CBS Video – Cousteau warns Californians about Fukushima plume: It could be dangerous, keeping eye on reports; I’m not touching bluefin tuna, I’m done due to pollution — Leaders “worried about radiation… personally reluctant to eat fish”; Calling for systematic tests in Pacific

Published: February 16th, 2014 at 8:27 pm ET


Georgia Straight, Feb. 15, 2014: First Nations want radiation testing of fishCaption: Reuben George is one of several First Nations leaders worried about radiation levels in salmon. […] North Shore News has reported that several First Nations leaders—including Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs president Grand Chief Stewart Phillip and Tahlton Central Council president Annita McPhee—want the federal government to conduct systematic tests of radiation levels in fish from the Pacific Ocean. Reuben George, a well-known member of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation, told the paper that he’s personally reluctant to eat fish.

CBS San Francisco, Feb. 12, 2014:

  • KPIX: Now at 6:30, the teachings from a famous ocean explorer about radiation risks […] one of the foremost experts on the world’s oceans no longer eats certain kinds of fish.
  • Jean-Michel Cousteau: We’re using the ocean as a garbage can — a universal sewer.
  • KPIX: And the ocean’s affecting us. Cousteau’s keeping an eye on reports of radiation from the Fukushima disaster reaching California shoreline, but he chooses his words carefully.
  • Cousteau: The concentration of radioactivity, it is overblown. Does that mean it’s not potentially dangerous? It is.
  • KPIX: It’s overall pollution which has him swearing off some ocean fish like bluefin tuna.
  • Cousteau: I’m not touching it anymore, I’m done.

Watch the CBS broadcast here

Published: February 16th, 2014 at 8:27 pm ET


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136 comments to CBS Video – Cousteau warns Californians about Fukushima plume: It could be dangerous, keeping eye on reports; I’m not touching bluefin tuna, I’m done due to pollution — Leaders “worried about radiation… personally reluctant to eat fish”; Calling for systematic tests in Pacific

  • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

    Cousteau speaking out that he no longer eats tuna should tell the world even though he will not say it outright, the Pacific is doomed.

    "Stay-Un-Tunaed" Kevin Blanch

    • tpak tpak

      Three years later and Cousteau FINALLY makes a comment about FUKU? Mind boggling.
      Day late and a dollar short I'm afraid….

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        tpak…I think his father would have spoken out sooner, or maybe not if he wanted to get another tv special.

      • bo bo

        This is so sad and that's the even sadder part tpak…

        Even he's doing the doublespeak: 'things are overblown… but not undangerous…'


        • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

          bo…I think I am getting numb to people refusing to say outright that we are Fuku'd. I don't think they will ever sound the alarm even as we are falling over dead.


          • bo bo

            I'm getting numb to everything NBO (-_-)

          • dosdos dosdos

            The problem is that there are so many poised to attack any word of caution, even the mildest hints, that there is a problem in the Pacific. It's hard to blame anyone who makes a living off of their reputation for not being forthright in their assertions about radiation levels. Talking straight these days is like painting a bullseye on your back.

            • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

              "It's hard to blame anyone who makes a living off of their reputation for not being forthright in their assertions about radiation levels."

              Why is it hard?
              Living off one's reputation is easy until truly called to task.
              Risk one's reputation (livelihood)? ..there will be some that are going to wish they had.

              • tpak tpak

                +1 very we'll said

              • Time Is Short Time Is Short

                It is hard. What about a guy that blows the whistle on his company, only to lose his job, his wife and kids, and end up broke, because the .gov won't pursue charges? How many people are willing to risk losing everyone they love, everything they have, their whole career, for a 'moral principle'?

                It's clear the .gov whistleblower protections are designed to protect the government/corporations and not the whistleblower – no matter how many lives might be at risk or how high the monetary amounts are.

                I know people that have been there, and it has cost them dearly – some nearly their lives. It is very easy to talk about, but the reality is very painful.

                I have the utmost respect for whistleblowers, and what they risk, and the utmost contempt for those that cover and hide their mass murder and illegality. But very seldom does the good guy win.

                And then there are those that get the 'talk' . . .

