Dead cleanup worker removed sludge from drains in contaminated area just hours before death — “Exceptional” unease by gov’t spokesman

Published: December 12th, 2011 at 6:58 pm ET


NHK Japanese translated by EX-SKF, Dec. 12, 2011:

  • 60-year-old man was found collapsed in a car and confirmed dead
  • Doing the decontamination work in Date City in Fukushima
  • Near the district assembly hall in the morning
  • Scooped the sludge in the side drains
  • Eating lunch in the company car
  • Found collapsed in a car in Shimo-Oguni District of Date City at around 1pm on December 12
  • Cabinet Office says “The cause of death has nothing to do with the decontamination work”, without revealing the details

EX-SKF analysis:

  • I just hate to think how radioactive the sludge was
  • No indication that the gov’t had measured the density of the soil or sludge
  • The decontamination technology for that kind of operation in Japan is hand, shovel, trowel, and sandbag
  • Beyond criminal
  • Spokesman said in the yesterday’s press conference was “We don’t know the details, but the death is definitely not caused by the radiation, and it has nothing to do with the decontamination work”
  • He had to clarify upon being further questioned by a reporter
  • All he meant was that the worker didn’t die while he was doing the decon work

Published: December 12th, 2011 at 6:58 pm ET


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35 comments to Dead cleanup worker removed sludge from drains in contaminated area just hours before death — “Exceptional” unease by gov’t spokesman

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    Will the world hear about your death? It seems unlikely, but people are getting restless anyway, according to ABC news:

    Americans’ support for nuclear power has fallen, as 70% of those surveyed in a new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll say they’ve grown more concerned about the industry’s safety based on the crisis unfolding at reactors in Japan.

    • Whoopie Whoopie


    • James2


      That means a tsunami of public opinion is going to break out when the public finds out even 10% of what we already know.

      I wouldn’t want to be a politician or a regulatory agency employee right now – I the public might be calling for the guillotine again. No doubt people will go to prison for covering this thing up.

      • Captain Quark Captain Quark

        82% of surveyed people don’t believe quoted statistics are accurate, another 8% are undecided and a whopping 33% think percentages don’t add up to 100…..

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Don’t forget to LEND YOUR VOICE HERE (previous post)
    Need ALL ON BOARD!!

  • OK 60 year old man. Could have died by any means but… why did he die after working for nuclear clean up crew. Makes sense to me that 60 yr old would succumb quicker then 20 yr old. No way of knowing what exposure actually was, could have been cleaning hotspot. But
    no way of proving for sure death caused by radiation. My sense is that radiation was at least a mitigating factor. Luckily for TEPCO and government no way to conclusively prove that radiation played into mans death. A good news story for the nuclear ghouls trying to run this place.

    • NoVictimNoFraudNoCrime

      Yes but what we do know is that the cabinet office apparently knew immediately that his death was not related to radiation. How fortuitous!

      • That is because those in charge have law degrees not nuclear anything degrees.

        God Bless

      • James2

        Obviously they asked him if he had died from radiation exposure, and he didn’t answer yes, so they took that as no…

        • A regular Colombo bulldog they are !

          • midwestern midwestern

            I’m wondering if this report of how the man was found on Tepco property can be trusted either. Do workers typically eat lunch in company cars, how close to the site? How do we know that he didn’t collapse while working on the site, and that he wasn’t then put in the car and driven to the location where he was supposedly found?
            Not to create a preposterous, inconclusive game of speculation, but just to voice a concern about the absolute untrustworthiness of any scenario relating to a worker’s death that is reported by Tepco.
            They will never admit that any of their workers died as a direct cause of radiation poisoning.
            Are the other workers also too intimidated to discuss any real aspects of the story that they may have witnessed?

            • midwestern midwestern

              Sounds like he was found close to the site he was working on and it wasn’t Tepco property? Still hard to believe any reported details by the company.

              • midwestern midwestern

                Date city is 60 miles north of the Fuku plant–rice tested there exceeded acceptable standard for cesium contamination. I have my bearings now…

        • karaa karaa

          very well explained, thank you

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      Mark: What TEPCO and the other nuke lobby types most worry about is being able to autopsy death by radiation and this is why the shadows, smoke and mirrors by the nuke world about internalized exposure. The subject studied becomes an emitter of radiation, which is quite easily measurable and much easier to empirically correlate with known illnesses.

  • bmurr bmurr

    there will be no hiding all the death in japan in two years. wonder what they are going to do to distract us? I do believe this calls for a new war in the middle east.

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      Dear bmurr. I tend to agree “there will be no hiding the deaths”; but what about the minimization of the deaths from the tsunami? I think that probably far more than the 25,000 or 30,000 estimated have died (my estimate is more like 85,000). Governments with modern media technology are not less good at hiding data from the masses as time goes by without any real challenge to top-down control by the wealhtiest; but more good at it. Another great example are the ridiculously low numbers published supposedly reflecting deaths of soldiers or civilians by U.S. activities in Iraq over the past nearly nine years (since March 17, 2003 or same syndrome with the Gulf War). Compare what the Pentagon or White House says with what John’s Hopkins or the British medical journal Lancet says about this topic, just one place to start. Getting the word out is very important. Another good recent example of minimization is the amount of oil that gushed for months from the Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico, or the tonnage of incredibly toxic Corexit used by BP, or their lies, revealed, suppressed and forgotten about so many aspects of that disaster. Nonetheless, I’m with you and very much hope that somehow this one does wake people up.

      • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

        Come to think of it, the Macondo well and others may still be leaking.

