Crackdown: Japanese professor’s arrest “extremely unjust” — Publicly opposed burning of radioactive debris

Published: December 14th, 2012 at 2:23 pm ET


Title: Unjust Arrest of a Professor Opposing Debris Incineration in Osaka
Source: Civic Activity (Organization supporting citizens opposing spread of radiation)
Translation: Fukushima Voice
Date: December 14, 2012

[…] On December 9, 2012, Masaki Shimoji, an associate professor of economics at Hannan University was arrested by the Osaka Prefectural Police. This arrest is extremely unjust in form and content. It is clearly a crackdown on citizens’ movement.

Professor Shimoji and others are opposing the “areawide management of the disaster debris” measure, which intended to spread, incinerate and bury harmful substances in the disaster debris all over Japan that should not be incinerated, such as radioactive material and asbestos. Osaka-city is trying to begin regular incineration and burial beginning in February 2013.

The following is the timeline for the arrest:

At 3 pm on October 17, 2012, voluntary citizens opposing to test incineration of disaster debris in Osaka-city, including associate professor Shimoji, gathered on the sidewalk outside the northeast corner of Osaka station. They began to walk towards Osaka city hall, walking through the east concourse inside Osaka station from north to south. This act was considered a “violation of Railway Operation Act,” “forcible obstruction of business, “ and ”non-withdrawal,” and used as charges for the arrest.

However, this act of “walking through the station” was conducted nearly two months ago, and it is extremely unnatural for them to arrest him for it now. We can’t help but consider it as an intentional crackdown on citizens’ movement. […]

Dec. 12, 2012 letter from Professor Shimoji here

Published: December 14th, 2012 at 2:23 pm ET


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24 comments to Crackdown: Japanese professor’s arrest “extremely unjust” — Publicly opposed burning of radioactive debris

  • Now imagine if all radionuclide emissions had colors that you could see with the naked eye. I think people would then hail him as a hero, not a troublemaker:

    Groups Want Dye Markers In Nuclear Plant Emissions
    Wednesday, December 12, 2012

    The nuclear industry relies on citizen naivete, obfuscation, disinformation, outright lying and the slow manifestation of medical symptoms to pedal their wares.

    If we colored all those isotopes, people would see that we're walking around in a kaleidoscope of death every day simply because we want to worship at the alter of Stupid and Greedy and pad our own pockets at the expense of others.

    We all live here, not just the nuclear industry.

    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      Its a War between the profit/super-wellbeing of the elite and the bare existing/surviving of everything else that can be killed by poison , polluted or radiated and the elite and their with taxmoney paid "army of officials" are all WAR-CRIMINALS and fraudsters of democratic power !

      Hi Pu239 , Dye Markers sound like a great if not excellent idea , i'm curious what reason the fish-heads will invent to deny it to us with a straight face .

    • Dogleg Dogleg

      Is it possible to dye radiation?

      • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

        To dye radiation?

        Or to die FROM radiation?

        What is the question?

      • SnorkY2K

        You can dye some of the materials. However, the daughter products can often change phase from solid to liquid to gas and back or may be at temperatures above the daughter products vapor point. For instance in vitrification the radioactive waste is powdered and melted into glass. The glass could be colored but decay products, such as gaseous iodine or vaporized cesium if the temperature was high, would not be dyed. Once the daughter products change phase, it will be difficult to even maintain containment let alone dye them.

        Phosphers added to radioactive materials may glow too bright to tell where the radiation is or the phosphers may emit light at a still invisible range. Adding phosphers to a doped semiconductor can shift the visible range enabling you to see when radioactive materials are near them.

        europium doped quartz emits a beautiful blue light when exposed to radiation but if it is embedded in another material, you will not see much alpha activating the phospers.

    • Au Au

      PU239- that is what I kept saying to my spouse through the Chernobyl fallout while living in Germany when it happened and for a decade after that. We made drastic dietary changes based on the data from Strahlentelex's food measurements. I said, "If radiation was neon green people would not be buying any of it."

    • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

      Simple community VOLUNTEER controlled and visible ONLINE 24 hours a day Geiger Counters on all 'vent' stacks at nuclear facilities, and INside all sewer pipes at same facilities, and all around each nuclear plant 1/4 mile away, ALL POWERED BY BATTERIES AND SOLAR POWER would also do it.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Arrested for speaking out, oh boy we would all be in trouble.

    Do they think they are fooling people in believing that burning this crap they aren't going to be inhaling this?

    Don't breath in.

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    "it is extremely unnatural for them to arrest him for it now". Indeed, and they have an election in a couple of days. Someone is playing politics, I would guess, but who and to what end?

  • Fukslow


  • weeman

    Oppression of the people's will by the higher powers is a recipe for civil war, read your history, this is a life or death situation and will effect the quality of life we have become accustomed to.

    On another note I was studying the pictures released by tepco on exskf on outside of torus room especially the sand cushion line picture in which they state no problems detected. That pipe leads to outside of the PVC which is surrounded by sand, between stainless steel vessel and concrete, as in Chernobyl, last line of defense, sand melts and mixes with molten core to form molten radioactive glass, the elephants foot.
    On closer inspection the interior of pipe has a white residue on inside of pipe and the floor directly beneath pipe is color white, similar to calcium deposit, that pipe should look new that is the reason for that pipe, if there was a leak of radioactive water from vessel that is we're you would detect is it not, please clarify.
    The wall shows seven band of water level in past I am going to say they pumped that water out if it followed the core there would be no bands as it would have drained fast. Just a theory.
    Please feel free to shot me down, no malice will be taken.

  • lam335 lam335

    "… Osaka-city is trying to begin regular incineration and burial beginning in February 2013."

    One can speculate about the national government's motive for coming up with this incredibly shortsighted and nationally self-destructive plan to incinerate "hot" debris all across the country.

    But what motivation could LOCAL city officials possibly have for wanting to comply with it? (or what kind of pressure from the national government could be so great that they would insist on doing so despite citizen protests to the contrary?)

  • markww markww

    I am Publicly opposed burning of radioactive debris it will pollute the planet again, and when no one can grow foods and or live cause of burning radiation and not filtering it and cleaning it up we all will be breathing death.


  • homeenergyexpert homeenergyexpert

    Japan is oppressing far worse than ever in China, or Stalinist Russia. Watch China's dissident Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry (2011) rent it, and do your own comparison of China & Japan. They have already arrested many to stifle news of this genocide by lethal radiation. If you go by USSR Chernobyl evacuation standards, the whole bloody country is deadly polluted, and they know it! So does Obama, and his refusal to evacuate 50,000 troops is worse. Murder by lethal fallout! A crime against humanity! Where is the Hague Court when you need it?

  • or-well

    Don't walk in protest –
    you'll get Police handling,
    while official Japan
    is one bigtime crime family.
    Organised crime
    has it's own fanzines,
    staffs nuclear plants,
    enjoys corporate schemes,
    but object to insanity?
    Social calamity!
    While some do as they please
    Japan's on it's knees,
    awaiting the stroke
    that cuts its' head free.

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    If they arrested this man for the peaceful act of handing out a few flyers,then YOU KNOW what's in store for any or all of us when TPTB decide you've "crossed the line"(!)

  • RJ RJ

    The "Boy Wonder (as EXSKF likes to call him)"…LOL… in action. Now imagine this nation wide. Lori's right when he says it's going facist. It seems to be happining in almost all of the large oil based economies. Where are the Charlie Chaplins of the world?

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Global Corporations And The 1%; Art And Science Of Deception

    The Psychopathy Of Corporations; "I Am Fishhead"; via A Green Road

    The 1% will always try to strangle the 99%, it is in their nature.

  • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

    Hi AGreenRoad
    quote " The 1% will always try to strangle the 99%, it is in their nature."

    100% Agreed !

    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      I would even like to add , its in the nature of the DISCREPANCE , so much tension can only be kept and maintained by oppression on form or another.

      op·pres·sion (-prshn)
      a. The act of oppressing; arbitrary and cruel exercise of power: "There can be no really pervasive system of oppression . . . without the consent of the oppressed" (Florynce R. Kennedy).
      b. The state of being oppressed.
      2. Something that oppresses.
      3. A feeling of being heavily weighed down in mind or body.