                I hope and pray no one here ever has to be put in that place where it's a choice between your morals and everything you love and cherish.

                • humptydumpty humptydumpty

                  We all make moral choices and the noble ones require sacrifice. For a man whose avowed mission is to protect life in the oceans, there can be no question of what his choice should have been and he certainly failed to fulfill that duty in this case.

                • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

                  "What about a guy that blows the whistle on his company, only to lose his job, his wife and kids, and end up broke…" Been there done that. It's quite liberating really. I am the neutron.

    • GQR2

      its gone bizarro again. The sold as environmentally conscious expert riding on his dad's coat tails says he won't touch tuna, he's done.
      No mention of other living organisms,plankton, the whales and dolphins beaching themselves. and fish at all?!
      Mr Educated Interesting Sea guy this is how they gas light the kids. shameful. ( a nice folk rock song does the trick for the adults)
      Don't they teach any science in schools anymore?
      the kids in the assembly just had to listen and NOT question.
      Maybe its good they were on their their phones the whole time,might stumble onto something useful.

      the kids will solve this ?? Even if the kids were all super elite geniuses they couldn't solve this. What a skunk ! The youth will die from this. The Nuclear garbage and the rest of it will kill everyone. It is a Pacific Genocide as Kevin Blanch passionately says.
      What a blizzard of bullshit.
      sold his dad out in a most boorish way. Shame on him. And now he is old is there another little Costeau in the wings waiting to sell out?

    • bluetick

      Dont forget Hillary signed a pact with japan to take all the fish with the higher than allowed radiation (per Japanese standards) to be imported to USA….and she wants to be president…just fyi

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    This may help us understand the Japanese way of thinking (though it does come from a financial perspective):

    From Kyle Bass, of Hayman Capital:

    "During my trip to Kyoto, I was introduced to a Japanese phrase that encapsulated the strangely fatalistic viewpoint that many local Japanese market participants have toward the twin threats of debt and deflation. This concept explains a resignation to the unfolding of events and a willingness to submit to this unfortunate reality rather than to fight a seemingly inevitable or impossible challenge.

    It seems apposite to reprint it here as we watch the beginning of this endgame in the Japanese debt markets unfold:

    “Shikata ga nai”"

    Kyle predicted the global financial collapse (one of a very small group) and has now predicted the complete collapse of Japan. He also said this:

    "There is no way out" for Japan – it's a matter of when not if. And "if there is no way out for them, there is no way out for the rest of us – unless we change the way we operate."

    The parallels of the financial crisis and the Fukushima crisis are very eerily similar. YMMV.

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
      Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
      And you, my father, there on the sad height,
      Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
      Do not go gentle into that good night.
      Rage, rage against the dying of the light. – Dylan Thomas

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      "The parallels of the financial crisis and the Fukushima crisis are very eerily similar. YMMV."

      Hello, Time.

      Well planned and meant to get even eerier. Scary too!

      The timing of the fallout and panic and crash are all calculated to the nano-second. The priority is to distract from the obvious. Look over there, not over here. See this, not that. Talk about then, not now. It is all a play towards the take down of America. They know it is vital to subjugate the nation BEFORE the nation realizes how close to death they are. March is looking like a primer, but then some say nothing will take place until after Passover in April.

      Can you imagine that in this world such possibilities are real, and there is no road to peace or salvation from what is obvious. How sad to grow up in a free country that was fought for by our grandparents in world wars and now all that is about to become wasted energy. All those who died in wars for the banksters died for nothing. Every life was wasted so America could become the very thing that so many went to war against. It was all a hoax to get to where we are today. We are at the precipice of the death of America and the take over by the communist foreign forces dressed in American uniforms. How horrible it feels to be in a radioactive nazi germany 2.0 just waiting for the mercenary foreign soldiers under UN blue to come murder us for having too much food stored, or something.



      • atomicistheword

        My friend they don't want the food. You have been fed well from Mengele 's laboratory. Frankensanto' s no worth food. Atomic in, GMO in = CANCER. Or that Canadian oil that in a previous incarnation was used to paint the bottom of battleships in ww2. Don't fancy optical vascular disease.

        It just goes to show what pressure is upon people to maintain a broken dream.

