NYTimes: Crisis underway at Fukushima plant, worker shortage — “Alcoholism is rampant” — Tepco base is selling the whiskey — Help wanted ad seeks employees “able to carry out a conversation” — Workers spray hose full of radioactive waste on themselves and others (VIDEO)

Published: March 18th, 2014 at 5:11 am ET


New York Times, Hiroko Tabuchi, Mar. 16, 2014:

October 2013 incident at Fukushima Daiichi

  • “There is a crisis of manpower at the plant,” said Yukiteru Naka, founder of Tohoku Enterprise, a contractor and former plant engineer for General Electric. That crisis was especially evident one dark morning last October, when a crew of contract workers was sent to remove hoses and valves as part of a long-overdue upgrade to the plant’s water purification system. […] the team received only a 20-minute briefing from their supervisor and were given no diagrams of the system they were to fix […] the laborers were not warned that a hose near the one they would be removing was filled with water laced with radioactive cesium. […] [While removing] protective gear […] They chose the wrong hose, and a torrent of radioactive water began spilling out. Panicked, the workers thrust their gloved hands into the water to try to stop the leak, spraying themselves and two other workers who raced over to help.

Living Conditions at Plant

  • [Workers] washed down a simple meal of chicken, eggplant and rice with beer and whiskey […] were housed in tiny rooms [….] little to do at night other than watch TV, play roulette at a tiny game center, and drink. A store [at] Tepco’s base outside the plant — sells beer, whiskey and sake. According to several accounts, alcoholism is rampant, and one worker said he and his colleagues sometimes showed up for work hung over.

Life Circumstances

  • Struggling to maintain 3,000 workers at the plant […] labor brokers are getting desperate. [and] have increasingly taken their pleas online and made clear their standards are low. One ad, for work involving radiation monitoring, said, “You must have common sense, and be able to carry out a conversation.” […] “We’re talking people who are basically living hand-to-mouth.” said Hiroyuki Watanabe, a City Council member in nearby Iwaki.

See IAEA official confronted about this issue by Reuters journalist Mari Saito (at 55:40 in)

Published: March 18th, 2014 at 5:11 am ET


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149 comments to NYTimes: Crisis underway at Fukushima plant, worker shortage — “Alcoholism is rampant” — Tepco base is selling the whiskey — Help wanted ad seeks employees “able to carry out a conversation” — Workers spray hose full of radioactive waste on themselves and others (VIDEO)

  • Ontological Ontological

    Well now it's just a regular hootenanny at the Fuku brew still. Party on. Radiation dementia will be a big problem soon.

    • 4Warnd 4Warnd

      pardon me, while i grieve, again.


      more than aftereffects are at issue here, Ontological. Sadly enough, they've run out of mentally competent workers and are now scouring back alleys for what some deem "society's rejects". Many are long term drug and alcohol abusers, and likely suffer a range of neurological impairments. (Drug/alcohol abuse and mental illness feed off the one another, until there's no way to determine what's the greater influence in the addict's deterioration.)

      For those who don't care if "druggies" and "boozers" are disposed of in such callous fashion, keep in mind, these are the same individuals who are expected to perform a host of on site repairs and remediation at Fukushima. Having the ability to maintain focus is critical to the successful conclusion of any task; including the simplest. This is terrifying on so many levels.

      This having to resort to the 'dregs', reveals that TEPCO and the Japanese government (which obviously includes Yakuza) have run out of options. If they haven't started doing so already, they'll likely move on to prison labor or low-skilled workers from other regions of the world. Either way, TEPgov can now add human rights violation to their list of crimes…

      • Ontological Ontological

        Aftershock, yep that is what I meant by the radiation dementia problem soon comment. They will quickly have a hard time finding competence/endurance in any level of workers, as the radiation will be too strong to get near. Irony of incompetents looking for competence. Thousands in Japan are trapped knowing the reality of the death, and they want to die so they lie about their exposure times. This is certainly not the future they showed us in Future Land @ Disneyworld.


          goo' day, Ontological. I really liked that "…incompetents looking for competence" thing! I'm not sure I'd go along with the thinking, that the people of Japan are for all intents and purpose, on suicide watch. I think, they're as much at the mercy of these empowered incompetents, as the rest of us. I can also recall the massive anti-nuke marches that so many Japanese participated in, throughout 2011 and 2012. With Abe's police state / media crackdown, we're not hearing the true consensus of the people of Japan. While I'd have to put the wartime atrocities of the Shinto/Abe crowd aside, the people of Japan are – in my view – a noble people. If we could only put the imperialist influences aside that have corrupted most every nation and society on this planet, I'd have a hard time condemning any one of them for where they now find themselves. And you are correct. This is not the future we grew-up to expect. Guess we'll have to put aside our childish dreams and move towards that which is expected of adults…

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Yes, "the people of Japan are – in my view – a noble people" and they need to remove their current government and replace it. 🙂

