Die-offs of mammals, birds, reptiles in Western U.S. — “So many diseases afflicting such a wide variety of animals” — Names out of sci-fi thriller: hemorrhagic disease, sylvatic plague — Studies now underway to find out why (VIDEO)

Published: November 23rd, 2013 at 10:35 am ET


Billings Gazette, Nov. 18, 2013: Jared Jansen […] said, he and his father, Mike, have seen up to 100 dead deer at a time along the Musselshell River. […] die-offs have whittled the once hardy deer herds down to a handful […] “I’ve only seen three does this year. […] It used to be when I was haying along the river, early in the morning, I’d see 200 to 500 head in the meadows.” […] The names sound like something out of a science fiction thriller: epizootic hemorrhagic disease, sylvatic plague, bluetongue, brucellosis, chytrid, chronic wasting disease […] Yet the all-too-real afflictions threaten to reduce the populations of wild mammals, birds and reptiles across Montana, Wyoming and other regions […] “There is a general consensus among scientists that we are seeing more disease,” said Jonathan Sleeman, director of the U.S. Geological Survey’s National Wildlife Health Center in Madison, Wis. […] so many diseases afflicting such a wide variety of animals […] A study is being conducted in northwestern Montana to examine the possible causes […]

Independent Record, Oct. 31, 2013: What’s happening to all the moose? Moose in the northern United States are dying in what scientists say may be the start of climate shock […] The die-off is most dire in Minnesota, where ecologists say moose could be gone within a decade. […] Concerns have prompted a 10-year study of moose in Montana […] It’s not just in Montana, either. […] An aerial survey of moose in northeastern Minnesota earlier this year showed a 52 percent drop in population since 2010, which prompted the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to completely call off the 2013 moose hunting season […] In various regions of British Columbia [Canada], populations have declined anywhere from 20 to 70 percent in recent years. […] In Montana [they’re going] to monitor adult female survival, pregnancy and calf-survival rates. […] They’re also monitoring the number of ticks on the moose, and use a portable ultrasound machine to measure the layer of rump fat. […] The study also calls for sampling moose from across the state for genetics and parasites. […]

Nick DeCesare, the Missoula-based lead biologist on the Montana study: “About one-third of our animals have no fat on their rump; that was in the winter, so that’s a pretty big deal  […] Are lean animals dying, not giving birth to calves or could they just be leaner this year and are doing fine next year?” […] Three of the [36] collared moose already have died; one was killed by a wolf and the other two were in poor health. […] “Having such a small sample to start with, then having three die, is a big deal.”

Dennis Murray, a population ecologist at Trent University in Canada: “The fact that you’ve got different proximate causes killing off the moose suggests there’s an underlying ultimate cause.”

Watch Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Park veterinarian Jennifer Ramsey explain some of the problems here

Published: November 23rd, 2013 at 10:35 am ET


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146 comments to Die-offs of mammals, birds, reptiles in Western U.S. — “So many diseases afflicting such a wide variety of animals” — Names out of sci-fi thriller: hemorrhagic disease, sylvatic plague — Studies now underway to find out why (VIDEO)

  • What are the various 'transport vectors' for radioactive contamination?

    Here's some.

    "Moose eat many types of woody plants, shrubs, trees, leaves, bark, willows and herbs. They can eat up to 100 pounds each day"

    Leaves and bark are absorbent. These are areas where FALLOUT might accumulate.

    It could also be that the Nuclear testing of the 50' and 60's, (experiments on life), are now taking their genetic toll generations later.


      good summary ChasAha…

    • Maj.WilliamMartin

      Dogs across Montana are loosing hair, vets treating them for thyroid conditions. NOTE: When letting dogs out, they always grab a mouth of grass to eat which like in Coyotes helps pull their digestive track clean.

      Spokane measured radiation in dairy cows and Helena had water problems after Fukushima. BUT.. Don't worry,, Your Government is protecting you by having the EPA raise the levels of accepted Radiation limits and also stated that Geiger counters are worthless for measuring Food and Water.

      If this Government really cared? They'd DEMAND labeling and Warning on all GMO and other foods. But this is CORPORATE AMERICA. Where countless Millions in Lobbing money is spent to hide not only whats in the food & drink but then the lies of Arab's or Muslim's as a threat. US DOCTORS ANNUALLY kill 210,000 American's. FDA Approved Drugs loaded with SLS (Sodium Laryl Sulfate) found in Shampoo, Floor wax strippers, Engine Block Degreaser and Toothpastes (All Labeled as POISON) Most SSRIs and other Lyrica – Gabapentin or Nurontin all have this Agent. Designed to make/keep you sick so that BIG PHARMA can make Hundreds of Billions as 7-10 American's on now on SOME DRUG that generally has SLS.

      FDA Refused to give exposure limits of SLS.

      The US is too busy with Propaganda to make American's HATE those in the world as the US Bombs their Dams, bridges, rail service, food, power & sewer and phone as well as schools, universities, hospitals etc. Whereas like Germany mass…

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Maj., you are covering a great deal of ground and it might be nice for you to have some links to back up such claims/statements.

        Nuclear Technology no doubt has to go immediately and it is the only sane human decision that should be made in the near term/horizon worldwide. 🙂

        If not banned soon.. the rest you mention will matter little.. 🙁

      • freespirit1620

        My research says you are misinformed. How about providing some evidence. Especially concerning pharmaceuticals. Soap, that's a no brainer, I make sure my shampoo uses ammonium laureth sulfate. Thank you.

  • Kassandra

    More animals to add to the alarmingly growing list of animal anomalies:


    Last week at Enenews, MochiMadness described the mass die offs in terms of Radiation Acquired Immune Deficiency, or RAID.

    MochiMadness explained that radiation causes white blood cell counts to plummet. Technical phrasing is 'Neutrophil counts.' See comments here:


    Yesterday it rained hard where I live, approximately a 5 hour drive from Los Angeles. Rad levels have been very, very high in So Cal and Arizona, where I live. Today I feel very sick to my stomach (unusual for me). I hope so much that the rad counts and rain are unrelated to how I feel today. Kids were exposed to rain at school.

    • mairs mairs

      Kassandra, what have the rad readings been? Can you give examples?

      • Kassandra

        EPA radnet readings for places such as Fresno, Bakersfield, and Phoenix have not been this high since the winter of 2011.

        Radnet stopped reporting for Bakersfield after spikes above 1000 cpm beta, which is off the chart

        In the winter of 2011 and early 2012 radiation levels were extraordinarily high in west coast cities with mountains to the east of them, especially CA and Arizona valley cities.

        The pattern did not repeat in the winter of 2012 and early 2013.

        Now the levels are back up again winter of 2013. I am so concerned.

        Shimatsu claims these levels stem from venting of unit 4 in preparation for the fuel removal.

  • OldFool

    If you actually sit down and thoroughly read (Not Skim) Yablokov's Chernobyl Consequences book (published by the New York Academy of Sciences), you will see that one of the biggest consequences of all for a vast area was people/animals with much weaker immune systems and far more diseases. The only other plausible explanation that could cause the same effects would be widespread malnutrition from climatic change and food shortages, but this could be a less likely explanation.

    • Maj.WilliamMartin

      In research for Russia's Chernobyl you'll also see over 200,000 babies were aborted.

