Gov’t warned of radioactive concrete problem last month, claimed it had investigated — Admits more evacuees may be living in contaminated homes

Published: January 16th, 2012 at 10:29 am ET


Title: Radioactive Concrete Is Latest Scare for Fukushima Survivors
Source: ABC News
Author: Akiko Fujita
Date: Jan 16, 2012 8:33am

[…] NHK reports government officials brushed off initial inquiries about the contaminated concrete in December, saying they had conducted thorough checks. […]

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Title: Radioactive gravel likely shipped to over 200 companies
Source: Mainichi
Date: January 16, 2012

Radioactive gravel thought responsible for high radiation readings in a new apartment complex in Nihonmatsu, Fukushima Prefecture, was likely shipped to over 200 companies, making its way into apartments, bridges, and possibly temporary homes for evacuees, according to government investigators. […]

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Published: January 16th, 2012 at 10:29 am ET


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24 comments to Gov’t warned of radioactive concrete problem last month, claimed it had investigated — Admits more evacuees may be living in contaminated homes

  • or-well

    From rice to spiders
    From beef to trees
    From fish in the oceans
    From veggies to teas
    From the air and the soil
    And the rocks beneath
    Poison for all
    Is what nukes bequeath.

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      Fucked we are
      Fucked we are
      Thank you God
      for nothing
      Fucked we are.

      • americancommntr

        If you lived in a world where God interfered in all things, making people do what they should, then you’d be complaining about that, wouldn’t you? If you and everyone else in the world had no freedom of will, you’d be calling God a dictator, wouldn’t you? God didn’t make anyone build nuclear reactors. He provided abundant cheap free energy, but greedy super rich Satan worshipping one world government control freaks have suppressed such technologies. God gave you life and freedom of will. Satan and people who deliberately or unknowingly do his bidding are who you should be thanking for nothing.

        • StillJill StillJill

          AMEN americancommntr—StPaulScout is DEAD wrong. May God forgive the slight,…the ‘wrongful accusation’,…Oh how painful they are,……since He is our Father who loves us,…and does nothing but good.

          • StPaulScout StPaulScout

            There is no such thing as god. Sorry to disapoint you. Believe in an invisible man floating above the clouds, that will make you burn in hell for an eternity just for thinking how much you would like to do the neighbors wife all you want. God is a bullshit story used to frighten small children and stupid, weak minded adults…..

      • Bobby1

        If God was a puppet master you would be right, but he would be no better than Satan then.

        The devil is the puppet master on this blighted planet.

  • I can not believe they didn’t know or just hoped they wouldn’t get caught !
    Like all else there, they are eating drinking pushing everything under their nose’s like it or not, Japanese citizens are going to live and die around all that Japan is and growing higher counts each day, ground water contamination throughout Japan will be the final straw of real reality !

  • jec jec

    Thats why the bigwigs are leaving Japan! Didnt we see a report on ENENEWS or EX-SKY about radioactive sludge fears if used for concrete mix? That was LAST SPRING/SUMMER. So believe the warning was given.just nothing done about it..normal in this Japan I guess..the “important” families with money moved out to places like Singapore, or soon to be Japanese Cities in India.and other places am sure.

    • “radioactive sludge fears if used for concrete mix” They gave the OK to use it !
      Yes, the story was here also and knowing this would comeback and bite the people in the end !
      It’s all about appearance of progress and normalcy !
      Nothing in the world is normal since 311 !
      This is the new normal,”Increasing radioactivity !”

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      Tacomagroove – Is there a sight you comment on regularily? I always liked reading your opinions. TYIA. ’71 Scout

    • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

      Good info here.. first we really hear about the rain cycle.. which has been a big worry all along, as well as an indicator…

      ..he also says.. usually when the aussy nuke plant crap escapes it is to the south.. so it is usual for Aussy nuke plant to leak crap eh?

