Official: Urgent, worrisome situation at major dam with nuclear plants downstream — We don’t know what’s going on — “You’ve got water able to get by that dam… coming out downstream… which, of course, shouldn’t be happening” — Danger of collapse called not ‘imminent’ — Cracks found in another dam nearby, water seeping from bedrock

Published: January 26th, 2015 at 1:02 pm ET


Johnson City Press, Jan 21, 2015 (emphasis added): … investigation into water seepage at Boone Dam hasn’t progressed far enough for TVA to decide on Boone Reservoir’s spring operations, said TVA spokesman Jim Hopson… Hopson also said it’s too early to tell what TVA will do if the seepage not resolved by the spring… TVA began its ongoing investigation in October when what appeared to be muddy water was seen flowing into a channel just downstream of the Boone Dam… he said agency officials are continuing the matter with a “sense of urgency.”… experts have been working to determine what exactly is contributing to the seepage and what would need to be done to correct the problem… simply taking a backhoe and tearing into the earth is not viable — could do more harm than good… Hopson also said there is no timeframe on when the investigation will be complete.

Jim Hopson, TVA spokesman: “A lot is going to depend upon where we are with the investigation in terms of what decision can be made about how we’re going to operate the reservoir… safety has to be our overriding priority… there are a lot of people working on this, and they will continue… we noticed there was some discolored water that was coming out in the downstream river channel, just downstream of the dam itself, but coming out from the bank of the river which, of course, shouldn’t be happening… we want to make certain we understand exactly where that water could be coming from because it could mean that there is a flow of water under that earth and embankment… So this isn’t a case of where this thing is in imminent danger of collapse… [But] if you’ve got a dam and you’ve got water that is somehow able to get by that dam, that is worrisome… we’ve got to do [this] right because… we would create a safety challenge… we’re being very deliberate about this investigation, to find out exactly what is the challenge… We’re going to continue until we find out what is going on.”

Kingsport Times-News, Jan 16, 2015: Contradictory rumors continue to circulate about the lake’s status due to dam seepage issues. Some are upbeat. Others are depressing.

Kingsport Times-News, Jan 12, 2015: The dam at Bays Mountain Park [has] some hairline cracks, the cement in the masonry joints is breaking down… In light of the sinkhole and seepage issues at Boone Dam, the Times-News inquired about the dam at Bays Mountain… Bays Mountain Park Manager Ken Childress… said the dam still has its original mortar… it’s time for all of the mortar to be replaced. According to the state’s safety inspection, there are some minor hairline cracks at the dam, with one of the buttresses near the spillway section having visible cracking. The cement in the masonry joints of the buttresses is breaking down and the situation does require remedial work in the future. “What it needs right now is the mortar in the joints in the buttresses,” Childress said… “the mortar is old and is weathering.”… Childress said people have commented to him in the past about water near the bottom of the dam… “It’s always been there. The water is not really coming through the dam, but seeping through the bedrock the dam is sitting on,” Childress said.

See also: Sinkhole develops under dam in US — Multiple nuke plants downstream — Gov’t notified of ‘stability issues’, plants begin evaluating potential flood impacts (PHOTOS)

Published: January 26th, 2015 at 1:02 pm ET


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264 comments to Official: Urgent, worrisome situation at major dam with nuclear plants downstream — We don’t know what’s going on — “You’ve got water able to get by that dam… coming out downstream… which, of course, shouldn’t be happening” — Danger of collapse called not ‘imminent’ — Cracks found in another dam nearby, water seeping from bedrock

  • joust at Concas latest pimp job for radiation?

    i said

    Actually i know quite a bit about radiation. And the “banana lie”. And yes, beta from k40 does a lot less harm than alpha emitters which will have a W(r) of at least 20 and maybe even 100. So that is 20 to 100 times more dangerous in the old school way of saying “quality” of the radiation. Plutonium has a W(R) of 112,000 by some accounts, it is an alpha emitter.

    I agree that VOCs are very important. But to dismiss the importance of radiation as a danger, using the ol banana or potato chip lie cannot go unchallenged.

