Deception? NYT: Experts seriously doubt gov’t Fukushima control claims — Fear Japan only trying to “appease growing public anger”

Published: December 15th, 2011 at 6:51 am ET


Japan Set to Declare Control Over Damaged Nuclear Reactors, New York Times by Martin Fackler, Dec 14, 2011:

Cold Shutdown

  • Gov’t expected to declare soon it has finally regained control of […] reactors
  • Announcement facing serious doubts from experts
  • Many experts fear:
  • 1) Gov’t is declaring victory only to appease growing public anger over the accident
  • 2) It may deflect attention from remaining threats to the reactors’ safety
  • Some experts […] say proclaiming a cold shutdown may actually be deceptive, suggesting […] plant is closer to getting cleaned up than it actually is
  • Experts point out, damaged fuel cores have yet to be removed from plants that suffered meltdowns decades ago
  • Soviet officials simply entombed the damaged reactor in a concrete sarcophagus after the explosion [at Chernobyl]


  • A large aftershock […] could knock out the jury-rigged new cooling system
  • [Large aftershock] is considered a strong possibility by many seismologists
  • Kudo and other experts said their biggest fear was that another earthquake or tsunami could knock out Tepco’s makeshift cooling system
  • They noted that it was not built to earthquake safety standards
  • Vulnerable equipment [is] connected to reactors by more than a mile and a half of rubber hoses
  • “All it would take is one more earthquake or tsunami to set Fukushima Daiichi back to square one […] Can we really call this precarious situation a cold shutdown?” –Kudo
Published: December 15th, 2011 at 6:51 am ET


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18 comments to Deception? NYT: Experts seriously doubt gov’t Fukushima control claims — Fear Japan only trying to “appease growing public anger”

  • Bones Bones

    This is a sick game and the Japanese people are stuck in the middle. The government doesn’t want to lose consumers so it will lie and cheat to convince the gullible that all is alright. This man made disaster has changed the world forever. I find it amazing that this story even made it to print in the msm.

    • Captain Quark Captain Quark

      I agree Bones, the government here is blatantly fibbing to the public, however there are some Japanese who adamantly deny any problem. If there was where do they go? Evacuate Tokyo? to where? If Spock were here I’m sure he could give some statistics on the matter…

  • godzuki

    its kind of like W Bush saying mission accomplished, when intact there are years and year to go.

    I noticed someone mentioned the “poof” disappearing of all the BBC and Guardian and other 24 hour news coverage. They all went on the same day. I remember going on line to check the next morning and bam – all of the feeds had stopped. Ive never seen such an abrupt end to such important news coverage. Thats why I know its a big deal.

    • farawayfan farawayfan

      Agreed, all US MSM feeds went deadly silent within 24 hours. In one day the story migrated from the top of pages to the World section to off that. Broadcast news just dropped the story. I remember a local broadcast just asking about a possible association between Fuku and local radioactive iodine levels and its possible effects on children. That broadcast, some weeks after MSM silence, was never repeated. The website for the station had the story for a few hours, and it then disappeared with only a dead link (enenews dl’ed it before then, kudos), no retraction or comment. And, I’ve not seen the main reporter from that story on the news since.

      Frightening. Eye-opening.

  • I think the BIGGEST story about FUKU is the radiation and the effects of even low level radiation on human health.

    This is for sure… that part of the story is NOT being covered.

    Whether the FUKU plant is under control or not, we will see, because one cannot hide a China Syndrome, at least not for long. It just gets too hard to hide deadly radiation spreading all over, and huge steam explosions from stuff melting down through the ground. Rising radiation levels will be the result from that, if it is happening.

    History teaches us that multiple meltdowns and melt throughs have happened. Most are not even taught or talked about. Only TMI and Chernobyl are usually talked about, but many more happened.

    In Russia, in the US, and in any other country, they have covered up and denied any harm to human health from the radiation that did come out from these ‘accidents’.

    Even with DU weapons, the same scenario is happening.. Deadly uranium dust is floating around in the air, exposing both troops and civilians for tens of thousands of years in air, water and food… But, guess what folks, it is ‘safe’ to eat, breathe and drink it all.

    This is the bigger story that needs concentrated attention by all bloggers and truth seekers.

  • godzuki

    this was one of the last live feeds i read before they cut out:

    I think its important to remember this was the MSM until they all stopped in unison. Its a good point of reference to remind you that this isn’t imagined, you are not a “radiation news obsessed web nut” and its a very serious situation that is being covered to prevent worry.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      @godzuki..thank you for this excellent post…
      Journalists used to have ethics… the position that truth is the objective…the whole story…
      Hopefully more and more of them will feel the pull to do what is right..
      And since I know they(MSM) are lurking…I ask ..Please.

    • entropy

      Thanx for reassuring me I’m not a nut. 🙂 my girlfriend will cut me off at the mention of fuku.
      People are microcosisms of tepco. Pretend it’s ok.