            That would be the "noble thing" to do. 🙂

            Lock up/place in jail. Abe, and his entire existing government! 🙁

    • Documentary Movie; "Nuclear Ginza" – Japanese Nuclear Industry Horrors; via @AGreenRoad

    • OldFool

      Speaking of skilled worker shortages – it has been admitted even by UC Berkeley that in 2012 the earth barely avoided (by 9 days) getting a direct hit by a massive solar flare that would have equaled the record-breaking solar flare of 1859 – the one that wiped out the world's electrical lines. Imagine a direct hit with a massive solar flare that wipes out all the electrical grids needed for running the cooling systems for all the world's 100's of nuclear reactors. 100's of simultaneous meltdowns and melt-outs. You should read this – it will amaze you to see how narrow the solar flare escape really was in 2012.

  • Alcoholism… just another "hidden crisis at Fukushima", I guess…

  • We Not They Finally

    It's just a death camp. Pay the Yakuza to provide labor, which they then take back with the other hand for "room and board." Send them in to perform I guess whatever tasks are not so highly radioactive that they won't be outright instantly killed on the job, then send them away with no medical follow-up.

    Japan has become a killing machine. And I guess that the rest of the world will keep putting up with it? Not even words of official warning?

    Even our darkest dreams of what the world might come to, never looked like this. How we worried during The Cold War that someone might "push a button." Now buttons seem to be pushed here, there, everywhere. God help us all.

    • nedlifromvermont

      Consider what you say, WNTF, "Japan has become a killing machine"… and now connect that to the nuclear power business (American Invention) and the reason for the business (Hitler's killing machines) and then tell me if you do see the irony, here …

      Nuclear power is as fascist as the Ur-fascists, the Nazis… and just as dangerous, and just as diabolical …

      peace to you and good luck moving out of Albeq. I know someone with some room in Santa Fe … but that may be too close … We are all compromised … Here's hoping to you both!!!

  • bf9 bf9

    Read between the lines…they're out of workers. That's why it's high time for an international effort to get this thing "under control" now. If you admit the severity you'll find the necessary workforce. Humanity can come together to do incredible things. If this is not considered all is lost.

    I'd go. Just to give an example. Time to get serious or we're done.

    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

      Having had more than one high tech boss who was born and raised in Japan (my first Japanese boss was a WWII kamikaze pilot, but that is another story) I can assure you that your take on the situation at Fuku indicates you do not have a very clear understanding of Japanese culture and psychology.

      Based on my experience, here is my take on it.

      The whole idea of allowing any non-Japanese entity come into "help" is simply out of the question.
      No different of a mind set than devout Christians wife swapping or Muslims raising their children as secular Atheists or gamblers shutting down Vegas.

      They have a word for the rest of us…gaijin or gaikoku
      They are pejorative terms.

      Given the choice between outside help or nearly everyone on Honshu dies and spew fallout around the entire planet, there will be no pondering, no time to think about it, no contemplation.

      For them, there is only one choice….No outside help. Period.

      The inflated sense of pride and the ingrained cultural concept of "saving face" will cloud any judgment call with respect to outside help.

      On another point, the time to go in and sacrifice many tens of thousands of lives to address the Fuku mess has long since passed.

      The nature of "out of control" at Fuku is way beyond any hope of trying to contain the mess in some sort of way.

      The nuclear genie has no conscience and is clearly out of the bottle.


        points well taken, fireguyjeff. But, what I think bf9 is suggesting is that their right (the Japanese) to decide how Fukushima's to be addressed is null-and-void and must be placed in the hands of the international community. There are mechanisms (financial being foremost) that can be used as leverage against those who'd resist outside intervention. I with bf9 on this one. Of course, I'd have to include provisos; such as accountability and progress reports. One way or another, we're all going to have to pay for this mess. Doing so in a manner which reassures all parties that progress is actually being made, is key to everyone's cooperation…

        • Shaker1

          Agreed, aftershock, wholeheartedly. There are times, to attain a goal, the cost just has to be faced head-on. It's also been my experience that often there are forces within a management system (Aren't social systems management systems?) or cultural factors fireguyjeff mentions that speak of having the same goals, yet in realistic analysis, they do not. I don't think the extraordinary so much requires the extraordinary, but it does require setting aside and managing much of the extraneous. (I commented once about the old Roman Republic's mechanism for such, though the disadvantages of such need to be intensely constrained.) Any management system that is discriminatory for financial or cultural reasons, especially in light of an event such as this, may be deficient to their detriment. It's unintelligent to deny solutions over such. I still hold hope for international effort and that the situation will be remain somewhat tractable while that occurs.

