More children who evacuated Fukushima found with thyroid abnormalities -Report

Published: May 18th, 2012 at 9:43 am ET


Follow up to: [intlink id=”alert-fukushima-pediatrician-we-need-outside-help-japanese-people-not-listening-we-are-now-in-very-bad-condition-especially-for-children-please-give-us-help-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

One of the more popular Japanese blogs covering the Fukushima catastrophe, Portirland, today ran this report (Emphasis Added):

Systran Translation

Headline: Abnormality of the thyroid gland was found from the child of 4 family in 5 families which are evacuated to Aichi prefecture Nagoya city

Opening Paragraph: With 4 person in 5 people abnormality, you think in the thyroid gland that it is tremendous.

Google Translation

Headline: Abnormalities of the thyroid gland is found from the five children of four families in the family have taken refuge in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

Opening Paragraph: I think abnormal, and terrible to the thyroid gland in four out of five people.

Microsoft Translation

Headline: Abnormalities of the thyroid is found from the 5 tribe 4 family in Nagoya, Aichi are fleeing child

Opening Paragraph: I think in 4 out of 5 amazing and abnormal thyroid.


The article also notes that Cesium, not only iodine, concentrates in the thyroid (Source):

Though it’s near midnight, our Japanese-speaking readers are encouraged to translate/summarize the report and I will post as an update.

Published: May 18th, 2012 at 9:43 am ET


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18 comments to More children who evacuated Fukushima found with thyroid abnormalities -Report

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Errrrm…as I understand it, it's not "4 of 5 children" (in general terms), but "4 children from 5 (different) families".

    • ENENews

      Hey B&B

      The translated headline is a bit confusing. However, the opening paragraph is more clear: "I think abnormal, and terrible to the thyroid gland in four out of five people."

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        I guess rooks is asleep by now, otherwise he could've helped out…"developing story", as you said.

        • ENENews

          Systran: "With 4 person in 5 people abnormality, you think in the thyroid gland that it is tremendous."

  • Do organs have to be autopsied in order to determine the amounts of contamination?

    Is there a test I can ask my doctor for that would determine MY level of radioactive isotope contamination? Preferably pre-mortem.

    • pure water

      Dr. Helen Caldicott talked about a biopsy for determining the kind of the problem in every child. Dr. Bandazhevski used to take pictures of such samples under microscope (and his materials were cofiscated later). But I strongly doubt the average doctor do such things.

    • Thyroid nodules/tumors would have to be biopsied to determine if they're benign or cancerous. All of these have been 'assumed' benign, but that doesn't mean they are, or won't become cancerous.

      Neither biopsy or examination following removal would 'find' any iodine-131, it has long since decayed and the damage is done. Which will or won't cause nodules/tumors/cancer. If cesium is present, that would still be in there.

  • Not to worry:

    The Nuclear Energy Institute—an influential nuclear industry trade group—claims,

    “No health effects are expected among the Japanese people as a result of the events at Fukushima.”

    Fukushima Updated: What They Won’t Tell You
    (by Karl Grossman for HUSTLER Magazine)

  • Kushana

    Here is a quick translation as far as I understand it (native speakers please correct me if I'm wrong):
    Thyroid abnormalities were found in children of four families out of five families that evacuated to Nagoya city, Aichi prefecture. The mayor Takashi Kawamura and the goveneur Omura Hideaki jointly drew attention to the matter.

    • arclight arclight

      thanl you kushana…

      they dont give the actual number of children..
      so we cant draw any useful statistics
      it could be any number of children per family

      the thyroid issue flies in the face of western international oncology medicine.. universities like manchester, imperial college, california university etc

      the iranians have documentation that supports busbies theories more than the above oncology money ICRP IAEA universities.. the iranian documantaion i found came from studies done in thailand, so the thai science community knows too!

      why was all the fallout data hidden ? because the global military have deemed fallout a top secret subject that you cant test for (since the fifties)
      looks like nothing has changed!!