  • arclight arclight

    Precision Cutting Helps Prevent Release of Radioactive Dust

    “As part of the remediation program, Boeing planned the demolition of a concrete building that housed a nuclear reactor used in the space program during the 1960s. The upper portion of the building would be demolished with hydraulic hammers and excavators. But at 40 feet below grade, the concrete was “activated” from close contact with the nuclear reactor. That area of concrete, which formed a protective barrier that absorbed most of the radiation, had been bombarded with radioactive particles that were still present in the concrete as low-level radiation. A more careful method would be required to cut this concrete into 20,000-pound pieces while ensuring that no radioactive dust be released into the atmosphere. The only solution for completing the demolition without the release of dust was to specify precision cutting with diamond tools.
    Acting as the general contractor on the job, Boeing was in charge of selecting a specialty contractor to perform the sawing and drilling needed to dismantle the structure’s walls and slabs. …………. . In the end, Boeing chose CSDA member Concrete Coring Company-Los Angeles (CCCLA) of California to perform the sawing and drilling on this sensitive site.

    Boeing devised a cutting sequence for removal of the building components. Sawing and drilling efforts were to begin at 38 feet below grade and extend down to the 55-foot level with the removal of a 3-1/2-foot-thick slab. The walls and slabs were heavily reinforced and their thickness ranged from 18 to 55 inches. The plan called for cutting 3,700 square feet of concrete and core drilling 120 pick holes for rigging, all to be done in eight weeks.”

    wonder what they are going to do with the contaminated buildings.. carefully does it!!

  • I am working on writing a new blog with access to all posts I’ve made; However I mainly post my updates here on the various forum outlets.

  • arclight arclight

    Process for impregnating a concrete or cement body with a polymeric material

    ” By the use of this process, substantially complete impregnation of alarge solidified mass with a monomer can be achieved in a relatively short time such as, for example, several hours. The process has the further advantage that it can be carried out without either first evacuating the solid to remove air and water orapplying pressure to move the permeating monomer into the solid. No special equipment is required to carry out the process since the monomer can permeate the solid mass merely by adding it to a top surface.

    This invention is not only useful for disposing of hazardous waste, as for example, toxic and nuclear wastes, but can be used to increase the durability of concrete which is subject to freezing and thawing conditions or corrosive environments.”

    “…In the first step of carrying out the invention, a grout is formed by mixing a cement with an aqueous component. The cement can be any cementitious material such as, for example, Portland Cement, and the aqueous component for supplying the waterof hydration may consist essentially of water or, when the process is used for disposing of hazardous wastes, may contain those waste materials. In the preferred method of carrying out this invention, the grout will contain water in amountsconventionally used in the industry to form fluid grouts for waste disposal (high water/cement ratio) and to form concrete bodies for construction (low water/cement ratio).

    The grout which is formed is mixed with a mass of solids which have the property of being substantially insoluble in water, and readily soluble in a liquid organic monomer.”



  • arclight arclight

    Mineral Concrete

    “…..Throughout the 20th century mineral concrete was used for flooring of radar stations & hospital operating rooms. Portland cement is highly electrically unstable causing isotopes to always seek electrons in neighbouring objects in order to stabilise themselves electrically. These isotopes created in the manufacture draw electrons out of anything with the opposite charge in close proximity to a concrete slab or wall, including people, animals or the cellulose in plants. This will cause fatigue and serious health problems for people who stand or work near concrete over prolonged periods of time. Mineral concrete is completely non-conductive of electricity for example, will not drain the charge from a car battery if it is left overnight with as little as 20% mineral content, unlike Portland cements that will drain batteries overnight.

    Research at Argonne National Laboratories in the USA has documented that people living in homes made with traditional cow dung and mineral oxide that were living right next to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant had less radiation sickness from the nuclear accident than any other local residents, which endured higher levels of radiation sickness and were living in modern Portland cement homes miles away from the power plant…….”

    cow dung??? never knew that!! 🙂

    • pure water

      This sounds so familiar to me! My grandmother used to put cow dung around the upper parts of the doors against evil forces. No one took it seriously, but no one opposed the caring loving old lady. I must remember all her rituals after your post! lol