          And, bf9, being an older guy, I'd go, too. At my age (not that old, really) it pains me to think that any ability is wasted in what's left of my physically productive life. It just makes sense to me, and, please, don't anyone think I'm suicidal or have some heroic pretensions. And above it all, I try to love even those who may appear to deny such motivation may be necessary or wanted. Personally, I think that love is essentially necessary. I might think that anyone who believes differently may be managerially deficient.


            it's likely, Shaker1, the international community will soon get around to taking over the remediation efforts at Fukushima. Doubtless, behind-the-scenes politics has tied the hands of those who understand the seriousness of this nightmare. Probably a whole lotta backroom yelling going on, that we will never hear or know much of.

            I suspect, with all the growing media attention (yes…it's definitely on the upswing), they'll be announcements very soon that they're taking over Fukushima. Now, don't hold me to this prediction, but there's no way that so many competing interests could simply standby and allow this to continue much longer…

      • 4Warnd 4Warnd

        this is quite delicious, tusen tak! (Norge: thousand thanks!) deliciously good!

      • We Not They Finally

        fireguyjeff, I've always believed in respecting other cultures. But I believe in no one having the right to kill off others way more profoundly! So the Japanese can take "gaijin" and stick it! Whatever they thought Japan ever stood for, their leaders are drowning in DIS-honor, and they have turned Japanese ideals into the anathema of the world, now and until the end of time.

        Not that I think that America is quite "still America," either. And Germany sure fell off the balance beam in WWII, though modern-day Germany looks progressive compare to most other nations now.

        The point is, at the moment I don't give a flying crap about the Japanese culture. I care about their having the decency to not inflict this travesty, permanently and irrevocably, on the rest of the world. Japanese phony apology not accepted.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Who in their right mind would want too or volunteer to work at Fukushima? 🙁

      Best solution for the world at large is to simply shut all this Nuclear Crap down and then this entire Nuclear Industry down worldwide while we still can. 🙂

      We are running out of people named Bobby…

      • Shaker1

        "Who in their right mind would want too or volunteer to work at Fukushima?"

        While I can understand the sentiment, I think we've seen quite enough of those who haven't the heart and what has been construed in current practice as a 'right mind' to work there, haven't we?

        Just for the sake of discussion (or not, as it become OT), what if one is given the alternative by default or choice of some incompetent who for some factor is forced to do it, and the reality may be that you and yours, because of the selection's incompetence and/or incompetent indignance, suffer anyway? (Which may be what is happening at least in that area of Japan anyway and, depending upon which model one accepts, an ocean and somewhat another continent?) Maybe there may have not been enough willingly competent 'Bobbies' in the first place? My daughter, at the current top life expectancies (along with currently expected cancer episodes and currently painful 'cures') will live through at best two half-lives of C-137. Allowed to continue at current rates of expression, what does Fukushima hold for her, and her children…Protecting oneself and loved ones is a good strategy but one has to ask if that can be supported at current (and increasing) expression to the air, the water, the food-chain.

        Yes. Shut them all down. And while we're at it, face what seems to be nothing but half-assed solutions for the waste that's already been generated.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Certainly they must all be shut down worldwide first, before any mediation/remedy by any competent people takes place, otherwise we are simply dealing with insanity.

          Chernobyl used the military whom had very little choice in the matters at hand.

          Billions will die horrible cancer deaths from such folly and for what reason taxable energy reserves to create more taxable products. Humans are all fools. The raping has started.

          It is your educated that are now screwing the entire world and it's population, not to mention the other biological life negatively affected.. 🙁

          Weep for the planets future.. since CA was very hot and loaded with radiation contamination which may or may not be a coincidence.

          Energy/decaying is heat in all forms..

          • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

            Obe, I always respect your comments, thank you.

            Yes, all NPPs must be shut down, worldwide, immediately…before any mitigation work. To do otherwise is to sacrifice lives for nothing.

            I don't think CA was a coincidence. Looks too much like the ol' switcheroo to me…

            Keep it up. You're awesome. You've done so much here.

  • wc

    To "bo"
    Japan today comment published:

    It's not an x-ray or a banana when its lodged in the tissues of your lungs and the radiation levels of plutonium and other transuranics out distance those of potassium 40 by many millions and billions times over.

    WWII counts its dead in the tens of millions.

    Clean, too cheap to meter, carbon free nuclear does too.

    Add to this it is actually so expensive that many plants are right now being shuttered in the U.S due to being uneconomical despite being indemnified against costs of accident or disposal.

    Nuclear, if you're in the club it's profitable however all are at risk. It's just like the lottery.

    • orsobubu orsobubu

      >actually so expensive that many plants are right now being shuttered in the U.S due to being uneconomical despite being indemnified against costs of accident or disposal

      interesting, wc, can you or someone else elaborate more on this topic?

      • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

        The resistance from PGE to shut down their Trojan NPP near Portland was incredibly intense and devious back in the early 90s.

        They desperately wanted a 4 year operating license extension.

        What was in their way was the fact that it was discovered that they never acknowledged that they had already used up ALL of the backup cooling system plumbing many years before it had been estimated to last due to corrosion happening much faster than the designers had estimated.