        There is a cartoon in a paper here, two stone age men, one a capitalist, one sane. The sane one states "look at this wheel, what a wonderful invention!" The capitalist replies, "There is no money in it!"

        Those with eyes see, those with ears hear. That also applies to the video topic. The ocean is the toilet of mankind.

      • Gasser Gasser

        This ole house of horrors once knew his deformed children

        This ole house of horrors once knew his radioactive wife

        This ole house of horrors was home and comfort

        As they feared reactor meltdown storms of life.

This old horror house once rang with laughter

        This horror old house heard many shouts

        Now it trembles in the darkness

        When the radioactivity floats about.


        Ain't a-gonna need this contaminated house no longer
Ain't a-gonna need this radioactive house no more

        Ain't got time to decontaminate the shingles

        Ain't got time to decontaminate the floor

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        Nor to mend melted windowpanes

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        This ole house lets in the Actinides

        On his knees he's gettin' Tritiumed

        And he feels lot's of fear an pain


        • Gasser Gasser

'Cause he see's the Devil peekin’
Through the melting windowpane's


          This ole house is afraid of meltdowns
This ole house is afraid of Corium's 

          This ole house just groans and trembles
When the night wind flings its Plutonium

          This ole house is gettin' Radoned 

          This old house is peelin' radioactive paint

          Just like him it's all polluted badly

          And he's a-gettin' ready to meet the saints


          This ole house dog lies a-diein’
He don't know I'm gonna leave

          Else he'd wake up by the fire place

          And he'd sit there and howl and grieve

          But my prepin' days are over
Ain't gonna store contaminated food no more

          Gabriel done brought in my Boron chariot
When the Corium blast blew down the door


          God ain't a-gonna need this world no longer
          God ain't a-gonna need this world no more

          Ain't got humans to be a-liven' on it
          Ain't got animals alive no more
          Ain't got politics an religions
          Nor stupidity lookin' for fame

          This nasty radioactive planet
          Ain't a-got no more name

          ~Gasser Classic~

          • atomicistheword

            Karaoke, my turn….

            TEPCO in a little toy shop Buy a bag of balloons with the money theys got Set them free at the break of dawn 'Til one by one, they were gone

            Back at base, bugs in the software Flash the message, "Nothings out there" Floating in the summer sky Ninety-nine nucliods go by….

            La, la, la, la, Laa, la Larrrr…..

            Bugger this! I'm no good at singing. 😉

          • zogerke zogerke

            gasser, classic indeed…..

      • orsobubu orsobubu

        JamesT, which communism? There were never be communist countries, in history. Usually, one confuses communism with state capitalism. Also Lenin, he never said he built the communism, but state capitalism instead. In hypothetical communism, there are no more wage work, money, capital, banks, market. In every so called communist regimes, there are and were plenty of all of these. You can see, i.e., that after every collapse of "communist" regimes, immediately appeared powerful capitalists to seizig immense national wealths. This would have been impossible in absence of well developed capitalist structures prior to the collapse of "communism". So, the reality is that "communism" is only an ideology created by the ruling, state capitalistic bourgeoisie, to maintain the power against their workers and against competing foreign capitalist/imperialist blocks. In the same way, also US is a state capitalistic country using "free market economy" as an ideology to subordinate workers inside apparent democratic structures. Free market economy died a long time ago.

        • atomicistheword

          So is the hypothesis communism and captiolism are indeed the same beast in bed together? Both promise, but do not deliver democracy to the underlings?

          I personally see America more a national socialist capitalist society controlled through a media dream promise that never can be achieved. The NWO destroyed the dream when it absorbed the "free market" via concentration. The guarantee being that if they had lawlessness in market dealing, that they would increase everybody's living standards together. They went up and the underlings went down. Then the underlings were blamed for being less productive……..

          The situation as presented in the lack of communication on the Fukushima negligence. A fatal blow to the synthetic dream and the Roman empire that never died, even to changing the name of the Christ. It is not such a new world order.

  • Ontological Ontological

    Jean-Michel Cousteau: We’re using the ocean as a garbage can — a universal sewer.

    I so fully agree!

