“Disturbing Short Film Set in Near-Future Tokyo” (VIDEO)

Published: September 5th, 2011 at 3:02 pm ET


Blind, KIR Film, August 23, 2011:

The film is set in post-nuclear Tokyo in a dimension not so distant from ours. Young salary-man’s morning commute takes a surreal turn.

Via EX-SKF: “Blind” – A Disturbing Short Film Set in Near-Future Tokyo

Copyright © KIR FILM All Rights Reserved



Published: September 5th, 2011 at 3:02 pm ET


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118 comments to “Disturbing Short Film Set in Near-Future Tokyo” (VIDEO)

  • socal stukncali

    Amazing video!

  • pg


    I am good for sending that to a few hundred.

  • lam335 lam335

    I hope the executives at TEPCO and the Japanese nuclear ministry see it. I wish something would turn their hearts. They are poisoning an entire hemisphere, starting with the youngest and most vulnerable among them. It is SHAMEFUL that they continue to let this happen, and even more shameful that they continue to downplay its significance. It is no less shameful that the US government is not doing more to help stop it.

  • Jun

    This will be ignored here, just as are our cries for help from the government. I wont be surprised if TEPCO tries to have it banned.

  • midwestern midwestern

    An illuminating article featured by CNN World with quotes from the president of Tepco regarding his interpretation of “stablilization” of the nuclear disaster at Fukushima and his company’s “responsibility” (last paragraph): “Official: Japanese Nuclear Plant Stabilization Ahead of Schedule”. http://www.cnn.com/2011/WORLD/asiapcf/09/05/japan.nuclear.interview/

  • theypoisonus

    This final statement by him at the end of the piece shows how dillusional all these people are to me:

    “I believe restarting the nuclear power plants is necessary to stably supply the energy to our users,” he said. “We must effort for the restart. It is the most important thing for that is to show the people that Fukushima’s situation is stabilized and the issue has come to the end. This is our responsibility.”

    This, on the other hand is far more realistic:


    IF you are a gardener or planning on doing some as you fear your origin of food, be sure to read the last comment.
    I’m headed to his web site now. I wish him all the luck and hope to gleen some info of what to do this winter for my own needs.

  • dpl dpl

    .gov is foreign occupied territory
    You yammering eco-nazis lost the right to clean air ,water,food and health.
    Long life for slaves is not allowed no SS money.
    You will however experience longer lines at the cancer center which will be filling up with kids.
    The good news is world population will decrease as less people will want to raise the smiling little drooling retards.
    Happy Labor day!

    • wow. and by extension we, the people and average simple folk on this planet, earned the right to be poisoned by the destroyed reactors at fukushima-daichi. what a load of priceless bollocks.

      • dpl dpl

        Little people are like ants at the picnic they were not invited to.
        but if enough of them pull together then you have something worth shooting at.

  • mikael

    a revelation, and a beutifull in its brutality and truth.
    Never is silence more brutal and mercyless, then the reality is ignored.
    Either stupidity or cold hard complicity, the end remains the same, mercyless slaughter of inocent people.
    Colateral damage, is the “new English”. And the world shrugs.

    The reality is that people are on their own.
    6 Months of a slow train coming, and so far its only accelerated and gain momentum, and still the world shrugs.

    The creaping horrors of the Nuclear Nightmare is rising, day by day.

    “When you get to the end of all the light you know and it’s time to step into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing that one of two things shall happen: either you will be given something solid to stand on, or you will be taught how to fly.”
    — Edward Teller

  • Has anyone at tepco or in the iaea been arrested yet? I could have sworn that there are laws against illegally contaminating your international neighbors…

    There are laws that also state that anyone contributing to your crime is an accessory to the crime in question…

    Cancer is a death sentence…

    Could anyone tell me, when we can expect to see: Justice brought to the Japanese.

    People have died…
    This is murder…

    Wheres the Pork (police)…

    Tepco’s entire outfit should be in jail.
    Iaea’s no different, nor the NRC.

    Yes, you can have nuclear power… Once you learn to harness its energy from your jail cells…
    As far as I am concerned, this is a crime. You are all despicable for your lack of tact and transparency.

