, to make life possible.

    Now, via, nuclear energy (in any form) this planet is again going to be devoid of life … and if I overstate my case, I do not care; because there can be no doubt that our species got way ahead of rational consideration about what WOULD happen without adequate controls on the development of nuclear energy, whether as a weapon of war, or for “peaceful purposes”.

    • mothra

      The radioactive iodine is a timing issue. When it appears (yes, with the host of others), we assume releases are recent and active because of it’s shorter half-life. It means emissions are not diminishing or tapering and not exclusive of all other longer term releases too. It also points to recent fissioning recriticality.

      • Judge H. O.

        It’s even worse than that. Yes, Iodine 131 is unequivocal evidence of a host of radionuclides all made concurrently in known relative ratios, just as Gerry and mothra indicated. The bugger here is that, because it is so short-lived, any amount – especially high amounts – indicate very recent nuclear fission reactions. It disturbs me greatly that this is not mentioned anywhere by anyone. There is NO other source of measurable quantities of this 8-day-half-life isotope, two MONTHS after meltdown, than recent criticalities supporting the nuclear fission reaction. There is no “opinion” in this post. This is fact.

      • Judge H. O.

        I bow in sincere respect to mothra. After reading Gerry’s post, I hit the first line of mothra’s and jumped to comment.

        Clearly, my post was redundant as (the justifiably respected) mothra covered the point in my post very well. Thanks mothra.

        • mothra

          No worries. It’s mutual :). We’re all doing our best and these are tough, hair-pulling mortality topics. It gets passionate because we care deeply. Caring doesn’t flip my offense switch. Corporate lies do.

  • Gerry Hiles

    Why do trolls (?) keep attacking tacomagroove?

    He is the most dedicated and factual person here.

    OK he is not perfect, but who is?

  • anne

    It’s part of the fiction. Present 2 different points of view. Fiction: there are more than 2 different points of view.

  • anne

    I meant to say, TRUTH: there are more then 2 different point of view. The fiction keeps you thinking that there are only 2 points of view. I thought his statements about moving all the Japanese to Detroit was more of the slave culture thinking the US is still committed to. It is the managers of auto plants that determine whether or not shoddy parts are used or not. We have plenty of auto workers here. What we don’t have is managerial insight. Business is the US is too much: how many people will be killed if we save so much money. What is the acceptable amount of people killed before we change our policies.

  • Blue

    Re-criticality? Is that not what higher levels of iodine 131 indicates?

  • Piotr from Poland

    Hi all,
    in one month time I’m supposed to travel to Japan, Ageo (260km South-West away from Fukushima) for a one week business trip. I am about to conduct a training for 3 people from the Japanese branch of my employer.

    Today, I told my manager about my serious concerns regarding the risk of contamination and that I am not willing to go there anymore… They are considering an alternative to send those 3 trainees to Poland instead. However, I wonder what I should do if they say “no, that’s too expensive, we prefer you go to Ageo”…

    The job is new and it’s great so I’d not want to loose it but the fear slowly starts to paralyze me when I think of going to Japan :-/
    I read the news here everyday and check updates from Arnie Gundersen on and more and more I am getting convinced it would not be a good idea to go there.

    Please can someone share their thoughts on the above and tell me I am not panicking. Would you go there yourself? Most of the people here in Poland are not aware of the situation in Japan ‘coz they mainly relay on mass-media news if at all so some of them look at me like I was paranoid…

    Thanks in advance for your feedback!

    • moonshellblue

      I understand your concern but a week is not long. I would just take enough bottled water for your stay and various alternative meds such as recommended by various sites which I can look up if you need the info. A good job you enjoy is hard to acquire these days and although your fear is justified I think you be okay. Having said that I would just make sure your company would supply a way for you to leave if things would suddenly become more dire. Also you could e-mail Arnie or Maggie Gundersen or post on the Physics Forum for their take on your concerns. Take good care and no worries.

      • Piotr from Poland

        thanks moonshellblue for your input! well, it would be hard to bring enough water for a week;) but i could be buying the imported one like charlie says.

        yes, that would be great if you looked up for some info on meds to take!!

        good point with having immediate escape guaranteed if things go worse.

        yes, i did emailed Arnie Gundersen few days ago but have received no response yet. i’m sure they are very busy…

        what physics forum do you mean exactly?

        best regards,

    • Lee

      Keep in mind that you can not effectively use a Geiger counter to check for low level contamination of food or water. If you can measure it that way it is really high. Normal measurements use sensitive scintillation detectors and lots of shielding. A GM detector is good for finding gross contamination. Like rain water, building materials, etc. See the videos on youtube of amateur measurements of down spouts and gardens in Japan.