  • arclight arclight

    Thyroid Cancer on Rise For Chernobyl Children

    “…Children who were exposed to radiation from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster are developing thyroid cancer sooner and in larger numbers than expected, researchers report.……..

    …..An increase in thyroid cancer had been reported earlier, but some Western health officials had expressed concern about the reliability of the data.

    In a letter published yesterday in Nature, a British science journal, Dr. Vasily S. Kazakov of the Belarus Ministry of Health in Minsk and his colleagues say that the thyroid cancer rates in the regions most heavily irradiated began to soar in 1990.

    In Gomel, the most contaminated region studied, there used to be just one or two cases of thyroid children a year.

    But Kazakov and his colleagues found that there were 38 cases in 1991. In six regions of Belarus and the city of Minsk, the investigators found 131 cases of thyroid cancer in young children, some of whom were still in the womb when the Chernobyl accident occurred.

    Because of questions about the cancer reports, the World Health Organization sent a team of scientists to Minsk to verify the reports………, they confirmed Kazakov’s results…. “

    “It poses both humanitarian and scientific problems, and is placing great strains upon the health services of our new country.”

    handy chart that shows the thyroid cancers increasing slightly then exploding 4 years later…

    • arclight arclight

      …most worrying! what other iodine isotopes would have made it across the pacific? some have shorter half lives than iodine 131?.. this would be an unmeasured dose on top of the official dose of just iodine 131..?? just a thought.

      and this

      Chernobyl’s Continuing Thyroid Impact
      The 1986 nuclear accident and its continuing impact on thyroid disease
      By Mary Shomon, Guide
      Updated December 15, 2003

      “In addition to thyroid cancer, there is another thyroid related problem due to Chernobyl’s radiation release. According to the medical journal, Lancet, children exposed to radioactive iodine due to the Chernobyl nuclear explosion may be more likely to develop hypothyroidism. Research conducted at the University of Pisa showed that exposure to Chernobyl’s radiation caused the children to have more antithyroid antibodies than other children. These antibodies may cause the children to later develop hypothyroidism.”

  • arclight arclight

    the fukushima mothers association from the conference in geneva

    in japanese.. any chance of a translation?

    and here @7.52

    the first part of this video

    • arclight arclight

      the first part of the japanese gentleman (last link above) here

      • arclight arclight

        from the second link above the same guy speaking in english

        • arclight arclight

          check the last link out!! wow

          • arclight arclight

            Translation of Rue89 Interview with Wataru Iwata
            APRIL 6, 2012

            "On March 13 2011, two days after the Tōhoku Earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accidents at Fukushima occurred, the composer Wataru Iwata left his studio in the suburbs of Tokyo to take refuge in Kyoto. He was completely aware, as the entire population now is, that an unprecedented catastrophe – even larger than Chernobyl – just occurred. After countless sleepless nights, Iwata, who never engaged in activism before, either humanitarian or political, decided to go to Fukushima prefecture on March 20, propelled by a zeal even he cannot fully explain.
            During the following three months, Iwata created “Project 47″, named after the 47 prefectures of Japan. Funds were raised to organize the evacuation of victims and to buy radiation measurement equipment and use it to gather data and publish it. He explains:

            “The situation in Japan looks more and more like it did in wartime: television, print and Internet outlets are being called upon to impose a voluntary gag order on themselves.”…."


            this guys cool! and its a shame the last bit with A. maku…..? is missing.. i presume she works with Iawata san?

            great project +100

  • arclight arclight

    AND TOKYOBROWNTABBY IS BACK AND POSTING UP VIDEOS after her censorship by the big entertainments (so called)
    some of the offenders whose products should be avoided….

    Ryuhei Okada
    TV- Asahi Corp.
    Studio Ghibli Inc

    heres the latest translated video she did.. and on topic

    Results of Fukushima's Preliminary Exposure Survey Announced: What Do 2 Experts Say?(Feb/20/2012)福島県民外部被ばく先行調査結果を受けて 山下俊一vs小出裕章

    wellcome back tbt! 🙂