        That motivation ended VERY abruptly when the accountants figured out that it would cost more to fix it than the profit they would make during the requested license extension time frame.

        They had that thing shut down in a matter of months.

        Then it was no longer their high tech dirty diaper and they walked
        off in the the sunset.

        Only to be bought out by Enron years later.

        Karma is a bitch.

      • mairs mairs

        San Onofre in Southern California is being closed because it's too expensive to fix.

    • bo bo

      Thanks you wc!!!!! I see it!!

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      I believe I have recently seen these white spots on the back of some Californian cattle..shush. 🙁

      • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire


        I've seen at least one person in New Jersey who has white spots resembling those on the cows.

        Interesting how it came about…being a white male, he didn't know it was there until he had a substantial tan…

        On cows or people, it could be a number of things…from the benign to the serious.

        Years ago–before I knew anything about nuclear–I went to the "Bodies" exhibit at the seaport in NYC. I was amazed by many things there (seeing real anatomy of the human body), but a few things stood out. One was the presence of a very obvious "starburst" pattern on the grayish lungs of a cigarette smoker. I wondered about what caused that pattern…

        Only after learning about man-made rad materials and seeing the pictures of the monkey lungs subjected to plutonium inhalation did I realize that it wasn't the act of smoking the plant material, but rather, inadvertantly inhaling the waste of the nuclear industry.

        It's a shame that this material kills so indiscriminately…

        For a long time on this planet…living beings of all kinds were qualified to exist, based directly on their ability to fit into the world around them with as little added burden as possible. Their ability to co-exist was rewarded and shared. Thus, amazing masters of co-existence were born.

        Now, with rad materials, our current and future masters will be subject to cutting down, indiscriminately. This hurts all things.

        Abolish nuclear now.

    • bo bo

      WC !!! I see you battling with me !!
      I just posted another @ JT
      Hope this one stays
      I swear I'm using proper language but they keep removing me 🙁

  • PragmaticBeliever

    And the future of the entire world depends on this…

    Will Fukushima become a legend? Like… "the 3000 valiant warriors who fought against the 3 headed dragon… with courage and honor…"

    And here and now we know (and shall pass) the truth about that. Nice bedtime story for the children, btw. Only without a good ending 🙁

  • SpeakEZ SpeakEZ

    Having watched Yukiya Amano, Director General of the IAEA, I was astounded by his inability (unwillingness) to fully answer straight forward questions from members of the press–questions, by the way, no more complicated or unexpected than those a high school student would ask. For example, how many deaths have resulted from nuclear power generation since the founding of the IAEA; or is the IAEA as both promoter of nuclear power and the international agency responsible for overseeing nuclear regulators' adherence to certain safeguards to protect the public vulnerable to obvious conflicts of interest. Mr. Amano's performance during this exchange was disgraceful. What a sham of an organization the IAEA really is!


      yes it is, SpeakEZ. The IAEA acts impartial but it's nothing more than a tool for the NWO. The NWO decides who'll have access to this deadly technology; which only includes them and their surrogates. Any-other nation that dares to stand on its own and defend its people and resources from the NWO, is immediately targeted by the IAEA as being in violation of international nuclear proliferation and safety standards. Imagine that! The planet's being dusted and soaked like a teabag with rad-toxins and we hear no more than indecisive platitudes coming from the IAEA. Isn't it neat when we wake up to discover that organized crime has complete control of our modern society? And to think, they once dreamt of going forth to the stars…

    • m a x l i

      Truly disgraceful. It almost hurts to watch Mr. Amano talking a lot and saying nothing. Someone puts forward a question about spent fuel pools; Mr Amano starts talking about foot and mouth disease. The head of the IAEA couldn't get a simple job as a worker at the run-away nuclear power plant. In the job ad it says: “You must have common sense, and be able to carry out a conversation.”

      • SpeakEZ SpeakEZ

        "The head of the IAEA couldn't get a simple job as a worker at a run-away nuclear power plant…"

        Maxli, how very true and sad….And the questions were not particularly complex or challenging. It was painful to watch that video for a number of reasons, including the foreign correspondents' lack of persistence in getting answers to their questions and the outrage that should have been displayed. Where are the REAL journalists? Mari Saito made a feeble attempt, but frankly all of the correspondents appeared to be far too accepting of the obvious BS spewing from Amano's mouth. Where's the outrage? And these were journalists from other nations, who in theory are under less direct pressure of the Japanese government. IMO they were as shameful as Amano….none of them did what they are paid to do: obtain information for the public. They didn't have go KB (Kevin Blanch – much love & respect for his passion) on the guy, but this is serious enough for someone to have been thrown out, demanding answers to their questions as they were dragged away!

      • mairs mairs

        It's misdirection. It's like the article about children in California losing the use of their limbs and no one knows why, but they've tested and it's not polio. The article went on to describe the history of polio. So people are then misdirected into thinking it is something it is not because they sure remember the article about polio, concerning the sick children in California.