    It’s as if everyone thought that this were legal???
    TEPCO… You are obligated to follow the laws implied to your industry. These same laws entitle that you repay your debts, provide information to people as soon its relevant, in respects to minimizing the general public’s exposure…

    You have failed to act in accord with your previously agreed ethics, for financial and economical prosperity.

    The people of Japan and the World for that matter, gave you the power to indorse your industry only in respects that you would agree to following a strict regimen of emergency guidelines.

    You failed to report all known information at the time.
    putting millions of lives in danger, to levels of exposure unknown to date.

    You implied only a 12km evacuation zone, while your entire staff knew that the situation implied an evacuation zone, anywhere between 50 – 200 km’s.

    By doing this…
    You failed to provide adequate testing after the matter.
    Leading to contamination above federal limits, in both food and water, being distributed both nationally as well as internationally.

    The international shipping of radioactive substances is a federal crime in most countries.

    Anyone that worked for tepco the iaea and nrc, had withheld this important information which the public needed in respect to staying within safe proxy to this incident.

    Those that participated in the crime need immediate legal intervention. All those that are guilty should be punished according to the nations statutes to those crimes…

    What are the Japanese statutes, In dealing with 1,000,000+ acts of deceit murder and fraud…?

    In my opinion… Hang the all. They are all guilty of criminal omission. In the heaviest of circumstances…

    • dpl dpl

      justice day will come the day after cold shutdown

      • According to the article prior to this one, tepco achieved that today… 😉

        joking aside, they should be doing their jobs from jail…

        I never saw the mob get this kind of courtesy…

        @ knight.

        I had no intent of offending law enforcement. It was a play on words. Pork, beef…

        sorry if the satire / sarcasm is low level of detection. I suppose it takes off from the radiation hitting the west coast.

        Im not the devil, my humors just diluted…

        • alright. fine. except that was precisely my point tacoma, you should know better. obviously our “leaders” don’t. 😉

        • Darth


          Tepco’s entire outfit should be in jail.
          Iaea’s no different, nor the NRC

          What about those bastards operating HAARP who triggered the EQ and tsunami?

          • Show me the facts.

            innocent until proven guilty…

            I can only speak for the crimes that I have personally witnessed. I believe there may be great truth to haarp / weather augmentation.

            However, as the tinfoil hat people say…

            Pics or it didn’t happen.

    • Wheres the Pork (police)…

      Tepco’s entire outfit should be in jail.
      Iaea’s no different, nor the NRC.


    • Tacomagroove,
      Thank you, well said, now more tears for the lost ones, the Children and lives that won’t be and for the sadness and pain of the ones that will be, but deformed in misery !

  • DutchSinse’s two sites are down.

    …What happened?

    red red wine

    • Hi Steve / support staff,

      I’ve been a listener of [Steve Quayle’s] for many years and now I need to find out if he can SHED SOME LIGHT!!

      The light of truth and bright one at that, needs to be shined on this situation if you are willing??

      RE: YouTuber dutchsinse THIS IS ALL HIS WORK AND RESEARCH on HAARP:

      http://www.dutchsinse.com/blog/?p=660 dozens of links to HAARP patents etc. etc.

      http://www.dutchsinse.com/blog/?p=605 Images you MUST see!!!!!! THIS is what he does.

      http://www.youtube.com/user/dutchsinse Channel

      I know you know Alex, Jeff, George, and many many other powerful voices who can perhaps rally the support now needed.

      The is a YouTuber who’s channel name is dutchsinse from St. Louis who does some amazing work studying HAARP, earthquakes, and volcanos. It’s far beyond the scope of this email to explain how good he is at what he does, but if it helps any to know this much, he first REALLY started drawing attention when he posted a warning about a potential large earthquake in Japan only a few days before they got hit in March. Since then, with almost daily updates on HARRP rings he can find on weather radar systems he’s very accurately predicted violent weather and tornadoes dozens of times. 24 -48hrs in Advance.

      Here’s the stats on his channel, and most all of this is just in the last 6 mo.

      Channel Views:3,437,533

      Total Upload Views:12,869,647 – – YES that’s 12+ MILLION views of his uploads.

