“Countless” dead birds reported in Pacific off US coast, nothing will eat the bodies — “There are no seals present” — Expert: “The fish are not there… all of them are starving” — Animals “acting weird, sick and weak, too weak to fly, too weak to run” — Resident: We want to know if it’s from Fukushima (VIDEO)

Published: September 15th, 2015 at 12:16 am ET


KGW, Aug 25, 2015 (emphasis added): Birds dying of starvation along coast — Hundreds of birds are washing ashore either dead or dying along the Oregon and Southwest Washington Coast. The majority of them are common murres… Researchers say that the die-off started about three weeks ago… the Wildlife Center of the North Coast [says] Almost all of them are starving. “They’re totally emaciated…” said Laurel Berblinger, a volunteer at the center. According to the biologists, the fish the birds normally eat are not there… with so many dead birds along the beaches now, it’s important to keep children and dogs away… Biologists say they are bracing for a lot more of this.

KBBI, Aug 4, 2015: The Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge is receiving multiple reports indicating a significant increase in dead and dying birds found on beaches in the Homer area… [Biologist Leslie] Slater says… “What we’re seeing more precisely is that birds seem to be starving.”… These deaths don’t seem to be isolated to Homer’s beaches. There are reports of similar deaths down the Alaska Peninsula and the eastern edge of the Aleutians. Slater says it’s possible they could be related to dead whales.

NBC News, Sep 12 2015: Toxic Algae May Threaten West Coast Marine Economy for Years… the toxic bloom could last through 2016, said Raphael Kudela, a professor of ocean ecology at the University of California Santa Cruz… “that would be pretty much unprecedented to have blooms two years in a row.” The size of the bloom and the amount of time it has lasted in the ocean are already unprecedented… Scientists had previously believed that domoic acid was water soluble—meaning that it could be flushed out of the bodies of animals that ingested it, Kudela said. But researchers have since observed domoic acid building up in the tissues of fish… the toxin may be spreading to a wider array of marine life than they had previously thought was possible. “That really suggests that it is really going to work its way through the food web,” Kudela told CNBC… [Dan Ayres, a coastal shellfish lead biologist with the Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife] said that if ocean waters remain warm in future years—the effects could be severe and impact the whole ocean food web.

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium – Local Environmental Observer reports:

> Aug 2, 2015: Dead birds – Sand Point, Alaska — When going on her evening walk in the boat harbor, Tiffany Jackson noticed a dead bird floating in the water. This is just one of many dead birds spotted in the boat harbor this summer… With finding all these dead birds in the harbor, we are wondering if there is some kind of virus or sickness in these birds.

> Aug 17, 2015: Bird die-offs – Port Heiden, Alaska — [Residents] noticed that there were several dead birds washing ashore in the last month with an increase in numbers in the past weekThis year seems to be different than the past – several sea birds washing up, other animals are not eating the washed up carcasses and no seals are swimming along the shore or the mouth of the river. Community members do not know what is killing the sea birds – or why there are not seals present and are wondering why and if other communities are experiencing the same?

> Aug 17, 2015: Low seal numbers – Port Heiden, Alaska — Residents have noticed a decrease in the number of seals up and down the shoreline outside of Port Heiden. This year some residents have not seen one seal, and have noticed a large number of dead sea birds washing up along the shore.

> Aug 17, 2015: Murre deaths – Nanwalek, Alaska — A common murre or common guillemot (Uria aalge) was found on August 17, 2015 alone the shores of Nanwalek; this one was chewed on when we found it and the other murre was reported on 8/21/15… We want to be kept appraised of these impacts whether it is an algae bloom/PSP related event or potentially related to the Fukushima Power plant (earth quake) disaster?

> Aug 21, 2015: Dead sea birds – Goodnews Bay, Alaska — Resident had observed countless dead seagulls and other sea birds that were found dead. The amount she had seen was countless, she also said that some of the birds were acting weird, sick and weak, too weak to fly and too weak to run. The death of these birds could affect the other sea animals, and then there would be a huge die off of all the other sea animals.

