Cows fed hay with radioactive cesium at 250 times legal limit — 75,000 bq/kg

Published: July 11th, 2011 at 8:17 am ET


Cesium found in hay fed to cattle, NHK, July 11, 2011:

Radioactive cesium far exceeding the legal limit has been detected in hay that was fed to cattle at a farm in Fukushima Prefecture. [..]

They say 75,000 becquerels per kilogram of cesium has been detected in the feed. This far exceeds the government’s safety limit of 300 becquerels per kilogram. […]

Published: July 11th, 2011 at 8:17 am ET


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91 comments to Cows fed hay with radioactive cesium at 250 times legal limit — 75,000 bq/kg

  • markww markww

    I guess there is no sanity in a insane country that dangers the life of everyone on the PLANET you no good leaders who all need to go to jail

  • radegan

    They will make good cheesium.

  • Steven Steven

    This is the last straw!

    …apologies, nowhere left to go but black humour.

  • gerryhiles

    Maybe off topic, though I once worked with dairy cows and have a love for them OK.

    Now I am just an old bloke, with a love for nearly everyone in inenews, as we await our fates.

    I recall a cow called Brenda.

    She was 14 years of age and you could hear her creak as she walked, so we had her “put down”.

    All the other cows in the byre lowed in distress.

    Never imagine that only humans suffer grief.

    I have lived with cattle, sheep, pigs, dogs and cats (for instance) they are the same as us in essence, but only our species has ruined this planet.

    ]Maybe the only good thing is that I can cry and say what I do in enenews, amongst others of like mind.

  • Misitu

    Thanks Gerry. My thoughts precisely.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Thanks for that story Gerry. I read your HISTORY last night on the other thread…and you have alot to add to this whole situation. So thanks for that too.

    • gerryhiles

      Hey Misitu.

      Thank you.

      I am both glad and humble in having given you words to express yourself, with my story about dairy cows.

  • gerryhiles

    PS, Hi Steven, I appreciate yout previous comments.

    • Steven Steven

      Ty. Difficult to keep track of replies here so thanks also for taking the time to follow up on it.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    No Moderation if any of you are interested. Article came out yesterday and boy were WE surprised that it came UNLOCKED 🙂

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Did you guys see this? I check his site everyday…but missed this. There’s no date on it that I see:
    Why Fukushima Can Happen Here: What the NRC and Nuclear Industry Dont Want You to Know

    • Watched it last night. I think everyone might want to watch it.

      First video you see at this link:

      • Darth

        I added the following comment on the previous thread.

        Arnie shares the NRC simulations done in 1980’s. They show that given the safety system failures at Fuku – containment would fail within 24 hours at R1,R2 & R3 – starting with a melt-down within 6 hours, then a melt-through within 12 hours. Not sure how long it would take for a melt-out through 15 feet of concrete.

        The point is that TEPCO and all the nuclear involved “insider” folks including the NRC and the Obama administration “KNEW” this. Transparency in government reaches new and disgusting levels. To add fuel to our fury they then stop all EPA testing.

        • It is not simply the radiation. The effects of ionizing radiation are exacerbated by the presence of chemical contaminants.

          We are living in a soup of chemical contaminants. Bt has been found in human embryos (from GM). Round-up is now proven to cause birth deformities in mammals. BPA and Phthalates do the same.

          Ever see Children of Men?

          I really think we will not make it past a few generations at this rate, particularly in the “indusrial” northern hemisphere…

        • Good point Darth.

          Note that Obama is a constitutional expert and must be well aware that the Preamble starts with “We the People”.

          You can fool some of the people some of the time, etc.

          This is unlike Canada’s constitution which has no such preamble and merely states something like “Ye shall be governed (whether you like it or not).” with Queenie at the top.

          In other words, the individual person is the Head of State in America whereas Queenie is Head of State here in Canada.

          Rule of Law means that the President is not above the law and cannot unilaterally position himself as hierarchically above the people.

          So, there might be some legal recourse.

          Any constitutional lawyers here?

          • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

            Poor cows! At least they do not have politicians as far as we know. Our constitution is not respected anymore by the current administration. In fact, it seems as though they have gone out of their way to trash it! Short of revolution of some kind, we have no recourse to change things.

    • Sickputer

      Whoopie…you should check the Facebook link regularly. I don’t always double post here:

      Last night:

      Will Smith​why-fukushima-can-happen-here-​what-nrc-and-nuclear-industry-​dont-want-you-know

      Looks like the longest video to date by Arnie. The transcript link doesn’t seem to be fully working yet, so off for my earbuds for my iPad. Enjoy!

      Why Fukushima Can Happen Here: What the NRC and Nuclear Industry Dont Want You to Know | Fairewinds.
      The well-known safety flaws of Mark 1 Boiling Water Reactors have gained significant attention in the wake of the four reactor accidents at Fukushima, but a more insidious danger lurks. In this video nuclear engineers Arnie Gundersen and David Lochbaum discuss how the US regulators…..

      10 hours ago · Like · · Share

  • gerryhiles

    We have quite a ‘community’ here, but how sad that we all live so far apart, e.g. myself in Australia and even hudreds of miles from Steven, who is also in Australia some place.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      I do both. These are my ONLY 2 websites I visit. (sometimes Dutchsinse) We are so very far away from each other. Thank God we got enenews to communicate with each other. 🙂

  • fuckyoushima

    nobody could have seen this coming.


  • They are only monitoring .01% of human foods, So the animals will receive less I suppose unless done by individual groups outside of gov. (posted article here last night)
    Any country receiving any foods from Japan is going to put their citizens at great health risk !

    The people in Japan should only eat imported foods or else health will suffer but they still are at such great risk from overall contaminations !

    • Controls on food products, was recognized by the authorities, are made in a random manner and no change is envisaged in this regard. Less than one per cent, from the region of Fukushima, were monitored. Which also includes the products of the sea, where it is known that a significant contamination occurred…

  • The well water at the farm reports is a big concern, has the water there also become contaminated ?
    Waiting for the water report….

  • Darth

    If they incinerate (cremate) the animals, the garbage it goes back into the atmosphere.

    This brings up an interesting situation. As someone noted in the previous thread today, 11 July 2011 – the planet is supposed to theoretically reach 7 Billion people. All are slowly absorbing these long lived Cs-137 particles and the others to be released in the coming failures. All are slowly becoming irradiated from within. Sr-90 in the bones. On and on.

    As the previous poster noted 7 Billion souls will certainly be dead withing 100 years. If all are cremated then all that still to decay ionizing radiation gets lofted back up into the atmosphere for re-ingestion and re-inhalation.

    Around and around it goes. Will anyone be alive in a few hundred years?

  • Expert: contaminated beef poses no problem

    An expert on nuclear medicine says eating meat contaminated with the radioactive substance cesium on a few occasions will not cause health problems

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      OH riiiiiiiight. They LIE!!

    • It’s one thing of evil to levy these ideas on their own people sealing the fate but to go against known science and export any of these tainted foods to other country’s will be an act of neglect abroad, and any gov. that allows for it to be imported will be an accessory to this act ! Gov. is not set up anywhere to check all foods coming to their country’s, only a small percent is checked !

    • WhatNow

      It’s ok to eat it, if you are a happy carefree person. As that other scientist pointed out radiation only kills pessimists.

  • What specifically is arriving in the air we breathe and unto U.S. soils and water supplies from radioactive Fall-Out emanating from Fukushima’s nuclear power plant meltdown?
    A: Currently right alongside the extremely low, yet biologically significant levels of radioactive Iodide-131, Cesium-137, Tellurium-132 and Xenon-133 arriving onto our shores,107, 123 is the likelihood of Barium-140, Strontium-90 and Yttrium-91/90 following closely behind. The heavier radioactive metals Americium-243/241, Plutonium-244/240/239/238 and Uranium-235/234 may be of secondary concern over the long term.(H) …

  • sorry for jumping thread but I’m concerned. Radnet is down. Last night readings in Omaha were high. Here are the data from last night and my commentary.