    • arclight arclight

      nice point worth remembering godzuki

      “I think its important to remember this was the MSM until they all stopped in unison. Its a good point of reference to remind you that this isn’t imagined,”

      and this from the guardian explaining media deception.. and how it isnt working!!

      most people in the uk are unaware of problems with daichi and sorrounding contamination, the BBC fully supports this censorship and manipulation of the facts…

      nice article, well researched and not done by george monibot?

      “British public strongly support renewable energy, survey says, The Guardian, 14 Dec 11 56% of UK population wants to see more investment in wind power, finds a YouGov survey
      Does the UK have a “silent majority” in support of further investment in renewables? You wouldn’t necessarily think so if you listen to the very vocal, media-driven opposition against, say, wind power, but a recent YouGov survey commissioned by the Sunday Times suggests the true picture might be a little different.

      The Sunday Times itself chose not to report the YouGov findings related to renewables (you can draw your own conclusions as to why), but if you look beyond the headline polling about the 1,696 respondents’ political leanings you start to reach some rather intriguing environmentally themed results …….”

      check out the video and statistics and general bad mouthing of the pro nuke lobby here

      and the summary from the guardian here

      “but it does provide grist to the theory that there is a danger that the vocal minority (and their powerful media allies) who oppose investment in renewable energy shouldn’t be allowed to drown out the views of the silent majority who seemingly favour such an approach.”

  • Yohann Gambleputty Yohann Gambleputty

    As soon as Gaddafi came on the scene, government and the media latched on to saturate us with the great Libyan crisis. Now after a bullit to his temple by some unknown camel jockey, its all over and forgotten. The Japan crisis in March was the most incredible event I ever witnessed, then blackout! Powers that be are banking on dumbed down citizens in a Mickey D Starbucks induced coma, not having to worry about a true End of Days scenario. We are all approaching zero hour.

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    I agree with these themes about msm coverage.

    Another facet that I find odd though, is that there seems so little crowd-source, live blog, citizen journalist coverage from the area either.

    I know about the evacuations, but we get occasional stories about “farmers who stayed behind” – never anything about a hypothetical heroic blogger who stayed to document the tragedy. Statistically, you’d expect to find that kind of thing, I think.

    Instead, we got fairy tales about “the Fukushima 50” working at the site.

    We also get frequent stories about exploited day-laborers who must sign contracts that they will never reveal blah blah. Surely some of those people would blab their story to the world by now, and surely some media outlet would pounce on such a story (think National Enquirer if nothing else).

    I had always thought that, while one media chain might be muzzled by some special interest, another might blurt out a different story, even if under thrall of a second special interest. I’m used to the noise of spin from all sides, but this nine month silence is really amazing.

    This year, in all the world’s (alleged) hotspots, we are shown citizens with cellphone cameras recording all the minutia of the moment – except for the biggest story of all.

  • James2

    There has been a very, very active and apparently well funded electronic “dragnet” on all fukushima information out of Japan.

    I haven’t watched the news programs on TV for many years because it seems to be just paid piece after paid piece – with a few “feel good”stories and a few actual news events thrown in.

    But in just the past two years, the internet is the same thing. It’s no longer a place where individuals share – it’s a place where commercial interests troll and use digital rights and copyrights to hammer individuals into submission. If that doesn’t work, then governments have no problem illegally controlling things.

  • dosdos dosdos

    Temperature Man, able to see the temperature of molten cores when no one else can.

  • the internet has become a marketing and clickfarm megamashine.
    still possible to find independent information but you have to eat your way through tons and tons of sponsored links and pure garbage.

  • and the next step is the automated big brother conditioning machine, zillions of facebook-clicks will tell how to do it.

  • lam335 lam335

    As I recall, even TEPCO’s original definition of “cold shutdown” said something about significantly reducing/controlling the releases of radiological materials. Considering the fact that contaminated steam continues to spew into the air and contaminated water continues to leak into the Pacific, it sounds like they have silently dropped this component of “cold shutdown” as well.

    Is this a potential upside to their fraudulent declaration?: “If the task force declares a cold shutdown, the next step will be moving the spent fuel rods in nearby cooling pools to more secure storage, and eventually opening the reactors themselves”

    But if it’s the radioactivity of the spent fuel itself that generally delays its removal from the pools, then I don’t see how prematurely declaring a “cold shutdown” can really enable them to begin moving the spent fuel any sooner than if they had held off declaring their cold shutdown mission accomplished (as Godzuki so aptly put it).

  • Radio VicFromOregon

    Maybe the sooner TEPCO can make the claim of cold shutdown, they stop being liable for some cost or other for any additional radiation fallout? Maybe something similar to their claim that the radiation that leaves their plant is no longer theirs and therefore they are not responsible for the effects it creates? Cold shutdown would indicate a stable, no radiation spill scenario. Any continued fallout could be ignored, no more testing needing to be done, stuff like that?