Watch KGW’s broadcast here

Published: September 15th, 2015 at 12:16 am ET


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229 comments to “Countless” dead birds reported in Pacific off US coast, nothing will eat the bodies — “There are no seals present” — Expert: “The fish are not there… all of them are starving” — Animals “acting weird, sick and weak, too weak to fly, too weak to run” — Resident: We want to know if it’s from Fukushima (VIDEO)

  • 😐

    I have seen and read a lot of articles here about dead birds, mutated plants and the diminishing sea life.

    I know, in my gut (and through diligent research), that most of these events over the last 4 and 1/2 years are related either directly or indirectly to the accumulative MASSIVE FALLOUT from ongoing TRIPLE MELTDOWNS at Fukushima. (Made more complicated because of 30 years of Nuclear Bomb Testing.)

    *BIRD Note: The bird in my avatar used to land regularly on the lamp post next to Fukushima's Reactor 1 on an almost daily basis during June and July of 2011. I named him 'Inno', short for Innocent One. I never saw him again after August 2011.

    During the summer and fall of 2011 there were still hundreds if not thousands of birds still flying around. (As viewed via the Fukushima Webcam.) By the winter of 2014 they were almost nonexistent. To see a flyby now is very rare. To see a human on site, in a Rad Suit, is even more rare.

    The number of birds where I live in the foothills of central California have most definitely decreased. Mornings used to be filled with chips. Not any more. There IS a difference, I have no doubt.


    • chirp, chirp chirp… [now mostly silence and the wind]

      ➡ I was talking with friends the other day about the atrocity of Fukushima and Nuclear Power. One of the people sitting around got up and walked away. A year ago I remember talking with him about Nuclear and he was 'pro' at the time. Telling me Nuclear was really green and just needed to be made safer.

      Well, that person did their own research and upon talking with him again I asked why he left the conversation. He said, because he now knows what we are saying is true, but the horrific severity is difficult for his brain to comprehend and when he tries to deal with it he gets too depressed. He said he worries about his kids and their future, just like any parent from any time in history, except now it's different.

      • Now is different all right I WAS looking for a mate to have my child then Fukushima blew sky high. Every potential father and mother now has to accept the radioactive nightmare may have far more effects on their progeny than they want. Technology to stop the rad effects does not exist. Combating further events from screwing up our world even more DOES exist. Getting depressed and mute about it just helps them kill.

        • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

          quote Alan Reid : "…Technology to stop the rad effects does not exist.."

          That fact never stops to get me mad..how dared they kept pushing for more..when they never looked for tech to dissarm an eventual inevitable screwup..and they already had so many it is uncertain we can survive that short nuclear past..since they will last like forever..

          Waste building up kept "safe" in material degenerating on an ever changing Earth conditions we also wacked totally unpredictable..only thing we know is they are getting worse..

          And they STILL are pushing for more..and still not looking to fix things..

          Not only should all small offense (weedsmokers etc) prisoners be released to make place for the elite..but maybe we should those released make the new prisonguards..just a thought.. :mrgreen:

  • Politics, politics, politics…


    Is death by 'dumbness' possible?

    It seems to be in North America.

    • Jebus Jebus

      "Is death by 'dumbness' possible?"

      Why yes, not just possible, probable…

      The World Really Could Go Nuclear September 14, 2015

      Nothing but fear and capital stand in the way of a nuclear-powered future

      That's the conclusion of a new nuclear grand plan published May 13 in PLoS One. Such a switch would drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, nearly achieving much-ballyhooed global goals to combat climate change. Even swelling electricity demands, concentrated in developing nations, could be met. All that's missing is the wealth, will and wherewithal to build hundreds of fission-based reactors, largely due to concerns about safety and cost.


      lol! 😐

      Seriously Psychopathic…


      A means to an end…


      • WHy just hundreds? They used to say thousands.. Why not tens of thousands?