    People are a lot smarter after Fukushima, and do not take these types of lies and false analogies lying down.

    At WIPP, the president at the time of the Plutonium explosion, Mohammed Farok Shariff, stated that inhaling plutonium was like “a dental Xray”.

    We don’t accept those lies either.

    • ISPC

      Yes. stock. TY. It is a full time job to debunk the lies of the Conca shill. What a pity. I wish people were smarter, and could see through the lies on their own. I know you and I, and many here, would rather be fishing, but things have changed. Peace

  • name999 name999

    Sadie Dog, ISPC…I want to post this because as I read back through some of the past posts I found some that were supposedly from me but I don't remember posting them or even thinking them.

    I am not inclined to call names and don't believe I have a history of doing that here. I did write a post the other day to Sadie Dog regarding a post about Gabby Giffords, but no name calling. Quite the opposite. I am not inclined to call Sadie Dog a "fatted pig" as I saw in one post to my shock with my avatar! ISPC I don't blame you for reporting that, but I am quite stunned.

    No not bi-polar, not drunk. Don't know what to make of this. Can someone hack my computer and post?
    Anyway, I am sorry about this and now wondering what has come up.

    This may be off topic here but it has a chilling effect on me. I have been speaking out much more openly in my community about these issues with nuclear.

    No response is needed here from anyone, but may be something to be on the lookout for. I will be now. And if something seems wrong I will address it as I have here…very wierd.

    • melting mermaid melting mermaid

      Bill Duff said the same thing happened to him, remember? It did seem kind of out of character.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      The game has always been about the control of your/one's mind..anyway they can do it. 🙁

      • name999 name999

        obewan…I know this all too well but still look at how easily this kind of sabotage can occur on a site
        like this.

        It makes me immensely sad that we have all been reduced to being subjected to such things. But you are right, nothing new with this. A shock to be a victim of it however…

    • Pete

      It is possible, although it seems unlikely, but yes absolutely possible.

      I would recommend changing your password to something you haven't used before. Click "My Profile" in the top right corner, change it to something 10+ characters long with a mix of caps, lower case and numbers that you also don't use elsewhere.
      Then use it to login manually each time you come to the site, ie don't check the "remember me" box. If your machine is compromised, all someone needs to do is open the web browser to be logged into all your account(s) that you have remembered the password on.

      I would also recommend checking your machine with the Malware Bytes detector, its pretty good for free, to see if you have any issues.

      Im also using the NoScript addon for Firefox, it will stop sites from running scripts you don't allow, which is important for driveby malware sites that can infect you with no input other than opening the page.

      • name999 name999

        pete, yes, it seems unlikely. I appreciate these recommendations and I don't follow them now, have neglected all these fixes because of inconvenience but will change my attitude on this. Very helpful. I often don't check back and I would otherwise have not seen this or even know of it.

        I am wiser for it, but this shit never ends.

        • 😐

          That is unsettling.

          I know user 'anne' had to change hers. I forget the exact reason.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

            I've always used a separate password for this website and I log in manually and log out every time I leave the site. Other people did use my name and I read 3 bloggers conspiring against me one day and it was the last straw. And also someone was calling me names that rhyne with anne. Someone said VanneV sounded like Vanever Bush, so I changed it again–I didn't realize that there was a similar name. Of course, I know who these people were, but that is not the point at the moment.

            When socref was here, someone was using names spelled quite similarly.

            Some people are here more for political reasons and are even paid to create dissension, particularly those for fossil fuels or nuclear energy. Really sad when the subject is so serious and there is so little time left to correct anything.

            • norbu norbu

              PtT, "Really sad when the subject is so serious and there is so little time left to correct anything." You are Spot on the money. Thank you for all of your hard work.

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              Very little time left! 🙁

            • name999 name999

              chas, praising…thanks for your feedback.

              I have made the recommended changes and will do so other places, keep a file of
              passwords, all the things I don't want to bother with.

              Our technology owns us, it is that simple and identity is relatively easy to steal now.