      He even has this posted on his channel…………

      “from one of my viewers who has family in Joplin Missouri —

      “Just in. My step son living in the vicinty of Carrosel Park(sp) on the 3800 block of West 7th, Joplin had listened to my ranting of Flash rings seen in general area, had packed up family, summer, clothes and valuables then left the area for the weekend in the hills near Anderson. Thanks to you they and their worth are ok. House, boat and all else are gone but my daughter, stepson and grandkids are ok….Thanks to you –youtube user billyhayes548″

      I’ll let you guys do your own investigating on this, BUT WHAT YOU WON’T FIND….. is 100 plus videos that YouTube just made him
      take off his channel from back when he posted warnings about Japan BEFORE it happened.

      HIS BEST FRIEND WAS JUST SHOT 5 TIMES with an AK-47 under VERY odd circumstances at 6:20AM in St. Louis about 3 days ago (2 guys – black Hummer) and he HAD received threats and his channel and work recently came under a lot of attack.

      HIS WORK even prompted the USGS to issue two different press releases regarding what Dutch is still pretty certain where / are volcanic plumes / venting from SoCal all the way to WA. He also has strong suspicion that USGS is downgrading / hiding the actual size of the EQ’s it’s reporting on it’s site.

      HE REALLY NEEDS SUPPORT ….they are trying to shut him down and just 3 days after his close friend got shot, then YT makes him take down all those videos.

      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…. If there is ANY way you or Alex or anyone else you know can help this guy out here, he has a LOT
      of good people who love and support him a bunch, but they don’t want him to get hurt.

      HE IS SCARED…. He just posted this on his channel tonight:

      ” I just deleted WELL OVER 100 videos… thanks youtube, thanks to trolls.. copyright violations on the Japan tsunami videos I posted at the time in March??!! really??? well .. now youtube.. i just NUKED my effin channel.. enjoy the low views!”

      “dutchsinse: deepest aplogies to anyone upset with me.. I won’t be around for a while.. upsetting developments have occurred— im coming to figure out that video making about the “real truth” is NOT worth the pain caused in “real life”

      Many many people are praying for him to be surrounded by angels and for God’s hand of protection to be on him. He has moved his family to a secure location for now. PLEASE see if you can contact him and offer some support or advice…he does NOT have a lot of money, and though many have insisted on sending him donations, he’s never tried to make money from his work. HE ONLY is concerned with peoples safety.

      VERY VERY VERY Sincerely,
      Jeff in Oregon

    • reVivre

      Good News: http://www.youtube.com/dutchsinse#p/a/u/1/JRiwjO_nAr8
      Dutchsinse YT-channel has been completely restored today 🙂

  • The account has been terminated due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement.

    All I can tell you is that “he was shut down”… not the other way around….

  • Lacsap Lacsap

    STOP working at nuclear power plants NOW! No employees no running them, EASY!

  • Sickputer

    The Americans and Canadians who are really despicable are the bureaucrats at the highest levels in the North American governments (the NRC, the CNSC and their higher ups) who failed to warn the public when the toxic cloud from Reactor 3 was sailing over the ocean at breakneck speed from March 13-16. Cowardly government weasels, not worth spitting on if they were on fire.

    It is as bad as not warning the public a nuclear bomb attack is taking place. I was fortunate in that I knew the toxic cloud was coming because of the Internet. I even warned other people earlier in the day on March 15 before it arrived in Texas.

    But I didn’t have all the knowledge of the extent or dangers of the cloud or I would have sealed my roof vents ahead of time (instead of a few weeks later) and I would have stayed home from work. I bet NRC scientists and other insiders made sure to warn their families appropriately…another real Kodak moment.

    I received a dangerous dose of radioactive iodine that resulted in a massive nosebleed (which I have never had before in my life) and who knows if I inhaled plutonium?

    I doubt my Blue Cross Blue Shield is going to cover most of $1500 to pay for a full body nuclear scan. That health scenario falls under a Force of Nature exemption I guess.

    BTW…The American nuclear industry is exempt from liability to the public beyond 12.2 billion dollars.

    The Price-Anderson Act of 1957 has been extended numerous times and with the latest extension by the Energy Policy Act of 2005 it insures nuclear plants until about 2025. This law guarantees the federal government will indemnify any losses beyond 12 billion.

    As we know from Japan…$12 billion is a drop in the bucket for the hundreds of billions it will cost near term…probably trillions as the loss of habitat and contamination of land, sea, and air is tallied over the next century and beyond.

