Damaged Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 had 204 unused fuel rods inserted before quake + Scientists say another 9.0 megaquake may hit at year’s end = “Fukushima is still on the edge”

Published: October 29th, 2011 at 4:28 pm ET


Oct. 29 — “204 new fuel rods turned out to be in the ‘spent’ fuel pool at reactor 4,” reports Mochizuki.

Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency “assumed that once aftershock hits the pool and it’s damaged, the fuel rods get to 900 C, melting out of the zirconium cover in 2.3 hours later. As the zirconium alloy cover (Zircaloy) is destroyed, it emits hydrogen, which is likely to cause hydrogen explosion.”

“The melted fuel rods are estimated to have reached 2,800 C and started to melt down some 7.7 hours later.”

“Currently Tepco is reinforcing the fuel pool, which is now exposed to outside because it lost the wall from the explosion.”

Read More: 204 new fuel rods turned out to be in the “spent” fuel pool at reactor 4. | Fukushima Diary

Google Translation of Asahi article: Pool No. 4, published analysis of the risk of damaging the fuel as of June Pause:

[…] “At the time the earthquake occurred East, No. 4 fuel pool is a spent fuel 1331, 204 came in a new fuel. An explosion occurred in an accident, blew the walls of the building of Unit 4. TEPCO then the strength of the pool, and evaluated to withstand the aftershocks that without reinforcement, construction began on seismic as a precaution.”

“On the other hand, assumes that NISA are cracks in the pool before going on to complete reinforce aftershocks. Water leaking fuel cooling pools that were estimated to Yasenaku if at all. The temperature reached 900 degrees, 2.3 hours after the leak of radioactive material to cover the fuel pipe is damaged, was 7.7 hours after the onset of fuel melting is reached at 2800.”

Mochizuki ends the article by noting, “Today Hokkaido University stated that there is a possibility that another M9.0 hits north Japan again (soon? imminent?). They say they caught the same earthquake echo of 89.9MHz as what they caught before 311. According to their report, another M9.0 may hit from December to January.”

“Fukushima is still on the edge.”

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Published: October 29th, 2011 at 4:28 pm ET


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67 comments to Damaged Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 had 204 unused fuel rods inserted before quake + Scientists say another 9.0 megaquake may hit at year’s end = “Fukushima is still on the edge”

  • westcoastguy westcoastguy

    icing on the cake.. mm cake

  • Darth

    Did anybody see this MegaQuake video?


    I see that now there is a theory that a 10.0 MegaQuake is possible along the Western USA. NRC – hope you hang them “balls” high in San Onofre…


    • westcoastguy westcoastguy

      theres a possibility of a megaquake everywhere. its also possible that when i get in my car today i will get in an accident and be killed. doesnt mean it will happen doesnt mean it wont happen. its possible

      • many moons

        WCG this isn’t quite the same as your car analogy. If there are reactors almost everywhere, (there are in the USA) then when an earth quake does happen (we know they will happen, they happen everyday) and it is above 6.5 ( this is a frequent occurrence) then we can be 100 percent sure that a nuclear reactor will be damaged, and we will too. Very little chance involved, it’s just a matter of time!

  • Kevin Kevin

    Yes that SFP at Reactor 4 is a real potential issue. One we have heard lots and lost about, it may even tip over…

    However what about the on next door? You know the one with MOX fuel in it? The one that blew sky high right from the get go, ergo the earths largest dirty bomb cotainging 100 if nots thousands of pounds of the dirtiest filthiest shit known to mankind? Of which a mere fraction properly spread around to each individual on earth equates to certain death……

    What about that eh?

    Yeah were all afraid of a repeat episode, but really what about the stuff that has already happened.

  • vivvi

    People just don’t seem to get it. The radiation in the environment already will be killing future generations. Yes, the adults alive now could get cancers from it too, but the true danger is to the young and the unborn. Mutation is forever, there is no way to fix that.

    • Darth

      What a DARK thought.

      • john lh john lh

        It is very true that the world is getting worse day by day, ..not better. Sad truth for us on this earth.

        FUKUSHIMA just speed it up ..

    • many moons

      It’s already happening, it will just happen more with more radiation. I wonder if it’s random gene modification? I suppose the really big changes won’t live to procreate but over the generations we could be turning ourselves into those little green men with big heads and skinny little apendages. Very scarey!!!!!!! Sickening!!!! All for power, candles, staris, bicycles, much easier than fighting radiation!