    • ToBeExpected ToBeExpected

      Earth abuse is learned behaviour. Using the sea as a sewer and a garbage dump is learned. No one has any respect or appreciation for it, or even our fellow man, and the kids these days, that Cousteau says, will make way better decisions than us, are more interested in the latest tablet or iphone/pod or the latest sexual craze? Not one child will ever take the reins with this, as their behaviour is learned from ancestors and peers. Look after number one. No one can unlearn that kind of mindset on a global scale. Fish Pie in the sky Mr Cousteau, sorry.. .. Young adults today are as dumb as they come, and some don’t even know where different countries are. I remember seeing that on YT. So does he really think they have the solutions? Err no.

      If the earth didn’t spin at 600 miles per hour by some outside power, I would be seriously worried about its future, but the very stupid humans on it are not responsible for this remarkable feat.

      What this planet needs is a complete replacement of humans and it’s only then that we will see real change.

    • Archie

      This is nothing new. I was in the Navy back in the late 80's and when our ship was operating in international waters (50+ miles from land, I think) we tossed all garbage into the ocean twice a day, every day. This was just standard operating procedures for regular trash, now think about how countries (not just ours) get rid of toxic waste. Ever hear of the USS Calhoun County?

  • vital1 vital1

    "First Nations want radiation testing of fish"

    You need to educate your community on radioactive food contamination as well as test, because governments are using risk levels that they call safety levels, that are set way to high.

    They use this method on the uninformed public. They test, and then say it is safe to eat, when it is not!

    Here is an excellent 10 minute video on Cesium food contamination and testing, to quickly get you up to speed on the subject.

    Here is an actual example of a Government testing, and then saying it is safe to eat.

  • Homo Insapiens Homo Insapiens

    Dear people of Earth in the year 2014 anno Domini,

    We write to you from the year 7014 anno Domini of your calendar, five thousands years into your future. From our perspective, you are in the distant past, long turned to dust. You are as ancient to us as the builders of the Giza pyramids are to you. So that you may understand us, we write this letter using one of your languages, a language studied by our archaeologists.

    Our letter bears questions.

    Why? Were you not aware of the energy available from the sun, from the motion of the oceans, from the motion of the atmosphere, and from the vast reservoir of heat just below our planet's crust? Was the need for energy so overarching that all consequences were disregarded? For the unstable isotopes that you created that blanketed the planet, did you not comprehend the timescales for which they would linger? Was your brain not yet developed to allow you to envision a future and to plan for it? Had you no instinct to, at any expense, protect your own offspring?

    While we are the ones writing to you now, it is not we who first sought the answers to these questions. We have received a similar letter conveying these very questions. The letter that WE received is from writers five thousand years in our OWN future, from a people who view US as long-departed ancient dust.

    … (continued)

    • Homo Insapiens Homo Insapiens

      Why did they send the letter to us, inhabitants of the year 7014? Because they too, are simply forwarding a letter that THEY received from their future. And so on. And so on. The questions posed here have been forwarded two hundred times. Each time to a long-departed people. Each time to a recipient five thousand years into the past.

      You see, dear homo sapiens of 2014 annus Domini – the problems that YOU created have endured for a million years. You, at long last, are the final recipient of this email chain spanning one thousand millennia. This letter stops with you. And Those Who Remain are seeking answers.

      Your prompt response is appreciated.

      • bo bo

        @ homo insapiens…this is great..and so sad…
        The forwarded chain mail…. killer 🙁

        • GQR2

          well what happened is our reasonably lovely species, we're weren't all bad, was completely dominated by these social Darwinists who conflated the theory of Survival of the Fittest in the eternity of physical evolutution, into social Darwinism to justify stealing,killing,and the rest as you know by now is ancient history and we left nothing as magnificent as the pyramids when all was said and done. Though it was shiny. very very shiny. We could not stop them. When they stopped it was too late.

          the chain is unbroken. But our species is toast.

          • GQR2

            and we maimed a beautiful creation forever. An entire planet so arrogant were these people and their religion of greed. They worshiped money in the end. Literally measured a person's worth by it. It wasn't always like that but a campaign was launched to have the people forget their narratives.
            Forget what it was like to be human,creating free of algorithms.