    • Those pimps deserve to be in jail!

  • atomicistheword

    No product is 100‰ reliable. I recall General Electric telling lies to the official government of Fukushima. They were told a meltdown could never happen.

    Ever heard of risk assessment, or is the murder of billions of lifeforms an acceptable risk?

    Corporations do not walk, talk or breath; they have no conscience, they are merely financial entities, all they know is money. They are void of humanity, ecology and force their slaves into capitulation. The towers of Corpilon have reached to heaven. Especially General Electric Hitachi and Toshiba Westinghouse.

    They'll be having people licking dumb phone chargers next. What a world?

    Then they say, but the Japanese people now own TEPCO, or does TEPCO own you? All bow to the mighty TEPCO, scapegoat for General Electric Hitachi/Toshiba Westinghouse. Lick, Lick, Lick.

  • melting mermaid melting mermaid

    It's a perpetual motion machine of stupidity. A monument to mankind's boundless arrogance and greed. I spit my St Patrick's day Guineas on the bar when I saw the NY times say Fukushima was the second worst nuclear accident of all time. What was the first NY times? I don't know what makes me madder. The incident or the coverage. Does the nuclear industry and the corporate media have a shred of decency or integrity left? I guess they sold it all off to the highest bidder or algorithmicly traded it for some structural adjustment policies. Oops.


      actually, melting mermaid, they're no different than child-rape-murderers. They use subterfuge to gain access to unwitting populations and leave bodies in their wake. Then, it's off to find the next batch of victims…

  • 76MillionBananas 76MillionBananas

    What if we told Putin that he can have Fukushima Prefecture as a bonus for getting Crimea? Flip your ticket over and read the small print!! The Russians have the expertise and experience isolating coria and might actually do something constructive. You can either try to look good (TEPCO) or you can actually try to do something.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    All the leaders of the major countries know the true conditions at Fukushima.
    Putin like the rest ..refuses to acknowledge.
    He's not special ..just another Human ..who can't think beyond war and death.

  • rogerthat

    ''You must have common sense''. Wrong. You must be a deluded fool who thinks he has common sense. Or truly desperate. Poor, poor Fukushima workers. International Labour Organisation, where are you? United Nations, where are you? International Criminal Court, where are you? Declaration of Human rights? Hippocratic Oath? All those holding public office, sworn to protect the people who elected them? The regulators? The judiciary? Lawyers? Doctors? Church leaders? Anyone at all?
    This is happening in full view of the world. It has been going on for more than three years. Awful, awful, awful, what is to become of us that we have learned nothing from the past?


      you're wasting your clarion call, rogerthat, on the expectation that neo-liberals will respond. They are now tools within the same box that's being used for world control. They have no autonomous power to prosecute or act upon their charters.

      We have no one to represent us or our welfare. For the first time in human history, neither king nor priest cares if we survive. The sooner we understand that these people and organizations are not beholding to us, the sooner can move forward to undertaking the formation of those that will.

      In the far future, they will ponder how we didn't acknowledge the darkness about us. I would answer, we were struck dumb by the blinking lights of our technologies. We thought we were making progress…

      • Cisco Cisco

        Dead on AFTERSHOCK, no help there. See Chris Hedges' "Once Again – Death of the Liberal Class" http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/once_again_–_death_of_the_liberal_class_20121112

        The planet is in a death spiral from so many pollutants that are aggressively and rapidly destroying the biosphere.

        A Guardian article: Nasa-funded study: industrial civilisation headed for 'irreversible collapse'? http://www.theguardian.com/environment/earth-insight/2014/mar/14/nasa-civilisation-irreversible-collapse-study-scientists

        The handwriting is/was on the wall. In fact, this has been accepted and understood by thinkers/though-leaders for 2/3 decades. Fukushima just happens to be the catalyst that will become the answer to the question…what caused the mass extinction and when did it begin.

        The biggest story in the history of our mankind, and 98% of the world's people don't have a clue. Pathetic…because now, we can only be observers; it's too late sorry to report.


          couldn't add a thing, Cisco. But then again…why not?! I've been following these predictions for close to twenty years now. They were correct when they made them and as you've highlighted, they're sure to come to pass on the wings of Fukushima. This is why I've argued, TPTB are not as omniscient as most would think. They are equally at risk and likely to find themselves sharing the same 'cans' as all the others, in those departing 'lifeboats'. Fact is, all of this becomes a cruel joke on those who deluded themselves into thinking they were above it! While that should make some happy, I'd rather forgo such puerile spite, in favor of preserving the more vulnerable. It makes me sad to see so much waste and on so many levels…

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Well said, AFTERSHOCK.