              • norbu norbu

                name999, "Our technology owns us, it is that simple and identity is relatively easy to steal now." Your true Identity cannot be taken. Be in charge of yourself dont be owned, alot of people need to break out of the "Brain Prison". Turn off your internet at night for starters, cover your web cam all of the time unless in use…..many things so little time…

                • name999 name999

                  norbu, good advisement.

                  So many examples of dirty tricks that have been methods to discredit those who speak out. I have an e- book on Amazon and just on the verge of recruiting social media for an audio book and other products.

                  I was posting to MM earlier today that I don't really want to use a cover here and would prefer to post with my real name.

                  This has put a big chill on that. I have been careless so this is a lesson.

            • PtT, please keep sharing what you sense must be known.

              I've watched the ENEshow mostly from the sidelines, but the "Controlled Opposition" and what 'Hatrick Penry' (of Plume Gate fame) coined "Cointrollpro" dynamics are quite obvious on ENE rather often, from off-topic filler bs, to mindless chatter, to vile antagonism, to disinformation, and so forth. If you were targeted, take it in stride and continue.

              Time is not on our side.

            • Sadly, you have been the target of many attacks.. but then again, you are a major contributor here, so it makes sense that they would try to attack someone out like you. Consider it an honor..

              Thanks for sticking it out and coming back stronger than ever.

    • GOM GOM

      Many of these sites provoke the age-old war on women thing. The boys club mindset still prevails. Of course not all, but some. I don't know if you caught the gang up that started on me due to my negative opinion. It was stopped immediately, but I know what lies beneath.
      Don't dwell.

    • ISPC

      Yes. name999. TY. I am very pleased to hear that it was not you. I believe that it was not. It is not unrealistic that very advanced hackers can take over a computer or a web site: in fact it has happened to contributors computers on ENENews, and ENENews has been attacked with Malware, and DNS, also, in the past.

      A computer can be hacked, and the administrator privileges changed to another name and password. File and print sharing can be turned on. A hacker could steal your ENENews password from your machine, or when you log in, and then log in to your ENENews account. I believe this could happen to any of us, at any time, so we need to be aware of the possibility.

      Some upgrades to a computer, that help defend against attacks that can be made, are to install a good anti-virus protection program; though a hacker can disable anti-virus.

      Programs to remove Malware that work are Malwarebytes, and Spybot Search and Destroy. It is necessary to back up your operating system and files on off-board storage drives before they are corrupted, or after they have been cleaned; though they can be scanned anytime.

      I am truly sorry that your machine was hacked and your identity stolen. Please forgive me if I appeared rude or mean toward you. We are learning the lengths the Nuclear Cabal will go in order to obfuscate the darkness of that industry.


  • name999 name999

    Melting, no, I don't know about that. There were several weeks during the time when the BD exchange apparently got heavy in which I was not able to post here, could not get on the site.

    He said that someone hacked his account and posted as if him?

    Well, very odd and strange. And a good way to harm me and my dedication to this site and it's purpose.

    I have been hearing about something called Agenda 21, and have been meaning to look into it more. Supposedly it is disinformation that operates by changing data, images etc from the original to meet the standards of the current lies. What a great and completely sinister way to do harm.

    Melting, thanks for your response…it makes me more suspicious…wow.Look out.

    • name999 name999

      …and taking a quick look, the Agenda 21 conspiracy stuff looks like nonsense…ok, back into the cold wintery world.

    • Duff said that AFTER he made direct threats against the president.

      to cover his arse, from a real FBI visit and maybe worse.

      I don't like the president, but I understand the law in terms of threats. Duff crossed the line to try to incite US to violence, and then he realized how far he crossed it.

      that be fact

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Hmmm..nonsense? Look around lately? Drive inside a few cities lately located in different states?

    What do you see? 🙂

  • OK, Here's my theory on the oldest trick in the internet book—a person takes a screen shot of an avi to steal—then starts a new acct here with it's password, acct user name—-uploads the avi—then changes the display name to match the stolen avi.

    So if you ever believe a post is not yours, you'd have to get admin to check the acct user name registered with that post because that part of the acct is written in stone. Right?

    And seems to me a stolen or copied avi would be a bit grainy or slightly pixalated unless the process is more sophisticated than I think.