    RADNET Data 10:25 P.M. Pacific Time

    Des Moines IA “under review
    Mason City IA “under review”
    Kansas City KS “under review
    Wichita KS “under review”

    Omaha NE 147 Beta HIGH compared to “background”
    Lincoln NE 120 Beta HIGH compared to “background”
    Kearney NE 39 Beta

    Kearney Nebraska is due west of Omaha and Lincoln

    If this radiation was coming from Fukushima one would expect that Kearney NE would have the same general levels as Omaha and Lincoln, although the Jet Stream does have little currents that impact some areas more than others (for instance, Phoenix gets much more radiation from Fukushima than Tucson)

    The levels I reported yesterday morning from radnet were lower than the evening levels.

    I’ve noted a pattern where levels are usually lower in the morning. So, why are they so high last night in Omaha and Lincoln?

  • Are The Effects of Nuclear Radiation Worse With Fukushima Hot Particles?
    July 10, 2011 by vetilden
    This increased estimate is due to “hot particles“. These are small, highly radioactive particles, also known as “fuel fleas” in the nuclear industry, and are being found all over Japan. They are not picked up by typical radiation detectors, because they are too small and not abundant enough. But the lack of detection or abundance does not mean they not very dangerous. These radioactive particles include cesium, strontium, cobalt-60, plutonium, uranium and many others….
    These hot particles ( Particle) cannot be seen or avoided, and are in the very air you breathe. You have to breathe, and about 10 cubic meters every day. They are also on the food you eat, and you do not even know it. Continue to wash your vegetables and fruits!
    They enter your body and remain in your lungs, digestive track, muscle and bones and over…

  • Darth

    Could you all please join me and sing this together…

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Oh Good! Darth’s MIND BLOWING COMMENT APPEARED! That’s exactly what we should be thinking about. How will this NOT EFFECT US hundreds of years from now?!

  • PEACHES with sustained 2x radioactivity tested in Santa Monica.

    No peaches and cream for me…

  • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

    In reply to Darth’s comment:

    Green funerals are becoming more popular in Florida. Just wrap the body in a blanket and bury it. Neither embalming nor coffins are necessary in Florida if the body is buried within 24 hours (and probably many other states as well).

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    I wonder which of our fast food chains will start to be “helpful” partner to the Japanese and start to import beef to America, from Fukushima. We know that we are the only nation that has had an increase in imports, this last year, from Japan… and we know that we do not test anything coming from Japan… maybe it will be a grocery store, pet food company, spam maker, but, I do believe, sadly, with great certainly, this beef will come here, if it is not already… can you say Kobe beef?

  • Tuni Tuni

    Nuclear checks in Japan: Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano announced Monday a new round of safety tests for the country’s nuclear plants in the government’s latest bid to gain the public’s confidence.

    The development came less than a week after the government made a surprise announcement that it would conduct “stress tests” on all of the country’s nuclear plants.

    “In addition to the existing mechanism, we have decided to introduce a safety evaluation based on new procedures and rules,” Edano said at a news conference.

    “There are many suspicious voices over the confirmation of safety by the Nuclear and Industry Safety Agency (NISA) and it is hard to say that we have sufficient understanding by the public,” a government statement released Monday said.

    Nuclear plants that have been idled for maintenance checks since the March 11 earthquake and tsunami must first pass the stress tests in order to resume operations.

  • #Radiation in Japan: 70,800 Becquerels/kg Cesium from Burning Household Waste at Kashiwa City, Chiba
    Only yesterday (July 9), the officials of this city in Chiba, which has had consistently elevated levels of radiation since the Fukushima accident, announced they had detected radioactive cesium in the ashes after burning the household garbage at its waste processing plants. Over 8,000 becquerels/kg (threshold above which they cannot bury the ashes) but only slightly over 10,000 becquerels/kg.


    One day later on July 10, the city announced it was 70,800 becquerels/kg of radioactive cesium from the ashes.