      Highly radioactive sewage sludge has been processed into cement blocks by at least 2 sewage plants in Japan. I would check any new construction with a Geiger counter.

    • ConcernedMom

      Personally, if it was me, I’d find a reason not to go there.

      • Piotr from Poland

        a trip to japan sounded fantastic 6 months ago, but now this is the last place on earth i’d want to visit πŸ™

    • ocifferdave

      When you go on business trips they will always invite you to dine out for food at a resteraunt and drink at a bar. I abide by a church fasting calendar so I have a lot of experience being in those situations with business travel (Google trip to Atlanta) and not being able to eat certain foods (meat, dairy). In your case you won’t want to eat veggies, meat, dairy from Japan (it probably comes from the agricultural areas north of Tokyo?) nor drink their water, juice and milk (except the alcohol may be just fine!…live off of Whiskey). Tough one! Good luck, sir. I don’t envy your situation.

      • charlie

        don’t eat their sushi or drink their tea/soup. Have a scotch and mineral water and a steak if you must.

        • Piotr from Poland

          thanks for pointing this out, charlie. i wouldn’t have thought of that!

          • charlie

            piotr, remember that rice is mostly water, so avoid that too. Chicken should be safe enough, raised indoors and fed last year’s grai

      • Piotr from Poland

        you’re right, ocifferdave, this surely would happen – an invitation to dine out… and they might feel offended if I refused, correct?

        yes, Ageo is 80km north west away from Tokyo so most of food probably comes from the region you mentioned.

        • charlie

          you can tell them that you are feeling sick and cannot dine with them. That’s what I would do.

    • mothra

      I’d decline the training trip and provide meltdown articles published after the event was planned. If asked. I would offer a cost-effective alternative via web conferencing on Japan’s time, offer on-going in-service support and perhaps provide extra effort and time developing those presentations which is far less expensive and shows initiative anyway.

      There’s “no” and “low cost solution oriented no.”

  • hawkeye

    hello TG
    songda is going super typhoon
    tracking to japan,, about the 29 and 30, may
    very bad,,

    • moonshellblue

      I have been watching this for about a week and am hoping it will weaken but still the rainy season has begun.

  • charlie

    piotr, bring one week’s worth of your own food with you, and drink only imported mineral water from europe, and wear a mask when outside.

  • hawkeye

    models show a mid-level low will from off california coast next week 2 june
    when that low moves too the mid west time to take cover
    going to be a record year for tornado in usa

  • hawkeye

    there should be pacific highs off the cal coast
    have a feeling we have gone back too old school weather
    1950s 1960s
    trouble is to soon to tell,this coming winter is looking bad now

  • hawkeye

    to bad they didnt get ready for typhoon season in japan,aka fuku, sad

  • piotr,

    I agree with Charlie,…..IF the boss insists, I would go. But, I’d add to Charlie’s list, bentonite clay to drink 1 tsp every day I was there.

    Take care as you are! Good for you!

    • charlie

      and buy some kelp at a health food store and take it to get clean iodine in your thyroid.

      • Piotr from Poland

        i’m sorry… kelp? what’s that?

        • charlie

          kelp is a type of seaweed, a sea vegetable, called varech in French language, which contains a lot of clean iodine. If you have lots of clean iodine in your thyroid gland, it is full of clean iodine and the bad radioactive iodine from fukushima cannot enter your body (our bodies absorb iodine and put ii in our thyroid gland. This way you can avoid thyroid cancer, which was very common after Chernobyl accident.
          You can buy kelp in natural health food stores like vitamin

    • Piotr from Poland

      thanks Jil! but where to buy bentonite clay? is it allowed to be taken with your flight luggage?

      • charlie

        bentonite is a form of clay, suspended in distilled water. You can carry a bottle of it in your luggage – it looks just like muddy water. You don’t really need it for a one week trip to Japan, and you can eat it when you return to Poland if you want to .

        • Piotr from Poland

          charlie, again – thank you so much for all your immediate feedback and advices! this is highly appreciated! best wishes from Poland:)

  • Lee

    High levels of I-131 is very bad news. It has a half life of 8 days so should be very low. That includes what would be inside a cold shutdown reactor. The fresh production of I-131 indicates that fission is still happening! Some of the melted fuel rods must be still be critical. Fresh contamination is being added to the environment right now.

  • hawkeye

    this is too funny