    • @last, there are "find similar images" o n the net, so someone could find the original and not fall into the pixel trap.

      • Yep. My artist friends who sell paintings and limited prints go nuts seeing their work stolen and spend time tracking down perpetrators but it's not quick or cheap to actually legally "win" a case against them. 🙁

        I used to see many of my own listing photos taken from my art venues, all around the net. Kind of made me mad at first but didn't want my days to full of anger and stress worrying over it. Anyway if people could actually make the kind of ceramics that were my specialty then, I thought not very likely, lol. Maybe I inspired some young artists along the way.

  • Lets try and succeed in ending this long chatter on sabotaging enenews conversation by a relevant validated fact ignored by many at their peril: the self destruction of modern civilization(mc): Dams of the world are causing the Boone Dam phenomenon and many other mysteries unsolved by mc.
    Check out

  • Dick Shenary

    The USA is arguably the most powerful nation on earth. The US government is also decidedly pro-nuclear weapons and power. Many recent nuclear trade deals speak to this fact. How do you get the US nuclear and financial juggernaut to completely reverse itself and lead the coalition of the willing (if you will) against the ongoing devastation in Fukushima, Japan? That would be my submission for the political question of the century. Other submissions must be time stamped on or before April 1, 2015. Winners will be notified by popular acclaim. Winners will also be remembered and celebrated throughout history as we might have one to celebrate.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      You are always so hopeful and that is good but maybe this line should instead read..

      "How do you get the US nuclear and financial juggernaut to completely reverse itself and lead the coalition of the willing (if you will) against the ongoing devastation of the entire world?"

  • As I can visualise, we must keep in perspective the consequences of modern civilization(mc)(cf Shenary,chemfood,Jensen, Obewanspeaks and others like myself) and changeover to being in harmony with nature. Begin by redesigning the way of life by avoiding excessive parallel economy compared to nature's. The consequences of dams are far more than the murder of rivers en masse. They destroy the infrastructure of mc- mines, roads, bridges,nukes,dams themselves and nature and cause the brutal change of climate(See extremes of rain for ex). The separate parts of mc have a brutal way of destroying one another. Nature's way of designing around dams are forests which are multi input multi output living beings reproducing themselves non-clonally like us if we continue to choose to reproduce naturally. The consequence of machine CENTERED civilization is extinction. The survival of all life is ensured by ecology based ways of life centered on the principle of return using the sun and all earth in such a way that there is no waste like in nature. The dams must be replaced in stages by opening the gates simultaneously with regeneration of nature worldwide as a millennium project with people's cooperatives! We avoid nuclear horror and winter and extinction copying nature's ways which are infinitely superior to mc.

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      I totally agree. The only major thing to accomplish is population management.
      Less people=less load=less resource exploitation=less destruction
      The target might be 20% of current population.

      Through the 2000's, world population was increasing at 200,000+ per day, and a 30% increase from todays population by 2050 is estimated.

      No real plan=no solution=chaos. This is where we are headed.

      Whether it is logistical, exponential, or hyperbolic, the growth we embrace as 'advancement', will likely be our destruction. It is in all things we do as a civilization, and history, is repeating itself.

  • Dick Shenary

    Obe – I agree with your edit in principle, but I do think that just now the world needs to focus on Fukushima. If we can manage to get a handle on that, then we can look to other issues.

  • Dick Shenary

    President B. Obama has had a run of both good and bad luck during his presidency. For example during the spring of 2011, the President had a trip scheduled to promote civilian nuclear power to Chile. This was the good luck part as he, family and selected staff missed the airborne nuclear plume coming from Fukushima while in South America. The highest levels of government did not flee radiation in 2011 as they were very busy concluding deals to make more of it. The bad news was, if you can imagine, trying to sell civilian nuclear power plants while three American designed and built reactors were exploding on TV as a backdrop. I’ll bet President Obama and others got a few laughs out of that as the nuclear deal was signed by the Chilean President, who apparently doesn’t own a TV.

  • A lot of versions and/or word semantics going on today causing accusations. And defenses, lol.