    Fukushima Daiichi could well be the moral, physical, and financial death of Japan. There’s no insurance that can cover a massive nuclear disaster and certainly not a fiscally poor country like Japan.

    The US also would also probably fail financially in the event of a similar event…just implode financially. And Americans being widely diverse compared to the homogenous Japanese are not apt to be as docile so that adds another wild card to dealing with millions of displaced angry citizens.

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


      “The Price-Anderson Act of 1957 has been extended numerous times and with the latest extension by the Energy Policy Act of 2005 it insures nuclear plants until about 2025. This law guarantees the federal government will indemnify any losses beyond 12 billion.”

      Well, you can be sure that we can rely on the financial stability of the US govt to reimburse its citizens. Sarcasm.

  • dpl dpl

    those designer gas masks are the BOMB

  • Also…
    what are the statuses of reactors 5 and 6. I am beginning to believe that they too are already china syndromes…

    5,6 are and have been all too recluse. They reported in march the presence of iodide and cesium leaking from the fuel pools… Wouldn’t that suggest that there is something to report on…

    We know that they drilled holes in the roof, to stop an explosion, from taking place…

    We know that they were leaking fuel…

    We know their zirconium fuel cells were melting in respect to why they were drilling holes in the roof. (zirconium creates hydrogen).

    We know that they lost cooling functions…

    We don’t have any official images from inside these facilities…

    We know that the fuel supply in those reactors, is much more in quantity in comparison to the other reactors on site…

    Breaking News: Fukushima’s reactor 4 on fire again. Reactors 5 and …
    http://www.setyoufreenews.com/…/breaking-news-fukushimas-reactor-4-o... – CachedMar 16, 2011 – Fukushima plant personnel plan to remove roof over No.5, 6 reactors to prevent hydrogen concentration and new blasts. The explosion …

    Fukushima’s No. 5 Nuclear Reactor Cooling Facility Stops
    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/…/fukushima-no-5-nuclear-reactor-coolin... – CachedMay 28, 2011 – 5 Nuclear Reactor Cooling Facility Stops … The official said the breakdown of the cooling systems would not … 6 reactors were less severe. …

    Prison Planet.com » Radioactive Iodine In Fukushima Seawater …
    http://www.prisonplanet.com/radioactive-iodine-in-fukushima-seawater-hi... – CachedMar 24, 2011 – What’s far worse, reactors 5 and 6 which have been supposed to be ok, are also leaking: “The firm also said it found both iodine-131 and …

    DID I just drop the Lie bomb again…

    This is an important situation…
    Because if the reactors were leaking… The fuels not intact. That leads me to believe. were all being lied to…

    There were more likely 6 meltdowns… Not 4.

    Making fukushima a Super-ELE…

    Even if the cooling is back in order, what is tepco planning on doing with the fuel ?

    Its all corium at this point… right?

    Thats what happens when you leave nuclear fuel uncovered, and un cooled (within only an hours time)…

  • Blown Camaro

    Well, that choked me up. Everytime I think of the children it really hurts. I have two Asian stepdaughters and I worry about what they are eating all the time.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    JUST SENT HP’ers here.
    Good job Enenews posters!

    • Sickputer

      CaptD…I appreciate your posts I have seen at HP and your snagged PDF of the NRC emails in March…heh, heh! Nice little goldmine.

      Ian Goddard (despite the neat rocket scientist-sounding last name) doesn’t convince me on the Unit 3 steam explosion theory.

      Maybe Ian is related to the father of modern rocketry, but not directly as Robert Goddard and his wife had no children and his only brother Richard died as a baby from a spinal illness.

      Nice layout and very thoughtful analysis of the theory, but this alternative ex-vessel steam explosion doesn’t supercede atomic bomb explosion comparisons I have viewed and the supersonic speed necessary to send debris materials so fast and so far.

      Offtopic: I do appreciate his excellent analysis debunking theories the moon landing was a hoax:


      I grew up thirty minutes from the Johnson Space Center and visited it many times during the Gemini and Apollo moon missions. I have photographs I took of my TV when the astronauts walked on the moon. I met personally half a dozen astronauts. There was no hoax, just hard work, blood, sweat and tears.

      Anyone who tries to deny America’s accomplishment of reaching the moon and returning safely is going to have zero credibility with me because I grew up a witness to to the space program from the earliest days.