      Where are all the religious nuts to stop this…nuclear energy is messing with God’s creation, forget gay marriage this is really worth fighting for!!!!!!

      • richard mancer

        it’s the christian religious nuts who want to bring it on, they want armageddon, in order to justify the thousands of years pandering to a mythical fiction story.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          No one wants to go through Armageddon. Christians only want to be free of the travail and tears that is our life in the world.

      • Anthony Anthony

        Great point about where are religious leaders in all these months? I mean really, religion is surely a place we can count on the truth of the matters, guidance, insights etc.

        I’m a more spiritually based personally rather than devoutly religious, but I do consider the religious position is meant to come from the better part of man. Same as spiritualists like me – a process of taping into the Higher Power.

        I would expect say, the Pope to answer a calling of truth about something as a reactor meltdown happened and as the masses grew worried for the future. When I went to church the week after, not a peep about Japan and we didn’t have a prayer for them in the service that day. Everyone I saw seemed kinda tense that day too… no one said anything about it at all.

        I thought that was a strange church experience indeed.

        • Terranigma1 Terranigma1

          We had prayers for Japan, but no special collection, which I thought was odd because I remember a special collection for the Haiti earthquake.

        • Bobby1

          Have any of the religious professionals talked about Fukushima radiation in the US from the pulpit? You would think that as leaders of the congregation that is zealous for truth, they would say something about contaminated food and drinking water. They are supposed to be out in front in matters like this. After all, their congregation is being poisoned. Or are they just shaking their heads about the unfortunate people in Japan?

          We had Dr. Martin Luther King out in front about racism and discrimination, where are the Dr. Kings now?

      • Anthony Anthony

        Even the most *logical only* types out there would be hard pressed to deny what is in print hasn’t happened in man’s very time.

        Almost really even in order for ya.

        You don’t even need to believe to know this is truth.

        And just when my life is getting real good…

        Heaven’s nice.

      • many moons

        Yes the destruction of the earth has been foretold.
        That has nothing to do with how the Dali lama feels about nuclear energy. Where are his profound thoughts to comfort us through these absurd times.

        I know the pope’s (political)postion on many issues from condom to abortion, gay marraiage, and many other secular concerns. Where is he on nuclear energy proliferation?Where is he on radiation poisoning from nuclear plants?

        And as for my comment about religious nuts, pardon me I meant to make a reference to people who are religiously PASSIONATE…about God and his creation. Where are they on nuclear genetic modification as a result of nuclear power? This is truly linked to all the ideas that GOD, has created the perfect world and man is changing it, destroying it, where are those folks to defend God’s creation?

    • Anthony Anthony

      December 2011 promises to show which of the opposing radiation theories is correct. That’s for damn sure.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        On the one hand: radiation kills. On the other hand: the lies and disinformation of the nuclear industry which transfers wealth of the poor and the middle class to the elite through taxes. It is shown in every legitimate study that the wealthy and corporations do not pay their fair share of taxes and receive subsidies from the government in addition. The 1% live on the backs of the other 99%.

        • Anthony Anthony

          You saw the video that has infuriated me. How can one watch and learn from the facts in that video and NOT come away knowing uncontrolled radiation has CATASTROPHIC Human outcomes?

          I know it will hurt you but we’re doing it anyways.

          And we fucking pay them to do it.

          I would give up and call Uncle if I wasn’t so stubborn.

          I believe people can do better than this.

          Looking back only five years seems like a paradise lost, doesn’t it?

      • Anthony Anthony

        If this video is legit, then I answered my own damn question.


        I apologize in advance if it upsets you as it did me.

        It is painfully necessary as if a truth based publication, it will ironically prepare you mentally for what we are about to see born in Japan at least, starting in December 2011.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          I suspect that much of what will happen in the future in Japan will be kept secret, as the current levels of radiation are being kept secret and the extent of the damage in Japan is kept secret and the numbers of the dying is kept secret. In the past handicapped Japanese babies were terminated, and this may happen in the future also.

          • Anthony Anthony

            Look at how sad these children are, look in their eyes. It is completely sending life in the wrong direction.

            I have never felt more robbed of my happy then after learning today of these poor kids.

            If this is whats directly ahead in real life, I don’t know if I can process my sadness taking it in and living it. Its beyond a bad dream when you see it in reality.

            I am now thinking I may in the future travel there and offer my help and love for those poor and beautiful people, the broken orphans. Make them smile a little. I am deeply moved and touched by something very ugly and withheld from us.