      In American though, Go back to eating your Turkey that Millions of American Indian's died for. Enjoy your HDTV, Video Games, Gay Marriages, Gay Boy-Scouts, the Pills for Whores that want to Abort unwanted kids for their behavior.

      Buy FOOD on that 19%-29% Credit Card CONSUME CONSUME because if WALL STREET is OK then YOUR OK. Right?

      Some Arab with an AK47 that's range is 250 Yards is more of a THREAT 2,000-9,000 away after the US Arms the very Al Qaeda that brought us 12 years of wars over and the deaths of 2 Million in Iraq and Afghanistan.

      SANTA is coming now, BUY BUY BUY. Big Businesses in CORPORATE AMERICA need, no DEMAND YOUR DEBT!

      Not one thing this Government says of does is truth.

      This is CORPORATE AMERICA the POLICE STATE where 300# Cops kill 12 pound dogs. As SWAT is enforcing the POLICE CORPORATE STATE as does the Judicial System.

      • jec jec

        The abortions were forced as well. Wonder how those women survived all that?
        See this:

        Report after Chernobyl Exclusion Zone trip:

        Chernobyl – 0.15 uSv/h
        Road across the "Red Forest" – 10 uSv/h
        The "Bridge of Death" – 10 uSv/h
        Pripyat – 0.70-1.5 uSv/h
        CHNPP's Reactor #4 sightseeing spot – 17 uSv/h
        Some radioactive spots – up to 2 mSv/h

        Compare that to Fukushima.

      • freespirit1620

        Guess you are anti gay and anti abortion. I and many here don't give a Fuck about your views or religious agenda. And you are way off topic. May your god be damned.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          The babies were aborted because they were severely deformed. They were aborted to hide the results of radioactive contamination.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          Abortions are evidence of the terrible cover up about Chernobyl and all other nuclear reactors. In Japan, the children are all "stillborn" and the mother doesn't even see them.


          go easy freespirit1620…

          • freespirit1620

            Aye, thank you aftershock, and sorry to major. Guess he struck a nerve. I am repulsed by judgmental"religious" people.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    J E T . S T R E A M

    Westerly winds and precipitation.

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    I would suggest our "scientists" do an overlay of the initial and subsequent fall out maps and see how much of that correlates to the sick and dying. I would be surprised if even the most pathetic and stupid "scientist" could not find a correlation.

    Low level radiation kills, high level radiation kills faster.

    Our immune systems are being bombarded constantly.

    Sadly, these are merely very well known facts, not any new "science".

    Radiation bio-accumulates up the food chain. It takes out the smaller weaker ones quickly and sickens the rest.

    Doesn't matter if it is radioactive plankton sickening the polar bears, seals etc, or the grass, trees and bushes that are sickening the deer and moose.

    Our species is being impacted too, only you will not be officially told until the numbers are undeniable.. maybe in two years..

    I suspect we will see drastic changes within a year, based on the continued decline of the Pacific Ocean and subsequent releases from Fukushima and it will take another year for the sheeple to really understand things have changed.

    Our way of life has been destroyed by our corporations that have run rampant ponzi schemes at the expense of, and because of tax payers all over the world. This would never have happened without free tax payer money, at the whim of the rich and privileged.

    Demand a vote on YOUR energy policy. Demand re-regulation of media. Demand News owners tell the truth or go to jail.

    Hell of a way…

    • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

      …to boil water. and stupid too.

    • Socrates

      Don't forget the heavy metals!

      The Silent Spring looms.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne


    • Maj.WilliamMartin

      Scientist's are PAID OFF.

      This year like the last 5 has the highest Sea Ice. The Global Warming HOAX is for more Taxes. Scientist's backing things is like the Lies of Obamacare. The lies of a "More Transparent Administration, Closing GITMO, Protection for Whistle-Blowers and that list goes on and on.

      The US Government is a SHILL for CORPORATE AMERICA. FASCISM at its best. Where the US is EVERYTHING their alleged Germany was in WWII.
      Complete with killing own Citizens, Torturing, Spying, Drones, TSA, DHS, FBI-Stings to CREATE TERROR etc.

      NASA admitted CO2 COOLS. This as Millions cut Christmas Trees that convert CO2 into OXYGEN. Let alone all the Volcano's that spit more GASSES in one eruption then Mankind does in Years. Let alone all the Underwater Volcano's that Warm the Ocean's.

      Corporate America HOAX. Do you actually think they'll tell you Food is unsafe when the make hundreds of Billions off Doctor's and Fee's for MRI/CT scans, Co-Pay's, etc? NOT!

  • Lady M

    MSN news today notes that a new kind of wave generating machine enables people to enjoy surfing "without an ocean." Good timing.

  • Lady M

    (continued)… The article refers to a "surfer" using the new machine and states "instead of being on a sunlit beach in Hawaii or Southern California, this surfer is inside a glass-and-concrete building in New Hampshire." Wheee!

  • Socrates

    Animal epidemiology will probably reveal a relationship to man's multiple chemical and radiological polloution.

    There are more people alive today than ever lived. These people use more chemicals and emit more radiological waste.

    The cumulative effect of thousands of chemicals and the radiation.produce ChemoRaids Die Off Syndrome or CRDOS.

    The SYNERGISM does the trick.

    • Socrates

      If you Google radiation plus immune deficiencies you will see low dose and high dose results. Add in 600 chemicals and there you will see synergy.

      Corporations and governments cannot comprehend this synergy and die offs since profits and not health is the basis of their system.

      Nature does not defer to man's arrogance. Not even the NSA spying can stop die offs.

      • MochiMadness

        Socrates, I think it's something more like 10,000 unregulated chemicals–and admittedly, there are an unknown number of "daughter" chemicals being made every day from the interaction of the known chemicals.

        Note I said "unregulated". The whole world is not the US. We have some loose framework of "regulation" of some chemicals–but many countries do not.

        Unfortunately, the law does not stop nor deter corporations or private citizens in dumping or disposing of toxic chemicals anywhere, anytime. We have absolutely zero idea of what corporations are getting away with, and that goes double for the military.

        I find it ironic that the very technology that enables the NSA to do it's job–is also contributing to the destruction of living organisms. Plants die that are subjected to the frequencies used in wireless communication. RF is also proven to cause all sorts of deleterious health effects.

        My background is in Radiology, MRI to be specific. RF, when applied to living tissue, creates heat. Period. There are no exceptions. Depending on the gradients, duration and pulse sequences I use—I can literally cook you in the scanner if I chose to do so.

        Again—add all of this up. I don't think it's difficult to come to a conclusion that there is no larger conspiracy here. It's an accumulation of bad judgement–by ALL PARTIES, globally. It goes for corporations all the way down to my #*$#! neighbor who dumps Roundup by the gallon on his lawn.

    • Kassandra

      Chronic wow dose effects from chemicals are finally getting some attention:

      Environmental Chemicals: Evaluating Low-Dose Effects. In Environmental Health Perspectives.
      By Linda S. Birnbaum, Director, NIEHS and NTP, National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services,

      [excerpt] "Making connections between the exposome and risk assessment is a difficult but important venture (Paustenbach and Galbraith 2006; Rappaport and Smith 2010).
      Risk assessments typically examine the effects of high doses of administered chemicals to determine the lowest observed adverse effect levels (LOAELs) and no observed adverse effect levels (NOAELs); reference doses, which are assumed safe for human exposure, are then calculated from these doses using a number of safety factors.