      It was 42 years ago when I watched men walk on the moon and if I live another 50 years I will never forget that thrilling moment…perhaps the crowning achievement in the history of mankind.

      Counter that with Fukushima Daiichi and it is possibly the worst single event in the history of mankind. It’s a World War III without any factions, a super volcano that never stops erupting, and a planet life destroyer. We have met the enemy and he is us.

  • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

    Very good filmic piece. Stylin cinematography. I hope it helps ignite a spark; but, we’ll see.

  • theypoisonus

    just now from fuku-diary.
    tweet about 3/14 c/p here:

    [Unit 3 emit 140 Sv/h on 3/14 5:03]

    東京新聞 3/15時点で、福島原発吉田所長は、福島県、大熊町、双葉町に、ファックスで、炉心溶融、メルトダウンが進んでいることを報告済み。東電と国はそれを隠蔽。14日の午前5時3分の時点で3号機から140シーベルト/時の放射能が出ていたことも報告

    From Tokyo shimbun. On March 15th, the head of Fukushima daiichi nuc plant, Mr Yoshida sent fax and informed to Fukushima prefecture, Okuma-cho and Futaba-cho that melt-down is proceeding. TEPCO and the goverment are hiding this fact. About the fact that 140 Sv/h is coming out from #3 was also informed already at 05.03 a.m. of 14th March.

    Von Tokyo Shinbun. Am 15. März hat der Chef des AKWS Fukushima Daiichi, Herr Yoshida, ein Fax geschickt, um die Präfektur Fukushima, Okuma-cho und Futaba-cho zu informieren, dass die Kernschmelze im Gang ist. TEPCO und die Regierung verheimlichen diese Tatsache. Auch über die Tatsache, dass aus Block Nr. 3 140Sv/h entweichen, wurden sie bereits um 05.03 am 14. März informiert.

    operative words: Melt Down

  • theypoisonus


    I tried off and on for the last hour to get to this site, when I could, I got a cached version with only about 10-12 posts even tho it sais there were over 50.

    Could this site be next? Dutchsinse is gone..
    his You Tube and His Blog.. the You Tube , I can understand , the PTB have control over that, but his BLOG? no way unless alot of pressure had to be put on the ADMIN of the hosting site.

    I gotz a feelin’ we is be’in shut down boys and girls. 🙂

    Slow but sure wins the race. I have had ( considering cloud computing ) times when this site would be terribly slow or not come up at all. BUT I have never gotten an hours earlier cached version. Just saying. 🙂

  • Net

    Does anyone have recent reading of Iodine 131 and cesium in milk or produce in CA? I live in the bay area. Most of our stuff comes from areas where the radiation reading are not listed. Thanks

    • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

      Hi Net,

      I got a geiger counter recently and have been checking a few places…so far the background radiation is mostly normal,but occasionally it reads high. I checked my kale and chard plants because I was concerned about them…of course it isn’t testing the plants at all, but the soil seemed normal.

      Then I saw a video from someone in Canada finding very high readings with a much better geiger counter than what I have, with a probe, so I’m not convinced I am getting all the info.

      There is a place in Berkeley where they are testing stuff supposedly; if you want I can try to find the info about it. I am avoiding milk to a certain extent but not completely; can’t stay away from the summer produce, though…

      Also, xrdrfox has posted some articles from a site called Florida Oil Spill Law. I am convinced it’s the same person (people) behind this site. It’s more about the BP oil spill, but seems to have updates about nuclear issues, too. I intend to go there if this site goes down forany length of time…

      • Take a sample of swimming pool water… Try to get the sample from one that has not had the water changed since march…

        That ought to tell you something…

        • or if you can find a bucket thats been outside. Like a bird feeder, or something that collected water all summer…

          • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

            I checked the pond outside, but not thoroughly…today was a busy work day, so I only have so much patience to watch that thing blipping unless I see something really dramatic…

            I’ll do a more thorough check tomorrow, though. but so far the background radiation is pretty normal; nothing that jumps out as being really serious, at least not where I’ve checked.