    Since I can't get reply windows to respond to individuals at the moment, I'll just say please chill people, but continue to offer opinions. We have a lot to consider as usual.

    Regarding the WIPP cave ins: Doesn't matter how good any bolt initially is or if it maintains that original strength and design integrity. IMO whole slabs of humongously heavy salt in flat roofed chambers are failing to stay put because of the nature of geologically compressed salt combined with other escalating factors.

    I wouldn't be surprised if robot cameras or ground penetrating radar devices would show huge very thick broken up salt slabs complete with bent netting and fairly pristine bolts poking through the salt layers now resting on barrels. Like a bunch of puny bobby pins and hairnets that some engineer promised would hold up cement.

    I think about natural sequences of unvaulted ceiling weight pressures, increasing creeping moisture pockets, EQ's or nearby fracking tremors, plus corrosive new chemical fumes from the burbling burping barrels containing unknown mixes of radioactive waste.

    WIPP's a live nasty dragon breathing in an underground lair.

    Above ground, on sites around the world, are multitudes of baby dragons temporarily contained in fragile shells…dreaming up their own hatching I suppose.

  • Dick Shenary

    LC Teri – Please be unintentionally side tracked more often. Very descriptive writing style.

  • DS 🙂 Thanks, with kudos to Onto for his dragon's breath avi awhile back.

    btw, this by you is great! "The highest levels of government did not flee radiation in 2011 as they were very busy concluding deals to make more of it. The bad news was, if you can imagine, trying to sell civilian nuclear power plants while three American designed and built reactors were exploding on TV as a backdrop. I’ll bet President Obama and others got a few laughs out of that as the nuclear deal was signed by the Chilean President, who apparently doesn’t own a TV."

  • rogerthat

    Anne Fenerty: Opposed to Rocky Flats prescribed burn
    POSTED: 01/27/2015

    …At its Oct. 27 meeting, the Rocky Flats Stewardship Council (RFSC) unanimously approved a motion to oppose the burn. …

    We support the local governments' motion. Controlled burns for weed management should be prohibited on this site due to the risk of potential uptake of radioactive or heavy metal contamination into weeds, and subsequent spread of contaminated ashes or dust through winds from this source or from airborne contaminants from soil…

    • ISPC

      Yes. rogerthat. TY. Amazing. Rocky Flats Fifty Years Later; still in the news, and still deadly. What a pity. The entire nuclear program is a disgrace to America, and Humanity. No more Nukes. Nuketards…clean up your damned mess. Thank you Anne for fighting for peoples right to live. My grateful heart goes out to you. Blessings. Peace

  • rogerthat

    … The "breakthrough" between Obama and Modi seems to be an agreement that the law will be "tweaked" to let US corporations off the hook in case of a devastating accident.

    For example, suppliers of nuclear equipment could be redefined as "contractors" and therefore not be liable under Indian law.

    Of course, if USA Today explained that Obama had gotten the Indian prime minister to find a loophole that would allow US corporations to avoid having to compensate victims of nuclear disasters that they contributed to, that would be harder to present as a "good news!" story.

  • rogerthat

    This is a thorough report, worth reading in full

    Army Corps of Engineers asks for more input on Parks Township nuclear dump plans

    By Tom Yerace
    Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015

    …Patty Ameno of Hyde Park, the leading activist in pushing for the cleanup, said, “The consequences of leaving it there are far more dangerous than digging it up.”

    Ameno, in her testimony, listed eight points that the amendment should address.

    Among them are moving the project ahead without delay, the health and safety of the residents be given the highest priority equal to national security concerns, that the abandoned coal mine below the waste dump be investigated and tested and that a “no-fracking zone” be set up to make sure that seismic activity from Marcellus shale drilling does not impact the waste dump.

    “I've spoken to both the DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) and EPA
    (Environmental Protection Agency) and they both agreed there should be a no-fracking zone,” Ameno said…

    Tom Haley of Allegheny Township emphasized that the Corps use all resources to learn about what materials were produced and processed at the former NUMEC and Atlantic Richfield operations that produced the waste.