      Thus, human exposures to thousands of environmental chemicals fall in the range of nonnegligible doses that are thought to be safe from a risk assessment perspective.

      Yet the ever-increasing data from human biomonitoring and epidemiological studies suggests otherwise: Low internal doses of endocrine disruptors found in typical human populations have been linked to obesity (Carwile and Michels 2011), infertility (Meeker and Stapleton 2010), neurobehavioral disorders (Swan et al. 2010), and immune dysfunction (Miyashita et al. 2011), ….

  • midwestern midwestern

    Hmm, western United States….I wonder if Hanford, Washington and Rocky Flats, Colorado highly contaminted nuclear sites could have or could be contributing to any of the contamination leading to suppressed immune systems?:


  • Cisco Cisco

    It's seldom ever that one single event collapses a government, or a civilization. But, what always precedes the beginning of a collapse is an event that compromises the viability of several other marginal and dangerous conditions.

    The wholesale environmental contamination of our biosphere from the likes of oil & gas, energy generators, Canadian and US government military activities and installations and their atomic labs, mining, chemical companies, solid and liquid waste disposal, et al, have severely compromised the the integrity of the planet's environment, where it can no longer absorb more biological destruction.

    Fukushima is that single event, the tipping point, that is the beginning of compromised biological immune systems from plankton to humans. Although Fukushima as a single event is capable of an ELE on it's own metrics, it sets up the perfect storm for disease and death and the downward spiral of all life giving systems like food, water and shelter.

    We are at some stage into en ELE. The evidence is compelling. The question is, how long will it take…10, 20, 30, 50 years?

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      I think it started with the atomic test bombs in the US, Japan [actually Korea], and Russia. But certainly Fukushima is the largest atomic catastrophe that we know about.

      • Cisco Cisco

        Agreed…I think the it's 10 years if Daiichi goes off. It's sometime longer if radiation counts remain at current levels, maybe 20-30 years. No bees, no plankton, no seafood, and not enough potable water or eatable food…BYE, BYE we're gonners.

  • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

    Humans have caused this…most animals do not excrete where they live. I think the whole earth is so polluted from every aspect that Fuku was just one of the larger nails in the coffin. When the hammer came down nailing us in…we collectively started to wake up.

    Not trying to be "Debbie Downer" but I think it is too late. i.e. water polluted with drugs, fluoride…air polluted….ocean polluted with trash and radiation…too many people on the planet….maybe the system is going in to reboot phase.

    We all owe a big apology for the huge pile of manure we have bequeathed to future generations…

    • Sixela Sixela

      Guy McPherson agrees with you. Don't read if you are feeling suicidal, it will just push you right on over the edge.


      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Very knowledgeable fellow and very dismal in his NTE forecast.

        The Force can be repaired if we choose very wisely from this point out/on.

        Climate change will not be this world's demise. I believe it will be pollution in all forms with Radiation Contamination leading the list and/or our own manmade created Nuclear/Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction.

        His advise about personal preparation is admirable, but this/his show is way to good for anyone to leave at this time.. 🙂

        The true battles required by the Force~to heal~the Force have just begun and we need more Jedi! 🙂

        I liked his use of words throughout too!

        • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

          Agreed Obe…I can't put the book down until I know how it all ends, and who goes first.

          Where are all the Jedi's when you need them!

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        Thanks for the link Sixela…No need for suicide…there are plenty of things floating around to cut a life short…the trick is to know what is the most lethal at the moment.

        Next week the most hazardous place to one's health would be standing first in line at Walmart on black Friday for a cheap tv.

        It is amazing everyone keeps shopping in the SS Titanic gift shop, while the lower decks are filling with water.

        • drinkupdreamers drinkupdreamers

          >>>It is amazing everyone keeps shopping in the SS Titanic gift shop, while the lower decks are filling with water.

          Amen to that. Mind-boggling.


          rolling with newsblackoutUSA. Love that "…SS Titanic gift shop…" thing…

  • Mack Mack

    One of the Enenews articles above talks about animals being very lean and having no fat on their rumps.

    That reminded me of recent stories about Butterball turkeys being really lean this year —>


  • Took 2.5yrs to get my mum after Chernobyl. They were shooting animals, and pigeons, after Windscale/Sellafield, to stop the rad spread in droppings. Not sure if they'll think it's worth doing in the US, the whole country's beginning to fry.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Antibiotic Resistance Threats in the US
    “Antibiotic resistance is a quickly growing, extremely dangerous problem. World health leaders have described antibiotic-resistant bacteria as ‘nightmare bacteria’ that ‘pose a catastrophic threat’ to people in every country in the world. Each year in the United States, at least 2 million people become infected with bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics, and at least 23,000 people die each year as a direct result of these infections. Many more people die from other conditions that were complicated by an antibiotic-resistant infection.
    "In addition, almost 250,000 people who are hospitalized or require hospitalization get Clostridium difficile each year, an infection usually related to antibiotic use. C. difficile causes deadly diarrhea and kills at least 14,000 people each year. Many C. difficile infections and drug-resistant infections can be prevented….”

    • deedles deedles

      One has to wonder what the effects of this radiation will be on germs, too. Will we have mutated super-duper germs next?

  • Shaker1

    One has to wonder where these people who 'study' the animals have been. Here in Vancouver, WA it was apparent that something insidious was going on. All one had to do was walk outside and pay some attention. There is a varied population of bees here, from the size to small ants through the big bumble bees. Just this year I noticed them in numbers that rivaled pre-2011. I admit that I have something for bees, will let the dandelions and clover flower in the yard, fruit trees grow even along the streets with their spring blooms, blackberries with their flowering invade every neglected spot, and I enjoy the bee's variety and process. They're my friends. The birds, too, the noisy geese, the numerous sparrows and songbirds. Robins were almost non-existant, a sparrow pair who'd been nesting in a corner raising two broods a year raised one, then vanished. Brewer's blackbirds are abudant, but diminished that year and last, and I've seen birds with white splotches. Seemed the gulls that come inland that year, and since, have been less, though the crows seem to have done OK. They scavage our food and roadkill as well as feed naturally, but it's fun to watch the crows and the gulls in winter contest over scraps. I worked an outside job before and through 2011 that allowed leisure time to notice such things. Where were the people who do studies? In their labs or in front of a computer screen. This spring was refreshing to see the return in what I considered normal numbers.


    @newsblackoutUSA: your closing thoughts only hint at what future generations face. Picture a sweeping landscape (revealed long ago), devoid of all living fauna. Surprisingly, there were no signs of human habitation; from mega city to small town anywhere, all – literally – erased. From my vantage point, the outlying areas had been reduced to smooth-rolling orange-colored hills; with the interspersed remains of tortured trees; apparently, they still awaited the ELE memo before their giving in. Perhaps they remained as glaring reminder of the long death march. As one of the 'worker ants' who knew little of what had met my view, sadness behind my eyes. Took many decades to understand, I was looking at closing-quarter of the childish game.

