‘Green burst’ and ‘criticality event’ under investigation by gov’t in connection with plutonium release at U.S. nuclear site #WIPP — Official: Underground fire may have initiated reaction in ruptured radioactive waste drum — Concern over possible arson/sabotage? (VIDEO)

Published: July 24th, 2014 at 2:59 pm ET


Sante Fe Reporter, July 23, 2014 (emphasis added): Scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory are still trying to determine exactly what caused a barrel buried at the Waste Isolation Pilot Project to burst open in February, said LANL chemist Nan Sauer. […] investigators now believe the metals in [a] glove might have reacted with nitrate salts after temperatures rose in the barrel at WIPP. […] Just how the temps increased to initiate the reaction, however, is still up for debate. Theories about what initiated the reaction include warmth generated by decomposition of the litter (a commercially
available substance called Swheat that Sauer says won’t be used anymore ). Another hypothesis would put the blame on heat from a truck fire that occurred inside WIPP a half mile from the barrel location about nine days before an air monitor detected the radiation leak. Smoke from the fire might have also affected ventilation systems and led to hotter air, she said. […]

Dr. Nan Sauer, Leader of LANL’s Internal Technical Investigation and Associate Director for Chemistry, Meeting of New Mexico’s Radioactive & Hazardous Materials Committee, July 23, 2014: (UNCLASSIFIED: LA-UR-14-xxxxx) What caused Drum 68660 to breach? Two hypotheses considered in this complex investigation:

  • Chemical Reactivity: Trace Metal Impurities, Process Changes, Radiation Chemistry, Trigger Mechanisms
  • Broader Issue: Green Burst, Related to Truck Fire, Criticality Event, Issue with Other Waste Containers, Arson/Sabotage, Other Materials

Santa Fe New Mexican, July 23, 2014: After the waste had been stored at LANL for nearly three decades, a chemical reaction ripped open a drum, releasing radiation at WIPP just weeks after the drum had been processed at LANL in mid-December. […] “It’s interesting that we went for this extended period of time with no incident, and then all of a sudden we take components, you put it in a drum, you characterize it and six weeks later we have an incident,” said Rep. Donald Bratton […] Wednesday’s legislative hearing was the first public mention of the theory […]

See also: [intlink id=”govt-report-green-burst-reported-wipp-utility-yard-minutes-before-radiation-event-began-popping-noise-heard-facility-manager” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Watch KNME’s special about WIPP here

Published: July 24th, 2014 at 2:59 pm ET


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191 comments to ‘Green burst’ and ‘criticality event’ under investigation by gov’t in connection with plutonium release at U.S. nuclear site #WIPP — Official: Underground fire may have initiated reaction in ruptured radioactive waste drum — Concern over possible arson/sabotage? (VIDEO)

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    Sparky, sorry I didn't let everybody know I was done. Kinda seemed like everybody stood back for awhile. I'm used to that when I make logs rain down out of trees.
    Anyway ,Sparky, thank you.

    • Sparky Sparky

      Danger kitty, I'm not one to stand back and, as you can see, I have a thing for trees. 😉 [Funny how that radioactive tree-meme seems to be coursing through the site today….]

      I am 1000%+ with you on the ash as evidence and I feel that there's much we can do with this, and more.

      Harlan of NETC has been graciously helping with secure off-line 'Newser communications. Would you pls. send an e-mail at staff@netc.com, mark "Attn: Sparky" so we can chat about this further off-line? You'll know its me in my response.

      Thanks, dk. Let's TipIt!!

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  • Dana this evening 7-25-2014
    Postcard From WIPP

    Please, whoever can, please get the rad word out. These anonymous nuke cards also give reference to WIPP and Hanford

  • danger kitty danger kitty

    Forgot to cite the authors on the post just above- the one post out of many regarding mutations of leaves- the description of the mutations observed. It starts: morphological effects due to gamma radiation….
    Leaf Development and Morphology in Ash: Influence of Gamma Radiation by Dugle and Hawkins.—- It is the caption underneath some photographs of mutated leaves.
    Everything else is my own words. My apologies for my sloppiness.
    g'nite newsers.

    • bonsairebellion bonsairebellion

      Danger Kitty,

      May be producing some form of database of images of these leaves so that others would be able to identify the mutations by comparison. Then we could map the location and percentage of mutated leaves by area. I'd be glad to help in this if needed.

  • Oom Werner P. Oom Werner P.

    The excess fuel produced by 4 conventional fast breeder reactors over about 5 years of full capacity operation can fuel another such reactor for 10 years.
    Tic tac tic tac

    • Until one blows up or melts down. 😉

      "After six decades and the expenditure of the equivalent of tens of BILLIONS of dollars, the promise of breeder reactors remains largely unfulfilled and efforts to commercialize them have been steadily cut back in most countries". In Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States, breeder reactor development programs have been abandoned."