            One of the most revolting things about the death cult that sold
            the people to death is that it was a slow process. They literally boiled the carbon based life forms like frogs. It was a grotesque process. During this time they bombarded the earth and the all the life forms with electro magnetic energy that ruined the people's abilities to think. to even want to think. So it went. It took a very long time or at least to many at the time it seemed like it did. The people had been so conditioned to expect the end, they didn't recognize it as it was occurring.

  • name999 name999

    Homo Insapiens, Why? We are all asking, Why? No sense.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Reliable monitoring could help confirm when it's time to get out of Dodge.

  • name999 name999

    TheBigPicture…Out of Dodge.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Run like hell and take nothing with you… 🙁

  • Wish I could tell you how much these cost. Just phone for a quote.

  • GQR2

    i don't even like JD but this song is like a memorial song for the creatures,the water, the precious bubbles we depend on in the plankton. Apologies if it makes anybody cry.

    • GQR2

      How so we dump so much garbage in there. On these creatures. Its murder. He told us they were in there.

      • GQR2

        Jacque told us as kids of all ages about the beauties of the Ocean on Prime Time tv. Ocean appreciation,gratitude to the sea creatures never taken seriously. The sonic booms they are doing under water. Its all such animal abuse. So sadistic. Maniacs selling it as necessary to do. Not giving any concern to serious dissent.

        Save the Whales.

        epic fail human race !

  • GQR2

    sorry i find the murder of the Pacific just about unbearable.

  • tsfw tsfw

    This comes as a surprise to me – because I thought Cousteau died 15 years ago.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Are we past the "no immediate threat" stage?

    • Yes, we are now in the "no NEW immediate threat" stage

    • atomicistheword

      You will know this with the revelation of four year old cans of salmon going for a premium on a certain site that channels money through Switzerland to avoid paying tax. Tax is for cake eating underlings, so they can bail out deadbeat vampires.

  • ExpertNuke – commenting on my blog, see his comment at the bottom. What we are dealing with.

    StockFebruary 16, 2014 at 12:25 PM
    Just as a new troll has entered ENENEWS, ExpertNuke, a troll or trolls have also attacked this site, under the pretense of presenting "facts" but simply promoting a pro nuke stance.

    I have been forced to restrict annoymous comments, if you won't stand behind your statements, you won't have a voice at MY SITE.

    ExpertNucFebruary 16, 2014 at 7:53 PM
    Whatever you say fucktard.

    • atomicistheword

      Stock… My friend.

      I have often been called a troll and I would also think many on this site would attest to the same thing. I am not a clique person, I speak my mind with conviction. Truth is my pursuit.

      People don't like the truth.

      We have left the atomic age back in the new world order days. The future is in social transparent democracy.

      Since I am new to this site, I'm not sure if the tag troll belongs to me. I would hope not. The establishment quizlings certainly address me as such. Sometimes I can only reach this site via virtual private networking. My friends love me. For them I would say, the time is at hand, seek your reward.

      • atomicistheword

        Expanding on the comment my friend stock, you are wise to restrict anonymous commenting.

        My view is everyone has something to say, thought police are the destroyers of free speech. They say you can have free speech, as long as you don't use it. Let them have their say, you have the ability to reply in truth.

        Swearing is a doddle, try having people throw bottles at you from cars shouting faggot, punching you in the face for not celebrating Xmas, thrown out of private hospital in the process of heart failure, being rejected by society, left for dead, loosing eyesight and not receiving humane help, being harassed whilst trying to get medical help. Having my every move tracked. I risk my life being on this site. Swearing is nothing. Yet I still forgive them, forgetting is much harder. Let them seek their reward, for the time is at hand. My witness is greater than lying frauds.

        Want to swap? The silence is golden.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          atomicistheword, I'm very sorry to hear you have had to endure such persecution in your life. Forgiveness is huge. So glad you understand that. We can't be really free until we learn to forgive others, yes?

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        atomicistheword, you certainly have your own unique point of view. I've been around here a long time and I've never perceived any of your comments as being troll-like, in the least.

        We need lots of different viewpoints. As long as we can be civil and agree (politely) to disagree, there's room for all here.