            • StillJill StillJill

              Anthony said: ” I am deeply moved and touched by something very ugly and withheld from us.”

              That was sooooo heartfelt and beautiful Anthony!
              That’s how I now feel about the Falluja babies! All of them everywhere,…..but I feel responsible especially where ‘our boys’ have bombed them into mutations.

              • Anthony Anthony

                True Stories: After The Apocalypse (Nuclear Testing Effects)
                The story of the people of Semipalatinsk in Kazakhstan where nuclear weapons tests during the Soviet era are thought to have caused genetic defects in a new generation. Local medical records now indicate one in 20 of the area’s children is born with genetic defects, and the program highlights the work of a maternity doctor piloting a genetic passport scheme aiming to reduce the chances of women with damaged genes getting pregnant


        • many moons

          THAT WAS A POWERFUL FILM! Thank you, the courage people of that region for sharing your story with the world.
          We are now in the same situation waiting to find out the dramatic effects of this unseen terror unleash upon us by the same people who lie and tell us there is nothing to worry about-nothing to see, we will be seeing it soon if these same people aren’t busy building maternity wards with no discharges! Desperate times.

        • arclight arclight

          nice post anthony….BEIRS thinking about (not typo)
          this seems appropriate here too!!

          conclusions of beir report 7


        • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

          Anthony, thanks for sharing. Hopefully all the people saying how good the Russians treat their people compared to the Japanese government will get to see it.
          Kazachstan… I had no idea.

          • many moons

            Anthony, “it’s beyond a bad dream” way beyond. With all the struggles mankind has suffered, nothing, not nature, not one single crazy dictator could have dreamed up this dream….it’s the absolute worst, it’s the simulataneous distruction of nature, mankinds present and future, not to mention the suffering that IS going on now to get to this horrible void. What are we doing? “A planet is a terrible thing to waste”

    • richard mancer

      that’s it vivvi.

      no future human (or creature) will ever, ever have an uncorrupted planet earth to exist upon.

      all future earth being have had their birthright stolen .. the wonderful blue pearl has been polluted in an abomination.

      Crying is not enough.

    • Anthony Anthony

      Maybe death isn’t the worst outcome or option in the radiated scenario.

      It is the biggest man-made evolutionary setback to man in our history.

      An accident of exponential proportions and severe consequences.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        We fail even our ancient ancestors.
        Scroll down for trailer…

        • StillJill StillJill

          You know heart,…that’s a sad, sad part of this, you’re right!

          Seems ever since Esau, ….folks have been throwing away their birthrights,…as ‘heritage’ ‘ancestors’, ‘family crest’ mean LESS THAN NOTHING to these new skinheads!

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            We not only fail the future ..we fail the past.
            The struggles and gains of our ancestors…
            Mutation generally does not work out well.
            God or science or God/science had a plan..
            The Earth…. perfect and rare…..

            • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

              PS.They say God’s glory comes in the morning…
              or….science makes it mighty purdy…lol

              • StillJill StillJill

                I’m coming to see that we need both-IMO.
                Good science may in fact come from Him,…I don’t know much. But,….I know that there is good, clean science that can track ‘this Monster’,….,
                I know there is good, clean, science and natural things as medicine,…which can combine and be truly therapeutic. Good, Orderly, Direction,..GOD,….we need a wise road,….and yes, Glory comes in the morning,…when the rose reopens to share it’s perfume with all of the creatures.

        • Anthony Anthony

          Thanks Heart.

  • dosdos dosdos

    The contents of SFP 4 was well documented back in March. Unit 4 was shut down for maintenance and refueling. The fuel from the reactor vessel was moved over to the SFP, and the new shipment of fresh fuel was added to it. It was hotter than any of the Units 1-3, and completely unprotected by containment. This was to be a temporary thing until the fuel could be returned to the reactor vessel for restart.

    The calculation on the temps reached is new. And so is the warning of a second major quake in the near future.

    With Unit 4 reactor building about to topple under the pull of gravity, and no real sure-fired way to shore the building so it doesn’t collapse (the metal structure is just too stressed to augment properly without breaking it), a major earthquake would be a terrible disaster that would dwarf what has happened thus far. You’d have a reactor full of fresh fuel exposed to open air. Nasty in a sense that we’ve never seen before….

