Director of Pro-Nuclear Power Film: No one ever will get sick or die from Fukushima’s radioactive contamination

Published: June 15th, 2013 at 2:26 pm ET


Title: Why Billionaire Paul Allen Backed Pro-Nuclear Power Film Pandora’s Promise
Source: Forbes
Author: Kerry A. Dolan
Date: June 14, 2013

[…] no one died at Three Mile Island. Claims that 1 million people were killed at Chernobyl –- propagated by anti-nuclear activists like Helen Caldecott — turn out, upon close examination of official documents, to be just plain wrong: only 50 people were killed. It also comes to light that the nuclear reactor at Chernobyl did not have a containment chamber and the plant was built to produce plutonium, not nuclear power.

The nuclear meltdown at Fukushima is of course the most recent accident, and [Pandora’s Promise director Robert Stone] visits the plant there as well. “It was a deeply emotional experience… to go there,” he said. “Well, nobody has died and no one has gotten sick from radiation, and no one ever will. Your rational mind kicks off and your emotional mind kicks in” when faced with a disaster like Fukushima. […]

See also: [intlink id=”japan-times-nobody-mentions-cancer-causing-krypton-and-xenon-that-poured-from-fukushima-plant-says-gundersen-2-3-times-greater-than-chernobyl” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: June 15th, 2013 at 2:26 pm ET


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149 comments to Director of Pro-Nuclear Power Film: No one ever will get sick or die from Fukushima’s radioactive contamination

  • bwoodfield bwoodfield

    It's all about the spin.
    The rulers don't like the story so they spin and the media gets confused.
    The media is confused so they listen to their rulers and tell the story that they hear, joining in on the spin.
    The people hear the story, they are too busy with their daily lives to investigate the story so they listen to the lies and spread them around the coffee tables, joining in on the spin.

    Have you ever watched children spinning in a circle? They get dizzy and confused, stumbling around, bumping into things. Eventually they fall down, laughing and joking with each other.

    What happens when our governments, media and people stop spinning? What will happen when our society falls down?


  • weeman

    I suggest that Mr. Allen rents a nice house in Fukushima and move his family there, put your money were your mouth is, this man is a obviously one of these bi polar CEO,s and never made money with his intelligentce but through intimidation, a bully, please mr. Allen seek professional help, I am worried about you.

    • Trawling4Trolls

      " .. Allen himself has waged a fight against stage four non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a deadly blood cancer that is now in remission."


      Perhaps a clue is in order, Paul Allen. You appear to be surrounded by many who have plans for your money. Here's the clue you need to re-prioritize your investments. Rather than all this bullshit with mouse genomes you should be funding research on the human thymus gland. Why? Because it is the main immune gland and produces key immune components. It also progressively atrophies through life. Chemo impacts it.

      The Thymus Gland is of far greater importance.

  • hbjon hbjon

    To despise the truth in hopes to gain from someone elses suffering is a sin. To hurt people is a sin. To not reveal information to someone that could help them, in my mind, is a sin. But, like in chess, one must sometimes make a sacrafice for the King. Or, the good of the King (many) outweighs the good of the few. Try to look ahead and analyze your next move folks. What is the worst that can happen? Don't worry if people think your strange because strange may be a good thing on occasion.

  • combomelt combomelt

    What is strange is that lying has become the new norm. Truth is not a part of any meaningful event. Deflection, lies and belittlement are the rules the pathological narcissists play by. Strange? Most definitely. Sickening, absolutely.

  • combomelt combomelt

    Self aggrandizement anyone? From this garbage website….

    When will this $#IT from these @55#0L35 STOP. Please someone make these murderers stop

  • Mack Mack

    Here's a review of "Pandora's Promise" that says nuclear energy is dead because it's too expensive.

    What's great about this article is that it gives a true cost per kWh of wind, solar and nuclear, and it challenges the costs that the makers of Pandora's Promise claim.

    • Mack Mack

      Here's a sample paragraph:

      Even while the nuclear industry is able to externalize its costs for insurance (which are federally limited), loan guarantees (which are federally backstopped), decommissioning (which is pushed onto ratepayers) and waste handling (which is pushed onto taxpayers), it still lost. If it had to stand on its own and pay its full insurance costs like every other energy source, we could never build another nuclear plant in America, because no private investors would be willing to take that kind of risk."

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      TY, Mack. Just what I needed to post on the discussion forum for the Nuclear Engineering class I'm taking on

      • Mack Mack

        YW, anne. Good luck with the course. When the course gets to transmutation, please tell us what you learn about it. That should be interesting.

        • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

          Yes !