    Haley, who has been involved with the waste dump issue since 2003, said he worked as a project manager at the NUMEC plant for 11 years and knows what was…

    • rogerthat

      produced there.

      He said he prepared an extensive report on those materials, but nobody from the Corps has looked at it.

      “It describes everything you need to know about what was processed at NUMEC,” Haley said.

      He used the aborted cleanup as an example of why more knowledge is needed. Originally, the estimate of the radioactive waste dumped at the site was 26.6 kilograms.

      But Haley said there was more than that amount just in the one-half of a disposal trench that was excavated before the project was halted.

      Peter Davin of Pittsburgh seemed to echo Haley's concerns. Davin said he is a technical attorney who has worked on such cleanup projects for 30 years and now is involved in a major one in California.

      He suggested to the Corps officials, as a part of their request for proposals on the cleanup, that they supply information about the site's contents to the contractors bidding on it so each can supply a risk assessment-risk management plan on how they will handle things if something goes wrong.

      Helbling (Michael Helbling, the Army Corps of Engineers project manager) said that was done the first time.

      Making public what the Corps knows to be in the waste dump is something that residents have asked for, unsuccessfully, in the past.

      “Our policy is not to talk about the stuff that we think is in there, and we do not talk about the material we excavate,” Helbling said. “And that is not going to change.”

      Tom Yerace is a staff writer for Trib Total…

  • rogerthat

    Russian Audit Chamber cites ballooning budgets in domestic nuke projects
    By Charles Digges
    January 28, 2015

    A report by the Russian Duma’s independent Audit Chamber seen by Bellona revealed that delayed payments for construction costs at a host of new nuclear power plant builds are leading to ballooning budgets, delayed start up dates and sloppy, hazardous construction conditions.

    The report also hinted circuitously that these delays in new projects meant to replace aged and less reliable reactors could lead to new dangers…

    “This report from the Russian audit chamber just once more underline the building a nuclear reactor as a rule are delayed and more expensive than planned,” Nils Bøhmer, Bellona’s executive director and nuclear physicist said.

    He cited immense cost overruns at France and Finland’s EPR reactors, both of which are expected to surpass $11 billion. Both were originally slated to cost about $3 billion. Now, said Bøhmer, ”We’re seeing overruns in Russia as well.”

    Bøhmer added that decommissioning expenses for the new reactors in Russia – which can only be determined by guesswork ­– would only add to thier overall cost.

    “This shows that there are a lot of hidden costs in nuclear electricity that society in the end has to pay,” he said…

  • rogerthat

    Savannah River Site clean up pushed to 2065, costing extra $25 billion
    By Meg Mirshak
    Staff Writer
    Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015 (updated version)

    Cleanup of Savannah River Site’s Cold War nuclear waste has been pushed back to fiscal year 2065, requiring an additional $25 billion and more than two extra decades of work, according to latest projections from the U.S. Department of Energy.

    New estimates add 23 years to the environmental management program at SRS, and the life cycle cost estimate has risen to between $91 billion and $109 billion, according to DOE.

    Information on the delay was presented to the SRS Citizens Advisory Board this week. Board members said announcements of delays and cost overruns have become expected as the federal government faces tightening budgets.

    Marolyn Parson, the chairwoman of the SRS Citizens Advisory Board, said the schedule delay puts workers and the environment at a greater risk from potential threats of nuclear materials at the site.

    “It’s disappointing. It seems every year we push the dates back farther and farther. All that does is keep the risks in place longer and longer,” Parsons said. “It’s on and on. I don’t know when it’s going to stop.” …

    • rogerthat

      Reduced federal funding levels for SRS have contributed to the changes, said Jim Giusti, a spokesman for DOE-SRS. The environmental management budget, which was about $1.3 billion for fiscal 2015, allows for less work to be completed each year, he said.

      The life cycle estimate analyzes several cleanup programs, including spent nuclear fuel processing, solid and liquid waste disposition and soil and groundwater remediation. It considers “assumptions” that would affect clean up, such as shipments from SRS to a permanent federal repository beginning in 2055, completion of the Salt Waste Processing Facility, and schedules for emptying and closing high-level liquid waste tanks.