    Following the initial stages of the land-based blight of large-scale plant die-offs, super storms became evermore frequent; eventually 'liberating' the planet's surface of the unquestioned dominance of humans. It was discovered through burning tears, the combined low-level effects of radiation were as equally hazardous to finely tuned soil biota, as they now becoming to our global oceans. Whole areas became spotty-patchy dead zones; resulting in firestorms reaching across continents. Noble attempts were made to fight them; only put-off the inevitable and squandered (what others already understood, were) precious resources. There's little any could do…


      …or wouldn't do to survive what so many scattered about us, in those rolling hills, hadn't. The good news is, it totally destroys the global status of the power elite. At first, they tried coming-forth with answers; none-of-which panned out (ahhh…hints of TEPCO). When the military and police realized that their own families were being discussed for food/material recycling, it triggered an uncontrollable – global-wide – struggle to return human decency into the hands of more visionary humans. Strange as it may sound to some, a golden dawn had opened its eyes upon several thousand years of the most amazing progress. It was a leaderless restructuring of all remaining hands. Sadly, that progress could no longer play itself out on this planet…

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        @Aftershock…very eloquently stated/imagined….each tick is louder on the Doomsday Clock; in 2012 it was 11:55PM…due to "Lack of global political action to address nuclear weapons stockpiles, the potential for regional nuclear conflict, nuclear power safety, and global climate change."

        I wonder what the clock will read for 2013….11:59:43???


        Peace be with you…


          @newsblackoutUSA: remain strong. This is – all – about rebooting a species that endlessly feeds on its own and others. All of that incongruity within the human species; it's 'psychopathy', as it were, is to aggressively studied well beyond our lifetimes…

          teach your children to be fearless…

  • zardoz2012 zardoz2012

    If the animals are dying off soon the humans will too because we are animals.

  • ftlt

    This all could be from something else..

    Did anyone one see what we washout even from our wastewater treatment plant..

    Just think about how much toxin is produced, used, dumped illegally or even not – every year… We have created a toxic soup.. FUFU is not helping to be sure… But, there is so much other crap out there – in the billions of tons produced – every year..

  • flatsville

    If anyone keeps bees in an area that has experienced a high rad count or runs across an artcle re: the same, please post. Thanks.

    • xochitloco

      Hi Flatsville,

      I keep bees on Vancouver Island but not sure of the rad count here but we are right in the line of fukufire. The domesticated bees are swamped with problems, at least for me, mites etc., but in general survive and produce honey ok.

      After reading this thread, though, I can't help but wonder if some of the bee decline issues could be radiation immunity problems (RAIDS as someone on here called it) Just an overall weakness.

      Wild bumble bees here were abundant this year and 2012 even more so. So not sure.

      I've noticed and taken pics of deformed dandelions this year (which bees love) I've never seen them before, but then that's sometimes how it is when you first put your attention to something.

      What I have seen is very few sea birds, sad.

      • xochitloco

        oh and absolutely no spawned out salmon on the beach yet, which is late.

      • flatsville

        Re: Bees. Thanks for posting. Few keepers are watching their hives with an eye towards possible Fuku issues since few are aware of Fuku and CCD began years before…even in Japan per a 2010 video I recently watched on YouTube. Neonictoids were introduced there as well and they were seeing the effects.

      • flatsville

        Re: Dandelions haven't made spring tonic or Dandelion Wine since 2010. In the spring of 2011 I just thought it could be a bad idea.

        I've purchased no CA wines or cheeses since then.

    • Cisco Cisco

      flatsville…How about htis?

      GOODBYE… http://www.dailykos.com/#

      "On the first of November, when Mexicans celebrate a holiday called the Day of the Dead, some also celebrate the millions of monarch butterflies that, without fail, fly to the mountainous fir forests of central Mexico on that day. They are believed to be souls of the dead, returned.

      This year, for or the first time in memory, the monarch butterflies didn’t come, at least not on the Day of the Dead. They began to straggle in a week later than usual, in record-low numbers. Last year’s low of 60 million now seems great compared with the fewer than three million that have shown up so far this year. Some experts fear that the spectacular migration could be near collapse.

      “It does not look good,” said Lincoln P. Brower, a monarch expert at Sweet Briar College.

      It is only the latest bad news about the dramatic decline of insect populations."

      • Cisco Cisco

        flatsville…How about this?

        GOODBYE… http://www.dailykos.com/#

        "On the first of November, when Mexicans celebrate a holiday called the Day of the Dead, some also celebrate the millions of monarch butterflies that, without fail, fly to the mountainous fir forests of central Mexico on that day. They are believed to be souls of the dead, returned.

        This year, for or the first time in memory, the monarch butterflies didn’t come, at least not on the Day of the Dead. They began to straggle in a week later than usual, in record-low numbers. Last year’s low of 60 million now seems great compared with the fewer than three million that have shown up so far this year. Some experts fear that the spectacular migration could be near collapse.

        “It does not look good,” said Lincoln P. Brower, a monarch expert at Sweet Briar College.

        It is only the latest bad news about the dramatic decline of insect populations."

      • flatsville

        Thank for confirmation.

        Didn't know about the Monarch decline other than I believed I saw fewer. This is damn sad.

    • ftlt

      Flat: Bees have so many man made issues…

      Domestic bees are victims of toxic (even so called organic products) industrial agriculture and the abuse of the hives by their keepers.. Wild bees are doing better as are urban bees..
      Yet their future is not bright..

      Not saying FUFU won't have an impact… Sadly, it certainly will..

      But.. BUT!.. B U T!!! Everything is not FUFUs fault nor our only problem..

      Wish folks on here would stop fixating on FUFU..

      • flatsville

        Yes. Domestic bees have been in a crisis for some time now. Yet the fact remains insect poplations have declined in the past couple of years in this country as more than a few peopl here have noticed.

        Beekeeper are few. Beekeepers aware of Fuku even fewer.

        Sharing of anecdotal info ofren results in catcing the leading edge of a bad trend and new threat..just as we did with neonics.

        >>>Wild bees are doing better as are urban bees…<<<

        This also anecdotal and not been substantiated.

        • Socrates


          Have you seen Queen of the Sun?

          I saw a premier screening through Friends of the Earth.

          Supposed to be on NetFlix

        • ftlt

          Flats: """This also anecdotal and not been substantiated."""

          Yes, it has been… Bee transport coupled with toxic mono culture farming practices have been the biggest culprit in hive collapse…

          Urban and local bee keepers have not had the same levels of collapse..

          Hell, the industrial keepers cowboys think nothing of feeding their hives corn syrup for extended periods and driving them 1000 miles in a season exposing them to different local disease and stresses..

          I visit the bee center gardens at least once weekly at UC Davis and speak to people fighting this very problem… They support localized/urban bee keeping as one of the top defenses to be used in this issue…

          They are aware of FUFU there and are tracking it closely..

          You are not alone..

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        ftlt, You make a good point but I think we/you should understand that the people that are posting here are for the most part extreme environmentalists. WE all understand how bad things are with chemicals and all other forms of pollution flying around. The primary emphasis on Fukushima is due to the fact that the Largest Industrial Nuclear Technology Accident ever to happen in the entire World/Planet Earth just occurred 2.5 years ago and we are the new driving Force~Light necessary at this time and place and required to help shut this toxic mess of an industry down.

        We must all pick our opportunities/disasters/battles as they arrive! Our time is now!

        WE here want it shut down all Nuclear Technology now..not tomorrow.. but right now!

        We all will continue to work on all the other bad pollution that's out there too at the same time! 🙂

        • ftlt

          Obe: Yes, I agree mostly with your assumption about others on here and understand… However, that does not mean everything threaded here is immediately connected to FUFU or other nuclear issues..