            I wish I had a probe, though, and I am not positive that this is checking all 3 (alpha, beta, gamma)kinds of radiation…after seeing that video of the guy in Canada I’m not convinced I’m getting all the info…

            When in doubt, read the manual…I’ll do that tomorrow, too… 🙂

        • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

          I’ll work on that…

      • Net

        Thanks westcoastgirl. 🙂

      • Au Au

        I don’t have any readings to help you out, there in CA. I know GC aren’t the instrument of choice to check food but I have been doing 10 minute readings on all kinds of things anyway. I found the Chaga I had was hot. So I chucked the Chaga. Over a hundred dollars worth. I went over some essential oils. Only one was getting a few more pings than the others-Lemon Grass. I did cos lettuce from Trader Joe- that didn’t have much of anything pinging off of it. I still soak it in clay water though. Oh, I have this stuff called Azomite- that was right up there with the Chaga. Does it have the natural background radiation in it? Or it could be “hot” because it got Nevada testing blowing over it as it comes from southern Utah. Chaga and Azomite might be fine- as I don’t have any info on what is “too hot” to eat. So, just to err on the safe side I will not use it or feed it to our family. Most things were pinging around 5-8 mR/hr uSv/hr and the Chaga zipped up to 22 and the Azomite also fairly quickly.

        Our AM 12 hour read was 37CPM.
        PM read was 38CPM.
        Southern MI.

  • p.s. do the ground not the air…

  • http://www.ccnr.org/max_plute_aecb.html
    America wake up and smell the Plutonium…

    How much plutonium does it take
    to overdose a person?


    Plutonium is a highly toxic material. Attempts to deny or to obscure this fact are, we feel, irresponsible.

    Some spokespersons for AECL and for the Government of Canada have suggested that there is no danger involved in MOX transport worthy of anyone’s serious consideration.

    We feel compelled to point out that, although the probability of a severe accident that would release plutonium to the atmosphere is admittedly small, the potential health and environmental consequences of such an accident can be serious due to the extraordinary toxicity of plutonium when inhaled.

    It is for this reason alone that the United States of America has made it illegal to transport plutonium by air in US territory. Such a prohibition does not exist for any other radioactive material.

    Atomic Energy of Canada Limited has admitted, in documents submitted to Transport Canada, that in four out of eight categories of serious road transportation accidents, the MOX containers would be completely destroyed and a plume of plutonium dust would be spread downwind to a distance of about 80 kilometers.

    Transport Canada has stated — not once, but several times, in its response to public commentaries about AECL’s plans for MOX transport by road — that transporting MOX by air is much more dangerous than doing it by road because of the health dangers of inhaling plutonium dust following an accident.

    Industry and government spokespersons have insisted that120 grams of plutonium is too small an amount to raise legitimate health and environmental concerns. They have made the irrelevant observation that 120 grams of plutonium is about the size of two A-A batteries.

    Such remarks are manipulative in nature; they do not help people to weigh the risk. The important quantity is not the VOLUME or MASS of plutonium, but its TOXICITY. Based on data supplied by AECB (see letter above) we can address the toxicity question as follows:

    In principle, using AECB’s regulatory limits,
    how many ”civilians” can be overdosed
    by 100 grams of plutonium?

    0.1 micrograms can overdose One civilian
    0.1 grams can overdose One million civilians
    1 gram can overdose ten million civilians
    100 grams can overdose one billion civilians
    600 grams can overdose six billion civilians

    If there is a serious accident involving
    120 grams of plutonium (in the form of MOX),
    how many civilian overdoses could, in principle, result?

    if NONE of the plutonium is safely contained there is a potential for one billion two hundred million civilian overdoses.

    if 90 percent of it is safely contained there is a potential for
    one hundred and twenty million civilian overdoses.

    if 99.9 percent of it is safely contained there is a potential for one hundred and twenty thousand civilian overdoses.

    if 99.999 percent of it is safely contained there is a potential for
    one thousand two hundred civilian overdoses.

    In principle, using AECB’s regulatory limits,
    how many ”atomic radiation workers” can be
    overdosed by 140 grams of plutonium?