      “We are going to do as much as we can with the money we have. That means some of those (cleanup milestones) are going to get pushed back. When we look at risks to the public and our workers, which ones can we push out farther because they are less risk than say our high-level waste tanks,” Giusti said.

      SRS has 51 underground storage tanks, six of which are no longer in use, holding high-level radioactive waste. Some of the aging tanks are cracked, rusty or have leaked.

      The projections can change if Congress budgets more money or the site saves money on some programs, Giusti said. He said programs have been prioritized to clean up those with the greatest risk first.

      “There’s always a risk when we delay work. I don’t know it’s any more a risk today than it would be a year from now,” he said…

      • rogerthat

        “The things that are the most risk to the public and the environment we are going to get done first. That’s our priority. We look at liquid waste as being the No. 1 risk at the site we have to deal with.”

        Tom Clements, the director of nuclear watchdog group SRS Watch, said it’s important that SRS officials and politicians pressure the DOE to fully fund site cleanup.

        “With the pressure on the DOE budget only increasing, it appears that the stage could be set for some work to never be adequately finished, raising the spectre that the site could become a national sacrifice zone,” Clements said.

        Whether cleanup is ever completed depends on future funding amid DOE budget constraints, Giusti said.

        “It will depend on what the priorities of the nation are…''

  • rogerthat

    Nuclear DOESN'T Matter!

    Carol Browner, a paid spokesman for industry PR front group "Nuclear Matters," is but the latest in a long line of nuclear power snake oil salesman, seeking to gouge ratepayers and taxpayers
    "Nuclear Matters," a high-priced front group featuring paid, pro-nuclear spokespeople — former members of congress and administration agency heads — was created by Exelon Nuclear and its PR machine last year. It has since been joined by other nuclear utilities, such as FirstEnergy.

    "Nuclear Matters" spokespeople, such as former Clinton administration EPA administrator, and Obama administration White House "climate czar," Carol Browner, are in Exelon's hometown of Chicago today, and plan to be at FirstEnergy's Davis-Besse atomic reactor in Carroll Township, Ohio (east of Toledo, on the Lake Erie shore) on Feb. 5th. See the web site entries immediately below.

    "Nuclear Matters" is trying desperately to prop up dirty, dangerous, and uncompetitive atomic reactors, through massive ratepayer bailouts, in both Illinois and Ohio. In fact, in Chicago, they were joined by the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), the industry's lobbying and PR HQ in Washington, D.C. Exelon, the single largest nuclear utility in the U.S., also dominates NEI — both Exelon's and NEI's CEO is one and the same person: Christopher Crane. More.

    • rogerthat

      Former opponent touts nuclear power at Chicago event

      Julie Wernau, Chicago Tribune
      January 28, 2015

      Not too long ago Carol Browner would have sided with the activists clad in white hazmat suits protesting nuclear power outside the City Club's lunch Tuesday in downtown Chicago.

      Instead, Browner, the former U.S. Environmental Protection Agency administrator and self-professed environmentalist, was inside, a featured speaker touting the benefits of nuclear power.

      With 6 percent of nuclear power in the U.S. under financial threat, nuclear proponents are attempting to win over environmental activists. Who better to send the message that nuclear power is a "clean" form of power and worth saving than Browner, who changed her mind and began advocating for nuclear power in 2011…

    • ISPC

      Yes. rogerthat. TY. That sad thing is not "Nuclear Matters"; the sad thing is that people believe "Nuclear Matters". I would like to help people understand, somehow; that, "Nuclear Bad". Peace

  • rogerthat

    Frank Munger's Atomic City Underground

    IG identifies more than 200 high-risk facilities that are dirty and degraded; ‘worst of worst’ is at Y-12

    The Department of Energy’s Inspector General has identified more than 200 high-risk buildings around the nuclear complex that are dirty and degraded and have no definitive schedule for cleanup, and the “worst of the worst” is the Alpha-5 facility at the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant in Oak Ridge.