  • “superbug” strain of gonorrhea in Japan,If things weren’t bad enough, Newest threat,
    “superbug” strain of gonorrhea that is resistant to all recommended antibiotics and say it could transform a once easily treatable infection into a global public health threat. The new strain of the sexually transmitted disease — called H041 — cannot be killed …

  • Mark

    Time to brush up on your countries food labeling laws. For instance in Canada you must read label to differentiate between Made in Canada, Grown in Canada and Produced in Canada. For example a steak might come from an Alberta cow so it would be labeled “produced in Canada” but a frozen steak TV dinner might be labeled “prepared in Canada” meaning some factory in Toronto is assembling TV dinners and the vegetables could come from California and the Beef from Japan (probably not just using an extreme example).
    As far as I know there are no restrictions on Japan food imports to Canada. Of course any restaurant you go to will buy its supplies based on cost. A Sushi chef I know laughed when I asked him about farmed salmon in Sushi restaurants. You think they will tell you it’s farmed? I love Japanese restaurants and Vancouver has some great ones, but I’ve stopped going.

    In closing I just wanted to post this link to a photo of Kate that has caused a huge uproar gaining much more media time then Fukushima. Shows you what motivates the masses. Fine. I’m going on a big shopping expedition. God Bless

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    You can lead a cow to radioactive water…but you can’t always make them drink it.

    Sound familiar? Kind of like the way the majority of americans act towards truth. It is as if truth was radioactive and they will not drink it.

    Eh…rough equation.

    This heart often asks people, what brings people together right now, instantly? Many good answers, and some get close.

    Tell them, Disaster! Use the hypothetical example of, if your neighbors house is burning down, aren’t you going to be the first one over there to help no matter how high you built up the self-created walls? And 99.9% answer Yes, they would.

    Then imagine that on a world wide scale. The Universe’s plans are always different than man’s.

    Another good place to check in on for info like this:

    Situation Update No. 141
    On 11.07.2011 at 06:18 GMT+2

    “Radioactive cesium beyond the legal limit has been detected in the meat of 11 cows shipped to a meatpacking plant in Tokyo from a farm in Minami-Soma, Fukushima Prefecture, the Tokyo metropolitan government said Saturday.”…cont.

    “A ministry official downplayed the danger of the beef, saying, “Even if people eat the meat with an excessive level [of radioactive cesium], the radiation dose is very small and won’t affect human health.”…cont.

    Since the truth is they are consuming the grasses that are KNOWN to have radiation, and since they are drinking the waters that are KNOWN to also contain radiation, and since we all know that the same is true in north america, what is now becoming a concern for ANYONE that eats red meat WORLD-WIDE is, what’s in your beef?

  • SteveMT

    #Radioactive Beef from Fukushima Update: Already Been Sold in At Least 9 (not 5) Prefectures
    Monday, July 11, 2011

    Beef from 6 cows from the same cattle farmer in Minami Soma City in Fukushima Prefecture have already been sold at least in 9 (not 5) prefectures, according to Mainichi Shinbun Japanese latest update (1:28AM, 7/12/2011).

    Unlike the 11 cows whose meat all tested cesium exceeding the provisional limit of 500 becquerels/kg, the meat from these 6 cows had never been tested and allowed to circulate in the market.

    The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is in charge of testing live cattle, and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare is in charge of testing meat. They do not talk with each other.

  • Fukushima Prefecture to inspect all cattle farms
    Fukushima Prefecture has decided to inspect all its cattle farms for radioactivity, after radioactive cesium exceeding the government standard was…

  • Fish market reopens in northeastern Japan
    A fish market has reopened in a huge tent at one of Japan’s busiest fishing ports, 4 months after the March 11th earthquake and tsunami struck the northeast.
    Ishinomaki, which had the nation’s 3rd largest haul of fish in …

  • Jon_NY Jon_NY

    Cesium found in hay at another farm in Fukushima

    The latest checks uncovered radioactive cesium measured up to 97,000 becquerels per kilogram — some 73 times the government-set safety limit.