          I was the first to point out the studies on here, regarding bird depopulation in the atmospheric weapons testing period.. Maybe radiation being as responsible – if not more responsible – than DDT in their decline during the 50s and 60s.. Yes, the nuclear issue is a horrible man made toxic human life threatening issue to me..

          My frustration is with some on here who insist on painting everything with a nuclear brush – often when there maybe no connection to a particular event – certainly, when there is no proof/linkage inside or even outside the article being discussed… But yet, the immediate responce is to get out that nukie brush..

          The Sink Hole End of the World syndrome is too strong on here at many times with certain posters… (That sure has quieted down hasn't it)

          I don't think, these all is nuclear groundless posts serve to help reign in and shut down the nuclear monster… By being so fixated that reason is thrown out the window and other """just as serious!!!""" issues are ignored . That is not light – that is truly darkness..

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            We have all been educated by the Best of Darkness for a very long time my friend.. 🙁

            We are not a very bright species and we all (humans) like the lure of bangles and shiny things draped with our own hard earned slave labor/money by/through law promoting more of the same Darkness.

            Pretty sure intelligence should be classified some sort of a disease.. 🙂

            • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

              True Obe…. if only the masses realized those who die with the most toys, still die… maybe then we would be willing to give up our gadgets?

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                No, the Darkness truly has a hold on their/our educated souls.. 🙁

                We humans have worked very hard to make all of our individual/group lives better here on Planet Earth through the use of our intelligence and terms called educated progress and we did not realize and/or take into account our negative impacts on all the other life forms that also shared this planet with us humans during this dynamic discovery process.

                For all we now enjoy the price will be dire that we and other biological life will eventually have to pay. We appear to be a very selfish top of the line food chain species and our actions and our quest to be the best are actually making things worse and not better.

                Enlightenment can change this present course, but we must hurry and awaken as many as we can. We are running out of time as the tipping point is now upon us all…

    • MochiMadness

      <sigh> First, I raise bees. Carniolans and Italians, in top bar hives. No meds, no robbing (I do not collect anything. EVER.) Their stress from "me" is minimal.

      Second. Honeybees, just like pretty much every other creature on this planet, have an immune system and an endocrine system. Insecticides and herbicides are KNOWN endocrine disruptors–for critters and for people. They are deliberately designed to kill any and all insects (they are NOT selective) by disrupting their endocrine systems.

      The endocrine system is your hormonal balancing system. It also has some influence on your immune system. They work together.

      You disrupt one (endocrine), you disrupt the other (immune).

      You do not have to share DNA code (as in primates-to-primates) in order to have damage occur to the control and protection systems of the body. I may not share honeybee DNA, but DNA is DNA is DNA.

      If the DNA of immune cells are damaged or endocrine cells are damaged, on top of the systemic poisoning that we are giving them (and ourselves) every day? The body doesn't simply shrug and say "I'll make more." It takes energy to do that, and a healthy, clean environment in which to do it. There is no respite here. The downward pressure on all living organisms is too great. Opportunistic viruses, fungi and bacteria are simply lying in wait. We and the creatures of his earth did NOT evolve to withstand the barrage of poisons now in existence.

      • Kassandra

        May I re-print your comment?

      • ftlt

        Mochi: Thank you. Industrial agriculture has gone insane. I went to UC Davis in Agriculture. I still live in the area. The university has totally sold out to powerful agri-biz interests.

        They should change the name to GMO U. The teams nickname should be changed to The PINK SLIME

        Monsanto is all over the place there.

        It is a HQ for the agri toxic soup. They have a terrible pollution history on the campus itself.

        In the last 10 years, they have eliminated their "Organic/sustainable" connections in the curriculum and extension program. They are a big part of the problem.

        The poor bee program is one of the few departments fighting back.

        I use to drink coffee with a renown Biochemist from there – his view of our future – based on the runaway use of pesticides and other bio multiplication – was quite grim. He felt, we were rushing towards an era where man made pandemics of scale would leave us threatened to a point of the question of our survival by them alone.

        The place is dripping academic hubris.

        Agri-biz is big energy too. Huge industrial fossil fuel driven farms have replaced the family farm in my lifetime. And they con't to get bigger and bigger and more toxic by the year.

        We need to get people back on the farm.. Using green powered smaller tools and machines. Less is better

        The almond industry in the Wset Sacto Valley uses an insane high % of bees from all over the Western US every spring in a for a couple weeks.

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Busby speaking to Fallujah:

    "They estimate that millions have babies have been killed by these subtle internal radiation exposures. The nuclear military project is responsible for an awful lot of deaths. In years to come I believe this will eventually be seen as the greatest public health scandal in human history."


  • Ron

    I live in the outback of California. I've noticed during I'd say the last six months or so that deer seem to be abandoning the hills and standing by roadways. Lots more than before. You honk at them but they don't move. So there are a lot of deer being hit by cars dead on the side of the road.

    I heard from someone in Oregon that it's the same there. I'm not sure what to attribute it to. Global warming, redneck hunters, or Fukushima. In any case, it's very sad and worrying.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      They are trying to talk to you as them there hills are now very radioactive.. 🙁

    • Au Au

      Ron, has it been real dry? They may be coming down looking for water. Dehydration can impair thinking. Or it could be that the deer are getting Alzheimers. Why not? Grazing on all of that aluminum coated grass. And/or they just feel unwell and dazed from eating radiation non-stop. It's a real worry. Stay in touch.

    • drinkupdreamers drinkupdreamers

      I live in SE PA, and I've noticed this, too. Much fewer, but the ones you see just stand there, staring.

      We have a landfill very close to where we live – rumoured to be dealing in nuke waste, with lots of activity in and out, constantly. Lots of lights in the sky, overhead, at night – could be security drones; creepy as heck, and constant. My son used to ride his bike home from work at night along the winding road that borders said landfill and stopped because of them. Creepy.

      At any rate, lots of heavy metals and radium and plutonium in the ground water – it HAS to be coming from there. A year ago, it was in our yearly water analysis – right there, in black and white – so the deer have to be drinking it, as well.

      • flatsville

        You need to start keeping detailed notes. Find others on each side of the landfill to watch and take notes.

        This info could become very important for future mitigation and litigation.

        If possible, make casual contact with hauler/driver. Be careful here. They could be very loyal to the operator or be conflicted and turn whistleblower at some point.

        Get away from there if you can sell and move.


          @flatsville: didn't want to red-flag his post further with any advice out here. You were a tad ambivalent, so I'm just gonna cut to the quick.

          He should know, these people take great pride in murdering child and whole families. He should also know, any monitoring of the site should be completely invisible to an outside observer. Criminal enterprises love to know someone's attempting to observe them. Soliciting the help of locals puts your whole family one cold beer away from being mixed into any transfer load. Other than someone who faces the horror of cancer…trust no one. Remember, law enforcement no longer exists to serve and protect, so don't rely on them for any help. All online activity is realtime screened for hot data then stored for back-analysis when needed. So, if you're ready to do the job that others are getting paid to do, yet have zero intention of doing, then meditate deeply on your strategy, gather tools you'll need and make a dent. Most important, the security state is all about watching from the sidelines, doing threat analysis for their paymasters and erasing all signs of your activity and good efforts. If it's true that illegal activities are occurring, burning the candle at both ends (documenting dump-truck transfers and logging residual radiation levels, while posting ones eco-politics in monitored forums like this) is extremely hazardous…

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            I am sure flats is reeling from aftershock about/concerning your true statements.. 🙂

          • flatsville

            Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're no out to get you.