        Maybe even hundreds of thousands, possibly even MILLIONS of small modular nuclear reactors?

        Get one now! Fire sale! Buy two and get one for free.

        One for your neighborhood and one for the neighbors next door.


      • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

        These assinine studies seem to ignore the damage done by digging up and processing the uranium and having it eventually without a doubt having to be dealt with by humanity for an eternity!

      • 1555

        Jebus, in a quirky sadly logical way , many new nuke power plants could solve the problem of fosil fuels impacting our world. If they were to melt down, as Fuku did, none of us would be left standing, or driving for that matter. Than no more emissions from trying to heat homes,or transport people would occur. Similar to the old adage:
        "The operation was a success…but the patient died". Insanity of intellect has no boundaries, and neither seem to the cunning minds of those who profit from deadly, uncontrollable nuclear industry.

        I recall after Fukushima that Indian Point nuke plant 20 miles north of NYC had people interested in it, and how to shut it down.
        What remains forever etched in my memory is the question poised by employee union:"And what about the 500 jobs ?" …That was laid on the scales against a valid argument that over 20 million people would have to be evacuated on a road BY THE MELTING NUCLEAR power plant, if a meltdown was to happen.

  • ISeePinkClouds

    Yes. "Glacier, Alaska bay boat tour frame Obama's climate change message"

    "The roaring, high speed three-hour tour across the pristine blue waters of Resurrection Bay near the town of Seward brought the President within 50 yards of endangered Steller sea lions, whose population is only beginning to recover after decades of decline.

    A National Park Service ranger accompanying reporters on the journey said the melting glaciers, combined with other non-climate factors, have impacted the sea lions' diet.

    "All of the wildlife that depend on this ecosystem are impacted by fresh water being put back into the ocean," Ranger Colleen Kelly said.

    Along the way, there were other brief moments that showcased the state's ocean life. A porpoise and humpback whale were spotted nearby, dipping below the surface in a game of hide and seek with photographers."

    What about Fukushima meltdowns and all the dead and dying sea life as a result of the radiation streaming into the Pacific Ocean, Barry?

    "You're allowed to say 'thar she blows,'" a voice said over the boat's loud speaker."



    • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

      Call me crazy but maybe if HAARP wasn't cranking the jet stream up to Alaska to melt the polar ice cap so it is cheaper to ship between the US and China t wouldn't be melting like it is? And might California get a wee bit more rain also?

  • melting mermaid melting mermaid

    If only they understood LNT and smiled enough. Let me be clear, Fishies, your paranoia of radiation is killing you, not the actual radiation…well that's killing too, but we will not have fish muddying the issues with facts. That would just be fishy…

  • Nuclear effluent from NEW Mox nuclear reactors killing EVERYTHING around it. Nothing will grow… Arto

    What kind of reactor is the Sendai NPP?

    Oh yea, MOX PLUTONIUM..

    • hadia hadia

      @dr goodheart, oh noo, that cannot be true. lately a good friend of us died from heartattack, aged 29, living near same aerea. so sad everything now. I guess the cakes is baked and it will bring more healthy risks and attacks to anyone in europe and usa and even the globe. shame on the nuke lobby and mankind. our greediness has done it for mother earth.

    • SadieDog

      "Thus, without further decontamination efforts (i.e. digging up, bagging and removing the radioactive soil) it will take centuries for the contamination levels in Naraha roadside soil to subside to single digits (in becquerels per kilogram).

      Since children and infants are far more susceptible to radiation damage than adults, one can only be thankful that schools will not reopen for two years. The authorities should wait much longer. Perhaps a century or so. Maybe longer."

  • demise demise

    So what is the end game? If the power brokers know they are going to die soon due to their greed, then would just live it up until the end.
    If the power brokers have their head in the sand and refuse to admit they screwed up. They would just continue to live it up with no change.

    Result either way is "Live it up" for the fat cat elites and we are screwed.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Before I die I want to thank the world for the 1960's and 70s. Except for the damned wars of the empire, it was great! Well, pretty good.


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