  • the soviets oughta have patented nuclear ineptness and accident mishap school long ago. as well as reckless nuke dumping but there is no stranglehold on either, never was.
    just following orders has doomed us all. mental midgets running around with paper and suits , smarter than anyone they know, but its a very small social network of psychopaths leaving such dead behind.

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    Fukushima is not Chernobyl.
    The world has just begun
    Children rise, the children rise
    Do not give up the pursuit
    We must educate the children
    They do not fear the truth
    They are the truth and speak it
    Localize,vocalize and truths will be realized
    Immerse ourselves and know our facts
    Knowledge must be held above fear
    They must connect the dots and understand the corruption
    Daunting…. yes, imperative….without a doubt

    • GQR2

      Thx for that link Socrates it contains important history lessons. History is critical for understanding the world today. That can't be stressed enough especially since our schools really give short shift to the details of the big picture. The lack of teaching allows it to go down the memory hole,when the ideas of the prime movers in historic events still live. As evidenced by Abe visiting the Shrine.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Abe, is not very bright.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Perfect for puppetry.

        • We Not They Finally

          Don't really think that Abe is a puppet. And see Yoichi Shimatsu on Abe's father, who was apparently a notorious war criminal during WWII, and part of the Japanese contingents who still think that they should have rightfully won WWII.

          Does Abe now think that they are winning WWIII? And by sacrificing their own populace and their own land first? Strange way to "win."

    • Socrates. Great link. Begs the question where is Obama taking USA? There is no public debate as USA deploys drones in Pakistan and Afghanistan to assassinate whomever causing wanton collateral damage. The radioactive waste gushes into the Pacific as US bombers fly over disputed Chinese territory shoring up Japanese interests. Add to the mix Russian sabre rattling in Crimea and Western dismay. Not much has changed and none of these current politicians, like those in the past want to give peace a chance. The whole rotten system needs to be dismantled.

      • We Not They Finally

        The system MAY be "dismantled." But it's completely unclear that any of that happens "cleanly." I quaver to think of the chaos ahead.

        • Angela_R

          We Not They Finally: "The system may be dismantled"

          I suspect that the modus operandi for such has been underway for some time, but sanctioned by what authority?

  • Funny how the NYT seems to be starting to "get it" whilst others are full tilt P&L (thats not profit and loss, its propaganda and lies, but you get the humor, no, comrade??)

    From the Conca shill at Forbes, ANOTHER article, the bastards that be are pulling out all the stops to protect their precious….that is how I know we are close to a tipping point, tip it.

    Let me be really, really clear – there is no concern whatsoever that radioactivity from Fukushima could ever harm America.
    Really freaking insane to make a statement like that when the releases continue.

    Please stop in and place a well worded comment, and a link to truth


    And then let Forbes know what you are doing with your subscription

    Send an email to Customer Service at customerservice@forbes.com.

    • Example
      Folks, wanted to let you know,

      I have always expected Forbes to do reporting that was to my benefit. Truth is to my benefit.

      The recent onslaught of completely one sided and lying pro-radiation propaganda has pushed me over the edge and I will let my subscription lapse.

      Jeffrey Miller

      • earthsmith earthsmith

        I agree about NYT, stock, but am not sure what conclusion to draw. My gut tells me they are trying to garner trust and credibility only to wash it away. But that is just speculation and me.

  • weeman

    Sold my soul to the company store.
    Oldest trick in the book keep your employees or population inebriated when you want to pull the wool over there eyes. Sex and drugs and rock and roll, keeps the world going round.

  • Nick

    Just what are humans doing at Fukushima anyway?

    1. Wearing skimpy protective gear.

    2. Walking around with hangovers, forgetting to turn valves this way or that way.

    3. Huddled over useless computer monitors spewing vast sums of data that indicates radiation is OUT OF CONTROL.

    4. Improvising duct tape and traffic cone funnels to catch drips.

    5. Dying

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      They are SO on it. They really should spread the word, and stop hiding their bad selves. The world is missing out on the opportunity to upgrade those outdated safety videos.

  • Great comments at Japan today, and a few link backs to ENENEWS in there too. Drop a comment there, its easy. Be polite or they censor you immediately.



    Wayne Chirnside at Mar. 18, 2014 – 06:38PM JST

    It's not an x-ray or a banana when its lodged in the tissues of your lungs and the radiation levels of plutonium and other transuranics out distance those of potassium 40 by many millions and billions times over.

    WWII counts its dead in the tens of millions.

    Clean, too cheap to meter, carbon free nuclear does too.

    Add to this it is actually so expensive that many plants are right now being shuttered in the U.S due to being uneconomical despite being indemnified against costs of accident or disposal.

    Nuclear, if you're in the club its profitable however all are at risk. It's just like the lottery.

    bo the cat at Mar. 18, 2014 – 11:18PM JST

    I've always wondered why Hello Kitty has no mouth. Now I know why.

    • bo bo

      Hehe…after multiple tries, it boiled down to that grudgeful comment

      Stock I actually think they're not reviewing the comments anymore, because now that article is in phantom status.