            It's been my experience that operators hardly pay attention to locals who unfortunately notice things, but fail to documemt until it's too late to be useful.

            Hauler/drvers ofren turn whistleblowers if the are local once they realize they have unwittingly posioned thei community. You have to know who they are so someone someday can approach them.

            You can sit there and be (safely?) contaminated, watch the value of your property decline and go to zero and your neighbors and family sicken and die or you can document and fight back at some point. Each has it's risks.

            There are brave people standining up to nuclear and non-nuclear landfills/ dumps nationwide. Some groups have FB pages. They crowd souce and post their monitoring data.

            Yes, yes…the security state…be afraid…very afraid…and they've got you just where the want you.


              @flatsville: assuming he's genuinely concerned that they're mixing-in nuclear waste with benign waste, you can believe you're looking into the eternal pit. Every response from that moment forward must be carefully measured.

              Now, you're welcome to advise this father that bravado wins-out over disciplined action. Who knows? Those who created FB would be only too happy to have one more javelin-wielding warrior racing towards an array of silent murderers.

              P.S. there's a guy who quietly expended years gathering evidence of crimes perpetrated by the security state. His work alone has made him one the most beloved and respected by activist throughout. He'd be enjoying your closing words…

              • flatsville

                Yes…yes…the secuity state. I've been followed and monitored myself though GPS attached to my vehicle. I use VPNs, burn phones and smoke signals if the situation warrants it, which is rarely…

                One example of brave people who have both nuclear and non-nuclear in a landfill and chose to go full on transparecy with FB and a website.

                West Lake Landfill


              • flatsville

                >>>Those who created FB would be only too happy to have one more javelin-wielding warrior racing towards an array of silent murderers.<<<

                Same for Enenews. With your level of suspicion, I am surprised you post.


                  you're obviously the better man for what you'd advise. His son having to ride-around this complex, by himself, in a potential crime scene. Yeah…I'd say I've been bested by superior 'intelligence'…

                  • flatsville

                    Three or four people making notes on paper can be done very quietly. I know you don't get it. You'd prefer to imagine there's great danger. The biggest danger may be to do nothing.

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      well flatsville, I find it extremely fascinating that you insist an activist should ignore the security state, while taking action. It's apparently irrelevant what dangers he may bring into his life or the lives of others. The 'cause' is apparently more important than loved ones.

                      Obviously, the deceptive inference that I'm suggesting he do nothing reveals the vapid depth of you position. We all know, doing nothing allows a problem to flourish. Doing anything in response to a challenge, doesn't ensure survival, either. [Lao Tzu was one of my favorite students.]

                      Hopefully, for the sake of his loved ones, he'll refrain from any temptation to respond to this thread. Couple the cautionary advice that's presented from my side with the duplicitous nature of the NP industry, itself, I can't help but find your 'advice' both dangerous to the neophyte activist and revealing of your interests. Not being one to reckless suggest unfounded assaults on an individual's motives, before the evidence is in, I'll simply continue the application of old school 'techniques' before deciding the degree of potential danger you clearly represent…to others out here…

                    • flatsville

                      All I can see is that your suggesting he be fearful not even just cautious.

                      The guy's got heavy metal in his groundwater…

                      >>>…lots of heavy metals and radium and plutonium in the ground water – it HAS to be coming from there. A year ago, it was in our yearly water analysis – right there, in black and white…<<<

                      It's not clear if the water analysis he's talking about is a municipal supply or well water analysis and if that is his drinking water.

                      If it is his drinking water and THAT has already happened, it only gets much worse from that point on.

                      >>>Not being one to reckless suggest unfounded assaults on an individual's motives, before the evidence is in, I'll simply continue the application of old school 'techniques' before deciding the degree of potential danger you clearly represent…to others out here…<<<

                      Hysterical…Now you're the survelliance state and I'm the potential dangerous one?

                      By the way, you are not the arbiter of anything or judge of anyone here.

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      actually flatsville, I've only advised caution. "…meditate deeply on your strategy, gather tools you'll need and make a dent." is my advice to all out here.

                      "…you are not the arbiter of anything or judge of anyone here." Really? Try convincing others that exposing reckless behavior is not a laudable service to this movement. Of course, you may think a hand count's necessary, before empowering someone with the right to pull others away from the ravenous flames of the security-state.

                      I'd suggest apprising oneself more on how the War on Terror is being used to criminalize all activist…

                    • flatsville


                      >>Try convincing others that exposing reckless behavior is not a laudable service to this movement. Of course, you may think a hand count's necessary, before empowering someone with the right to pull others away from the ravenous flames of the security-state.<<

                      Using thr term "ravrnous flames of the security-state" is not meant to induce fear?

                      It is hyperbolic at best and belies your own deep fears.

                      You seen to think that documenting events and enlisting the assistance is somehow inherently dangerous.

                      More dangerous than being silently poisioned (and safely?) in your own home?

                      You are advising more than caution. The nuclearists themselves couldn't do a better job of cowing people towards inaction.

                      >>>Try convincing others that exposing reckless behavior is not a laudable service to this movement.<<<

                      No movement by and large here…other than the movement involved in banging a keyboard.

                      I'm sure the ravenous security state monitors are laughing their asses off about now.

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      @flatsville: do forgive the delay in responding to your kind words. I’m often assigned tasks that take precedence over banter. Hopefully, I’ll do justice to your continued efforts.

                      >>>Using the term "ravenous flames of the security-state" is not meant to induce fear?<<<

                      Considering the security-state has issued billions of rounds of bullets to its various branches, here, within the United States alone, I’d suggest more than a few pyres are being planned. Most any student of history would find no argument with the signs and my sense of fear for the safety of this man and his family; what others are concluding, as well.

                      >>>It is hyperbolic at best and belies your own deep fears.<<<

                      It’s become glaringly obvious, you have no idea who and what we’re all dealing with. Still getting your news from cable?

                      >>>You seem to think that documenting events and enlisting the assistance is somehow inherently dangerous.<<<

                      Again, naivety heralds your thoughts. It is incredibly dangerous!

                      >>>More dangerous than being silently poisoned (and safely?) in your own home?<<<

                      Likely, your world plays like an Erin Brockovich movie. You should spend less time dreaming on Julia’s lips and focus on what’s revealed throughout the movie. These people are extremely dangerous and indifferent to the consequences of their actions.


                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK


                      >>>You are advising more than caution. The nuclearists themselves couldn't do a better job of cowing people towards inaction.<<<

                      You’ve lost the argument. There are no worthy branches to support your position. Like all frustrates, you resort to slinging ill-digested thoughts.

                      Strangely, the precarious position you forced yourself into, compels a genuine sense of gratitude for acting as a backdrop on these complex and evolving issues.

                      <<<>>>Try convincing others that exposing reckless behavior is not a laudable service to this movement.<<<>>>

                      >>>No movement by and large here…other than the movement involved in banging a keyboard.<<<

                      You obviously have little respect for the thoughts of others or the function performed by this website like this one. Yet, it’s only fair to offer you an opportunity to elaborate further upon your indifference to this medium. Just how insignificant are the efforts of others, out here? And please avoid looking the fumbling fool. If it were only me who had no purpose out here, you’d have taken your leave long ago.