        When new people come here and immediately begin to attack people's positions, say they're ignoramuses, and violate admin's policy, well, that's another story ….

    • weegokiburi weegokiburi

      Im reminded of the mental health expert last week.
      Similar style of debate

    • Homo Insapiens Homo Insapiens


      Thank you for sharing.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "The concentration of radioactivity, it is overblown."

    Considering the tracking of the comtamination has only begun..this is a bold and unsubstantiated statement.

    • Daisy207

      He never once stated "these data show" (and then pass out tables of analytical data) that the "concentration of radioactivity, is overblown". THERE ARE NO DATA BECAUSE NO ONE IS TESTING. Do not consume anything that has not been tested – especially from the west coast.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Sirona Biochem Announces Collaboration with Jean-Michel Cousteau, Fabien Cousteau, and Explore Green

    "Jean-Michel Cousteau and Fabien Cousteau will become Brand Ambassadors for Sirona Biochem and Explore Green will leverage its media, scientific and commercial contacts to broadcast our partnership's alliance and goals. Sirona Biochem will contribute its cosmetic, pharmaceutical and scientific expertise and Sirona will become a primary scientific resource for the potential commercialization of new technologies discovered by the Cousteaus, Explore Green and their network."
    Jan 14 2014

    He's hardly living on his reputation alone.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    A little history …

    Suit divides seafaring family
    Nov 6 1995

    In his father's mighty wake Interview: Son of the late underwater pioneer seeks to put his own stamp on environmental causes.

    Last year..

    Feds seize Jean-Michel Cousteau's boat

    Over filming of orca attacks in 2004

    Five days ago..

    Jean-Michel Cousteau talks with students about preserving the ocean

    "The school event was sponsored by the Contra Costa Water District, Delta Diablo, Golden State Water, Republic Services and Dow Chemical."

    There I did my best to help his PR campaign.

  • WE scraped by a potential large CME that could have created a Carrington type event, and got by with a few blown transformers in Australia.

    From the Article linked below. WHAT A JOKE. We just had the most Earth direct CME in years, hit yesterday, with Tesla readings quite high. Fortunately, somehow the CME fizzled when it came to creating electric currents on earth based equipment. Believe me! That is good thing. Only a few dozen pole transformers burst into flames in Australia.

    And the bonehead scientists, feeding bullshit to the no gum shoe reporters, blame the fires on "light rain". And the reporters don't question them on this?

    We got a "by" on this one. Carrington fizzles

  • john dpugh

    Iori Mochizuki live now on youtube . Can answer questions in english .

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    The concentration is overblown? By whom? All we hear is it is diluted, and no one is testing.

    Sold out Globalist Cousteau. His father loved the ocean. I think he is just infatuated.

    • bo bo

      He just had a small crush.

    • Sickputer

      I had the same reaction to that comment by Cousteau ("concentration overblown"). And the selection of just one fish for dietary exclusion? Move along folks…he has the right to express his opinion and when the final tally is written we will see who had the best early assessment of this ecological tragedy.

    • overblew, overblown, overblowing…

      What The Fuku???

      This global catastrophe of radioactive contamination has been continuous for 3 YEARS and is NOT going to STOP in our lifetimes.

      Consider that for about 1 second and one will realize that what is OVERBLOWN is the Nuclear Industry's repetitive 'don't worry' rhetoric!

      Excellent points:

      1. "All we hear is it is diluted, and no one is testing."
      – unincredulous

      2. "We’re using the ocean as a garbage can — a universal sewer."
      – Jean-Michel Cousteau

      3. "Contaminate your bed and you will one night suffocate in your own waste…."
      – Chief Seattle Speech, Dec 1854

  • Socrates

    Jean-Michel Cousteau helps raise consciousness among children about the health of the oceans. I notice above that Heart of the Rose notes that Dow Chemical Company provided funding for some of his events. We live in a world of paradoxes and contradictions.

    I admire people who attempt to raise awareness of the problem of ocean dumping. But by telling people that it is OK to eat fish other than blue fin tuna, and that is for reasons other than radiation, and by accepting corporate funding, and by saying that fears of radiation are overblown, we are back at square one.