      On paper it seems like the article exists, because if you click on a link like above, it opens, but in reality they removed the article headline disappeared from their homepage. Headlines for older articles show up but not that one.

      • ya, I dropped a comment, they let me, but it hasnt showed up. How lame.

        • mairs mairs

          I've noticed that at Huffpost too. They now take comments for a bit, then they stop taking new comments at a cutoff point that is the same day the article was posted.

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        bo- your comment was brilliant; so much said in so few words. 🙂

      • m a x l i

        bo, it's nevertheless a good comment! Small is beautiful. Congratulations!

        I'm able to find that article, it's not a phantom, but a bit of a hassle to navigate there. First go to:


        Then click on "NATIONAL", there you will find the list of the most recent articles in the "NATIONAL" category. And there is the article with your comment (at least at this point in time). For older articles you can repeatedly click on the "v" in a black circle below the list – then the list becomes successively longer. The bad thing is: If you are looking for something and you don't know if they put it under "NATIONAL" or "CRIME" or "POLITICS" or whatever, you are pretty much fukued. To put it under "CRIME" would have made much more sense.

  • vicky13 vicky13

    When I read this latest horror story, this picture Nuckelchen posted on the WebCam Viewer forum,, comes to mind,,


    See the man on the far left, shit running down his leg, what a dreadful job,,

    aren't these suits supposed to shield from radiation, they don't even shield from POOP!!

    notice the guy with the yellow boots, not even done up,

    the man in the green helmet, with his suit so "leisure suit larry", collar undone,,

    notice all their badges have been smudged out,

    Is horrifying to know that our planet's future, and OURS, is in their hands.

    so past appalled,,,

    • vicky13 vicky13

      They photoshopped the badges out, but they couldn't even photoshop the poop of that poor man's leg.


    • Sickputer

      Re: picture of "poop" on workers

      Probably mud (they use diapers for spills you know 😉

      Still…reprise is required…Dylan's Maggies Farm

      "Tepco's Nukes"

      I ain't gonna work on Tepco's nukes no more
      No, I aint gonna work on Tepco's nukes no more
      Well, I wake up in the morning
      Fold my hands and pray to die
      I got a head full of ideas
      That are driving me to lie
      It's a shame they make me scrub the reactor floor
      I ain't gonna work on Tepco's nukes no more.

      I ain't gonna work for Tepco's foreman no more
      No, I ain't gonna work for Tepco's foreman no more
      Well, he hands you a shovel
      He hands you a mop
      He tells you with a grin
      To work until you drop
      Then he fines you every time you shit the floor
      I ain't gonna work for Tepco's foreman more.

      I ain't gonna work for Tepco's foreman no more
      No, I ain't gonna work for Tepco's foreman no more
      Well, he hangs me on the crane…
      Dunks me in the pool for kicks
      His stinky yakuza office
      Is made of cesium bricks
      Nuke spooks stand around his office door…
      No, I ain't gonna work for Tepco's foreman no more.

      I ain't gonna work for Tepco's doc no more
      No, I ain't gonna work for Tepco's doc no more
      He talks me into smiling all the fricking time
      He says a sad worker is really quite a crime

      Oh my nose is bleeding and I'm shitting in my suit
      My lungs are hacking and
      Toes are rotting in my boots
      I think that I will die upon the floor
      No I ain't gonna work on Tepco's…

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    Tritiated Saki washes down radioactive rats quite well I hear….and banana corium for desert…BYO toilet paper and depends, cuz you will get a bad case of the ShinzoAbes…..

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    No disrespect to the workers intended, previous comment directed at the Tepco upper management and the Yakuza slave drivers.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    You can't have any corium pudding if you don't eat your rat meat…. Hey tepco, leave those kids alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick

    Crisis underway.


    It started the moment those idiots scoured out the cliff-face to build one of the world's largest nuclear electrical generating stations.

    It started when Atoms for Peace was coined, since we know it was bullshit then and it is bullshit still.

    Yup. It got underway when the plant went kaboom.

  • GQR2

    These poor people are living and dying in the worst conditions. At night here i think of them laying down on their wooden floors no comfort,no hope.no dignity
    There is no reason it has to be this way other than the wanton callousness of the Nuclear Despots.
    The very same ones own and run the plants all over the world. This is setting a precedent.
    Will there never be another decent attempt at mitigation on this planet? The technology they are working on never mentions better ways to dispose of Nuclear Waste..No instead they want to upload their stupid brains onto a chip. While the people are sick and dying in plain sight. … sound familiar?

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Nuclear was developed to exterminate life.

  • 4Warnd 4Warnd

    Pogo: "We have met the enemy, and he is us."