                      >>>I'm sure the ravenous security state monitors are laughing their asses off about now.<<<

                      Like some imperious child who’s allowed time within a blood-strewn arena, the wooden sword flailed recklessly within your trembling hand engenders a sense of pity from the crowd. No one’s laughing…

                    • flatsville


                      Yes…Yes…We should all be shaking in fear under the bed.

                      But, if what you claim is true, I'd have a half dozen or more dead associates. They would have greased Socrates long ago. An enviro lawyer would never walk into a courtroom. Old ladies would never write down plate and DOT numbers. Every person fighting a radioactive or toxic dump would be buried in the dump….Yet all of those people are alive (still and have been for some years now) and fight on.

                      With the "ravenous security state" watching all of us every second, (or is it the ravenous flames that will consume us?) aren't you afraid that merely warning us puts you in grave danger? Your personal courage is awe inspiring given your state of fear.

                      Speaking of movies and Julia Roberts, how could you have forgotten The Pelican Brief? Isn't that the spectre of fear you're trying to raise? If real life enviro litigation were only that exciting. It's a bit more mundane…like "A Civil Action"..in that you hope you don't go broke before a final judgement and/or award and/or clean-up.

                      I'm sure you could write a better nuclear/toxic/enviro conspiracy suspense thriller to cow even more people to inaction. I'm sure it will be seemingly articulate, cryptically poetic and a complete piece of schlock.


                    • flatsville


                      You wrote:

                      >>>Like some imperious child who’s allowed time within a blood-strewn arena, the wooden sword flailed recklessly within your trembling hand engenders a sense of pity from the crowd. No one’s laughing…<<<

                      I forwarded our exchange to some colleagues. Actually, it did make a few of them laugh. And the pity was not directed at me. My English friend mentioned it had the tone of an old fashioned "Penny Dreadful."

                      You can go back to hiding under the bed now and being quietly poisoned. We've been duly warned and amused with my youngest associate now stomping about (via text messaging) demanding full body armor before he logs on to the internet. I've agreed to a small fire extinguisher which he can use to put out the "ravenous flames" or clock a security state goon if necessary.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      like most Americans, flatsville didnt notice the nearly full transformation of the U.S. into the Deutsche Demokratische Republik, or Mussolini's Italy. Doubtful the long and scathing putdown of AFTERSHOCK would be penned in those places, and many others around the globe. I had a dear friend from Argentina that similarly missed the signs, while her friends disappeared.

                    • flatsville

                      Uh, none of my associates are missing.

                      Cower in fear if you prefer.

                      We all have a pair. Even the old ladies with the note pads.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Flats, we "all" fear something!

                      Pick it (your fear) out of a basket if you will.

                      Fear has been used to control human populations worldwide for thousands of years and a very effective tool it has been..says he!

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      OK, go get um flatsville. Be fearless like JFK, Michael Hastings and all the others on the list. Recall that aftershock was suggesting caution about going after thugs…safety for a vulnerable kid in the neighborhood of suspected organized crime. It only takes one disappearance of someone close to us to change a smug attitude. As long as its someone we dont know, were cocky

                    • flatsville


                      Activists, enivo, union, human rights (or whatever issue you want to name) go missing on occasion.  This is not a new phenomenon nor is it peculiar to the US.

                      For enviros, Brazil is by far the worst, followed by Peru and Columbia.  I think it has been about 20 years since we lost and eviro to a clear case of foul play (or gone missing entirely) in the US.

                      The culprits are usually corporate thugs rather than the "ravenous security state" goons or spooks.

                      This list below of murdered enviros is not comprehensive.  I know of at least two US enviros from the early 1990s whose names don't appear.


                      Of course when you take a stand, you take a risk. But, your risk of death is greater from working at a convenience store than being an environmentalist in the US.

                      With plutonium and radium in your groundwater and a possible nuclear dump as your neighbor emitting ionizing radiation hiding at home under the bed is not the place you want to be.

                      Sell and run if you can.  If trapped, take a stand.

                      Cower in fear and you're surely dead.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      flatsville, I understand your points, and an interesting website on environmental murders.

                      "Corporate thugs" and "ravenous security state goons" overlap when it comes to nuclear, from what I understand. Probably those corporate thugs are also international, so those hundreds murdered in Brazil could be grouped with other countries depending on the corporation.

                      But what about the attitudes of homeland "security", the ever hotter simmer of aggression? The U.S. and other countries are getting more dangerous as the security state/corporate fascist powers exercise their might with impunity.

                      The "powers" whether corporation, or imperialist (add central banker) track like never before and algorithms predict even where and with who you will be tomorrow. That much is in mainstream media. An army of eager and angry thugs in official uniform are itching to kick some butt. In the U.S. they are recently armed to the teeth, many with full military combat gear. Is this not an alarming and unprecedented change? This makes McCarthyism seem vanilla cream. Or is that paranoia?

          • freespirit1620

            Very true, from hatrick penry's FOIA work. The NRC has a team dedicated to just that purpose. Called rapid response team, I believe. We are all being watched when we use the internet.


              thanks freespirit1620 for the cogent response. Until the general public realizes the extent of sweeping corruption that fuels the security state, the mandala of death will only expand that much further in our personal lives…

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                Correct and what is coming in volume is/will be called "Oppression" by/through use of force regarding/applications in physical/monetary/mental of constantly changing written (living law) legal "Word Craft" civil authority enacted laws.. 🙁

    • MochiMadness


      There are studies that show the connection between brain development (and lack thereof) and radionuclide exposure, particularly I-131. All you have to do is look at the effects from Chernobyl on the children born afterwards–and it even effects people that are chronically exposed. Higher incidence of schizophrenia, depression and other mental disorders are well documented in the areas surrounding Pripyat (sp?).

      Mammalian brain development is pretty uniform, cross species. As I mentioned, cells are cells…DNA is DNA…systems in a deer work very much like systems in a human. Just because we do not share language capability, does not mean that they do not develop the same diseases of the brain that we do. Animals can be depressed, schizophrenic, develop brain tumors, have seizures, be neurotic (bears in captivity especially show this tendency) and a whole host of other nasty mental disorders–that humans seem to think are exclusive to them and them alone.

      Deer and wildlife have no protection. They sleep on the ground, outside in the elements. They drink unfiltered water, and forage for food (that is not washed or cooked). They will be the first to show all of the ugly that is awaiting us all.

      We're so lucky–and so smart and so special…we get to sit and watch as the natural world dies a horrible, painful, confused and pathetic death—and know with certainty, we're next.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Could also be an earthquake coming.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        Some people are blaming animal deaths to HAARP.

        • MochiMadness

          Anne, I will have to respectfully disagree with either of those suggestions.

          My reasons: first, the deaths are so widespread, over hundreds of species with no connection between them geographically. When I lived in HI–prior to any tremor that could be felt (there were thousands that could not be detected by humans)–the coqui frogs would fall completely silent. They would not die nor would they migrate. These animals are dying by the hundreds of thousands…birds, fish, bears, seals, deer, squid, whales, etc.

          HAARP. Again, the deaths are so varied and widespread, including deaths of creatures that do not breathe air (i.e. starfish, squid and fish). HAARP would not effect them.

          Now. Following my logic, the deaths are prevalently in the Pacific—why not in the Atlantic–or globally? The deaths follow the jet stream and the oceanic currents coming from Fukushima.