    The audit report released today by Inspector General Gregory Friedman found serious weaknesses in DOE’s efforts to deal with these old and deteriorated facilities — some of which have been out of operation for decades — that loaded with radioactive and hazardous materials.

    The schedule for turning these facilities over to DOE’s Environmental Management program for cleanup is getting pushed more and more into the future, the report said, indicating that many of these facilities won’t be designated for cleanup until 2025 or possibly even a decade later.

    Building 9201-5, also known as Alpha-5, is a former uranium-enrichment facility that dates back to the World War II Manhattan Project.

    The IG report said the National Nuclear Security Administration, the semi-independent part of DOE that oversees the nuclear weapons complex, had characterized Alpha-5 as “the worst of the worst” even though about $24 million…

    • rogerthat

      has already been spent to reduce risks at the big building. The reports notes that in addition to hazardous and radioactive contamination being spread by water from leaking roofs, there is a risk of explosion from materials housed there.

      Here’s an excerpt from the government’s audit report regarding Alpha-5:

      “This facility was built in 1944 and supported a number of missions that used materials such as uranium, mercury and beryllium. Since it ceased operations in 2005, this highly contaminated facility has experienced significant degradation.

      ''In particular, during a 2008 Environmental Management assessment, it was noted that the facility had substantial flooding, exterior piping and associated supports were corroding, and reinforced concrete roof panels had deteriorated.

      ''The assessment concluded that the combination of the large facility size, rapidly deteriorating conditions, and vast quantity of items requiring disposition made this facility one of the greatest liabilities in the Department’s complex.

      ''Further compounding the issue, the facility houses a hub of utilities that serves operational production facilities at the site, which could affect national security mission work as further degradation occurs. Since this facility was evaluated in 2008, the site has spent more than $24 million in operating and maintenance costs.

      “To accelerate the cleanup effort, Environmental Management provided Recovery Act funding to NNSA to remove a portion…

      • rogerthat

        of the legacy waste from the Alpha 5 Facility.

        “However, since cleanup efforts were performed, officials informed us that the facility has degraded at an increasingly alarming rate.

        ''In particular, a 2014 NNSA site assessment indicated that roof degradation continues to be widespread throughout the facility with varying levels of severity. This has resulted in significant water intrusion and the spread of radiological and toxicological contamination.

        “Additionally, the assessment identified the potential for an explosion or reaction associated with remaining contaminants and personnel safety issues related to the degraded condition as high-risk areas.

        ''Overall, the assessment concluded that this facility presents a high risk to the workers and environment and should not be accepted.

        ''The assessment noted that demolition remains the only viable risk-accepted standard. Further, it noted that funding will need to be diverted from mission work to prevent the realization of imminent risks and mitigate the consequences of realized risk events.”

    • ISPC

      Yes. rogerthat. TY. Wake the Flock Up! Link. Peace

      • ISPC

        BNFL at work:

        "It all began in 1951 when huge quantities of radioactive waste were deliberately pumped untreated into the Irish Sea to test the effects it had on the marine ecosystem. The discharges have been reduced but continue to this day."

        Ugly. Very Ugly. For an Ugly Long Time.


  • ISPC

    Yes. rogerthat. TY. The DOE IG, DOE, and NNSA song and dance team performing for the American People. Vaudeville is alive and well in America. Peace

  • Doin the happy dance.. money for nuthin and plutonium for free

    Nuclear Power Is An Expensive, Money Losing Disaster; Dispelling the Myth That It Is Economically Sound

  • rogerthat

    From the government audit report on Alpha 5:

    ''Further, it noted that funding will need to be diverted from mission work to prevent the realization of imminent risks and mitigate the consequences of realized risk events.”

    … realized risk events … now ain't that a cute turn of phrase

  • After all these very relevant informative data filled discussions, I am goaded to add one: The population control can only be brought about by removing the root cause: the mutually destructive characteristic of modern civilization which is causing deaths of young adults and children by long lived poisons- wastes that cannot be handled by the earth. In India the young under 40 are dying in large numbers and to have insurance for survival people are having more and more children. The rate of increase is slowing down because the poisons are overtaking the ability to reproduce non-clonally. See

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