          • nedlifromvermont

            Go Anne! Don't be disheartened by the others in your class. The truth is coming out, likely radiation from a breached containment. I'm reading 'Uranium Wars' published pre-Fukushima, by A. Aczel. Pure radium at one point used to fetch ten million dollars per gram!! (pre-World War One, in today's dollars, before rich ore discovery in Belgian Congo) It explains a lot. People went nuts to buy uranium ore (at this time they were laying the keel for Titanic) … so they needed a business which would use lots of uranium to recoup this investment. Casts a pall over the whole 'private industry concept, no? Think JP Morgan trying to fatten his already swollen wallet …) That's how yesterday this whole nuclear power thing is!!! You go, girl!!!

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

              Thanks, nedi. The worst down vote I've gotten is -3. And got one +1 for my comments. Instead of answering others, I am starting new threads, so I can organize information. Reponses sort of get lost otherwise. This is the second class I've taken that includes nuclear energy as a topic. So, after all the education I've received from and bloggers, and the other class, I can anticipate some arguments from pro-nukers. On the class you have the option to post as "anonymous" or your name. I am taking lots of classes on, and will use the statements of accomplishment as some kind of professional development. But I post anonymously. People have to be civil in an academic setting, so that helps.

              The book we are using was written 20 or 30 years ago which I was able to borrow through Interlibrary Loan. The students (and professional pro-nukers) are similar to when they post on this site. They've tried personal attacks, but that is not allowed on the academic site. Also they just make blanket statements with no detail and no source to back up their credibility.

              Some of the pro-nukers in the class are on all the time as readers or sometimes bloggers, so keep up the good work and thanks for your support.

              Anyway, the head of the engineering school said that anti-nukers are welcome in the class.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                I didn't start the discussion forum until this week because I had my physics final this weekend from the class on offered free by MIT. (I passed somehow). There are other students making statements against nuclear energy, but I haven't read all the statements. I have taken all the prerequisites for this nuclear engineering class. I saw some statements, one student from Greece and one from the Ukraine and one from India (I think), who seemed against nuclear energy, but I didn't read their comments carefully. Was in a hurry and just glanced at them. There are over 15 pages of comments already so I don't know if I will be able to find them again.

                I'm also taking a class on thermodynamics. That professor already said that in light of Fukushima she is not a strong supporter of nuclear energy.

                Anyway, I'm busy.

                Thanks, again. This is a wonderful community here on Getting out the truth and caring for people is a very worthy cause.

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                  They deleted 10 pages of comments, so I can't find these students' comments again.

                  Censorship is really self-defeating. There are supposed to be 23,000 to 25,000 students taking the course. But in the discussions, the most read thread is only 1,000 readers.

                  It is a bit scary.

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                    I made a mistake. I just found 18 pages of comments. I must have been looking at just the general discussion comments instead of all the comment. So there hasn't been any censorship that I am aware of.

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                    I did find the censorship. They deleted the quotations about Monju, Santa Susanna, the meltdown in the Idaho reactor, problems with thorium reactors, cracks found in the Oak Ridge early experiments on molten salt reactors, and a statement from the nuclear industry that the Oak Ridge experiments were discontinued because there was no weapons potential. These were just quotations posted without comment and included links to wikipedia (which includes academic and governmental sources) or a nuclear industry statement.

                • irhologram

                  Congratulations, Anne.

    • Sickputer

      Great article. Too bad that politicians can be purchased a dime a dozen to ignore this monetary logic.

      Politicians are the nasty bullies on the block. You play with their ball and their rules. Simple Big Brother macroeconomics.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Mr. Stone can explain this? Didn't think so and maybe he should tent camp for a few years in Chernobyl.
    "[…] From Wired Magazine (12/15/2009):

    Reinhabiting the large exclusion zone around the [Chernobyl] accident site may have to wait longer than expected. Radioactive cesium isn’t disappearing from the environment as quickly as predicted, according to new research presented here Monday at the meeting of the American Geophysical Union. Cesium 137’s half-life — the time it takes for half of a given amount of material to decay — is 30 years. In addition to that, cesium-137’s total ecological half-life — the time for half the cesium to disappear from the local environment through processes such as migration, weathering, and removal by organisms is also typically 30 years or less, but the amount of cesium in soil near Chernobyl isn’t decreasing nearly that fast. And scientists don’t know why.

    It stands to reason that at some point the Ukrainian government would like to be able to use that land again, but the scientists have calculated that what they call cesium’s “ecological half-life” — the time for half the cesium to disappear from the local environment — is between 180 and 320 years.