  • 4Warnd 4Warnd

    And, of course more in that vein:

    "Traces of nobility, gentleness and courage persist in all people, do what we will to stamp out the trend. So, too, do those characteristics which are ugly. It is just unfortunate that in the clumsy hands of a cartoonist all traits become ridiculous, leading to a certain amount of self-conscious expostulation and the desire to join battle. There is no need to sally forth, for it remains true that those things which make us human are, curiously enough, always close at hand. Resolve then, that on this very ground, with small flags waving and tinny blasts on tiny trumpets, we shall meet the enemy, and not only may he be ours, he may be us. Forward!”

    — Walt Kelly, June 1953 author, cartoonist, re: POGO.

  • Daisy207

    Wait until one of the top scientists says that alcohol will protect you from radioactivity. If you drink enough the alcohol will absorb the radioactivity,pass it through the kidneys and you pee it out at the end of the day. It also makes you smile a lot.

  • nuknomore nuknomore

    I'm NOT laughing..
    This is total insanity.. As if the whole nuclear mess we have to deal with, is not bad enough..Now the Keystone cops are sent in to fix things..
    Is it just 'all over' and its borrowed time, and nothing really matters now? Because I seriously don't understand the lack of taking this serious..
    Where are the scientists of the world? Where is the outcry?
    Why is it business as usual all over the world?
    I'm shocked.. Stunned.. Amazed..
    And have no words really to express this mass apathy ..Or what seems to be apathy..
    Is there another planet some KNOW they can get to, to be safe from this ??
    Cause I sure don't..

  • Amazing how international cooperating works, isn't it?

    26 nations, all working in harmony to try and 'save' or at least find about 200 souls, lost on an airplane. Money and manpower is there, all gathered together and committing to the long haul, no matter what it takes to get it done..

    But when it comes to trying to find 3 lost coriums, and save BILLIONS of lives from the FUKU nuclear monster that is eating the whole world alive…. that is quite another story.

    Some nation(s) sent Japanese citizens 30,000 radiation detectors, but they got 'stored' in a warehouse and never were distributed. The US sent nuclear experts. Others offered help but it was refused.

    3 years later, 3 coriums still 'lost' and millions – billions of people are guaranteed to a death sentence in the long term due to inaction, inability to work together internationally.

    Moral of the story?

    If you lose a corium and/or have a meltdown, make sure it is on a jet aircraft.

  • Meanwhile, duct tape, baling wire and garden hoses are being ordered and should arrive at Fuku soon..

  • Meanwhile, 200,000 radiation refugees continue to suffer in silence, and the invisible FUKU death plumes continue to waft around the world.

    The world greets and accepts these death plumes with…… silence.

    Quiet, desperate, suffering, silence.

  • ftlt

    Low wages and bad conditions will mean imported untrained labor soon – if it isn't happening already.

  • Common sense would not lead one to be clean up crew for a triple meltdown nuclear disaster, methinks. Although once employed as such beer and whiskey would help one cope. We know there is just maintenance of the disaster which is maintain cooling system, repair leaks shore up spent fuel pools damaged by earthquake where possible. Much of the site is far too radioactive to even send in drones. I guess the precident is set for future nuclear accidents. Secrecy to protect financial interests. Minimum remediation. Seems cost effective to let the mess melt into the Pacific. How disappointing, especially as USA, Japan's biggest ally gives silent approval.

  • stellarblue51

    THE LOGISTICS of supplying humans willing to take the imminent risks at a blown up NPP will soon become unattainable. The only thing that they will be able to do is import workers from other countries that are in desperate personal states. I cannot imagine the clean-up and decontamination of the plant to go on with its current structure for much longer. Then again, I am a optimist.

    • We Not They Finally

      I gravely doubt that the Yazuka even thinks that they are doing a single constructive thing at Fukushima. It's just about draining away more money for themselves while the world burns. "In chaos, you can steal."

  • Sol Man

    The EPA is the agency that is tasked with telling the public that the chemical and radiological components that are maiming and killing are not the ones that are doing said damage.

    Just don't eat, breathe, drink the water, or go outside.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    "Workers spray hose full of radioactive waste on themselves and others"

    I guess they thought it was a beer bong — natural mistake, and I'll look past that. But…

    It kind of goes along with the evidence that they could not have set off this massive dirty bomb if they had planned it. Plan it. Continue to plan it.They are continuing to screw up and it looks like a cult of death.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    I just love getting of work and making snarky comments about these idiots. At least they are good for something.

    • GQR2

      Ribbit !
      Its sad what these guys go through,they are put in a situation they know or vaguely know is ultra toxic and nobody is intervening to stop the Catastrophe in any meaningful way. The ones that do realize the enormity must be freaked out and desperate just trying to survive the days amongst people whose qualifications are that they must be able to "carry out a conversation" Talk about not being able to soar with eagles…

      It is a death cult,and these workers are its food.

  • Fukushima Workers 'Allowed' 250 mSv/yr, Compared To 20 mSv/yr For US Nuclear Industry Workers; via @AGreenRoad

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