      Abandon Nuclear… I love the sound of that!

      How many wind mills will BILLIONS of DOLLARS buy?

      • Oom Werner P. Oom Werner P.

        You can also add India, Russia, Kazakhstan, Japan, and France with no pyroprocessing and nutron reflection changing the breeding ratio, it becomes decisive whether plotonium is being produced or burned.
        When the breeding ratio exceeds 1.0 the tipping point kicks in. Anyways, are you also befuddled about how the metal in a glove can cause such big explosion and heat and whether control rods in the drums might be needed? ☻☻☻☻☻ ☺☺☺☺☺

  • Socrates

    Pro-nuke always cover up their mistakes such as at Sellafield. That is sabotaging public health. They always try to protect themselves from their mistakes. They delude themselves that their activities are for a higher purpose. That fact makes them the biggest danger humanity has ever faced. Ever nuclear disaster is covered up. Their is no mechanism for affixing blame on their entire industry. If they had to face financial responsibility, their industry would never have gotten off the ground. Can they provide security for their nuclear waste for 100,000 years? Blaming others is necessary to shift blame from those who created the danger in the first instance.

    If I leave dynamite in the backyard and some kids play with it, whose fault is that? It is totally foreseeable that these materials cannot be secured now or in the future. The fault lies with those who create the danger. Intervening criminal acts are deemed foreseeable under law. The duty to secure dangerous materials is absolute. That is called strict liability in tort under common law. The wisdom of the common law would hold someone liable for explosives regardless of the degree of care they exercised. The duty is absolute. Nobody can exercise that degree of care. The message is; So don't create the risk in the first place if you don't want to be held liable. This rule worked for ultra-hazardous activities and wild animals. No excuses…

    • Socrates

      General tort law usually does not relieve the original actor from liability even if there is there is criminal activity that arises later in time if that criminal activity is a normal risk to the risk created by the original actor. If so criminal got his ha ds on the "football" and started WW III, heads would roll in the entire chain of command for being so stupid as to allow a breech of security, especially considering what is at stake. The entire nuclear infrastructure is inherently unsecureable and inherently dangerous. The failure modes are infinite. Whether by negligence, nature or crim8nality, who cares? The fault cannot be shifted. What is a mean kid does it? He goes to juvenile hall while we breathe Pu. That is not an excuse for taking infinite risks with public health. The pro-nukes are the real criminals. Heads need to roll; financial liability needs to be affixed. That is the best deterrent; make those who take such risks pay out of their pockets. It is called market discipline. It is a constitutional right to compensation at common law. Eliminate the sovereigniability and the entire nightmare goes away because those realky responsible could not profitably take such risks. The tkrt remedy is the best complimentary regulation with limp "regulators" who are just ex-industry hacks. Regulation is alsooffshored to international promoter agencies. They just cover it up.

      • Socrates

        Should have been "tort remedy."

        So make the industry pay for any and all mistakes; eliminate sovereign immunity; and require mandatory regulator discipline in each and every nuclear accident regardless of excuses. Bingo!

        Driving with a .20 blood alcohol…. what excuse? "They poured it down my throat, Officer and put a gun to my head, and said, Drive MoFo, or else!"

        These "scientists" are more childish and immature than the drunk driver. They are much more dangerous to society. If we had Mothers Against Nukes "MAN" and saw the pro-nukes in front of juries; the problem would be eliminated. In fact, that is the only way it will ever happen.

      • nedlifromvermont

        @Socrates: Amen Again. When do we start. When do we file.

        We'll meet in NYC on the 21st of September and plan the filing!!!

        Enenewsers versus General Electric and US DOE … Round One.

  • EKO KLAP$$ 2014

    These words will go down in history for the infamy of causing a great tribulation upon earth. Buying justice will not get them out of this.

    The names of infamy are…

    General Electric Hitachi.


    Toshiba Westinghouse.

    TEPCO are an electricity seller, not a designer or manufacturer of faulty atomic radiation power plants. The blame lies with the manufacturer. Their bean counters are already planning bankruptcy. As usual we end up paying for evil corporations.

  • Speaking of Human Error, here is a video music blast from the past 2012.

    An Edgy Japanese protest song


  • And a more recent, nuclear safety it was all a lie…..


    Hmmmall these guys use "bastards" quite a lot. Pyschotic, serial killer bastards.

  • Someone Tampered With the Cat Liter Laced Nuclear Waste?!
    Sounds like classic cover up B>S>
    Arto discusses precisely the methods and mechanics of this type of cover up in his latest vid which i'm postin here along with important ones on FUKU…
    Just to let you know Arto Lauri's latest NPP investigation…
    Really good translation and one of his very best,
    if it's possible to say one is better than another..