        • Pallas, we are living in a toxic soup given all the dinosaur fuel, dinosaur plastic damn cant buy milk pop ( American soda ) whatever foods thats not packaged in plastic, lots of empirical evidence to show that mixing nuclear waste with chemical waste increases cancer even more. When we here are talking about heightened cancer rates due to increased radiation what factor do you add for all other chemical pollutants we are burdened with for the sake of the “Economy”?

      • Past behavior is best predictor of future behavior !

      • Pallas89juno, Oh yes, they will let the dogs out again, … most folks will get whiplash !

        : o

  • Germany going no nuke, Switzerland too I believe, Italy big anti nuke vote…. Protests in India, just a matter of time when nuke will be a bad word just like second hand smoke is now.

    • jimbojamesiv

      Good job conflating two unrelated things.

      The powers that be would be proud.

      Second-hand smoke was never dangerous and it’s entirely nothing like radiation.

      • Second hand smoke is dangerous. But I was using second hand smoke to demonstrate changing social mores. Smoking was acceptable at work, in a hospital everywhere. Now not so much. Here in BC it is illegal to smoke in a car with minors. Can’t smoke in Bars or Restaurants. Can’t smoke at work. Unheard of twenty years ago.

        Hopefully one day people will be just as unaccepting of nuclear reactors.

  • OK only way I can justify this is that John Wayne starts this clip. He always said he thought he developed lung cancer due to working in films using land that was in close proximity to nuclear bomb tests in Nevada desert. That is not empirical evidence but is what John Wayne said. Trust him before experts, says Mark.

    • The Duke was onto something. Many experts agree, it’s not so much the tobacco itself but the intentionally radioactive soil it is grown in

      • Plus this year them broad leafs allow much fallout this year, a great time to quit !

      • Tobacco is off topic, but I can say from living in BC Bud capitol Vancouver, second hand tobacco smoke is harsher then second hand pot smoke. There are many additives in tobacco which are added to make the product more marketable. You don’t have to go with nuclear dirt. Pot is grown for potency only. No chemicals are added after growing period. Tobacco gets “cured”.
        Sulpher is added to make cigarette burn without attention. Smoking a marijuana cigarette, if you leave it in the ash tray it will go out. Other things are added to tobacco to market cigarettes. More addictive then heroin, yet less of a kick then pot. Yeah plutonium is legal and USA gov is financing plutonium nuclear fuel program.

        To recap. uranium and plutonium are legal, tobacco and alcohol are legal, pot heroin and coke are illegal. Fossil fuels are legal and in Japan 20 mSv per year of radiation to children is legal thus legalizing nuclear pollution. Its a strange world we live in.

        God Bless

    • With a gut full of 65 lbs of fecal matter, I would say he didn’t exercises much after all them meat and potatoes !
      Now the Marlboro man may be more suited !

  • It is well known that many children and adults drop dead suddenly due to Cesium toxicity in the heart.

    Yuri Bandazhevsky, scientist and medical researcher discovered and proved a Long term incorporated radionuclides syndrome in Chernobyl area inhabitants.

    This is a totally new disease that did not exist before. This disease is a disease of the heart, due to a toxic loading of Cesium in the heart muscle.

    As the Cesium collects and concentrates in the heart muscle, it causes problems there. After about 50Bq/kg, the heart and other organs will see lesions developing, according to him and his research results.

    At a rate higher than that, he found that the child can die suddenly for no obvious reason, or have heart attacks, strokes, or other problems around the heart.

    He is saying that statistics about children are not being shared with ANYONE in the nuclear community, not the UN, not the WHO, not anyone else. As a matter of fact, the same coverup that happened after Chernobyl, is now happening in Japan after Fukushima.

    Nuclear experts associated or supported/directed by the nuclear industry claim that radiation is good for you, does no harm, and that children are not affected. They also claim all damage found in people or children is due SOLELY due to stress or phobias about nuclear stuff, but NOT from radiation.

  • It would be nice to do an autopsy, and see if there are any lesions or problems with the heart, and to measure the internal radiation exposure of this individual who was cleaning up high level radiation..

    How long did he do this? What was his training? Did he have a dosimeter? Where are the records for this?

    I will bet money that the nuclear industry will not count this death as due to Fuku. They will also not be interested in finding out if it was or not.. His death will be just another meaningless statistic of millions of deaths from FUKU, just like Chernobyl.

    UN Secretary General Dr Kofi Anan; “Consequences of Chernobyl do not fade away, but actually grow over time and in many ways, become more intense.”

    D. Zupka, UN representative of UN humanitarian affairs UN – OCHA
    Both agree and say that there are 9 million victims from Chernobyl as of 2001, and the tragedy is only beginning. The calamity will be with us for generations to come, even if IAEA and other pro nuclear ‘experts’ claim the opposite.

    Children are dying; Chernobyl radiation effects have been extensively studied by many independent scientists around the world. Here is what they found. Children are affected in many ways, and the following is a brief summary:

    Increase in Spontaneous abortions
    Increase in mortality
    Increase in number of ill and feeble newborns
    Increase in number of genetic defects and diseases, total of over 2,000 possible
    Increase in number of congenital malformations
    Increase in incidence of cancers of all kinds
    Increase in impaired mental development
    Increase in psychiatric diseases
    Increase in alterations of immune system, weakening
    Increase in abnormal hormone balances
    Increase in diseases of the cardiovascular system
    Increase in abnormal slow growth of children
    Increase in abnormal exhaustion of children
    Increase in delayed recovery from diseases
    Increase in premature aging effects