    If he tells children that fish should have rights, too, he trivializes the lack of effective international law to deal with damage to the commons.

    What does one say later if eating Pacific Ocean fish or kelp products turns out to be dangerous to children? We have doubts about the safety of the milk they drink.

    He might want to speak to Helen Caldicott before accepting funding from Dow and making such pronouncements about food safety and the overblown fears. In particular, he should listen to Steven Starr's video about 137Cs.

    Sea creatures have no rights and neither do human beings. In Equador, nature has standing to sue yet sensitive environments were recently opened to oil drilling. So which is it?

    Halfway measures are surely not enough. (This message is not sponsored by any corporate funding).

    • Socrates

      I should add that it is a good thing to call for systematic testing. By not being a radical, he may be doing more good than harm. But we see so many environmental organizations being co-opted by corporate funding, that it hurts the cause.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      It would appear to be just more bullshit on a stick.. 🙁

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      To me, watching "these" people is like watching the forced video taped confessions of someone captured by some foreign militants. So obvious.

    • Sickputer

      Heartbreaking news of birth defects. Just the tip of the iceberg for reported news of severe head and spine deformities in newborns.

      A small Texas county 50 miles northwest of my city has experienced dozens of the same birth defects. No reports in the mass media, just eyewitness reports from parents and health care professionals.

      Common denominator in this Texas county: decades of herbicide, pesticide, and defoliation chemicals sprayed from planes and tractor units. Residents using shallow water wells.

      • tbg

        Of course they dont even mention hanford or radiation in the article. It makes me want to send a letter to each of those moms telling them about hanford . I wouldn't of course, I think that's over the line but it boggles the mind.

        Here are all these supposed experts, backed by big labs, saying they have no idea what could cause this disease cluster, that its just a coincidence, with not even a mention of a remote possibility of radiation or radiation induced health effects. No mention of hanford's leaks and plumes, or the uncontrolled reactor fire that's still burning there. And that's why we cant trust any of these official scientists or researchers, paid liars who will trumpet whatever babbling point they are told and never look beyond the end of their own nose or paycheck.

        In my book anyone who lied to the public by commission or omission is second to go, right after the tepco board and every executive manager. We expect to be lied to by politicians, they are professional liars after all, but when the entire official medical and scientific industry don't tell the public any truth whatsoever, it is treason in my book. Many "intellectuals" in my experience are chickenshit cowards in person but put em in a firing line and I'm betting you'll find at least a little honesty before you reach the end.
        Obviously I would make a bad dictator, and I'm not advocating violence, but how else do you get back the talking stick?

    • tpak tpak

      Sickening but perhaps the coming plethora of defects will raise awareness?? Unfortunately it is too late…

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        tpak, good brain candy and he mentioned a small snip it about the negative affects of ionizing radiation, so that was good. The real problem is that this manmade ionizing radiation is now loose worldwide and will/can be found everywhere, not just inside the out of control hospitals… 🙁

  • isogoodhumans

    Lets be realistic. It isnt just tuna or Pacific Fish. Fish meal fed to animals gets into us one way or another and fish meal has also been used as a fertilizer.

    I still think personal protection with a regular cleanse is the best option.

    Europe's Most Loved radiation Cleanse

  • Nick

    We think that what we are told is usually the truth.

    The truth is, well, to be honest, you are going to have a very hard time discerning what is relevant to your own survival, let alone your DNA.

    No one on this planet is able to think much beyond, say 7 generations (140 years).


    Stardate 2154: The starship what the fuckdidwe do is patrolling this sector of the quadrant of the inhabitable regions of outer space….

    The temperature of the water planet continues to rise as the oceans decay.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    This songs for you, Mr. Cousteau.

    • bo bo

      I think calling dumb people a vegetable is rude to nature and vegetables
      Nothing in mother nature is as dumb as a dumb human

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Looking at the photo, it is hard to not imagine corporate pressure on him.

  • spaceridder spaceridder

    A lot of comments about not eating fish caught in the Pacific. How about Shell fish? It's now Dengeness Crab season along the California, Oregon Coast is it safe to eat them? No one has said a thing about The Dengeness Crab them! Anyone have any ideas in this critter? 01/20/2015