    Arto reveals the truth about the Hessdalen Light Phenomena,
    and shows us the endless tricks and lies,
    control of the media, publishing misinformation for years and years.
    They never tire of their own lies.
    What an odd form of vanity!
    The Mirror that Kills!

    Arto Lauri 62. Hessdalen

    This video discusses in detail never before seen video of the explosion at Unit4 Fukushima.
    Arto Lauri 26. Fukushima Lie

    This webpage is about Arto's analysis of Chernobyl events and how they are being used today.

  • Sparky Sparky

    WIPP disaster explained very well, POTRblog's video (4/30/14): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxMn2oZGsaE

  • We Not They Finally

    We are all the undead….Radiation is killing all of us.WE can hope for revenge.WE can hope for the justice but those who are damned forever cant be stopped.Until their feeble greedy evil is going to leave them and their families in a hell that cant be escaped.

  • The pimps of nuke are still trying to sell the lie that wipp is just old gloves……And Moniz is finally going to visit….mainly so they can hit him up for money. What a charade.

    The facility is the nation’s only permanent repository for plutonium-contaminated gloves, tools and clothing from the federal government’s nuclear facilities.


  • What a Red herring….a self proclaimed "science" blog is pretending that obama is blocking nuclear and that the NRC is not a full on radiation promotion cartel. Obamas biggest contributors were nuclear and education. And coincidentally, which things are blowing up?


  • Entergy is the slumlord of nuke. They need to be dismantled.

    Entergy officials have welcomed decisions by the NRC that say the spent fuel storage systems – wet and dry – are safe.

    In May, Entergy spokeswoman Joyce McMahon said: “The planned movement of (Pilgrim’s) spent fuel to dry cask storage will continue on a schedule of three casks every 24 months.”


  • These pimps of nuke are so arrogant that they serve on the NRC as commissioner, whilst also employed by a full on radiation promotion agency.


  • Guards at Y12, who couldn't keep a nun from breaking in, are "awarded" $2.6M

    Even this article states they are hundreds of dollars each. Simple math shows they are getting $8666 each. nice number.

    Perhap instead they deserve some jail time for putting America at risk.

    its a twisted world


  • tsfw tsfw

    Oh yippee we're all safe, the govn't is testing.

  • jec jec

    Japan is making its OWN facility, or J-WIPP. Underground 'safe' storage of nuclear waste containers..just like WIPP, safe for 100,000 years. What a tragic situation for the land owners..who started thinking the project was just a non-nuclear test. Now..its too expensive to go to a new location..sooooo…Read the below link..taken directly from WIPP I bet..and look at the picture of the reindeer..the nose is hairless in spots. Wonder if Fukushima radiation has caused this problem?


  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    Here's another op to have your voice heard , you have until November 24 2014 to write , fax or comment

    I personally would like a postcard made by someone here hint hint ..that we can download and print on card stock ..and blast every office and person that are the contacts here …I do not trust the online comments esp if they are Anonoymous …

    Federal Register | Radiation Protection

    Sorry I didn't open some of it up but there's a lot of info here to digest and discover .

  • Speedy

    Last weekend I picked up a new smoker at a garage sale, cheap. Well, this weekend I fired her up and put in 3 chicken halfs, a pork tenderloin and a rolled roast..The process of slow cooking/ smoking the meat gave me time to think about the whole process. How much radiation is built up in the wood of a tree? The meat had a beautiful crust and a super smokey taste but am I setting myself up for failure? That meat got smoked for 4+ hours with 6 pieces of black cherry each the size of a roll of toilet paper. Will the radiation be more likely in the ash or smoke? My Inspector was unhelpful in answering that question ( = to background) . Any ideas would be helpful, I could use wood that doesn't include the last three years (by spliting off 3 of the outside dark rings) or am I being paranoid? See what time, awakening, and nontrust can do to you…my wife thinks I'm loosing it….

  • DebbyS-AbqNM DebbyS-AbqNM

    On page one, which will accept no more replies, We Not They Finally
    said on July 25, 2014 at 7:47 "Ha, ha, ha. You must be from California. Every seen southern New Mexico? If you can find a glass of water, it's probably a mirage. No yachts there. But I get the sentiment. SOMEONE is "cleaning up" real good." In truth, it can rain heavily in SE New Mexico. About a decade ago some friends went to Roswell for the UFO festival, held annually in hot, humid July. A big meeting was held in a hangar at the old Army Air Corps base. There was a huge thunderstorm happening at the same time, and water flooded in ankle deep at least. There are few rivers and I think no lakes in SE NM (note that the Rio Grande forms part of the border between Texas and Mexico, a ways south of Carlsbad), but water has played a big part in forming the geology of the area. Water makes the stalactites and stalagmites in Carlsbad Caverns. This apparently was one of the many things not taken into account in okaying the Carlsbad area for WIPP.