          JMHO 🙂

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            Well, I was responding to "I live in the outback of California. I've noticed during I'd say the last six months or so that deer seem to be abandoning the hills and standing by roadways".

            Of course the radiation from Fukushima is the largest part. And there is plenty of radiation in California that is also locally generated.

            I'm against all the technology that is killing the eco systems. The one thing more than anything else that can't be changed is the ever accumulating radiation. But HAARP is also using massive bursts of microwaves. Cell phones and cell phone towers are also using microwaves. Huge electric power lines are spewing electromagnetic radiation.

            In The Body Electric, the author states that the cell phones and cell phone towers are causing all kinds of viruses and bacteria to increase. Radiation is also causing all kinds of diseases to mutate and increase. Flesh eating bacteris is on the increase. Antibiotics are becoming useless (I posted a report from the CDC on this topic). The use of radiation for medicine is also polluting the environment with radiation that also will never be mitigated. The deer and other animals drink the streams that are polluted with tritiam and horrible chemicals used for fracking.

            The deer and other animals are the canaries in the coal mine. The burden of pollution including radiation is wiping out all life on the planet.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            Of course, Fukushima radiation is circling the globe. But there is also nuclear radiation from other sources around the globe.

            For mass animal deaths around the globe:

            No one needs worry about population growth in India. They are building more and more nuclear power reactors.

            • MochiMadness

              Ah. I see where you're coming from 🙂

              I am with you, 100% on the technology aspect. Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue–although they can also have other etiologies, such as TBI or chronic exposure to chemicals–are neurologic disorders. RF and microwave both produce heat in living tissue–tissue that contains nerves that are easily damaged by concentrated energy.

              We use RF in something called radiofrequency ablation all the time–we lesion nerves in order to stop conduction of impulses (this is a chronic pain mitigation strategy). It's a very delicate line between "damage" and "destroy". Peripheral nerves can regenerate, if there is enough of the neuron left. Central nerves, once damaged, usually die and when they do, they take a whole lot of neighbor neurons with them through neurotransmitter cascade.

              I'm just not sure I can subscribe to HAARP as a deliberate weaponization. We are destroying ourselves very, very effectively without it.


                @MochiMadness: thanks for remaining logical in what you integrate. From day one (311), HAARP was thrown into the mix of theories behind the industrial catastrophe that we call Fukushima. So be prepared for an endless array of 'insider' theories which avoid the obvious issue: the naivety of those who allowed the use of such deadly technology within the planet's biosphere. Personally, I'm still absorbing the complex issues that expose nascent alien penis envy of Japanese men and their desire to once-and-for-all, end their galactic competition. I know…at first glance, this theory may be difficult to swallow…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    James, Good info but the damage is truly horrific and will last thousands of years and many, many generations into the future..

    These pictures alone of the Nuclear Radiation Contamination release crime/damages and the other documented cancers and diseases now on file worldwide, along with the negative costs making it not viable, is enough to call this Nuclear Technology itself a crime and to get it all banned worldwide.

    Any good lawyer should be able to shut this Nuclear Industry down legally worldwide in a heart beat based on available documentation. 🙂

    • Sixela Sixela

      They need to fly some of these children, babies an families in and have the testify like they do the drone families. Our current and former presidents should all have to spend time with these families, and help them care for their loved ones for a least a week. Humanity is devoid of morality.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      The nuke industry has bought off all the judges, or paid the campaigns of pro-nuke judges. Obama was nominated by the Democraic party; he didn't win the primaries. He is the candidate of Exelon and the nuclear industry.

      • freespirit1620

        Anne, imo it doesn't matter which party holds the presidency. Both parties are beholden to the bankers, petroleum companies, nuclear,and many others who "donate". It's what I did to my children to let them think they picked out their clothes. I would hold up two outfits, of which I approved, and let them pick the one they wanted to wear.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Yep! 🙂 🙂

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          I voted for Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party, USA. She also was jailed several times. Once demonstrating against Keystone pipeline. Once showed up for the Presidential debates.

          It does matter about the parties. The Republicans are for Yucca Mountain, the Democrats against. Vote Republican if you want nuclear waste transported (mobile Chernobyl) by your front door the next 10 years or so, and if you want to continue nuclear power plants.

          The Green Party has closed down half of Germany's nuclear power plants and the rest in the next 6 years.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            The Republicans are more for the 1%and also finagle taxcuts for the 1%. We should go back to the tax rates under Regan for the 1%. Or back to Clinton tax rates for the 1%. It is always the Republicans who say that it doesn't matter which party you vote for. The Democrats never say that. Some Democrats were for single payer health insurance. Works for Medicare, Veterans' benefits, Medicaid, and, yes, the Congressional health care insurance. Works in other countries. All Republicans are against single payer. What Obama gave us is the Republican proposal. They proposed Obamacare for decades, and Mitt Romney gave them Obamacare in Massachusetts.

  • We Not They Finally

    "different proximate causes… suggests an ultimate underlying cause" was wisely spoken by the last scientist quoted above. That's the thinking that has to dominate, but it's a struggle to bring that to the fore.

  • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

    Obewanspeaks: I wish we had some great lawyers to stand against these evil corporations & what ties them all together! Greed & plain Murder of all life forms! We have no Courts in the USA that are not corrupt.

    • Socrates

      Professor Beck in Germany faced a famous true-life legal hypothetical situation approximately a century ago. There were several chemical companies situated upstream from village. The villagers were all getting sick.

      The chemical companies defended a lawsuit saying that there were many chemicals being produced by dozens of different companies.

      No person could meet the burden of proof on causation, i.e., that any particuar chemical or any particular company had, more likely than not, made anyone sick.

      What rule of law did the German court fashion?

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Pray tell?

        • Socrates

          Sociology of risk in modern society is very complex with radiation and multiple chemical toxicology.

          Someone made the statement that no lawyer has ever sued or some such thing. The issue of proving causation is a value judgment in society – not science is the short answer.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Moose can't afford reverse osmosis water filtration. I bet none of the other animals can either. I bet just about all the mega rich corporate big wigs have hepa filtered houses, expensive water filtering and every other luxury.
    Soon, when they look out their windows, and the lawn is dead, along with the trees and birds, and all other wildlife, they will understand finally what the word environment means. Then maybe they will realize that they were wrong, when they started labeling those with concern for the environment, " terrorists. " They will realize then that the enemy is now looking out on his dead lawn.

  • Jebus Jebus

    "Soon, when they look out their windows, and the lawn is dead, along with the trees and birds, and all other wildlife, they will understand finally what the word environment means. Then maybe they will realize that they were wrong, when they started labeling those with concern for the environment, " terrorists. " They will realize then that the enemy is now looking out on his dead lawn." – unincredulous

    Nice. Thats a keeper…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    … 🙂

  • ejordan ejordan

    We've organized a global protest against Fukushima (and nuclear power in general) on NOV 29/30, 2013 all over the world.

    Its called the Post Ignorance Project: Yellow and Black Friday. November 29/30.

    Website: http://www.thepostignoranceproject.com
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/postignorance

    Join us.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yep 🙂

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    I noticed that some dolphins just washed up dead in central florida on the Atlantic side over the last few days. So then I found this article below. If hey are so sure that they have identified the cause and that its supposedly not harmful to humans, then what's up with the biohazard suits from mars? Lots dying on the Atlantic coast. Everything is all screwed up!!!