    As far as Unit 3, the MOX was a recent modification, and not that much MOX fuel was in the SFP, and none of it was fresh, since it wasn’t scheduled for refueling for months. Add to it that the SFP in Unit 3 is in better shape structurally, as the explosion’s force (from new discussion) would have forced the SFP downward to nestle in the wreckage. It’s more likely to leak that topple, so constantly topping it off with water should suffice for now. The worry there is it developing leaks too large to keep topped off or a loss of water supply/delivery due to a disaster in Unit 4.

    • Kevin Kevin

      the SFP in three exploded down words?

      I like the notion that mox fuel had not been in the pool.

      But really downwards? I had not seen that.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Actually the SPF pool of #3 blew up in March. Nuclear explosions make mushroom clouds.

      • Kevin Kevin

        This is what I originally said in my first comment above however this poster says they are neslted nicely due to being imploded or under the detination.

        I was hoping he could provide something that suggests he is accurate.

        • dosdos dosdos

          The SPF in Unit 3 is sitting lower than the SPF’s in other units where they’re visible (1 & 4). Just look at the photos. It sits lower than the other two visible (well, at least it was visible in #1 before they tented it). The detonation on Unit 3 was upwards (see Fairewinds video discussion) above the SFP, and equal and opposite Newtonian physics only sees the SFP being pushed downward, crumbling the structure below it in the shockwave. That’s why it’s harder to see the contents of the SFP in 3, even though the roof girders were blown off above it. It’s not just the debris hiding it.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            dosdos, Arnie Gundersen in 2 different videos has given evidence as to the fact that the SPF in reactor #3 exploded. He is a nuclear engineer. I believe him, not you. And I don’t know what kind of Newtonian physics you are talking. Newton knew nothing about nuclear explosions. Giving your statements a fancy name doesn’t make it so. Where is you academic authentication in the form of scientific footnotes or links to articles on the internet? Are they left out because you don’t know science?

          • Kevin Kevin


            I dont believe that is what Arnie nor do I believe the pictures suggest what you are saying. You need to provide links and or pictures in order for me to take you seriously. If you look at the design what you claim is near impossible.

  • AT4545

    Forgive me, this is off topic & I have never posted here before.

    My wife is from Tokyo and her family from Shirakawa in Fukushima. I have been trying for many months to truly understand the situation. Only since July I picked up enenews, australiancannonball, skf and fukushima diary has the true horror of Daichi been made apparent. It is nowhere in else in the news, nowhere. The BBC rarely mention it.

    My wife & daughter were due to fly to visit their relatives less than a week after the horrific earthquake. They rescheduled for sept but reading enenews – well it was obvious that even if the risks during a month stay are small, they are not worth it and they cancelled. If I had not made some effort to enquire, they would be there now, with her friends who are visiting Narita, Chiba with their 1, 4 and 7 yr old children. It is hard to judge the risks, but I do not think they should take these risks with their children, even for only 3 weeks – eating, drinking, breating radiation contaminated substances.

    This is what I fear, for my wifes relatives left in Japan (incuding 2 young nieces) should the fuel pool at unit 4 go up:

    True Stories: After The Apocalypse (Nuclear Testing Effects)

  • Sheesh, 20 new fuel rods is no big deal.

    It’s like jogging five miles, no big whoop.

    uhmmmm….204 fuel rods! Holy Sh*t

    thats a Planet Death Knell folks

    party like its 1999

    red red wine

  • thelili

    Oh Dear God now we have religious nuts here too.

    To the religious people: Humans do not have to believe in God. If it is true that God loves all of his created creatures he will not mind if they won’t love him back. They go to heaven anyway.

    Your quoting the pages of a book that some human told you that God had written via another human (I mean seriously he can create entire universes but needs a human to write one damn book? Really?), so that you can chastise other humans about what YOU think God wants.

    How about this? If you truly believe your God is omnipotent and omniscient(which you don’t otherwise you wouldn’t be trying to do his/her/its work for him/her/it)let GOD figure out how he/she/it wants to handle non-believers.

    How about that?

    Anhyoo where was I? Yes. Another large earthquake is going to come, there will be an explosion the world will be able to see from space,which I imagine will please Westcoastguy, Japan will be gone immediately, China will follow and everyone else will have about 15 years maximum.

    Or does anyone have a way to make the world governments stop lying and covering up?

    No? Okay then. Carry on.

    • Jebus Jebus

      +100 Books about man for man by man…That does not mean there is no God, no one living knows that fact.