    1.4 micrograms can overdose one atomic worker

    1.4 grams can overdose one million workers

    14 grams can overdose ten million workers

    140 grams can overdose one hundred million workers

    560 grams can overdose four hundred million workers

    If there is a serious accident involving
    600 grams of plutonium (in the form of MOX),
    how many worker overdoses could, in principle, result?

    if NONE of the plute is safely contained there is a potential for
    four hundred twenty-five million worker overdoses

    if 90 percent of it is safely contained there is a potential for
    forty-two and a half million worker overdoses

    if 99.9 percent of it is safely contained there is a potential for
    forty-two and a half thousand worker overdoses

    if 99.999 percent of it is safely contained there is a potential for
    four hundred and twenty-five worker overdoses

    If there is a serious accident involving
    600 grams of plutonium (in the form of MOX),
    how many civilian overdoses could, in principle, result?

    if NONE of the plute is safely contained there is a potential for
    six billion civilian overdoses

    if 90 percent of it is safely contained there is a potential for
    six hundred million civilian overdoses

    if 99.9 percent of it is safely contained there is a potential for
    six hundred thousand civilian overdoses

    if 99.999 percent of it is safely contained there is a potential for
    six thousand civilian overdoses

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Look at what appeared on the Tepco Live Cam 9/6/11
    Something bright shot up from Reactor 4.

  • reVivre

    yes – that’s the half ‘full-moon’ released from the clouds 😉

    I’ve seen this strange appearence of the moon already before and found an example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbsBfGm6XWg

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Front Page Check at HP brings this new one
    Kenzaburo Oe, Nobel Winner Urges Japan To Abandon Nuclear Power

  • sueec

    Nothing mentioned on the tv news
    Rsoe :
    The Fire and Emergency Service Authority has advised police that high levels of radiation are present at the scene of a truck crash north-east of Perth. Fire crews in protective suits are at the scene at Muchea, just over 60 kilometres from Perth. A truck carrying a radioactive load collided with another truck at the intersection of the Brand and Great Northern highways just before 8:00am (AWST). Officials are providing few details of the truck but police say a drum of radioactive material rolled off the back of the vehicle. Traffic is being diverted around the accident scene. No-one was injured in the crash.

  • Lacsap Lacsap

    Japan nuclear power plants to closed


    (old news maybe donno but good news)

  • REPOST with follow up !
    August 31, 2011 at 8:43 pm · Reply Report comment Report comment
    120 Gusto restaurants closed over dysentery outbreak
    Sep. 01, 2011

    Japanese restaurant chain operator Skylark has closed 120 Gusto outlets in northeastern Japan following an outbreak of dysentery, media reports said Wednesday.

    The outlets are mostly in the Tohoku region, which was hit by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, as well as Hokkaido, Aomori, Yamagata and Tochigi, the Nikkei daily said.

    The move came after 15 people in four prefectures, including Fukushima and Miyagi, were diagnosed as having bacterial dysentery, of whom, 14 had dined at …

    September 6, 2011 at 11:51 am · Reply Report comment Report comment
    My suspicion’s may have been correct, reason I posted this article seemingly unrelated to the ongoing radiation disaster !

    Quote) “Symptoms of radiation sickness caused by the atomic bomb resemble symptoms from dysentery. At that time (after the detonation of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima) a lot of cases of dysentery have been reported. In reality they had been cases of radiation sickness.”

    From Doctor Sunagawa’s blog:



    Symptoms of acute radiation sickness:

    1. Diarrhea: bloody diarrhea leading to the misinformation of spreading dysentery.

    The tissue of the small intestines is very sensitive to radiation. That’s because the villus cells are produced by the intestinal gland, ascending to the surface of the villus and die on the tip of it. The life span of these cells is 3- 4 days.
    The intestinal glands outer skin becomes a target for radiation. If the cell death described above is happening in a large scale, it leads to intestinal death. Because all moisture is taken out by the diarrhea dehydration is taking place. This is the reason why many victims of the atomic bomb where continuously asking for drinking water before they finally died. The large intestines mucous membrane is also collapsing leading to bloody diarrhea therefore being mistaken for dysentery.

    [Follow up from Mochizuki,7 more people got dysentery in Fukushima on 9/5/2011]
    As our exposure grows, keep this in mind !

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  • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

    Interesting, just glancing ovber it quickly (and not understanding all of it too well), it looks like there are a lot of things tested that are above normal levels…can someone who understands this take a look at it and report what they read? I’d like more clarity:


  • Au Au

    This film is pretty disheartening and tragic.

    Let’s make it go viral.