    “Normally you’d say that every 30 years, it’s half as bad as it was. But it’s not,” said Tim Jannik, nuclear scientist at Savannah River National Laboratory and a collaborator on the work. “It’s going to be longer before they repopulate the area.” […]"

  • Wooster

    Not sure if this has been posted so far:

    Decontamination device leaking at Fukushima plant

  • Sickputer

    Thanks Wooster. Only two kinds of nuclear disaster news comes out of Japan: bad and worse.

  • Cisco Cisco

    The spin machine has moved from overdrive to hyperdrive.

    "Legitimate scientific reports keep being issued that describe the minimal health effects from the crippled Fukushima reactors, and the severity of the overreaction and forced evacuations of so many people."

    Fukushima 2.25 — The Humanitarian Crisis

    • Trawling4Trolls

      "Can we .. Can we .. Can we let them rebuild their lives the way they should have been able after any huge disaster like the tsunami?"

      Well, No, we cannot, any more than we can let them believe their oceans are safe from the reactor water dumped into them. James Conca as spokesperson for "We".

      This James Conca appears to hear the Call for Foolish Exaggeration more intimately than others, imagine saying this,
      "Clear cases of health damage from radiation only occur following exposures of 1000 mSv –"
      1 Sievert!

      Here Conca feigns concern for Japanese social dynamics,
      "the Japanese people are being held in a horrible limbo, kept in fear by ideologues who care more about closing nuke plants than in the lives of these refugees."

      "No radiation-related deaths or acute radiation effects have been observed among nearly 25,000 workers involved at the accident site including TEPCO employees and contractors .." Really? Seems the Plant Manager had thyroid surgery ..

      "No energy source is perfect, but if the response to Fukushima were reasoned and commensurate with the risk .." Really? All that's needed is "energy sources" to cure social dynamics? Fascinating!

  • Trawling4Trolls

    LDP's Policy Chief Sanae Takaichi Declares "No One Has Died from Fukushima Nuclear Accident, We Have No Choice But Use Nuclear Plants"

    "There are people who committed suicide after the nuclear accident because of radiation contamination ruining their crops and cattle. There are people who died of hunger and thirst inside the 20 kilometer evacuation zone, as officials, being bureaucratic officials, prohibited the family members from entering the zone to rescue their parents, siblings, relatives. (Why these people nonetheless followed the officials' orders is another issue.) That zone wouldn't have been set if there had been no nuclear accident. There are people who died on the way to distant shelters, who died at shelters for lack of food and heat, .. "

    Anonymous said …
    "Probably she was referring to radiation poisoning, the government has already admitted that there were close to 1000 deaths .. "

    A certain sense of savagery, an Orwellian Hate Celebration by the pro-nukers.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose


    Fukushima's Radiation Threat with Dr. Chris Busby
    May 1 2013

    PS.I wish there wasn't a commercial in the middle..
    Important message…

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    Another snow job like Snowden as if we didn't know the government was monitoring our phone calls , etc. which they have been doing since 911. "No one will die from Fukushima" I wish that was the case but anyone with a brain knows this is utter BS plain and simple. I mean a million plus died from Chernobyl and yes even TMI a partial meltdown and no one is going to die from Fukushima? Many have already journeyed on. how can they spew such lies but such is the power of the nuclear industry and those resolute in promoting these death traps. Unreal.

    • Trawling4Trolls

      They hold that it is their role to aggress upon you, and that includes foisting utter nonsense to perturb.

      Not only didn't the Japanese distribute potassium iodide pills they had in their possession, the nuke industry will certainly not distribute stuff like this in the future, or even now in Chernobyl or Fukushima, Hanford or Savannah River,

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      wow, things move fast..
      "This year alone, Japan is forecasted to install solar panels with the capacity of five to seven modern nuclear reactors."

      At the current rate of development, it would take 70 years for Japan to become totally solar. But with a reasonable growth rate, 25 years is not a stretch. The same amount of time it takes to build two nuclear reactors.

      Maybe the alarming growth of solar is the reason for the PR campaign to save nuclear investment. "We cant let solar dominate the market, gentlemen, it would be disastrous to our investment interests"

      • Trawling4Trolls

        And with that many reactors they were certainly wasting enormous amounts of energy, quite sure a healthy dose of conservation would benefit their energy budget.

  • nedlifromvermont

    yeah Baby!

  • Jebus Jebus

    Excellent mix Fukslow,
    All those dispersion charts of Fukushima's plumes, made me think.

    Best quote, "kinda falls apart and melts away"

    25 years ago Chernobyl went Fukushima.

    Twenty five years has very little bearing on radionuclides that last thousands of years.

    Then I thought, the argument on which disaster is the "greatest" is irrelevant, when the result, always equals, the sum of the parts…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes Jebus,…. invisible, odorless and tasteless… and….the sum of the parts!