      But, as a charter member of the fringe nutbar gang, I am offended to be grouped with all the other nuts…

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      To the religia-freaks. Spare us your opinions please. Talk Fukushima news here.

      • StPaulScout StPaulScout

        I will gladely come to your church, take the pulpit, and debate the entire congregation though. I’m warning you though, the odds are me against all of you, I’m betting on me……..

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          I think betting on God is the difference between you and the churches you scorn. God is the creator. Man alone joins the Destroyer.

    • americancommntr

      So, based on your word, everyone goes to Heaven? Are you sure about that? For example, do you think unrepentant nuclear industry pushers and liars should be allowed in there? Would they be a threat to Heaven? Or to a new earth? Are they or are they not a threat to this earth, now? Should Adolph Hitler be allowed in Heaven? Would he continue in his diabolical actions, murder, and pursuit of power in Heaven? Did you know in the Bible it says Lucifer rebelled, took one third of the angels with him, and launched a rebellion against the Creator? And for that was kicked out of Heaven, allowed to fall from his place and beauty, and will someday be thrown into a lake of fire, along with all the people who reject Christ?

      • Anthony Anthony

        And in saying this you prove you missed her post’s point. thelili is asking you (or religious attacking types) to allow them to have their own relationship with God as they know God while they mutually allow you your religious format. Peaceful. My grandfather was an excellent Pastor and for me he represents the better type of religion. I cant remember him attacking, a non believer, ever, with verses from the very book and bible which fostered the debate. He didn’t need to, everybody has their own path he reminded me. He also never asked me if I believed in God. He baptized me too.

        • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

          Dear Anthony (Tony): Well, the pious know A God. Their faith in one doesn’t preclude the existence of others, even if they think so. The part of the brain that governs religious choice is not known for being rational or reason-based, or connected well to superconsciousness. The playing out of this irrationality (see Salem Witch trials to see how absolutely stupid the pious can be…or, of course, the treatment of women in many Muslim countries) is why intelligent humans who care about the ecosystem insist on fully secular government, which is rational when not based in greed but in policies for the greater good based in sharing.

      • People use religion for political means and every thing gets muddier from that point on over time. No doubt Jesus, Mohammad,
        and the rest existed and had great truths to tell. Total evidence of huge flood. Look the average squirrel or whatever can’t be a fossil as the conditions wont let that happen. Fossils have been flash frozen if you will by a huge earth upheaval. It rained for forty days and forty nights. Every civilization seems to have a Flood story. I believe in the theory of Creationism over the theory of Evolution. The first book of Genesis has some ancient knowledge handed down through the years but what that exactly is nobody really knows. The story of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Eternal Life. Damn! If they get the other fruit they will be like us Gods! What a weird story. Still, there has to be at least some sort of Karmic type law working here. People have the choice to act out of Love or Hate whatever religious stripe they choose and I have to include Science as one of those stripes as by choosing to be an Atheist it implies a religion by the very nature of it being a choice of belief.
        Good is in everybody.

        God Bless

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      #thelili. Why do you call the Bible “one damn book”? In the first place it is 66 books. It was written by a number of people who lived at different times, a historical account written by people who were called to testify and to relate historical happenings according to their beliefs and their community’s belief. It is the testimony of God acting in history.

      Why don’t you read the Gospel of John? This is the account of the life and teaching of Jesus according to one of his disciples.
      John 1-10

      John 11-21


      John1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    Arne said if that bitch bounces, best to boogey, buckwheat. “Nuclear fuel laying on the ground” aren’t words that should ever be in a sentence together, way back at the beginning ENENews when this shit first hit the fan. ELE talk from Tacoma. May it stand in perpetuity………

  • Sickputer

    I read the fresh fuel pulled for Unit 4 weighed 26 tons.


    The comments section in this old article from March have some great insight for so early in the disaster. Some retired engineers who have now no reason to lie. *;-)

  • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

    Dear Elenin: I’m so grateful for those in here (I think the majority of posters) who realize that it was a nuclear explosion at Reactor 3. Thank you. (I’m just browsing around different parts of our blog this evening–which almost always restores my faith in humanity–thank you) FS

  • tomb1

    I read into the topic of predicting earthquakes a bit, regarding FM radio waves emitted in the time before a quake hits.


    Seeing this new graph


    makes me shiver. It seems that there is scientifically based reason to believe we’ll have another catastrophe in December oder (I believe) in January.

    Shit. Japan will be in big trouble.